'Big Brother 20' Houseguests Talk Showmances, Game Plans and Winning Over Viewers

12:30 PM 6/19/2018

by Brian Porreca

Get to know the new houseguests.

Courtesy of CBS

Hello, houseguests.

Big Brother has revealed its cast for season 20 and overall, it's an eclectic group of characters.  

There's a 24-year-old crystal-collecting life coach named Kaitlyn Herman, who revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that she believes her time on the show is all about fate — it all started with spray-tanning Celebrity Big Brother contestant Chuck Liddell.

There's also Winston Hines, 28, who was inspired to apply for the show by season 19's Cody Nickson. He says he's preparing to win the game in sequester by reading season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur's book, The Undercover Edge

Other new players like Brett Robinson, 25, aren't as familiar with the game or Big Brother legends, like Dan Gheesling and Rachel Reilly. 

To assess how this season might play out, THR spent the day with all 16 houseguests to talk everything from game plans, showmances and final pleas to what catchphrase they have up their sleeves: Friendship? Floaters grab a life vest? #YouBetterGo?

Big Brother season 20 premieres June 27 on CBS. Find out what the newest crop of houseguests have to say, above.


  • Tyler Crispen

    Age: 23 | Hometown: Rossford, Ohio| Occupation: Lifeguard

    Courtesy of CBS

    How do you know Alex and Morgan Willett from Big Brother Over the Top?

    I was actually almost on BBOTT. I watched the show and was a fan of theirs. I was in San Diego and saw that they were so I just hit them up and said, "What's up? Where are you going tonight? Want to meet up?"

    Did you tell them you were going to be on this season?

    No they don't know. Alex invited me to the premiere party and I couldn't say anything. I wanted to say that I'll be there, but on the TV. They don't have any clue.

    What made you want to be on the show?

    I'm a super fan. I'm a live feed guy! I work six days a week so it's an escape. My friends think I'm weird. 

    What is your game going to look like?

    I say that Ika [Wong] is the queen and Derrick Levasseur is the God. I want to be low key and just get everyone to like me so they feel bad if they have to put me up.

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    No because I want to win! If it will help me win then I don't know.

    How do you handle confrontation?

    I'll stare at them until they stop. I'll fight back and channel it to use for later. 

    Are you worried about America liking you or do you just want to win the game?

    America will respect a win no matter what. People say Josh shouldn't won, but he played hte best game because he won!

    If you could have your own catch phrase this season what would it be?

    I'm always on your side. That's going to be my line. 

    Will you vote with the house or against the house?

    I'm a really independent guy. If I feel strongly about something and I want to throw a rogue vote out there I'll do it. I can cover my tracks later and blame it on someone else. 

    Three months from now, where will you be?

    I'll be chilling there in the finale! I got a nice sport coat I bought that I'm not going to wear until the finale so I hope to show that off! 

  • JC Monduix

    Age: 28 | Hometown: Hometown: Miami, Fla. | Occupation: Professional Dancer

    Courtesy of CBS

    What is your plan to win the game?

    I'm just going to be myself. I'm there to do a job. I'm going to kill them with kindness, but no showmance. 

    How do you handle confrontation?

    Let's see what happens. I do not tolerate anything like that. Even though I'm short and gay I have never been bullied. If you come to me and scream or something I'm going to do a smart game to avoid that. 

    Do you know what Hamster Watch is?

    Hopefully it's not referring to me! I will call them lab rats, but I didn't know they were called hamsters. I do consider myself a lab rat right now. It's like a version of Hunger Games

    What types of people will you align with?

    I don't like religous people. They'e small minded. You have to be yourself and go with the flow in your life. Don't let your whole life be based on one thing. 

    What conversations do you see taking place in the house based on people's backgrounds and beliefs?

    I work in an environment where I'm lucky enough to be with people from [around] the world. I know how to understand everyone. It doesn't matter if you come from the south or you're one of those crazy liberals. I agree with some thigs with our president, [but] I'm going to try not to talk about our president with a liberal. I'm not going to be a sheep and follow everyone. 


  • Haleigh Broucher

    Age: 21 | Hometown: Village Mills, Texas | Occupation: College Student

    Courtesy of CBS

    How long have you been watching the show?

    Since season 16. 

    Did you apply to be on the show or did the show find you?

    It was a little bit of both. They found me on Instagram, but then I had to apply and go through the whole process. 

    How have you been handling being locked away from the outside world?

