'Big Brother 18' Houseguests Talk Fame, Showmances and Twist Predictions

1:00 PM 6/15/2016

by Brian Porreca

Every year one question gets asked by super fans across the country, "Who is on the show for the right reasons?"

Big Brother Split Tiffany R Paul A Paul C Michelle M H 2016

Are they playing for fame? Or do the 12 new houseguests want to win the game? "Yeah, absolutely [I want fame]! I want to let my light shine I want to impact others,"  Corey Brooks tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Brooks may have already gotten his wish, but not in the way he hoped for. The baseball coach from Dallas is facing backlash after using inflammatory remarks against the LGBT community such as the word "f---" in many posts on social media that have recently resurfaced online. The new batch of houseguests need to be careful, because if season 15 is any indication, frequent racist and insensitive comments could cost players their jobs and turn the American public against them.

Others houseguests like Paul Abrahamian admit they could care less about garnering fame from the summer staple. "I don't give a shit about fame, infamy, money, no money," he says. "I'm happy with my life coming in here." And this season's oldest contestant, Glenn Garcia, 50, will even sniff out the players who are playing for all of the wrong reasons: "I'll expose that shit! And I'll tell them who they are and what they are if I have to."

THR spent the day with the new cast on Monday as they were shuffled from room to room, blindfolds and all, to avoid seeing each other. Who will win? Who will be the first houseguest evicted? Read their interviews carefully, and you might just be able to predict how this season may unfold: 

  • Paulie Calafiore

    Obviously you're Cody's brother. 

    We'll get that right out of the way! (Laughs.

    How did this all come to be? Did you still audition? 

    Yeah, it was pretty crazy. It all happened so fast. Literally, you go through the process, zero to 100 real quick and now I'm here. When I watched Cody on the show, I said I'd love to do it, but I never thought I would ever be considered. i didn't know how they usually handle siblings and all that stuff. I know they brought Rachel's sister on, but I didn't know if that was a thing they would do. 

    Do you model too?

    I've done modeling. I don't really do that anymore. I own an entertainment company at a sports-specific gym in New Jersey. That's what I transitioned in. I'm always down to [do a] photo shoot though, as long as the price is right, then we're good. (Laughs). 

    Because you look so much alike, are you going to just throw it out there and introduce yourself as Cody's brother when everyone introduces themselves?

    I haven't figured that out yet. I don't think I'm going to drop that on people. That's just something that has to come naturally. Unless I look at everybody and they're already giving me that peculiar look. It could be not well taken like, "Alright, dick." You know what I mean? If I say, "Obviously, I'm Cody's brother!" They can be like, "Ok, it wasn't that obvious, until you just said it, idiot."

    There will be millions of people watching you and you'll get this little taste of fame when you're off the show. Do you want to be famous?

    Honestly, I just want to play the game. I want to enjoy what happens. If you go into this with the wrong intentions and connotations of what is going to come out of this, you're setting your expectations unrealistically. You need to go in there and play the game, first thing. 

    Would you do more reality television after this? 

    Reality TV, I don't know. How much do you really want people to see inside your real life? Big Brother, that's one thing, but where else reality TV can go, who knows? Maybe it's in the cards if it's the right opportunity  and I feel like it will help my image, my businesses.

    Do you think you'll be an emotional player?

    Real men do cry! At the end of the day, if you try to say you're a real man and you don't shed some tears, whether it's behind closed doors or in public, I don't buy it! It's an emotional game. 

    As you know from having your brother on the show, former players will be critical of how you play the game. Do you care about that?

    I give zero f---s. I don't know if I'm allowed to say that, but I give zero f---s what anyone outside of the house thinks. For me, my family is what matters most to me. People close to me know who I am. As far as what past contestants think of me, I really don't give a shit! I'm not trying to be best friends with you. If you want to be friends with me and part of my circle then that's cool, but at the end of the day f--- you! My brother loves me, my sister loves me, my mom and dad love me, aunts and uncles, cousins, that's all I need. I got a big family, man.

