'The Bachelorette' Power Rankings: JoJo's Men Ranked After Episode 5

8:36 PM 6/20/2016

by Christina Schoellkopf and Jackie Strause

THR ranks JoJo Fletcher's suitors based on their episode performance. This week, with Chad the villain eliminated, Robby is up and Alex is down.

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Welcome to The Bachelorette version of The Hollywood Reporter's Power Rankings. Each week, THR's Bachelor experts will be tuning in to the romantic connections and dramatic shenanigans taking place on season 12 of the long-running ABC franchise. In an effort to cater to viewers who opt out of show spoilers, these rankings are based on opinions and observations week-by-week. Read last week's Power Rankings here.

In the world of The Bachelorette: When one Chad door closes, another one opens.

After four episodes of next-level violence and testosterone drama, Chad "The Bear" Johnson finally exited the show after a somewhat tense confrontation and failed attempt at redemption. Upon his departure, the guys still vying for JoJo Fletcher's heart launched into a full-blown celebration, complete with sparklers, man-hugs and a celebratory cake in the face for the one who took him down, Alex. (ABC wasted no time teasing the return of their ratings superstar when Bachelor in Paradise airs Aug. 2.)

But another Chad from the past quickly emerged. Giving an interview to a tabloid, JoJo's ex before Bachelor Ben Higgins, who is ironically also named Chad, claimed to the press that JoJo was still in love with him and that she even met up with him during her time on The Bachelor.

The article ruffled more than a few feathers in the house, especially with the rising tensions and jealousy now that the mutual enemy is no longer around. When JoJo was given the article, she broke down in tears and frustration in a way that she had yet to show. "I don't deserve that," she cried angrily, before defending her relationship with Ben as the "truest form of love" that she has felt. "Coming onto last season was the best thing that happened to me because I realized that I deserved that kind of love."

Visibly shaken, she confronted the guys about her rocky relationship from the past, something she referred to as "a terrible time in my life," and the men vowed to protect her from yet another evil Chad.

As the group traveled to Uruguay, tonight's one-on-one date cards were spent on Jordan, with whom JoJo had her own rumors to discuss, and Robby, who opened up to JoJo about recently losing his best friend. In a double elimination, the Bachelorette sent a whopping six guys packing, including the only remaining nonwhite contestant, Grant, as well as Daniel, Vinny, James F., Evan and, of course, Chad. Grant, Vinny and Evan, who were sent home in the latter rose ceremony, all left in tears.

See how the men rank after tonight's episode and keep sharing your thoughts with THR using the #THRose hashtag on Twitter.

  1. 1

    Jordan, 27, former pro quarterback from Chico, CA

    JoJo is definitely falling for Jordan, and the guys in the house don't like it. With Chad out of the picture, the guys have shifted their side-eyes to the former NFL quarterback, who further solidified his frontrunner status with another one-on-one date. But JoJo had her reasons: After meeting one of his exes before the show, she sat him down to question him about rumors that he was unfaithful in his past. Jordan denied ever "physically cheating," but copped to “being in an environment where I was talking to girls where I shouldn’t have been.” After Jordan admitted that he was “immature” in his former relationship, JoJo told him that her trust issues stem from a rocky past relationship — one that, ironically, was the topic of conversation back at the house. But she was all smiles when he said he’s falling in love with her, and after dancing in the streets of Uruguay, JoJo said it was one of the best dates of her life. Though Jordan might have some hidden faults — as the men certainly hint in the previews — it does appear that, in the words of JoJo: “This could be the start of the most perfect love story.”

  2. 2

    Robert “Robby,” 27, former competitive swimmer from Jacksonville, FL

    There's never been a question of the lust between JoJo and Robby, but during his one-on-one date, he brought out the other L-word. JoJo admitted to having a “puppy love” with him before their day together, but that appeared to change once he opened up about the recent tragic loss of his best friend and how it helped him to realize the importance of not holding back. After comparing him to a big-screen hunk on their afternoon stroll — “you look like Ryan Gosling out of The Notebook right now,” she said — he upped the romance by becoming the first guy to tell her "I love you." With tears in her eyes, she thanked him with a kiss and opened up to the camera about seeing potential in their future. "He makes me feel alive," she said.

  3. 3

    Luke, 31, war veteran from Burnet, TX

    Luke showed more of his competitive side this week, as he started shamelessly stealing JoJo away during her conversations with other guys. “You gotta take control at some point,” he said, taking advantage of every moment with JoJo while many of the other guys complained about the house sprouting "mini-Chads." After his one-on-one date last week, he was relegated to group-date status. But his assertiveness paid off, as JoJo continued to give the Texan plenty of attention — especially after Luke told her he’s falling for her and that his heart races when he thinks about her. 