    A lot of puzzles. But I have this 500 piece puzzle I've worked on for six hours and it's not even done!

    How do you handle confrontation?

    I don't like being belittled. I don't like feeling like someone is taking advantage of someone. If you want to call it confrontational that would be accurate. 

    Is there an instance in your real life where you had to manipulate someone?

    A couple of times! High school was a lot of that. There was a lot of competition when it came to sports and school. You always had to watch your back and be on guard. 

    Are you worried about viewers rooting against you or do you just want to win the game?

    I don't want to be hated by America, but I'm not here to lose! If I'm doing something America hates then I probably shouldn't be doing it. 

    At the end of the game will the jury be bitter towards you?

    My goal is to go in there and do jury management. You have to think about it consistently. 

    What has been the worst game move made on the show?

    Joey [Van Pelt] was terrible.

  • Angela Rummans

    Age: 26 | Hometown: Hilton Head, South Carolina | Occupation: Fitness Model

    Courtesy of CBS

    Have you applied to be on the show before?

    I actually applied for season 17 and then they circled back around. 

    Are you going to be in a showmance?

    It could be a tactic of mine to have more than one, (laughs.) It's like when you take a group of lions and put them all in a cage and dangle a piece of meat in front of them. They cut at each other first. To break up a guy alliance all you have to do is dangle the piece of meat in front of them. 

    How do you handle confrontation?

    If you kill someone with kindness you'll get so much further. People don't realize that. I do have a boiling point though and when I see red I will come at your throat. 

    What was your take on season 19?

    There was one shepherd and a bunch of sheep. Paul was the puppeteer. It drove me nuts and it was the Paul show, but props to Paul. It was amazing. 

    If you're on the nomination block on eviction night what's your final plea to stay?

    I'm here to play this game. I'm all in. I'm here to play mentally, socially [and] physically. I don't want to go home anytime soon! There are some people that get on the show and don't put their best foot forward. They get tired and complacent and that's not my personality. I'm going to fight until the end. 

    Are you looking for fame or to win the game?

    I'm looking to win! If that comes with the territory then it comes, but that's not my motive to be on the show. 

  • Brett Robinson

    Age: 25 | Hometown: Oakdale, Connecticut | Occupation: Cyber security engineer

    Courtesy of CBS

    Did you apply to be on the show or did the show find you?

    I was reached out to through social media. My background is unique. How many cyber security engineers do you meet?

    Do you know who Dan Gheesling is?

    I have heard him referred to from the seasons that I've watched that he's just a strong competitor. 

    What about Rachel Reilly?

    I don't know Rachel. I know who Derrick is and Josh. My two favorite seasons would be 16 and 19. Paul did a phenomenal job. 

    Are you going to be in a showmance?

    Everyone says I'm going to be in a showmance. The reason I'm here to win $500,000, but I'm a red blooded male at the end of the day my mind turns to mush when a pretty girl walks in. And it's a guarenteed vote why wouldn't you? It's a strong strategy move. 

    How do you respond to confrontation?

    I don't entertain the thought. I would just walk away. They'll look like an asshole and I'll be the victim. 

    What conversations in the house may stir up some arguments?

    People with different views are always going to butt heads, but my strategy is to stay out of it. I don't talk politics. You have more to lose than to gain. 

    Are you looking for fame or to win the game?

    Maybe I'll be the next Brad Pitt. He's getting old. He's got to be pushed out. 

  • Kaycee Clark

    Age: 30 | Hometown: San Diego, Calif. | Occupation: Pro Football Player

    Courtsey of CBS

    Are you a fan of the show?

    I'm a huge fan. This is the only show I watch. 

    Do you watch the live feeds? 

    I did one year.

    Who is your favorite player?

    Cody [Nickson] and Frankie [Grande] are both my guys. They're both very different, but are competitors. Cody is true to himself and went against the grain, but his social skills are what he needs to work on. That's where Frankie comes in where he has great social skills. I love his energy. 

    What do you think of when you hear Hamster Watch?

    Looking out for hamsters!

    Do you know who Dan Gheesling is?

    He's an awesome player who was a coach, right?

    How do you handle confrontation?

    I'll say, "Thank you. I appreciate it. What you say doesn't matter."

    If you're on the nomination block on eviction night what is your final plea to stay in the game?

    I earned my place in this house and I'm here to compete. If you guys keep me around let's fight for that prize. 