    If you make it to the final two, do you choose someone you know you can beat or do you take an alliance member like Cody took Derrick Levasseur?

    That's a tough call to make. Bless both of them for how close their bond was, and what they shared was amazing, but for me, if I'm put in that position, given my financial goals that I have set for myself, I've longed for the day to pay off my parents' mortgage, pay off school loans. If I have the opportunity to guarantee myself $500,000, I'm taking that, no ifs, ands, or buts. If I bring somebody to the final two, you best be sure I'm going to prepare my speech so that I know I can sound better than that person even if I don't think I can beat them.

    Who is the best winner of all time?

    It's really a debate on whether you want to go with smoothness, a mastermind or a beast. Derrick's smooth as all hell, smooth as butter. If Cody took Victoria [Rafaeli], who knows he could have gone down as one of the better players to play the game. For beasts you got to look at Rachel [Reilly], she's a monster! Even though she went in there with Brendon [Villegas] and had him, the fact that everyone was literally trying to get her out and she just straight up won. How do you do that?

    Who would you say is the worst winner of all time? 

    You can't take credit away from winners. That'd be like saying who is the worst Super Bowl championship-winning quarterback. Do you know what I mean? At the end of the day, they don't care if they suck, they won. A lot of people give Andy [Herren] a lot of shit from season 15 because like, "What the f--- did you do? And then you screwed someone over at the end and you won because nobody was going to vote for the other finalist, Gina."

    What do you think the twist is? 

    I might be the twist, I don't know! Who knows who else is going to be in the house. I won't know until I walk into the house but it might be like, "Oh shit, I'm the twist! F--! Shit it's me!" Or you go in there and it's 20 people when normally there's 16. 

    If there were returning players, who would you not want to be in the house with? 

    I wouldn't want to see Evel Dick [Donato]. I feel like him and I would butt heads right off the bat and as the game progressed we'd butt heads more. I wouldn't want to see Rachel just because she's a monster. I would want to work with her, but she's good, man. 

  • Tiffany Rousso

    Did Vanessa give you tips before you left? 

    Yeah, we talked for a little bit. Just some things she wanted to make sure I paid attention to, things to do or not to do. 

    She cried a lot in the house, her favorite word was "deal." Are you going to make a lot of deals? Are you going to cry a lot?

    I'm definitely not going to be as emotional as she was. I agree she was pretty emotional and she will agree too. That was the one thing she talked about with me. She said to keep my head in the game and just put all of that other stuff somewhere else and look at the big picture. Here, I am in a parking lot, it's not the end of the world. 

    When she lost last season, what was you and your family's reaction?

    I was so upset. Honestly, tears were running down my face. I thought she was so close. It only came down to one stupid question about God damn Johnny Mac! Really! 

    Will you tell people you're her sister?

    If people do find out or ask me about it, I'm not going to lie about it because at this point if you lie it makes it bigger than it is so to defuse it. I think it's better just coming clean with it and showing them that I'm a different person than her. I want them to know me as me too, so I want to have my own identity before I go out there and say I'm her sister. I know my voice sounds a lot like her so if someone brings it up the first hour or something than I will. 

    She was a good player, people will be scared of you. 

    I know! Even though we do have a lot of similarities, I'll have to downplay how smart I am, how competitive I am and really fly under the radar for the first 30 percent of the game. 

    Showmance or no showmance

    I'm definitely not going to go in there like, "Hey, I'm going to do a showmance!" That's not totally the best strategy ever, but I'm not opposed to flirting. Anything that helps my game, why not? I am single right now, so I'm ready to have some fun this summer. 

    Would you be in a showmance with someone who had a relationship?

    No. (Laughs.) It's just bad karma. I don't go there. 

    If you make it to the final two, do you take an alliance member or do you take someone you know you can beat? 

    Someone I know I can beat at the end. Cody took Derrick and that's the worst move and mistake to me. It's great for him and shows his loyalty, they have a great friendship outside of the house, but for me, I'm going in there with one goal in mind. It comes down to winning the game and if that's what I have to do, that's what I have to do. 