  4. 4

    Chase, 27, medical sales rep from Highlands Ranch, CO

    Chase continues to separate himself from this alpha-male pack week after week, maintaining his cool confidence as the season and house drama progresses. At the first rose ceremony, he surprised JoJo with two of the inflatable balls from the group-date game. After he playfully let JoJo knock him to the floor, the two enjoyed a romantic kiss, which enraged the guys who caught the smooch in their line of sight. "We have that instant comfort,” she said about Chase. But previews do indicate a possible rocky romance ahead, picking up on some of the shade Chase was throwing Derek's way during tonight's second rose ceremony. 

  5. 5

    Derek, 29, commercial banker from Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Can’t a guy show his sensitive side? Derek was attacked by the guys this week after JoJo announced that he was getting the group-date rose to give him reassurance. It began when Derek admitted that he was feeling jealous and questioned if there was “still an us” between the pair. While JoJo loved his vulnerability, squealing “Derek is back!”, the guys were ready to pounce. Alex again stepped up as the ringleader and repeatedly insulted Derek over his sensitivity. It escalated to the point where Derek pulled Alex, Chase, Jordan and Robby aside at the second rose ceremony to call them out for forming a “high school clique.” But the conversation went nowhere, as Jordan barked that it was a “non-issue” and Alex dissed it as “some petty bull.” Once again, the rest of the men falter and Derek rises for surviving their bullying tactics. 

  6. 6

    James Taylor, 29, singer-songwriter from Katy, TX

    Small-town James from Texas didn’t earn much airtime tonight, so there’s a chance he might be falling to the wayside as JoJo continues to strengthen her other relationships. Still bearing a black eye from last week’s group date, James continued to be a knight in shining armor when JoJo broke down about the article written by her ex; he reassured her that the guys believe she cut all ties with the original Chad: “No one cries and shakes like that with a guilty conscience.” Though he does lose points for admitting, “I don't know where Uruguay is.” 

  7. 7

    Wells, 31, radio DJ from Nashville, TN

    Wells is hanging in there, despite not spending much time with JoJo. Though he didn’t take much of a step forward in their relationship this week, the radio DJ does earn praise. He led a vigil for Chad, scattering protein powder as if they were his ashes, and continued to impress when he defended Derek during the sensitivity debacle. There are some red flags over his jealousy of the other guys, particularly Jordan, but as the preview showed, he could be on to something. 

  8. 8

    Alex, 26, U.S. Marine from Oceanside, CA

    Alex is ranked the lowest of all the remaining men because he cannot seem to avoid picking a fight. Barely hanging on to his hero status for more than 10 minutes, Alex quickly eyed a new target with Chad now out of the picture. The U.S. marine couldn’t help but make fun of Derek, clearly jealous that JoJo awarded him the group-date rose. Alex mocked Derek to his face, calling it a “pity rose,” and later shared his unfiltered perception of the guy in his private interview: “He's an insecure little bitch.” Earth to Alex: JoJo likes sensitive guys. Perhaps Chad was right about his short fuse.

  9. 9

    Grant, 28, firefighter from San Francisco, CA

    Charming good looks and a selfless career choice weren't enough to sway JoJo to Team Grant. Though she didn't interact with Grant on his last night and he probably should have seen the rejection coming, his teary-eyed confessional said the opposite. “I feel like she did make a mistake tonight by sending me home," he told the camera. "I don't get it. I seriously don't.” With his elimination, there are no diverse contestants remaining. 

  10. 10

    Evan, 33, erectile dysfunction specialist from Nashville, TN

    Evan put up a good fight. Who would have guessed the erectile dysfunction specialist would make it so far? Along the way, he earned respect by standing up to Chad and giving proud shoutouts to his three kids watching from home. But everyone knew Evan's days were numbered once he no longer had the Chad contrast to hide behind. (He even brought up the $20 for his ripped shirt during Chad's final confrontation.) It was still sad to see how badly Evan was hurt by his crush. “It felt like daggers through my heart," he said through tears. "I'm just so disappointed in myself. I tried.” 

  11. 11

    Vincent “Vinny,” 28, barber from Delray Beach, FL

    Vinny and JoJo's tearful goodbye makes it seem like viewers weren't entirely privy to the connection that these two might have had. She had a very emotional goodbye after sending him home following the second rose ceremony, sharing in a low voice, “You have made everything so unbelievable for me.” 

  12. 12

    Daniel, 31, model from Vancouver, B.C., Canada

    Even the Canadian knew he was no match for JoJo, telling the camera that she is pursuing guys for their personalities and admitted that his personality is “shit.” After his elimination, he said, “If this is based solely on looks there’s a good chance I would still be here — my body has nothing to do with this." And with that, we bid Daniel adieu. 