    Will you vote with the house or against it?

    With the house. I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible. 

    If you make it to the end of the game with your number one ally do you bring them to the final two?

    Yeah like Cody [Calafiore] and Derrick [Levasseur.] If I feel confident about it then I'll take them to the end. 

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    If it happens, it happens! I just go with the flow. 

    Are you going to win competitions or throw them?

    I'm going to win. I'm not throwing anything. I'll win the first competition. 

  • Sam Bledsoe

    Age: 27 | Hometown: Stuarts Draft, Virginia | Occupation: Welder

    Courtesy of CBS

    What was your reaction to finding out you were going to be playing Big Brother?

    I really didn't think I was going to be a part of it. The only thing I would let myself believe is that I was possibly an alternate. I thought the closest I would be was an alternate and that I would get a phone call saying, "We have everybody. They all passed. We don't need you." And then I get a call and it's the opposite! 

    Have you watched every season?

    Oh gosh, no! 

    Do you know who Dan Gheesling is?


    Who is your favorite player?

    Daniele [Donato] is beautiful. She's a smart girl who happens to be pretty not a pretty girl who happens to be smart.  Do you know who Sam is though? The girl who won season 20! Do you remember Sam? 

    What is your plan to win the game?

    Just go in there and be myself. What I'm expecting is just to have a great time and to be honest I'm expecting to go in there and be chewed up and spit out honestly. I'm from a small town and trust everybody off the bat. 

    So, you're not a confrontational person?

    Absolutely not! I see the good in everybody. But if I'm in the position to defend myself you better get the fuck out of my way. But as far as picking a fight that's not me at all. I have too much respect for the people who put this show together and for the people watching it. 

    If you're on the nomination block on eviction night what's your final plea to stay in the game?

    Just like how I am with you right now, Brian. Just off the cuff. It would depend on what's happening in the house and I would thank the people who work so hard and gave me this opportunity.

    What will bother you about your roommates?

    If there's one person leading the packthat's typically a bully. Do you know who the bully is afraid of? The pretty girl. When I was little I was not only the pretty girl I was the hero because I would not let that shit fly. In third grade, I had befriended this girl Santana. She was the only one who was a foster child and it was because of circumstances beyond her control. Everybody picked on her. She didn't have a lot of nice things. And we did Secret Santa and I got her the most thoughtful gift I could think of and put her under my wing. If there is an under dog in the house they are going to be my best buddy. And if there's a bully any chance I have to embaress them I'm going to do it. If they're taking a loud shit I'm going to announce it to the entire house. If they say, "My shit don't stink," well, it sounds terrible!




  • Faysal Shafaat

    Age: 26 | Hometown: Orlando, Fla. | Occupation: Substitute Teacher

    Courtesy of CBS

    Did you apply to be on last season?

    I applied for Survivor and got flown out to finals and got cut, but they [said], "Producers like you for another show called Big Brother." And then they called me and asked me to be an alternate. I wasn't doing that. Then this year rolled around and they hit me up and said they were going to be in Orlando if I wanted to come. So I went and I had been out late the night before and the interview wasn't that good. They said finals would be in April or May and I heard nothing from them. And then in June they hit me up. 

    Who do you think you were an alternate for last season?

    It's hard to say. I would have said Mark [Jansen] because he's a big guy, but after watching the show he is nothing like me. It had to have been Josh [Martinez] because he's a big personality, but I wouldn't put myself in his exact category. I wouldn't do all of the stuff he would do. 

    What were your thoughts on last season?

    I liked how Alex [Ow] played the game. At the end she was winning competitions and had a social game Jason [Dent] and Paul. She got nabbed in the end. 

    If someone starts yelling at you and bangs pots and pans how do you respond to that?

    I am a very competitive person and that alpha male may come out, but I've never gotten to the point where I wanted to point my hands on someone. 

    Will you vote with the house or against the house?

    Definitely against the house, but you got to know when to play your card. 

    Is there anything from your past that you're worried about people finding out?

    No because I played college football and everything was always in the newspaper.

    You have been arrested before. What happened there?

    In college, I lived off campus and we got back to my friend's dorm room and he locked his keys in the car so I ended up sleeping in the car. The police came and knocked on the door and I got public intoxication. I went to court the next week and it got dismissed. Nothing is on my record. It was just public intoxication for sleeping in the car. It was one of those things when you're in college. 

    What do you hope to get from being on the show?