    Are you going to win the first Head of Household? 

    If I wasn't who I was, I would throw it 100 percent. And I still plan on doing that if everything goes as planned, but if for some reason it gets out and people feel threatened, there are whispers and it seems like I'll be the first target than I will win to save my first week. 

    Would you be in an all-girls alliance?

    No, everyone tries it and it's good in theory and of course that's something people want to do, but it's not something where I'm going in there like, "I have to start an all-girls alliance!" I'll never say no to an alliance, but would I take an all-girls alliance seriously? No. 

    Who is your favorite winner? 

    Oh my God, by far, Dr. Will [Kirby]! He's amazing. Everything about him is so cool. 

    Have you met him?

    No. I've met a few players from last season.

    Who would you say is the least deserving winner? 

    I would say from season six, Maggie [Ausburn]. I think she didn't really have such a strong, strategic game. I don't want to say floated, but I don't think she did enough in the game to earn her spot as the winner. 

  • Paul Abrahamian

    What made you want to be on Big Brother

    I watched the show as a kid, growing up it's always been on. I'm a fan, I grew up with it. I didn't apply because I never thought that I would be picked to be on Big Brother, it's defeating. What are the f---ng odds that I'm going to be on it? But I was reached out to by a casting director and I was like, "Is this really happening?" When I started the process, I didn't think I would make it. And here I am! Anybody who is on the fence about applying, definitely apply because that shit happens! I'm a regular dude from L.A.

    What are you looking forward to most? 

    Honestly dude, seeing how I will be in like a box with nothing to do. Where is all this energy going to go? Because I'm a f---ng zinger! I'm up there! I want to see how I'll get all this energy out because I can't play music, I can't sing, and create new stuff for my brand. I can't travel or go out. So I'm curious to see where this energy is going to go. 

    Are you going to win the first HoH?

    I wouldn't because I already look like an asshole so I'm not trying to win the first competition and everyone be like, "Oh yeah, he's for sure an asshole!" I want to lay low at least for like a month. I got a big beard, I'm covered in tattoos. I want to be as non-intimidating as possible. My nipples and belly button are black so obviously I'm a little bit crazy. I am a nice dude, but you have to get through the f---ng loud, obnoxious layers to see that. 

    Are you looking for a showmance? 

    I'm not looking, but cute babes, I'm a sucker for girls so why not. I'm just going to be drooling. If they have a boyfriend at home and they try to make out with me, I'll make out with them. That's not my problem. But I would try not to if she has a boyfriend. 

    There are cameras watching your every move, microphones listening to everything you say. Are you going to watch what you say?

    I don't give a f---, no.

    Would you sleep with someone on camera?

    Oh, absolutely! One hundred percent. I don't care, dude! I'm on the stage for a reason. I'm going to be entertaining. People want to see crazy shit. I'll be crazy! I don't think my views are bad so I'm not afraid that I'm just going to come out and say some crazy shit. But I speak my mind. I'm not on Evel Dick level of insanity, I'm saying I'm insane, but Evel Dick is f---ng crazy. I don't necessarily agree with his game plan because he went insane right off the bat.

    You won't be banging pots and pans?

    F--- that. Dude, look at me! If I remade the pots and pans thing, they'll be like, "This kid needs to get out of here immediately!"

    But you are a confrontational person? 

    F--- yeah! Super confrontational! If I don't like you, you know it. If I have something to say I've f---ng already said it. I want to at least last a month. If I've lasted that long, I'll kick into asshole drive and be as entertaining as goddamn possible. This is why I think I'm going to win, I don't give a shit about fame, infamy, money, no money, I'm happy with my life coming in here. I know, worse case scenario, I go back to that and I'm stoked. I'm not worried like, "Oh, I need the $500 grand, what about fame, what about being an actor?" I don't give a shit. If it happens, f---ng tight. If it doesn't, I get to go back home, eat Chipotle, travel, bang people, it will be great. Who cares? It's life. 

  • Zakiyah Everette

    Are you a fan of the show?