  13. 13

    James F., 34, boxing club owner from Nashville, TN

    Props to James for being the brave soul to set off alarm bells when Chad unexpectedly returned to the house. Who knows what Chad would have done if he entered the room in the middle of their “Chadless” celebrations and protein-powder funeral? Though James did show his softer side during his final moments with a self-written poem (Her heart is like a treasure/Her dream’s not far away) that actually brought her to tears, it just wasn't enough. JoJo sent him packing and left him in a state of confusion: “I'd be OK to go home if she knew who I was. Maybe I should have been more assertive." As they say, hindsight is 20/20.

  14. 14

    Chad, 28, luxury real estate agent from Tulsa, OK

    Finally: Both Chads are gone from JoJo’s life. After viewers braced for The Bachelorette to become a horror show, the season villain was — to borrow a phrase from Alex — "all bark and no bite," and his exit was, ultimately, less dramatic than ABC had artfully teased. After running his fingers down the glass door in a state of apparent insanity, Chad did not raise his fists to the guys. He did, however, poke the side of Jordan’s head — despite his many warnings against poking. The guys tried to give the former marine one final chance to apologize for his actions and restore a sense of decency, but, of course, the luxury real estate agent couldn't back down from his alpha-male sensibility. “I'm gonna say what I want to say, when I want to say it," he said. "Looking back, I would still say the same damn things.” After failing to retract even his death threats, Chad danced away while muttering: "I'm out." That is, until Bachelor in Paradise returns this summer.

  15. 15

    Nick B., 33, electrical engineer from Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Nick's elimination — especially before James, Vinny and Daniel, who were the bottom three above Chad in Power Rankings — was somewhat surprising. Though the pair didn't have instant chemistry, JoJo had gravitated to the Christmas lover ever since he made her laugh in his Santa suit on Night 1. When saying goodbye, Nick was a class act, kissing her on the cheek and telling her the experience was a pleasure. To the camera, he admitted: "It sucks, especially since I felt there might have been something there, but she didn't see it."

  16. 16

    Christian, 26, telecom consultant from Los Angeles, CA

    Christian's relationship with JoJo never took off, but his elimination was noteworthy given the diversity controversy surrounding the long-running franchise. In the season premiere, he open up about growing up biracial and not having a relationship with his father's side of the family because they couldn't accept him. 

  17. 17

    Ali, 27, bartender from Santa Monica, CA

    Ali's time was certainly up, given that the Los Angeles bartender, whose family is from Iran, hadn't had much airtime. Though, if Ali's looking for love, he can scroll Twitter's attraction to his eyebrows.

  18. 18

    James S., 27, 'Bachelor' superfan from Phoenix, AZ

    At least the Bachelor superfan can add this to his résumé: "I wasn't the first person to get kicked off my season of The Bachelorette."

  19. 19

    William “Will,” 26, civil engineer from Jersey City, NJ

    Will made a last-ditch effort by having some fun with JoJo and encouraging her to T.P. the Bachelor mansion with toilet paper, but the moment of mischief and his other gags weren't enough to save him from going home. 

  20. 20

    Brandon, 28, hipster from Los Angeles, CA

    We initially saw promise in the hipster, agreeing that he is super chill and can't possibly be there for the wrong reasons. But after the aggressive showdown between his competitors on the group date and during the rose ceremony, it became clear he wouldn't be able to stand out in this pack.

  21. 21

    Jonathan, 29, technical sales representative from Vancouver, B.C., Canada

    Poor Jonathan, who fell for the producers' entrance-making advice. Arriving in a kilt due to his half-Scottish heritage was fine, but telling JoJo he wasn't wearing any underwear underneath was a fateful fail.

  22. 22

    Peter, 26, staffing agency manager from Chicago, IL

    Peter seemed genuinely bowled over by his elimination, despite viewers at home never seeing him and JoJo interact.

  23. 23

    Jake, 26, landscape architect from Playa Vista, CA

    A lack of airtime made it hard to weigh in, so we defer to JoJo on this one.

  24. 24

    Colin “Coley,” 27, real estate consultant from Chicago, IL

    Coley got more airtime during the rose ceremony than he did all episode, but we barely heard him speak. 

  25. 25

    Nick S., 26, software salesman from San Francisco, CA

    Ascot-wearing headshot aside, Nick S. more than deserved to be sent home after being the first to drunkenly barge in on JoJo during her on-camera interview. But thank you for the entertainment, and for giving us a peek inside the secret interview room!

  26. 26

    Sal, 28, operations manager from Fort Lauderdale, FL

    When Sal introduced himself to JoJo he brought her a gift: blue balls. About the stress balls: "If at any point you feel stressed, I give you permission to squeeze my balls." Total camera time after his intro: negligible.