April Fools' Day: Hollywood's 5 Most Memorable Pranks

4:21 PM 4/1/2016

by THR Staff

Wolverine, 'Silicon Valley,' 'Ghostbuster' and 'Suicide Squad's' Joker had some well-timed announcements on Friday.


Hollywood brands had a field day for April Fools' Day, taking advantage of the holiday as a marketing opportunity for upcoming series and films (whether they are real or not). 

Below are just a few that made the rounds on Friday. 

  • Wolverine's Military Records and Personal Journals Revealed

    Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada

    In a well done April Fools' reveal, the personal journals and records of James "Logan" Howlett — or, as he's better known, the X-Men's Wolverine — were unveiled by Canada on Friday.

    The joke came via an official release from Library and Archives Canada, which underplayed the gag all the way to the end, where it noted that his operative name changed at one point to "Wolverine," with an artificially-aged still of Hugh Jackman as the movie version of the character used as illustration.

    Howlett's history in the release is consistent with the comic book version of the character, down to his parentage and circumstances of birth. The release states that his journals "provide valuable insight into his early life in Canada, including work as a miner in a British Columbia stone quarry, a fur trader for the Hudson's Bay Company, and a homesteader in the Canadian Rockies."

    Similarly, his military career is noted for "spann[ing] multiple conflicts, making his personnel records an unprecedented study in Canadian military history."

    The Facebook version of the release tags the Canadian Armed Forces, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion and Canadian Security Intelligence Service, but sadly no mention of Department H, the comic book division that was in control of the character when he debuted in 1974's The Incredible Hulk No. 181. Maybe we'll have to wait until next April 1 to see if details of that organization can be unclassified.

    —Graeme McMillan

  • The Joker Takes Over 'Suicide Squad' Twitter Account

    April Fools' Day is the ultimate holiday for someone like The Joker. 

    Jared Leto's villainous character committed a full takeover of Suicide Squad's Twitter account, which also included a terrifying Snapchat lens. The prank also had "graffiti" of "Joker Was Here" all over the upcoming film's social accounts and created the social tag #JokerWasHere. 

  • Google "Hires" 'Silicon Valley' Character for April Fools' Day

    Courtesy of X: The Moonshot Factory

    Google is getting in on the April Fools' Day jokes. 

    X, the secret research and development company created by Google, sent out a press release on Friday, April 1, announcing the hire of Richard Hendricks

    Yes, the character played by Thomas Middleditch in HBO's Silicon Valley

    "All of the problems in the world seem really big, but if we could make those problems really small then they won't seem as big," says Hendricks/Middleditch in the video below, "and then we can tackle them, or squish them like giants." 

    Wise words from the former Pied Piper CEO. 

    —Bryn Elise Sandberg

  • Netflix Announces 'Stamos: A Human, Being'


    John Stamos starred in a promo for the fake Netflix piece, Stamos: A Human, Being, in which the Fuller House star introduces the art piece after looking at photos of himself from the '90s.

    The "Netflix Original Documentary" was dreamed up by "fellow Greek-American" Ted Sarandos, according to Stamos. 

    "I guess it was fall of 2015 when things looked to be going a little south for those guys at Netflix," Stamos says in the promo below. So he decided to take the reins and play himself in Stamos: A Human, Being. 

    Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos later responded to the video, claiming (under duress) that the initial announcement above was never meant as a hoax, and Netflix will create Stamos' life story and will "commit every resource at Netflix to make sure it's a global sensation." 

  • Sony "Invents" the Proton Pack for 'Ghostbusters'

    In honor of Paul Feig's upcoming Ghostbusters, Sony "created" a Proton Pack in collaboration with "nuclear engineer and munitions expert Dr. Jillian Holtzmann." A hint that it just might not be a real invention? Holtzmann is the name of the character played by Kate McKinnon in the upcoming film. 

    The invention is billed as "the world’s first ghost catching device," and it's even slime-resistant according to the product reveal below.