    Yeah, I'm a big fan since season three! Season three Danielle [Reyes] and Jason [Guy] worked together and no one expected them to work together because she was an African-American woman and he was just a regular Caucasian male. They never put two and two together so that's something I want to bring back. Like a flashback. Maybe if I'm working with a jock or something like that no one will put us together and we'll carry each other to the end. 

    How did you get on the show?

    I did a video tape in my bathroom on my iPhone. It was probably like 45 seconds. I took little clips. I changed my outfit. I hopped in my bed a couple of times and got back up. It was really, really quick. This was right after a break-up and I was like, "I have to do something that will make me feel better. Ooh! I'm going to apply for Big Brother!" It's the only show I've ever applied for, my favorite show, everything. Now that ex can see me and something good came out of that negative situation. 

    Who is your favorite player?

    Rachel Reilly is my favorite and I like Jordan [Lloyd] too. I like that both of them are from North Carolina.

    Who would you say is the worst winner?

    I feel like last season and maybe Hayden [Moss] those are the most boring. Give me something else! There was no lemon. It was boring. 

    Are you a confrontational person?

    I'm not confrontational. If you look at me, you'll probably think, "Oh, she's probably sassy because she's black!" (Laughs.) If you bring me some issues, I'm going to handle it. I won't be like, "Oh my God, I can't believe they said that about me." Other people ganging up on me, I could care less. You could do that all day. Mean can't do anything to me. 

    Will you get into a showmance?

    Yeah, I would get into a showmance. My mom told me I can't have sex on TV so I won't be doing that. 

    What do you think the twist is?

    I don't know. If they give me a twin I'll be freaking out. 

    You don't have a twin? I feel like you're trying to throw me off. 

    No, No! Here she comes! (Laughs.) Zoe! I've lived with twins before and I haven't been able to tell which one is which.  

    If there was a twist of returning players who would you want to see come back?

    I don't want to go against my favorite players because I'll be starstruck! I don't want to go against you! You're supposed to be teaching me. Jordan would be fun to play with; we would probably have a lot of things to talk about. I wouldn't want to play with Evel Dick, he's a good player too, but he's just mean. She's a sweet floater and he's a hardcore aggressive player. He better not talk shit!

    Are you going to win the first HoH?

    I'm not going to win the first HoH. I'm chocolate, so I'm already a target anyway! 

  • Corey Brooks

    What made you want to do Big Brother?

    I've always wanted to be on a reality TV show. Big Brother kind of fit my personality better than the other dating ones. I've been asked on and off and told I should do one of them, but I haven't. 

    Are you a fan of the show?

    Yeah, I've watched it on and off for a couple of years. 

    Are you familiar with the past winners?


    Do you know Rachel Reilly?

    I've heard the name, it just popped up on episodes and stuff. 

    Who would you say is the best winner? 

    Derrick was good, him and Cody worked really well together. 

    If you get to the final two, do you bring someone you know you can beat or an alliance member?

    It depends. What Cody when he kicked Victoria to the side and went with Derrick, he practically handed him the $500,000. I don't think I would have made that move.

    Showmance or no showmance

    It's definitely a possibility it just depends on whether it's going to help or hurt my game. If it's going to hurt it, forget it, but we'll see.

    There are cameras and microphones everywhere. Would you hookup on camera?

    It depends on the girl, we'll see. (Laughs.) If she's hot enough, if I think it's worth it then I will definitely weight my options before I make a decision. 

    This is a huge show and you'll get a taste of fame. Do you want to be famous?

    Yeah, absolutely! I want to let my light shine. I want to impact others. I would love the fame and be able to leave the house and go do something. 

    What's something people wouldn't know about you, unless you told them?

    I'm a sleep walker. I do it once every other week or so. There's been stories where they've kind of gotten out of hand. There's some where they're pretty normal; I'm kind of just walking around the house, I'll mumble and go into a buddy's room, something like that. That might be something that freaks the houseguests out. 

    What's been an instance where it has really gotten out of hand?