    I'm looking for an experience. I know a lot of these houseguests say it's been the best experience of their life. I want that. My whole life has been school, football and nothing but a grind. 

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    I'm not looking for anything in particular, but I am single. And I am considered tall, dark and handsome. I'm not objecting it, but I'm not diving head first.

    You'll be watched 24/7 is there anything that might stand out to fans?

    How much hairspray I use, (laughs.) I need a couple of cans ready to go. You never know when you're going to need it. 


  • Scottie Salton

    Age: 26 | Hometown: Shorewood, Illinois | Occupation: Shipping Manager

    Courtesy of CBS

    What makes Evel Dick your favorite player?

    He's not! Chicken George is! I put Evel Dick because every year people just vomit out the name Donato. I was like, "I wonder if I'll have a better chance if I put Evel Dick on there." And now I'm here! 

    Are you going to play the game like Chicken George?

    Hopefully not as dumb! But if people think of me the same way and that I'm not that smart, then yeah. 

    How do you handle confrontation?

    I'm very patient and just let them say whatever they want to say. A lot of the times they don't have it thought out and just start yelling. 

    Have you watched every season of the show?

    I haven't watched season one, but I'm told it's not worth watching!

    Who were you a fan of on season 19?

    I was on team Ramses [Soto] because I saw him at the open casting. I was rooting for Ramses and Kevin [Schlehuber] [and] that father and son relationship. And then after that I jumped to Jody.

    Will you vote with the house or against it?

    It's not impossible that I shake things up! I'm stubborn and have a lot of pride and when people tell me what to do I [say], "No!" 

    Did you watch Big Brother: Over the Top?

    I did. I was not a big fan. My favorite on that season was Alex [Willett]. I would have liked if she stayed a bit longer, but they got rid of her because they viewed her as a really smart game player. Scott [Dennis] is probably my least favorite player of all time. 


  • Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

    Age: 34 | Hometown: Columbia, Maryland | Occupation: Stay-at-home mom

    Courtesy of CBS

    Did you apply to be on the show or did the show find you?

    Are they finding people? That's exciting! (Laughs.) I applied. My mom has always been like, "Angela you should really apply to be on!" This year I had a baby in December and I stopped working so I was like, "All right I'll send in a tape."

    Are you spiritual?

    I'm a Pagan. I'm going to hex everybody! There's a three-fold law that whatever you put out comes back to you [three times]. Karma is only a bitch if you're a bitch. Paganism means that I use the different archetypes of gods and goddesses to reach divinity, which is so huge. I am wearing Ganesh who is the remover of obstacles so hopefully he'll be with me. I don't think it is something I'll reveal in the house because they'll [say], "Oh my God the witch! We got to get her out of here! She's going to hex us all!" I have different crystals that will help me out in the game. 

    What will your catchphrase in the game be?

    "Fuck you!" (Laughs.) It's classic. It works on a lot of levels. 

    Are you confrontational?

    I can be. I do get along with most people, but I'm not afraid to not get along with somebody.

    Do you know who Rachel Reilly is?

    Of course. "You're standing between me and my man! You have to go." Everybody else probably said, "Floaters grab a life vest!"

    Do you know what Hamster Watch is?

    It's the Twitter handle!

    Who are some of your favorite players?

    I love Renny [Martyn]. The casting in season 10 was perfect. It's my favorite season. 

    If you're on the nomination block come eviction night what's your final plea to stay in the game?

    "The Block" in Baltimore is our red light district, so I've avoided the block my whole life! I really hope to keep avoiding it. (Laughs.)

    What will be your obstacle in the game?

    My biggest obstacle is the first competition and getting over that. If they have a first night eviction I will be like, "What was the whole point?" It's a big process to come out here! I have three kids and had to figure out what to do with them.

    Will you target showmances or align with them?

    I want to have an ace that's a single female so she can work the showmance angle because I would get in so much trouble with my man!

    What has been the worst move ever made on the show?

    When Marcellas [Reynolds] didn't use the veto on himself!

  • Bayleigh Dayton

    Age: 25 | Hometown: Lee Summit, Missouri | Occupation: Flight Attendant

    Courtesy of CBS

    Did you apply to be on the show or did the show find you?

    They found me on Instagram and I've been binge watching ever since.

    Who are some of your favorite players?

