'The Bachelor' Power Rankings: Nick's Contestants Ranked After Week 4

7:00 PM 1/23/2017

by Christina Schoellkopf

'THR' ranks the women vying for Nick Viall's heart based on their episode performance. This week, Raven becomes a serious frontrunner, as Christen and Brittany are sent packing.

The Bachelor Nick and Danielle - Publicity - H 2017
George Burns/ABC

The Bachelor Nick and Danielle - Publicity - H 2017

Welcome to The Bachelor version of The Hollywood Reporter's Power Rankings. Each week, THR's Bachelor experts will be tuning into the romantic connections and dramatic shenanigans taking place on season 21 of the long-running ABC franchise. In an effort to cater to viewers who opt out of show spoilers, these rankings are based on opinions and observations week-by-week.

As Corinne so eloquently states tonight, "the name of the game" at this point on The Bachelor is to "trust no one. We're fighting for a fiancé — not a pickle."

The season villain once again took center stage on ABC's reality dating series, from squeezing her breasts on camera for no apparent reason to throwing a fit on the poop-filled group date. (Yep, the women on the group date this week were expected to pursue love, via shoveling manure).

But it appears Nick is finally giving an honest effort at listening to his heart instead of just his... [use your imagination]. After being confronted by some of the women for dry humping the blonde in their presence, the veteran of the Bachelor franchise took time this week to get to know some of his sweeter suitors. 

But first, a change of scenery was in order. The 15 remaining contestants packed their bags for their first trip of the season and headed for Nick's hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin. There, he treated Danielle L. and Raven to one-on-one dates. (More details on their alone time below, but here's the key takeaway: Nick better not cross Raven, or she could beat him in the head with a stiletto heel.)

Bachelor Nation was also re-introduced to Nick's mom and dad, where Mr. Viall earned the line of the night, "We don't want to see you on the show again."

Following The Bachelor tonight on ABC is the midseason premiere of Quantico. The Priyanka Chopra starrer is promoting its move from Sundays to Monday nights with some help from the Alex Parrish actress, who took over The Bachelor’s Instagram

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    Raven is a new one to watch! The sweet, small-town girl scored the most personal date so far of the season: kicking back with Nick’s youngest sister Bella at her soccer game and meeting Nick’s parents. And the Arkansas native summed up the special occasion perfectly: “Not only do I get the one-on-one, but Corinne doesn't and everything is good in the world.”

    On the date, we learned a little more about Raven’s terrible past relationship, in which she walked in on her ex sleeping with another girl. She spared no details: “I know what her vagina looks like.” We’re not sure if we’re impressed or terrified that she then proceeded to beat her ex in the head with his lover’s stiletto heel, but at least it shows she does not take cheating lighlty. And neither does Nick — the Bachelor shared, “For the record I've never cheated on anyone.”

    Nick said he finds Raven to be a “very interesting and sassy woman, which I love.” Raven left the “best date she's ever had in her life” with a wide smile, adding “It’s so hard for me to say, but I'm falling in love with Nick. What am I doing?”

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    Danielle L.

    Calling it now — if Nick does not get down on one knee for Danielle L. at the end of this, she is certainly looking like a great candidate for the next Bachelorette.

    The L.A. lady showed off her adorable personality and cute nervous laughter on her first one-on-one date, accomplishing what few women could do: stay calm, cool and collected when your date runs into his ex. Danielle, 27, was a trooper when they stumbled into Nick’s ex Amber and all sat down for a very awkward conversation, in which Nick told his former lady that she looks “great.” Danielle didn’t even flinch when Nick continued to be awkward afterwards (like saying they were standing just a few feet away from where he had sex for the first time). Danielle also took time to have a difficult conversation with Nick, telling him her parents’ divorce has played a role in her holding back in relationships.

    But through the rough patches, their date wrapped up on a high, ending with their second slow dance/makeout session in front of a live audience. “I feel like I'm in the state of euphoria,” Danielle shares after dancing to Chris Lane live. Meanwhile, Nick expresses that he sees "so many of the qualities I'm looking for in a wife.”

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    #TeamVanessa is still alive and well. Kudos to the Canadian for not being afraid to address her issues with Nick head on. She shared after the bouncy house incident with Corinne: “I give a shit enough to give you back the rose … I feel myself pulling back from wanting to be fully invested in this.” Nick was happy she expressed her frustration, telling her he wants her to hit him in the face when he’s acting stupid. “I very much give a f— about what you say,” he assures the 29-year-old. After their first fight, Vanessa was ready to move forward and gave Nick a token of her affection; the special education teacher presented the Bachelor with a book that her co-workers and students made, a subtle reminder for Nick as to what Vanessa left behind to come on the show.

