'Big Brother 19' Castmembers Talk Showmances, Alliances and Game Strategies

11:00 AM 6/20/2017

by Brian Porreca

Get to know the new houseguests before season 19 premieres. Plus: Series veterans weigh in on on their early favorites.

Mark Jansen, Megan Lowder, Kevin Schlehuber and Dominique Cooper - Split - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of CBS

Don't judge a book by its cover.

With the Big Brother season 19 cast reveal on Monday, super fans were been quick to judge the newest batch of players. While many praised casting director Robyn Kass for her selection of the 16 brand new houseguests—others ruled out some players right away. 

For former players Jeff Schroeder, Rachel Reilly, Evel Dick Donato, Ika Wong and Demetres Giannitsos they also have some early opinions and predictions. 

If Schroeder was playing the game this season, "I would align with the same people who are my favorites to win: Mark Jansen, Matt Clines, Christmas Abbott, Dominique Cooper and Raven Walton," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. "From the five minutes I spent with them, they stood out to me the most."

Adds Reilly, "I am a huge early Dominique, Jason and Christmas fan. Christmas should be great at comps." For players like Josh Martinez and Cody Nickson who cite Donato as their favorite that doesn't mean the season eight winner is necessarily rooting them on.

"We'll have to see about Cody and Josh," Donato jokes. "Normally, big fans of mine in the house only see one aspect of my game, me being an asshole without taking into account that there was a helluva lot of strategy that went into my asshole-ness."  

As for what advice Wong offered the new houseguests? "I tried pushing some pettiness on people," she said.

"We liked the majority of them," added Ginannitsos. "About 70 percent."

In addition to the alums' insights into the new cast, THR talked to all 16 houseguests before they enter the game.

Big Brother 19 premieres June 28 on CBS.

  • Mark Jansen

    What made you want to be on the show?

    I have been applying for a couple of years. I've been watching the show since I was in high school. I just love the drama! And just seeing how the different people interact with each other. 

    Who is your favorite former player?

    I love Jessie [Godderz]. I loved Brendon [Villegas], Rachel and Evel Dick. I liked Brendon's whole mind set of me and her versus all of you guys.

    So you're looking for a showmance?

    (Laughs!) I'm single and some of the girls on these seasons are very beautiful. I could definitely see myself in a little showmance.

    Do you think you'll find one?

    I hope so! We'll find out when I move in. 

    What if there's someone you like and she ends up with someone else?

    I don't know! (Laughs.) Now you're putting that in the universe. 

    If it comes down to your showmance versus half a million dollars who do you pick?

    Truthfully it's going to be easy to say $500,000 because that's my main goal, but I watch the show and I'm not stupid. You get connections with people.

    You're looking for love.

    It sounds like that doesn't it? (Laughs.) You never know! I want a relationship and I want to find the right girl and someone I could fall in love with. You're laughing at me! (Laughs!) I'm crazy, right? It doesn't sound like I'm going on the show to win half a million dollars. 

    Have you applied to be on The Bachelorette?

    No! Maybe if this doesn't work out though that'll be my next step.

    Which players from season 18 weren't you the biggest fan of?

    Paulie. You can't start a showmance with somebody in the game and then treat her like that. You just can't do that. He just blew her off. That's another thing I'm scared of. I have the personality where I get bored very easily. 

    Will you have multiple showmances?

    (Laughs!) That's tough! I won't know until I'm on the show. Ideally, I won't be because it's not going to be a good look, but you never know. 

    How will you handle confrontation?

    I don't like confrontation.

    Why not?

    I'm very laid back, but that doesn't mean I don't like causing drama! I love drama. But I'm not confrontational. I know my size so if I start confronting all these people they're going to be scared of me. I have to be careful. 

    What else are you hoping comes out of the show?

    I want to help people. My mom passed away and she was a single mom. To have a platform like this I want to help not just single mothers, but kids who have lost their parents. It's tough, especially at a young age. I really just want to help people. I lost both of my parents. My dad passed away when I was young and it was just me and my mom and she passed away when I was 17. When I tell people they're shocked because I'm a very positive person. When you go through things like that you have to be in order to keep a smile on your face. When I found out I got on the show what almost made me cry was I was with my grand parents and my grandma started crying. 

  • Megan Lowder

    I saw your interview with Big Meech, Paul and Paulie [Calafiore.] It was so good! 