    I like Derrick. He was chill from the jump when I saw him. I like Janelle [Pierzina]. I don't mind Rachel. She was a villain, but I thought she was funny. And I like Ramses [Soto] and Nicole [Franzel]. Those are the people I would be friends with.

    What kind of player will you be?

    I'm going to be like Bayleigh!  I don't want people to hate me because then they'll kick me off. And I can't be a villain because I'll actually hurt their feelings. I'm going to be the aggressive girl that everyone knows is aggressive, but is non-threatening. 

    What's an instance in your real life where you had to be manipulative?

    I will jab you and you will not know you're being jabbed until you're packing your bags and going home. 

    Are you going to nominate someone upfront or do you know what a backdoor is?

    Yeah I know what a backdoor is! I've been watching! (Laughs!) The people that you backdoor are the people who are the most threatening. You can't frontdoor them because they'll see it coming and have time to get themselves off the block. I don't have time for that! 

    Do you care more about viewers loving you or do you just want to win the money?

    I could care less. If you want to love me go pick up pageant Bay and if you don't you can watch Big Brother! I am blunt. I am straight to the point. And I am sassy!

    How do you handle confrontation? 

    I will stare at them and just say four words, "You're threatened, aren't you." If it's a boy I'm ripping him to shreds because you're not going to talk to me crazy. If it's a girl then I'm going to say, "Oh sweetheart, I'm sorry you're upset. Are you OK? Do you need a drink?" I'm hoping I get around some really tough boys that want to parade around and protect me the whole time. 

    Are you the saboteur?

    I hope not. If they try to make me do that I'll do it, but I don't know if I'll be good at it!

    What is your catch phrase going to be?

    Time's up bitches! 

  • Rachel Swindler

    Age: 29 | Hometown: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina | Occupation: Vegas Entertainer

    Courtesy of CBS

    You know Jackie Ibarra from season 17. Did that help you get on the show?

    How do you know that? No one has asked me that! But it didn't help me get on the show. I was cast for my personality and who I am. I auditioned last year and was an alternate.

    Who were you an alternate for? 

    They didn't say who, but probably Jessica [Graf]. But I worked my way from an open casting call without knowing anyone. I knew Jackie, but she had no pull or anything and no houseguest really does. 

    What was your take on season 19?

    I dodged a bullet. At first I thought the cast was amazing and I was jealous, but as the season went on I was afraid I would fall into the same trap that everybody else did. Last year, I would have been a little bit more scared. This year, I'm more prepared. 

    How will you handle confrontation?

    If they're demeaniing me in a negative way and I really need to stand up for myself then I might yell back. I want to avoid being nasty, but I do believe in standing up for myself. 

    Will you be in a showmance?

    I'm open to a showmance, but I'm definitely going in with my eye on the prize. 

    If you're on the nomination block what's your final plea to stay in the game?

    You thank everybody and say, "If I've offended anybody I'm truly sorry. I came here to play a game and that's what I did." You act like they have the power and you don't.

    What has been the worst move ever made on the show?

    When Marcellas [Reynolds] didn't use the veto on himself and got evicted. 

    What about the best move?

    Dan's funeral and just Dan in general. Evel Dick is my favorite player of all time.

    He tweeted about you last year.

    Look at you! (Laughs.) You know everything. 

    I saw your mugshot too. 

    What?! Oh my god, (laughs!) There's not one. 

    What are you afraid of people seeing from you?

    I walk like a duck! 

    What might viewers not like about you?

    They might not get my humor. I could get edited in a bad way. 

    But you're watched 24/7.

    Don't you blame it on that edit! (Laughs.)

    Will you vote with the house or against the house?

    I'll throw some hinky votes and stir the pot here and there. 

    Rachel Reilly's famous line is, "floaters grab a life vest." Do you have a catch phrase lined up?

    You better go! You better go! #Youbettergo, (laughs!)

  • Kaitlyn Herman

    Age: 24 | Hometown: Plainview, N.Y. | Occupation: Life Coach

    Courtesy of CBS

    What does it mean to be a life coach?

    I got my certification to be a life coach after doing a whole program. You need to have 350 hours of coaching and you learn to ask empowering questions to people. A lot of people have this misconception that I'm just giving people advice for a living and that's not what a life coach is. 

    What made you want to apply to be on the show?