    There's been a time where I woke up a couple of blocks down the street under a car at a 7-Eleven in my underwear. There's nothing that's been life-threatening. I haven't really hurt anybody or anything like that. (Laughs.) We'll see! Knock on wood!

  • Michelle Meyer

    Are you a fan of Big Brother

    Big, big fan! US version, international versions, I'm really involved in the online community, a Big Brother troll if you will. It still doesn't feel real that I'm here. I was watching The Matrix a couple of nights ago and I'm starting to think this is just the computer programming. And I watched Inception too, so don't watch those if you find out you're on the show.

    Who is your favorite winner? 

    Ian Terry. Big fan of him. He played a phenomenal game. 

    If there are returning players, will you bow down to them?

    Fan girl, yeah, yeah! Then I'll have to get my stuff together and remember this is a game. 

    How will you handle former players who will be critical of your gameplay this summer? 

    Bring it on! I used to be on the other end of it and I would make memes, funny comments and I would be the one poking fun at people. I would go on Reddit and do live episode discussions. The Price is Right was the last one I got to participate in and it was a blast. We just made fun of Frankie Grande and how he was literally kissing the camera and doing all this crap. It just made me want to vomit. It was the best because he didn't get to get picked at all and Dr. Will won, of course. I wish you were going on the show.

    Oh, really?

    Yeah, you're a fan and super cute too. 

    What's something no one might know about you if you didn't tell them?

    I can tell you something funny. Last year, when the cast release came out, I made Facebook fan pages for a couple of them and I made one for Steve. It got over 3,000 likes and Steve [Moses'] mom messaged me telling me to delete it because she wanted to have the sole fan page! So we got into a bit of a tiff. She messaged me and was like, "You need to delete this. I'm his mom, I own the fan page! Blah, blah, blah." And I said, "I'm just a fan and it's not my fault I have more likes than you." And I made this beautiful graphic design header on photo shop. 

    So you deleted it?

    No, of course not! I just said that I would put in the description that it was a fan page. 

  • Glenn Garcia

    What made you want to do Big Brother?

    People telling me that I couldn't do it. I used to say, "I could do this, I could do this!" And my family would say, "You can't do that, you're too much of a flirt." My fiancee would say, "You can't do that, you're too much of a hothead." I made a video, first time I applied, it's pretty cool.

    So, you're a fan of the show?

    Yeah, watched pretty much every season. 

    Who's the best winner to ever play the game?

    Dr. Will. I just liked his style, the way he brought it. He laid the track work before there was a track. A lot of people follow people, but you have to be your self.

    Who is the worst winner?

    Any kind of floater, Ian. Last year's winner, wasn't too crazy about him. I don't even remember his name! (Laughs.) I don't like guys that float through the whole thing.

    You make it to the final two. Do you take an alliance member or someone you know you can beat?

    Bring whoever is going to guarantee me the money. I would feel bad, but listen, we'll go drink some tequila after it and you'll get over it. (Laughs).

    Are you an emotional guy?

    Only when it comes to my daughter. If there's a topic about my daughter or something... Listen, I had a child really late in life. I was 41 years old when I had her. She touches my heart. 

    You're going to be away from her for a while if you go far. How will you manage that?

    I'm already missing her tremendously. This has been the longest without even contacting her because of the whole sequester. Let's put sequester this way: I know how many tiles are in the bathroom. I know how many times the smoke detector blinks. It's watching paint dry, but it's part of the game. There's no music, nothing. I was sleeping a lot, but then I was getting headaches from sleeping too much. I look out the window like a puppy. 

    What do you think about people who might be on the show for fame rather than to win the game?

    I hate it. People do it for ulterior motives, "I'm beautiful, I want to be a model. I want to be seen." Then you're getting phony people coming in. I'll expose that shit! And I'll tell them who they are and what they are if I have to. I'm in it for the check. I don't want nothing else from this. 

  • Natalie Negrotti

    Are you a fan of Big Brother

    I've watched a little bit of the show, but I just don't watch TV at all. I just don't have time. I'm an event coordinator in New York City, I work for Madison Square Garden, I pretty much work seven days a week sometimes. A lot of my family watches it and I've watched episodes when I was younger so I've always known this is something I can do. 