    Which answers did you agree with the most?

    I really liked Derrick [Levasseur's] answers. He was an amazing player. I didn't like Michelle's. I love her on Reddit, but I wasn't a huge fan of her on the show. 

    When you read that did you know you were going to be on the show?

    I knew I was coming. (Laughs!) I thought the rumors were funny. 

    Did you apply to be on this season?

    Yeah! This is my second time. I submitted a video. It was just me in my room sitting in front of the camera and just talking to it. I tried to highlight all of the points that are interesting. I was in the military, I was a cop, I worked in a prison in the Middle East. I told a story about how I manipulated my way into becoming vice president of the student body at my school and how I got the president impeached and shit. Am I allowed to swear? (Laughs!)

    When you applied last time did you make it far?

    I applied for Big Brother: Over the Top. I made top 25.

    What did you think about the houseguests they ended up choosing for BBOTT?

    I liked them! I saw all of them during the finals process. It was really neat to see them afterwards.

    Why don't you think you got picked for BBOTT?

    They were saving me for this one! (Laughs!) 

    What did you think about the winner of BBOTT?

    I really liked Morgan [Willett] and her sister [Alex.] I thought they were the sweetest people and I loved them. They seem so sweet and they were able to keep the secret that they were sisters. I fell madly in love with Shelby [Stockton.] I want to meet her! She's on Taylor Swift level for me. (Laughs!)

    What type of player are you going to be?

    I really want to play up my social game and make sure I'm friends with everyone and then slowly start forming alliances later on. Those early alliances always seem to break up. I'm going to get all of the floaters and fame whores out. I want game play! I am a fan so I like to see game play. I don't know if you're a fan of Big Brother Canada, but the females in season five were blood thirsty. I am blood thirsty. I wanted to marry Ika. She was amazing. 

    Do you want to be in an all girls alliance?

    Hell no! Girls are backstabbing, catty bitches! (Laughs!)

    Who were your favorites from season 18?

    Paul and Victor! I loved the sitting ducks and Victor is a comeback king. I wasn't a huge fan of Nicole. She [said,] "Coreeeeey, Coreeeey!" every three seconds. It drove me f----ing nuts. 

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    Probably not. I don't want to be in one because that makes you a target. I'm trying to keep a low profile. I'm just a dog walker from Phoenix! (Laughs!

    What are your plans if you make it to the final two?

    If you look at previous seasons only once has a female taken a male and won. I want to take a female to the end because you're way more likely to get the money that way. Do you know how there's that weeping, whiny and crying girl who just can't handle the shit in the house and nobody likes? Like Michelle. I plan on taking her to the end because I'll have game play and she'll be the crying girl.

    How will you handle confrontation? 

    I have this saying to kill them with kindness and then stab them in the back. When I used to work as a lifeguard there was this girl who absolutely hated me. When I knew her birthday was coming up I baked her cookies and she started liking me so I got all of her secrets. I learned that she was drinking on the job and I got her fired. (Laughs!)


  • Dominique Cooper

    What made you want to apply to be on the show?

    A friend of a friend was like, "Girl, you need to check this out!"

    You have a YouTube channel and that might make for good diary rooms. What will your diary room sessions look like?

    The real Dominique! I'm going to invite America into my world! I'm going to be super strategic in the house so the diary room is going to be my opportunity to let my hair down! I try to be positive most of the time, but I'm human. I'll definitely be saying, "This girl has gotten on my nerves for the last time!" America will see the real Dominique.

    How will you handle confrontation?

    If someone says, "You're going home!" I would say, "Oh my gosh you're so cute!" (Laughs!)

    So you won't fight back?

    Woah, woah, woah! I'm confrontational when I need to be. I don't want an immediate target back on my back. 

    In your official bio you didn't say which houseguest you like the most. Is that because you haven't watch that much?

    (Laughs!) I like Derrick.

    Do you know the names of other players?

    Brian, you trying to test me right now! What's up? 

    Will you be in a showmance this season?

    No showmances for me, but God has a sense of humor so we'll see what happens! But I'm coming here to win. My name is Dominique the Dominator I don't have time for life in the game. 

    With your career in politics how do you think the current political climate will come into play this season?

    Of course. It's a social experiment and they try to get a really good representation of this world. I think there will be a divided house, but I'm hoping to alter that. 

