Best (and Worst) of Awards Season: Nate Parker's Media Missteps, Tom Ford's Odorous Swag

6:15 AM 2/24/2017

by THR Staff

It's over! Almost! But not before THR's annual salute to the dubious achievements, shameless stunts and outright embarrassments of the six-month slog to Oscar night.

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  • Bad Omen Award

    Rules Don’t Apply, whose first media screening on the Fox lot was marred by a 911 emergency when a man passed out in the audience.

  • Stinkiest Swag

    Brent N. Clarke/Getty

    Tom Ford, who sent bottles of his signature perfume to HFPA members. They later rewarded his Nocturnal Animals with three nominations and a surprise win for Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

  • Unanswered Prayers Award

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    Martin Scorsese, who visited with the pope in the run-up to the release of Silence, which later managed only one nomination (for cinematography).

  • Best Campaign Exploitation of Anti-Trump Sentiment

    Lion ad in the Los Angeles Times.

  • Least Gracious Acknowledgment of a Snub

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    “Golden Globes can suck a dick.” 50 Cent, on learning his Starz series Power was shut out by the HFPA.

  • Least Influential Press Release

    Courtesy of Long Way Productions

    "Lion Takes Top Honors at 14th Annual Floating Film Festival"

  • Worst Media Misstep

  • Best Nominee Reaction

    Meryl Streep, whose publicist sent around a GIF of her dancing to the Paul McCartney music video “Queenie Eye” rather than a statement about her 20th Oscar nomination.

  • Jacob Tremblay Award for Most Nights Out at Parties by a Child Under 10

    Sunny Pawar, Lion

  • Friendliest Exes on the Circuit

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    Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

  • Somebody‚Äôs Fired Award

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    ABC’s Oscars digital team, after the official website briefly listed Tom Hanks and Amy Adams as nominees before it was corrected.

  • Over My Dead Body Award

    August Wilson, whose nomination for adapted screenplay (Fences) came 12 years after his death.

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