    Why do you think you can win? 

    I was an NFL cheerleader so I'm pretty physically fit and I know in the physical challenges I'll do really well. Well, I'm hoping, fingers crossed. i don't want to jinx anything! But I'm fit and I'm used to being around 40 women. I'm also used to working in an office environment so I think socially I'll be really, really awesome. I'm trying to do an all-girl alliance, but I don't want it to turn catty because it can go really sour, but I was "Sunshine Girl" for my NFL cheer team so that means you have team spirit, good morale, and are just a nice person, genuinely. If I have to join a male alliance, I will 100 percent. I want the guys to want me. I'll be dressing cute, dressing hot all the time. 

    Who were your favorite players from last season? 

    Was last season the one with the poker player? I liked the twins. That was a cool twist to it. They seem really cool. One had a showmance, I thought that was hilarious. They're super cute, super sweet.

    Would you be in a showmance?

    I'm so open to it! (Laughs.) I'm single so I'm not excluding that at all. Whatever gets me to win this game. If I have to kiss someone, why not? It's just kissing. I don't want to speak on behalf of anyone else, but my morals, and my character... I'm just not a homewrecker. I feel like I should be a good human. In the house, I'm going to have to lie and cheat, it's just the game, but homewrecking and actually hurting someone's heart, I'm not about that. 


  • Jozea Flores

    Are you a fan of the show?

    I recently got into it. I started watching seasons 16 and 17, and then I fell in love with the show. I'm going to win. I'm going to be in it. I'm going to be the puppet master. 

    How did you get on the show? Did you apply? 

    No, actually producers from another show passed on my information to Big Brother and then they contacted me within a week. 

    Do you have a favorite player? 

    Myself! (Laughs.)

    You haven't even played yet!

    In my mind, I've already strategized everything. I'm the best player. 

    Who is your least favorite player? 

    I would say... damn! I don't remember her name. She made it to the top three on 16.


    Yeah, Victoria. I just felt like she was dead weight.

    Being on the show, you'll get a taste of fame. Are you looking for fame?

    I'm not really interested in fame, but I have a lot of talents and I feel that America needs to see them.

    Would you do more reality TV?

    I probably would not. I would go more into the route of movies or something. The next Johnny Depp! If acting presents itself in front of me, yes!

    As a makeup artist, will you be doing other houseguests' makeup?

    If the girls are busted, I'll have to touch them up. I would call them out and say, "Girl, your eyeliner looks crooked and your foundation is pale."

    Are you confrontational? 

    I'm not confrontational. If I feel like I'm being attacked or something, I go wash dishes. I get my anger out on the dishes and then I'll find my strategic way of how to get that person out of the house. 

    Former players will be vocal on social media about how you play the game. How will you respond to them?

    You're like past season, why are you talking to me? I don't want to talk to you. This is going to be the best season ever. We're in the era of social media and yes past players were also, but they were in the beginning of it. So if I have an advantage over them. They're antique!

  • Bridgette Dunning

    Are you a fan of the show?


    Are you actually or are you lying to me? Some people lie and say they're a fan of the show, and you can tell they're not.

    That's not good. I'm a really bad liar! I suck at lying. I just started watching a few seasons ago and then I binge-watched a bunch of them.

    What made you apply?

    I was watching last season with my family and we were just sitting there watching the show. They said I would be so funny to watch. And we made a video, submitted it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was going to be on this.

    Who is the best winner?

    That's a hard one, dude! Have you been asking everyone that? Geez! They had a legit answer for it? I definitely don't think Steve [Moses] was the best. Sorry, Steve! Great guy, but no. Derrick has been the best of the recent seasons and Dan Gheesling was the best of the earlier seasons. 

    Who is the worst winner of all time? 

    I don't want to be mean to Steve because he's such a nice guy! But I feel like he floated through half the game. Which is a great strategy too, I just hope that doesn't end up being mine. 