  • Christmas Abott

    You're big in the fitness world and have a following on social media. What made you want to play Big Brother?

    Are you kidding me?! Who doesn't want to do Big Brother? That is the super challenge.

    Did you apply?

    I did a couple of interviews and they called me so here I am! I was in disbelief when I found out. Out of all the people they interviewed they chose me. I couldn't believe it. I was feeling pretty special that day. (Laughs.

    Do you think America will have an influence this season and how may your following help you in the game?

    Vote for me! (Laughs.) I think my fans like me because I'm authentic and a little bit different than what they expect. I'm hoping America takes me the same way that my fans have taken me. 

    What if America doesn't like you?

    Maybe they misunderstood me! (Laughs.

    Where does your name Christmas come from?

    My mom had a really hard pregnancy with me. She almost miscarried me a couple of times and when I was born she had a different name picked out. But I was born on December 20th so she said, "This is my Christmas joy. She's a miracle baby." So she named me Christmas Joy. Thanks Momma!

    What has been the most challenging part about being away from your family so far?

    When you're in jail, which it seems like and you're staring at walls it's really going against what I do every day.

    Which former houseguest is your favorite?

    I can't remember his name.

    I thought you watched the show!

    Yeah, but I don't remember all of their names! I got a lot of information in my head! 

    Are you watching previous seasons in sequester?

    No! You had to do your homework before you came. If you didn't catch up than you don't get to know! (Laughs!)

    How will you handle confrontation in the house?

    I'm thick skinned.

    You're not going to fight back?

    No! If they're attacking me and I keep my cool than they're the target. I am a problem solver not a problem creator. If that person keeps coming at me than the one who barks the loudest is the one causing the problem. Let them put themselves in the target zone.

    What entertainment will you bring to this season?

    I call myself creepy Christmas. I'm a little weird. I'm eccentric, but I've always embraced it. Fans aren't going to need that aggressive drama from me. I'm not that type of person. They're probably going to be more entertained by my weirdness than by the people getting all up in your face. 

    Which types of players are you wary of playing the game with?

    Drama creators. I'm a huge communicator and that's one of my strengths. I have a deep level of empathy for people. I'm staying away from the dramas. The two-faced dramas, take it home! They usually take themselves out pretty early we don't have to worry about them. (Laughs!) I love girl power, but women especially always say, "I need this! Help me!" And I'm like, "No, bitch you can do it yourself." I like strong personalities that are also empathetic and compassionate.  

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    I'm single and I'm looking for whatever helps my game. If there is a showmance I have to authentically like that person. I like people who make me laugh and that are not intimidated by me. I do not want to coddle you. I have very little tolerance for that.

    Which players from season 18 were your least favorite?

    Was that the one where he was like, "I'm the messiah!"

    Yeah, Jozea Flores.

    Oh, God! Please don't let him be a repeat this season. I would cry tears of pain because I'm going to have to tolerate his diva ass. And I'm a diva so I'm not diva hating, but you are not a messiah! 

    Would you have aligned with season 18's winner Nicole Franzel?

    Yeah! She coasted, but she played it smart. I definitely would have aligned with her. She had her good values and was honest as she could be to as many people as she could be. I appreciate that. 

    What's your goal besides winning the money?

    The challenge. My career path hasn't been dictated by my interest in fame. I would have accepted a whole bunch of things before this and Big Brother is the first show I accepted because it is a super challenge with a super prize. My goal is to win. I'm in it to win it. Even with what I do now it's not to be famous. It's to help people understand a healthier way of living. 

  • Kevin Schleuber

    Does your family know you're going to be on the show?

    I have seven kids all with the same woman. They dared me to try out! This is the truth Brian I'm not bull shitting you. I looked up when the casting call was I met my daughter and we walked over. I had a couple of drinks before and everyone there was looking on there phone and I walk around and start talking and now I'm here. I told my daughters that I would make it once I started talking to people. They loved me at the casting call! I met Derrick and he loved me. He brought me up to the producers. 

    What type of player are you going to be?

    I don't know man. I'm hearing different things. My kids are saying to not be aggressive and just lay back and let things happen. They told me to let the young kids go crazy. I'm going to get in there like the same as I did when I walked in this room. I got to know you and see where you're from and we started talking. I'll be the same. 

    Are you going to fight with people in the house?

    No! (Laughs.) I don't fight no more. I used to fight, but it got me nowhere. I never won! 