    I ended up getting a job doing air brush tanning. And with that I air brushed Chuck Liddell before he went on Celebrity Big Brother. I didn't know it was for Celebrity Big Brother and it's common courtesty to [say], "Are we doing this for something specific today?" And he said, "Yeah I'm moving into a new house." And the next day I see the cast list is revealed. Then I bumped into Marissa [Jaret Winokur] two days after she won at the Grove and I said, "Marissa I love you, congrats!" She [said], "Good luck on your audition!" All signs were leading me to Big Brother. And then my friend that worked at the salon said, "I'm going to nominate you to be on the show. A girl that used to work here is one of the assistant producers in casting. Let me just text her." And I said, "Great, enjoy I'm not doing it." And then I thought, "I kind of want to do it because it's Hollywoodmy big time in L.A." Let me go to my first casting call. And they never stopped calling me. But it's not shocking. It's the manifestation of it. The second I went and was standing in that line I knew I was going to be on the show. And I really know I'm going to win. Not only did I manifest being on the show I manifested a win. 

    Are you familiar with previous seasons?

    I've been watching since season 15.

    Do you know who Janelle Pierzina is?

    She was one of the houseguests from season 16? 

    Do you know what a live feeder is?

    Someone who watches the live feeds!

    Were you a fan of season 19?

    I might get a lot of hate for this, but I really don't care because it's my opinion and we're all entitled to our truth. There's a right side of history and a wrong side of history. There was bullying on both sides, but with  Cody I don't resonate with one thing that guy stands for. His energy is terrible. I loved Paul because there was never a moment where he was not playing the game. I don't care if you're a puppet master, you're a good player. 

    What has been the worst game move made on the show?

    Shannon Elizabeth did not know what was happening. She had potential to really do well in the game, but she played too much. It was sad to watch. 

    Are you looking for fame or to win the game?

    I could care less if America loves me. That is very much my personality and I'm genuine person so they will anyway, but I know there are people watching the show who will bully and be hard on you. But I'm on this show to win. I'm not going on it to be famous? Even if everybody hates me on this show I do believe in a comeback story and no one is going to hate you forever!

    How do you plan on winning the game?

    My big thing is that because I'm so intuitive and pick up the energy of people that I don't even know what my game play is until I feel the energy of the people. 

    Are you going to scare people because you sleep with your eyes open?

    They won't stay shut!

    What is your catch phrase in the game going to be?

    My big thing is love and light! If I have to say it in a condescending way I will. 

  • Winston Hines

    Age: 28 | Hometown: Somerset, Kentucky | Occupation: Medical Sales Rep

    Courtesy of CBS

    What made you want to be on the show?

    I'm a big fan of the show. I fell in love with it last summer.

    That doesn't mean you're a fan. You're a new fan!

    No! (Laughs.) Let me explain this. I have binge watched six seasons since because I realized this is a sick social experiment and last season sucked. You go back and watch some of the great seasons like season two and season 10 with Dan Gheesling, and all stars and you get back and really see how the game is supposed to be played. Season 19 was group think. You only had three people who played the game. I was team Cody because he said, "Let's get the vet out!" And nobody would do anything. He inspired me to go on the show. I ended up following him after the show and he put on his Instagram to apply for Big Brother and how it will change your life and here we are. 

    Who are some of your favorite and least favorite players?

    Dan [Gheesling] and Derrick [Levasseur] are some of my favorites. I couldn't stand Christmas [Abbott], Alex [Ow] and Jason [Dent]. Matt [Clines] didn't do a damn thing. He drove me nuts.

    How have you been handling being cut off from the outside world?

    I'm reading Derrick's book, The Undercover Edge.

    Did they give it to you in sequester?

    Nah, I brought it. I paid for it! 

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    No. I'm here to win the money. This is not The Bachelor

    What will your catch phrase be on the show?

    Bangarang! Hook is one of my favorite movies ever!

    What do you think of when you hear floaters grab a life vest?

    Rachel! She was crazy, but she was good. That phrase cracked me up. 

    What are you worried about viewers seeing from you?

    I'm worried about having no privacy. I just need a moment alone. I'm not here to impress America by any chance. I came here to play the game and win. It's such a long stretch and by day 50 you're like, "Golly, this girl is looking reall good right now," (laughs.)

    How do you handle confrontation?

    It's going to be tough. I'm just going to have to smile and not blow up in somebody's face. 

    What is your alliance going to look like?

    The best alliances are the ones that go unseen. I'm hoping to establish that with the right kind of character. 

    If you make it to the end will the jury be bitter against you?