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    We learned a lot this week about Corinne: she compares herself to Michael Jordan and Abraham Lincoln, can lie to Nick’s face and is best characterized as a “corn husk. You gotta peel the layers back [for] all these little pellets of information, and it's juicy.”

    No surprise here — Corinne was her same, sexually aggressive self this week. (One highlight: squeezing her breasts during her private interview, while questioning aloud, “Do you call this immature?”) But what stood out more than her sexuality this week was when Corinne shared she does not believe she is “privileged in any way shape or form.” Yet later on the group date, she admits she doesn’t know how to do chores, let alone farm chores. “I wouldn't even make my nanny do farm chores. Raquel is better than farm chores.”

    Then, the Floridian attempted to confront the women about their issues with her, but she couldn’t listen long enough to hear their points. When women like Sarah and Taylor attacked her for not being ready for marriage, she asserted, “I wouldn't stay in an uncomfortable situation if I didn't see a future with Nick.” But we can’t help but notice the red flags. For one, she lied to Nick after that difficult conversation with the other women, “I feel like a new woman … There's not gonna be any issues from now on.” And that lie lasted less than 24 hours as she picked a fight with Taylor that evening. “Taylor is like the shit that I scooped in my shovel. I wanted to literally punch her in the face,” Corinne shares after their altercation. The 24-year-old was especially sensitive when Taylor accused her of having a low emotional intelligence, “Let's stop playing ‘Miss Proper’ here. I run a multi-million dollar company and I don't appreciate you treating me like an idiot.”

    If the self-proclaimed “serious business woman” wants to stick around, she needs to stay awake and avoid taking too many naps long enough to develop a relationship that’s more than physical (for the record, “Michael Jordan took naps. Abraham Lincoln took naps”). If not, her fights with the other women could turn from verbal to physical and we wouldn’t want another “medical emergency” (she sat out from the poop-scooping group date because she “lost circulation” in her fingers and “almost had to go to the hospital for it.”)

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    Kristina is quickly becoming the dark horse of the season! The Russian-born beauty is a sudden frontrunner, recognizing it’s now or never to win Nick’s heart. She tells the camera that she knows she needs to stand out more, and sees herself falling in love and even having kids with Nick someday and doesn’t want to miss the opportunity. (Get it, girl!) That night on the group date, the dental hygienist tells Nick that she wants to reveal more about her life and backstory to him, and he was very into it. “You have such a zest for life … I love watching you, I don't know if that sounds weird,” Nick tells Kristina. (You know you’re in when you get Nick to say something “weird” or stumble over his words.) The 24-year-old also scored points for confronting Corinne in a direct, mature way, “I’ve been defending you from day one,” she tells Corinne, but adds that she has “[Nick’s] best interest” at heart and questions if she can handle being there for him if she can barely take the drama among the girls in the house. It’s possible more Corinne-Kristina arguments are on the horizon, since Kristina earned the group date rose and made Corinne incredibly jealous.

  6. 6


    If there’s anyone who deserves a one-on-one date next week, it’s definitely Rachel. The lawyer has been incredibly patient with the little time she’s had with Nick since he gave her the first impression rose, but he can only lead her on for so long. She admitted to her crush that the process has been difficult for her, “It's hard for me to be vulnerable … I’m risking a lot to be here.” Nick reassured her, “Don't feel like you're not doing great, ‘cause you're doing great.” Fingers crossed this working woman did not leave her Texas routine for no reason.

  7. 7

    Danielle M.

    On The Bachelor franchise, there’s something called the first one-on-one date curse, and Danielle is the latest victim. Often when a contestant has alone time at the very beginning, it’s easy to later lose the Bachelor’s attention as he gets to know the other women. Although Danielle and Nick shared an adorable first date in Week 2, we’ve seen very little of the neonatal nurse since. It’s also not a good sign that Nick did not want to share time with the fellow Wisconsin native during his homecoming week and seeing Nick keep Corinne around is only making the 31-year-old feel more unsettled: “I'm just confused if he's looking for a woman or a girl.”

  8. 8


    Taylor might need to consider a career change after her experience on The Bachelor, because no mental health counselor should be getting this worked up. The Seattleite is one more Corinne nap away from a full-on breakdown, as she cannot seem to help letting the season villain get under her skin. The 23-year-old (one year younger than Corinne) was not shown in a positive light this week, instead barraging Corinne with criticisms multiple times. “[Corinne’s] emotional intelligence level is lower and that sounds mean, but it's the f—king truth, but you can't make people hear shit that you're not ready to hear,” says Taylor, following their final fight of the episode. It’s hinted that next week she and Corinne go on a two-on-one date with only one woman returning, so we may soon say goodbye to the counselor who could use her own therapy.