    Will you target showmances?

    Maybe I'll have one. (Laughs.) I'm joking. My daughters would kill me! What are you crazy? I love my wife.

    What do you want to say to your family right now?

    Are they going to read it? Can I give you their number so you can tell them to read it? I'd like to say I love you guys! That dude Jeff made me nervous don't follow that interview. I'm doing fine guys! It's been hard, but I miss you guys and love you. Brian's from Medford and gave me some good advice. I'm going to be quiet and lay low. Don't worry about me. 


  • Ramses Soto

    Did you watch Big Brother: Over the Top?

    Oh yeah! It's weird because I was team Ball Smashers all the way dude, but when it came to the end I thought Jason played the best game. Where he messed up is he didn't have the right jury management and the jury was America! But I need to meet the Ball Smashers. I want to take a video of us doing the whole hair flip thing. 

    Will you target showmances

    If there's an obvious target I'm going to use that to my advantage. If I can pair myself up with a showmance that's perfect. They are two people that are always going to be bigger targets than you. It would be great to pair up with them, but not be in an actual showmance myself. 

    What makes Dan Gheesling your favorite player?

    How the hell does one come up with that funeral and then you make it to final two! He's a legend.

    Are you looking for fame?

    Big Brother does not make you famous! (Laughs.) We're super fans, we know that. It might open opportunities like it did with Derrick, but it doesn't make you famous. 

    How do you plan on entertaining the audience?

    I'm not going to fight with people. I know it's boring, but I don't want a target on my back! I plan on being there for three months and winning the game. I'm going to make sure that I have those jury votes. You can't do that if you're fighting with everybody. Entertainment wise I feel like I catch myself doing very weird and uncomfortable things. 

    What do you think this season's twist is?

    I wanted it to be an all new cast, but I'm having feelings that there's going to be some returners! It might just be the paranoia! If so, I want Victor to come back. This dude is a competition beast! Do these arms look like they could do competitions? No! I need muscle next to me. He's perfect and we both speak Spanish so we have that connection. 

    What's something you want people to know about you?

    It's pretty obvious that I'm gay! I just came out to my brother four months ago. My whole family is super excited that I'm on the show. My mom was really sad, but I know she's rooting for me because she's a huge fan. She was team Ball Smashers all the way too. She was so happy when Morgan won. She was like, "She deserved it!" 

    America had quite the influence in BBOTT. Do you think we'll see that in season 19?

    I hope not! I think there will be though. They might bring care packages again.

  • Cameron Heard

    You have said Ian Terry from season 14 is your favorite player. How will you be different than him?

    I'm going to be more social. You seem surprised by that! Ian and Steve are super awkward, but I lived in a party house with seven guys and threw parties every weekend. I have the social ability that they didn't have.

    Who do you like more Steve or Ian?

    Ian. Steve was awful in every single possible way. He was pretty boring all the way through. 

    Who was your favorite player from season 18?

    I really liked Paul. Who didn't like Paul? I didn't like James throughout that whole season. He was really boring and was only trying to pander to America again.

    Did you watch Big Brother: Over the Top?

    Ball Smashers all the way! Morgan was my winner pick! She was really humble and I really liked that about her. Hey Morgan, you are my favorite Willett sister! (Laughs.)

    Who were your other favorite players from BBOTT?

    I really only liked the Ball Smashers. I also liked Scott [Dennis] he was really entertaining, but I didn't really like Alex that much. I didn't like any of the Late Night Jamboree at all.

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    No I'm not. I've got a girlfriend of seven years, but I am going to flirt with girls in the house. I'll have a flirtmance. I don't think girls are going to care that I have a girlfriend they're still going to flirt with me. There is a line though and I don't want to cross it. 

    How will you handle confrontation?

    I will fight back! That's just my nature. I get excited easily and angry quickly. I'm going to be confrontational. It's going to be hard to bite my lip. 

    Is this the first time you applied?

    No, I applied for season 18. I didn't get a call back. I didn't know what BBOTT was like so I didn't apply for that. I submitted a video for this season and season 18, but last year's video it was just me and it was really dark and I was in my basement being quiet because my parents weren't asleep. For this year I went all out! I filmed me snowboarding, on a bike ride, etc. It was more about me. 

    If you get to the end will you cut your friend or take them to the final two?