    What if former winners enter the game?

    That sucks! You had your chance. The thing about that is, they already won so they'll probably be a target. 

    If there are returning players, who would you want to see come back?

    I freaking love Victoria! She's so funny. The thing I love about her is she didn't win anything, but before she was interviewed before every competition she was like, "I will win this!" Her enthusiasm and her certainty, I love that!

    Are you confrontational?

    I have a problem with bullies. I have a problem with people who are overly condescending. That's what ticks me off and I have no problem just throwing it right back at you. I'll say, "Calm down, stop. Calm yourself." And I'll do it with a smile and no one expects it coming from me at all. But get your shit together, because I'm not dealing with that. 

  • Victor Arroyo

    Your life motto is "get women, get money." Can you elaborate?

    I had put that on my original application: "get money, f--- bitches," but that was really something I just put on a whim from high school. (Laughs.) I don't live like that now, I'm a little bit older. I just try to have fun. That's how my application was set up when I sent it in. When they asked if I had kids I put, "Not that I know of." I didn't just put no. I'm just that type of person. 

    Are you open to a showmance?

    I wouldn't say necessarily that I'm looking for a showmance, but I'm definitely open to the possibility of one. If there's a hot enough girl, with the right personality, you're in there with them all the time, you're living with them, so I'm open to it. A love triangle, if it happens, it happens! If a girl comes in and she has a boyfriend and she's not married, that's not my problem. If she was married, I would back off out of respect for that guy watching. 

    Are you a fan of the show? 

    I wouldn't say I'm a Big Brother super fan or anything like that. I had seen a couple of seasons in the past a couple of years ago and then I really re-upped on season 16, that was my favorite one. Actually, two years ago I had applied for the show and I made it to the final round of casting and I didn't get it. I was really salty about that because for that, I had seen about three or four seasons and I was like, "F--- the show. I don't want to see the show. Whatever." Two years passed and then I saw they were coming to New Orleans and last minute, I got someone at work to cover, I went, stood in line for three hours and now I'm here. When they looked at the pictures of me from before I don't look anything like I used to. Before I used to weigh 155 pounds, and I had shorter hair back then. 

    Being on the show you'll get a taste of fame. Are you looking for fame at all?

    I wouldn't say I'm looking for it, but if the opportunity presents itself, why not try something with it? If I could do something with that fame, I think it would be awesome. But to say I just got in it for the fame, that would be a lie. I would do modeling, something and use my looks to my advantage.

    What will your alliance look like this season?

    It seems like the all guys alliances typically work really well especially competition-wise. The guys win most of the competitions. It would be nice to align myself with all guys, but at the same time, I do want a girl in my alliance somewhere because that can pull votes. 

    Are you a confrontational person? 

    It depends on what it is. I pick my battles. I'm a really nice guy, but don't mistake kindness for weakness. It's definitely TV, you want to keep the fans interested so I definitely want to confront somebody, but at the same time I don't want to ruin my game.

  • Bronte D'Acquisto

    What's your strategy?

    Evidence shows there are certain ways you can get someone to say yes, so that's what I'm going to do. You can use certain words when talking to somebody that will cause their instinct to say yes to you. There's a way you structure your conversation so people feel the need to say yes. 

    What made you want to do the show?

    The $500,000! I need money! I'm definitely driven by money so I can continue my education. I want to go get my doctorate degree. My only goal is to win.

    Every season there is a twist. What twists are you anticipating? 

    It's so hard because every time you think there is a twist, there's a different one. I'm expecting to be shocked and have a moment of panic. 

    Are you a confrontational person?

    You need to be careful. I'm a numbers girl. If I'm picking a fight on behalf of my whole alliance and we outnumber you, then hell yeah, I'll throw down. If I don't have the numbers on my side, I need to be careful. 

    How will you handle past players judging how you play the game?

    I have two things to say about them! You speak, then I'll speak too! Last season was hard because I almost made it on. I auditioned last year. I came very close to getting on the show and there were a couple of players who just gave up. So that infuriated me!