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    Jaimi had us at her badass cow-milking moment — but kind of lost us when she said, “I've had dreams about milking cows.” The Louisiana chef wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty on the farm chores group date (and to show Nick how to really touch some “teets”). It was fitting, however, that the same week the bisexual contestant showed Nick how to caress a cow’s nipples, her cow nose piercing made a comeback for the first time since the season premiere. The 28-year-old has her quirks, but Nick seems to be attracted to how genuine she continues to come across.

  10. 10


    Everyone who wants to kick off Jasmine say aye! The 29-year-old has some major attitude issues to work on and it’s getting pretty annoying. Jasmine cannot stop talking about Corinne, and after a while it’s time to let it go and take the higher ground. We do have to hand it to her though, she took the gross group date like a champ, telling the camera she was definitely not in her element, but you “just gotta go with it.” That’s a good sport.

  11. 11


    What Nick sees in Astrid we’ll never really know. The Floridian continues to sneak through each rose ceremony, though we’ve never seen her and Nick hold one heart-to-heart conversation. There is one thing that does impress us about the plastic surgery office manager, though. She’s the only woman in the house who really calls the Corinne drama like it is: “[Nick] likes her, and that's why we're all intimidated.” A tough pill to swallow, but it’s true.

  12. 12


    R.I.P. Josephine's white jeans. The nurse wore the wrong outfit to shovel poop in, and that’s pretty much the only noteworthy moment the 24-year-old had this week, outside of a bonding session with Corinne; that evening on the group date, the two blondes vented about Taylor while chewing with their mouths open. Gross.

  13. 13


    New week, new Sarah? We’re exposed to a very different side of the California beach girl tonight, and it ain’t cute. The grade school teacher hid her sweet smile and brought out some catty claws toward Corinne. After the bouncy house public display of affection, Sarah led somewhat of an intervention against the season villain, telling Corinne, "You need to do yourself a favor right now. You need to pull yourself together." Sarah’s aggression only took a turn for the worst as the episode progressed, venting to the camera about Corinne, “I don't know if it's the cow shit or the bull shit but I smell shit.” And later on the group date, she demanded to know if Corinne was ready to marry a 36-year-old man and yelled at her for taking so many naps. (P.s. Of all things to attack Corinne for, going after her for napping is simply fighting the wrong battle.) Clearly this reality dating environment is getting to Sarah’s head, and she is starting to lose it. 

  14. 14


    Does anyone else confuse Whitney and Astrid as the same person? The Pilates instructor has yet to stand out from the crowd, let alone score meaningful alone time with Nick. If she receives a rose next week, it seems only fair to assume her one-on-one time with Nick is being edited out (likely to distribute more air time for Corinne’s antics).

  15. 15


    When the most airtime you get on the show is during the ending credits, it’s not a good sign. For the second time (following her fake boobs’ birthday celebration), tonight's episode wrapped with some revealing information about the Jersey girl: she is deathly afraid of Nicolas Cage and aliens. Between her dolphin-shark costume, plastic surgery anniversary, makeout session with Nick atop a giant printout of his face, and this week’s frightening revelation, it is mind blowing that Nick could see a future with this 23-year-old. Yet, the aspiring dolphin trainer still feels confident that she could be the one, as she assumed she would meet his parents this week. Alexis goes so far as to imagine telling Mr. and Mrs. Viall, “Hello, I'm gonna be the wife.”

  16. 16

    Christen, 25, wedding videographer from Tulsa, OK

    Another American sweetheart has been turned down. Christen was barely given a chance to pursue love with the Bachelor before being sent home ahead of Nick’s Wisconsin homecoming. The wedding videographer will have to wait a little longer before it’s her turn to say “I do” — and before she explores a relationship sexually; the 25-year-old revealed in a private interview, but never to Nick, that she is waiting for sex until marriage. And after leaving the rose ceremony empty handed, we also learned she’s never told a partner she is in love. So as much as we hoped this lovely, innocent woman could have worked out with Nick (and kept his bad boy side in check), it’s likely this breakup was meant to be as they both share different goals and values.

  17. 17

    Brittany, 26, travel nurse from Santa Monica, CA

    That awkward moment when you’ve been topless in public with a guy, and then get dumped two weeks later... Brittany never moved forward with Nick since their near-nude Adam and Eve photoshoot, and this week she faced the consequences. After walking away from the Bachelor mansion without a rose tonight, Brittany told the camera through tears that she “used to make fun of this and like the girls on the show for crying,” but she ironically could not help having her own set of water works. It was hard not to feel sorry for the California girl, until she said in her post-breakup interview, “I feel like I deserve [love], but at the same time I'm never gonna get it.” Come on, Brittany. Know your worth.