    Cut them! That was the stupidest thing that Paul did by taking Nicole to the end. I'm going to do what [season 5's] Drew [Daniel] did. I'm going to cut Diane [Henry] at the end. Cody [Calafiore] made a mistake and Paul made a mistake. 

    What else are you looking to get from the show? Do you want to be famous?

    No, no!  I'm looking forward to the challenge and adventure of it all and I can't wait to go back to anonymity as quickly as possible.


  • Josh Martinez

    What made you want to do the show?

    I'm a huge fan so I applied. I applied for season 17 and made it to semi-finals and didn't make it through. I'm kind of glad because I was in college and I applied now and I got picked. I think last time I applied I was shy and holding back too much. The shock of it all got to me.

    You say that Evel Dick is your favorite player. Why?

    He's ruthless! You got to respect his game. He was one of the best players and definitely got me into the game.

    Are you going to play like him?

    I'm not a bully like that. I don't attack people's weaknesses to benefit me. I'm more of a persuasive person. I'm going to plant the seed and water it weekly. 

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    I'm not looking for a showmance, but if it happens, it happens. It's a long three months! Your boy already needs some love. 

    Would you ever be in multiple showmances?

    That could get me into trouble! But I'm a flirt naturally. I'll flirt with you and we'll have a good time, but two showmances that's pretty f---ing crazy. Screw that!

    What types of people won't you get along with?

    Just f---ing big egos and over confident players. 

    Who is your least favorite player of all time?

    Paulie. He f---ing sucks. I'm not the perfect man, but I know not to grill a girl and get into a woman's face.

  • Matthew Clines

    What's the best part about being out of sequester right now?

    I told them that I would go to the dump if they could get me out of the hotel. But I haven't gotten that much sleep in months man so I feel great. 

    Which former houseguests is your favorite?

    Derrick is definitely my favorite player. I feel like Derrick played the best game ever. My least favorite player is probably Devin [Shepherd.] He played the worst game of all time. 


    What types of players will you not align with?

    The people causing ridiculous amounts of drama in the house. 

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    I'm open to it! But it's definitely not something I'm going to seek out. It would have to be strategic in terms of what I'm looking for in the game. I'm definitely not closing it off though. I'm sure Big Brother has chosen some very intelligent, cool and good looking girls. I can't say I'm not excited to see that! I'm not shutting any doors. 

    If you end up in a showmance will you be cautious of the cameras watching you?

    Definitely! (Laughs.)

    What's something you really want people to know about you?

    I'm really into weight lifting. That's something I've always been passionate about. I'm sure I'll be doing a fair amount of lifting on the show! I guarantee you I'll be entertaining America. 

    What do you hope to get from being on the show?

    It's a once in a lifetime experience, man! Obviously it's cool to have the opportunity to win $500,000, but the experience itself is something I can't ever imagine happening again in my life. 

    Do you think you'll win the game?

    Yeah, I do. My entire life I've had to adjust to different situations quickly. I have a unique ability in reading people and that aspect of my personality will really help me. 

  • Elena Davies

    How do you know Corey Brooks from last season?

    We have the same friends. I've been to his house. I had a goat growing up and someone brought up to me Corey's goat story last season. Dang it Corey! Don't do that again. I haven't seen Corey though since he's been off the show. He's a cool guy.

    How did you get on the show? 

    Someone reached out to me on Instagram. I have a little bit of a following on Instagram. My account is private now because of the show. I'm a radio personality. Normally I'm doing your job! I almost said no to doing the show though because I didn't think I would make it. I thought, "There's no way that I would be chosen." But here I am on this nice brown couch talking to you! 

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    I can't successfully date in the real world so if I can't get a match on Bumble when I don't have cameras in my face than why should I try to do it on TV? It's the same reason why I wouldn't go on The Bachelor. That is terrifying! I can't make it through a date at a local pizza shop! Dates are weird. 

    Are you looking to win the money or are you looking for fame?

    I want the money! That changes your life, but if any other opportunities come my way I'm not going to pretend that's not something that's exciting. Having an Instagram is basically a job these days! I hope America likes me a lot and I have a fan base. Maybe a really cool radio producer thinks I'm great. This is a platform that could open up more doors for me. 

    Are you doing the show for the platform or to play the game?

    I'm doing it for the money.

  • Jessica Graf

    What made you want to play Big Brother?