    You have to start managing their emotions because more often than not they vote emotionally. That's going to be tough, but I think there will be players who will vote based on game play. 

  • Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

    Age: 23 | Hometown: Bridgeport, Connecticut | Occupation: Day Trader

    Courtesy of CBS

    Did you apply to be on the show?

    I've been watching the show since Big Brother 8. It's my first time auditioning and I got it. I did the online application and I would advise people to do the same. I don't advise people to go in person because they group you with 10 other people and you got to stand out! But with a video you can put your best clips of being funny together and they have to watch all three minutes of that. And they loved it!

    Which past season is your favorite?

    Season 8 stands out because of Evel Dick [Donato]. He's the craziest houseguest ever. Season 14 with Dan [Gheesling] and Ian [Terry] that's a great season. 

    Who was your favorite on Celebrity Big Brother?

    Shannon [Elizabeth]! She played the game from day one and when she got evicted I went for Ross [Mathews]. 

    Do you tune into the live feeds?

    I've never watched the live feeds, but I follow Twitter updates and spoilers. Hamster Watch is one of them and Big Brother Leak is another one. I follow their tweets instead of the live feeds. 

    How do you handle confrontation? Will you fight back?

    I'm with all of that noise. I'm with it! If you're screaming at me then we're having a screaming match on national TV. I'm not just here for the money I'm here to entertain people!

    Are you looking for fame or to win the game?

    Getting followers plays a part, but that's not my goal. My goal is to be entertaining and the fist black person to win. I got a big strategy. I'm going to win the first HoH and then week two or three I'll let everyone start fighting while I go lay low. 

    Who is your favorite player?

    I'm a big Paul [Abrahamian] fan. He played the game flawlessly, twice! He never got put on the block and holds the record for most competition wins and he gets robbed again because your feelings are hurt? I don't want to hear that! 

    Has there been an instance in your real life where you had to manipulate or backstab someone?

    I live in the hood, but I don't know if those words can be said on the air, (laughs!) There's a lot of bad stuff that has happened in my past. I've seen somebody die before. I've been robbed before. I've been tied up. I told them earlier about the blindfold that I can't do that because I've been a part of stuff like that. It's a dark past. 

    What has been the worst game move ever made on the show?

    Lawon [Exum] offering himself to go on the block saying he's going to come back with e a special power and then he had to face Brendon [Villegas] in the competition. You're not beating Brendon!

    What about the best move ever made?

    Dan's funeral! He was in solitary confinement and said, "I got 24 hours to come up with something. I got you!" And it worked! 

  • Steve Arienta

    Age: 40 | Hometown: Parsippany, N.J. | Occupation: Former undercover cop

    Courtesy of CBS

    Did you apply to be on the show?

    I put in an application. I was just hoping I would get a shot. My wife had applied a couple of years ago. 

    How have you been handling being cut off from the outside world?

    I have a bad habbit. I smoke cigarettes so it hasn't been easy. You can't leave the room. They're mean! It's tough too my daughter is turning 15 today. I love you! Happy belated birthday. I've been thinking about you. I've been watching Supernatural. She got me addicted to it! I am Sam and Dean's third brother. 

    You're a former undercover cop. 

    I was a narcotics investigator for the NYPD. In 2005 I was taken into OCCB, which is Organized Crime Control Bureau and I did undercover work, running cases, doing search warrants, buy and bust, a lot of case builiding and initiation. I earned my detecive shield and then in 2011 I got taken into the organized crime investigation division. It's pretty elite, the Federal Task Force. 

    Are you familiar with Derrick Levasseur?

    Yes I am. He was a police sergeant when he was on the show, but he was a former undercover detective. 

    What makes Mike "Boogie" your favorite player?

    I'm not as cocky as he was, but he reminds me of a lot of guys I have worked with in narcotics. He was out there and brash, sneaky, but even the people like Janelle who said you can't trust himthey do anyways. He has a bonding personality. 

    How do you handle confrontation?

    Now that I'm a university professor we get into debates all the time. I would just drive the person more and more insane until they flip out and make a mistake. I'll hit you with a little jab and another little jab until you break. And guess what? Now you'll be the target! 

    If you're on the nomination block on eviction night what's your final plea to stay?

    I'm not leaving. Security is going to have to come and pull me out. I refuse. I don't think anyone has ever done it, but I'm going to lock onto the couch and stay. 

    Are you going to win the game?

    I wouldn't be here if I thought I wasn't going to win. I'm going all out.