    I grew up watching so when someone came to me and asked about it I was all about it. I didn't think I'd actually make it on the show, but here I am! 

    What do you do as a VIP Concierge?

    I work for a hospitality group called SBE. One of my bosses and best friends Frankie Delgado was on [MTV's] The Hills. When I started working for him I re-watched all the episodes of The Hills, which is interesting because I work for SBE now and looking back and watching the episodes it hits home a little bit more. 

    What are you looking to get from being on the show?

    $500,000! (Laughs.) What else does anybody want from the show?

    Do you want to be famous?

    I don't really know if one becomes famous from Big Brother. I'm a big fan of the show and I follow everyone afterwards and I've never seen any of them strike glorious fame and fortune. 

    Why is Janelle Pierzina your favorite and do you think you'll be like her in the house?

    In the most respectful way possible she's very vintage Big Brother. She's a throw back and no one has even come close to her game play. She really paved the way for strong women to dominate the game. I will be a mesh of several different characters because I have watched the show for so long. I plan on having that Dr. Will [Kirby] and [Mike Boogie] phone conversation with one of my houseguests. I want to bring some of James [Huling's] pranks back into the house. I want to take Zach [Rance's] silliness and Derrick's game play. 

    What types of people in the house will you not get along with?

    I'm going to get along with everybody in the house! I'm going to be Miss Congeniality this season. I'm going to let people self-destruct on their own. Hopefully I'm so loveable that no one wants to fight with me. (Laughs.)

    If you make it to the end will you cut your best friend in the house for $500,000?

    My best friend of three months doesn't compare to my mom. I plan on splitting the money that I win with my mom. If it means me having to throw my friend under the bus to get that than I'm going to do that for her. I'm going to stab someone in the back for my mom. (Laughs.)

  • Raven Walton

    You were a big fan of Big Brother last season and met season 18's Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo. Is that true?

    I met Paul! He came to Arkansas with his band. It was one of the venues I love to go to so I got to meet him and hangout for a little bit. 

    Was he your favorite houseguest from season 18?

    One of my favorites for sure! Him and Victor. They were fabulous. Paul was just as cool in person as he was on the show. He encouraged me to try out and said, "Go for it!" 

    If you were on season 18 who wouldn't you have aligned with?

    Probably Bridgette [Dunning]! She got on my nerves a lot! She had a little bit of a chip on her shoulder and was a little paranoid. I love Mamma Day, but I feel like the first season she was in there she played too hard. And her second season she played a little too hard too! She's a huge fan too and I feel like if she kept her mouth closed it would have helped her game a lot. 

    What makes season 16's Frankie Grande your favorite player?

    I can see why people don't like him, but I really loved Frankie and how much he just loved Big Brother. He was such a super fan and I love how he was just a character. I'm a character and I can relate. Maybe his game play wasn't the best, but I just love his enthusiasm for the game. 

    What types of players will you align with?

    I love strategic players. I'm not going to align with a big alliance because that always blows up in your face. The best alliances are the ones you can't see. I don't want an all girls alliance. Girls are so catty! 

    What would your alliance name be?

    Team sour patch! Because I can be sour and I can be sweet. (Laughs.)

    How do you plan on entertaining viewers? Are you going to fight? What type of player will you be? 

    I'm definitely not going to cause fights.

    Why not?

    Unless somebody brings it and then I might have to finish it! But I don't want to be the drama maker and get thrown out of the house before I get to experience Big Brother. I'm going to be a fun player. I'm a dancer so I'll make the houseguests get up and do stuff. I'm going to have fun in there the first couple of weeks. 

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    I'm not going to say yes or no! I'm just going in there open minded. 

    Which former houseguest if they were on this season would you want to be in a showmance with?

    Victor! He is tall dark and handsome. 

    Doesn't he follow you on Instagram?

    Yeah! I liked some of his pictures and then he just followed me from there. He said, "If you're ever in NOLA, holler." I was like, wooop! (Laughs.) He's so fine.

    Is this your first time applying to be on Big Brother?

    I applied last year. This year I decided to apply online and submitted a video and it worked out in my favor!

    What day did you get kidnapped to come be on the show?

    I think Thursday so now I'm just happy to see people! I'm ready to get in the house. 

    What's something people might not know about you?

    I have a stomach pacemaker. You can actually see it and everything. Five million or less people have what I have so it's kind of neat. A lot of people have never seen a stomach pacemaker before. I call myself Robo-Raven! (Laughs.) Me and Zingbot are going to get along pretty well! The pacemaker allows me to live my life normally. I got a second chance at life. That's why I'm so happy to be here and experience this. I still can't believe it's real.

    If you win the $500,000 what are you going to do with it?

    I want to freeze my eggs! I can't have children of my own because of the pacemaker and different circumstances. So the first thing I want to do if I win is freeze my eggs. It's bigger than me. It's my future. I've been through a lot with my disease and it's taken a lot away from me growing up. This is my chance to take some of that back.  

  • Jason Dent

    You have a nickname, right?

    Whistle Nut! It's my alter ego and my clown name. (Laughs.)

    Who were your favorite players from season 18?

    I wasn't a big fan of Jozea. But I liked that dude with the beard. Paul! (Laughs.) I'm definitely not a super fan of the show. In fact, I've never really watch it. 

    How will you handle confrontation?

    I have super thick skin. I'll verbally fight back, but it's not going to affect me. I usually fight with wit. I'll use things against them that will prove that I'm the superior player. 

    Do you want to be famous? 

    Every rodeo clown wants to be on the big stage. You damn right I want to be famous! I've been trying my ass off to be famous. 

    What do you want more $500,000 or fame?

    If you win the half a million dollars I feel like you're going to get both. (Laughs!)

  • Jillian Parker

    Who are your favorite players?

    Daniele Donato and Rachel Reilly aren't afraid to say how they feel. 

    Did you apply to be on the show?

    I applied online! I never thought that they watch these videos, but they do! I told them straight up that I'm coming on to win! A lot of people come on here for Instagram followers and think they're a model. I'm not a model! I came on here to play the game and win. I want to win the money.

    What types of players will you get along with?

    People who are happy like me! I don't like anyone negative. I won't get along with people who try to do the most. 

    How will you keep the season entertaining?

    I'm me and I just say some crazy off the wall things! 

    Are you going to fight with people in the house?

    Is that my plan? No. Could it happen? Yes! 

    Fans will look up your social media accounts. Are you worried about them finding out something about you?

    No. I deactivated my Facebook for that reason. I'm a Republican so I didn't want to get under fire for that. I want people to see me for my personality and not my political views. 

    Are you a Trump supporter?

    Yeah. I'm not going to bring it up in the house, but I'm sure there are going to be Hillary Clinton supporters in there. That's cool. As long as they're not coming at me saying, "You're wrong!" I'm going to play the game just like any other person. It doesn't define me as a person. 

  • Cody Nickson

    Did you apply to be on the show?

    I went through a weirder process, but it was an open casting call and it triggered from there.

    Why was it weird?

    I shouldn't have said that! I wasn't recruited. I didn't even know they recruited people. I'll just say I went through [casting] for an extended period of time. More than most if that makes any sense. 

    What made you want to be on the show?

    I applied a couple of years ago and then got rejected. 

    Why is Evel Dick your favorite player?

    I don't think I'd like the guy personally, but the guy stayed true to himself. There's something respectable about that. He wasn't over the top just to be over the top. My least favorite player is Paul from last season with the beard. The guy is loud just to be loud. He would've been out immediately if I was in the house. I don't think I could've lived with the guy. I didn't like Victor. He's kind of a douche. He calls himself fit Vic as in Fitbit. He's just trying to be famous. 

    Do you want to be famous?

    No! I want to go back to my normal life afterwards. Hopefully I can win the $500,000 and get the hell out of there. Don't talk to me after that! (Laughs.)

    Do you think you will win?

    It's so hard to say. 

    How will you handle confrontation in the house?

    I don't negotiate with terrorists. If somebody issues a threat to me I'm going to do everything in my power to get them out. 

  • Alex Ow

    What makes you a fan of Nicole?

    I liked the way she played in season 16 and how she turned it around in season 18. 

    What other players from last season did you like?

    James! I wish he was on it again. Asians for the win! I think we would mesh really well. I didn't like Frank [Eudy]. I didn't like the whole situation with the butts and stuff. 

    Did you apply to be on the show?

    They found me! One of my friends knew that I liked the show and told me they were casting for it. 

    How will you keep viewers entertained?

    I feel like I'm entertaining and super interesting! I talk to myself a lot. I'm not going to fight with people, but if people fight with me there will definitely be some confrontation.