'Big Brother: Over The Top' Reveals 12 New Houseguests, Including 2 Sisters

10:00 AM 9/26/2016

by Brian Porreca

The 12 new houseguests for 'Big Brother's' digital edition talk showmances, strategy, missing the election and much more.

Willett Sisters - Publicity - H 2016
Courtesy of CBS

Big Brother is never ending.

Following the crowning of the season 18 winner, Nicole Franzel, last week, CBS All Access on Monday unveiled the 12 new houseguests ready to compete to win Big Brother. Correction, to win Big Brother: Over The Top. For the series' first online edition, America will be choosing the winner and have more power than ever before. However, the grand prize isn't the normal half a million dollars fans are used to. Instead, whoever wins the game will walk away with only $250,000. 

The Hollywood Reporter said goodbye to the season 18 cast on Wednesday, only to meet the brand new cast on Thursday.

So who will win the game? Will it be one of the sisters from this season's siblings twist? Will it be the single mom? Or will it be the waitress that went viral? Who has your vote from the below first impressions? 


  • Monte Massongill

    Are you a fan of Big Brother? Did you apply to be on the show?

    Yeah, yeah, I'm a fan of Big Brother. I applied and got called out here for an interview. I did a couple of Skype interviews. One thing led to another and here I am. 

    Who has been your favorite winner over the years?

    Recently, Victor [Arroyo]. I don't know if he won or anything, but I liked the way he played. His resiliency, how he kept fighting. And Hayden Moss, I liked him for season 12. 

    Who is your least favorite winner?

    Who's the guy who won it the year before this past year?

    Steve Moses won season 17.

    Yeah, yeah, I didn't know about him. He was just kind of in between. 

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    I'm not opposed to a showmance. If you connect with somebody, you can't help it. But if I do find myself in one, don't be obnoxious with it. Make sure to include everybody else constantly. [I won't] seclude myself with that person 24/7 because that just creates a massive target on my back. I'm not going in there to find one. I'd rather have a couple of allies and then have something develop with another person. 

    Will you be wary of what you say on camera? Will you hook up with your showmance even though cameras are watching?

    (Laughs). I am aware. I will have some family and friends watching so I will stay away from anything too physical. But I am a man. Instincts take over sometimes. And I do try to tame my tongue. It's one thing to be out with the buddies, but it's another thing to be around other people and be exposed. Nobody likes a sailor mouth. 

    What types of people will you align with? Who will you not align with?

    I consider myself an alpha male, a leader, strong. So there's probably going to be a couple of other guys like that as well. If I could align with one of them that would be great. But when you're an alpha male, it's either you're with me or you're against me. I imagine there's going to be a little bit of dividing in the house and I just got to make sure I pick a good team to rally behind me. It's always good to have a couple of girls in your group too.

    How will you make it to the end?

    I may have a target on my back at first.

    Why is that?

    The country accent, and physically good shape. I'm a strong, vocal leader and present myself well. Those three things are very threatening to other males and some girls. People may not like me at first because they're judging me too quick and over time they're going to see a genuinely nice guy who's protecting himself. If it's head of household or veto, I'm definitely going to win that sucker. But if it's any kind of luxury competition, you may throw the towel. 

    Why will fans root for you and why might they not?

    Fans will like me because they will see that I have a genuineness to me. I'm a very loyal, good guy, just a family guy. I care about others. I belief the true strength in people is picking them up, not pushing them down. I would consider myself conservative. Some people may not believe the same things I do. I don't believe in hate, that's not right. But just being from the south we see things certain ways. Some people may not agree with those views. And I could come off as arrogant to some at first. I'm very confident. 

    You're going to miss the election if you make it far. Do you care?

    That's a big election for our country. Missing the election is a big sacrifice. I think we're in a vulnerable spot as a country. We need to come together and look out for each other. I don't have a candidate, both of them have their flaws. I just hope, more importantly America does what's best for America. 

    What will your first diary room session be like? Will you be animated or super laid back like right now?

    I believe there's only one way to be and that's be true to who you are. I'll probably be excited, pumped. I've got a lot of layers people may not think of right off the bat. Monte's got some layers to him.

  • Kryssie Ridolfi

    How did you get on Big Brother?

    I was recruited! I was approached. They stalked me at my gym. They called my gym first which I thought was very strange. And then they found me. I was in a viral video. A video of me waiting tables went viral. At my last job, I was basically paid to be a jerk to people and it went viral. 

    So you haven't watched the show? Be honest.

    I've watched seasons. 

    Like two weeks ago?

    A month ago, bruh! If we're being honest, I watched the first season when it first aired. I'm bad at watching TV shows if they're just coming out right now. I need to be able to binge-watch something.

    Why will fans root for you and why might they not?

    Fans will root for me because I'm not your typical... "I'm here to stab everyone in the back! This is all about the game!" I have a strategy, but I'm not here to ruin lives and destroy people. If it's necessary though I will absolutely do it. This whole thing is a means to the end. I'm here to win $250,000.

  • Justin Duncan

    Are you a big Big Brother fan?

    I became a big Big Brother fan being a part of this process. It's a very interesting show. It's going to be very cool I think. 

    Did you apply to be on the show?

    They found me actually. They kind of recruited me. I tried out for MasterChef a few years back and I was over qualified because I own a seafood restaurant. I've been open for seven years. I've been having it since I was 21. I chef it up and do it all, man. 

    Are you familiar with former winners?

    No, not really. This whole process, I've learned a lot more about the show. But I don't watch TV that much. I'm out of the loop with a lot of stuff that's happening. 

    Are you looking for a showmance this season?

    Yeah! I'm definitely going to have a little love triangle going. Hopefully it's like multiple. She definitely got to have a fat booty! You know what I'm saying? If she's slim, I can deal with it, but as long as she cute, got a good personality, something I can work with. Who knows what might manifest. I'm just going up in there to be myself and whatever happens, happens.

    Are you going to win competitions?

    Yeah! I'm definitely competitive. I played three sports in high school. I ran track, played baseball and football. I'm extremely athletic and competitive when it comes to that. 

    What about you will fans root for and what might they not like?

    I'm going to be up in the house cooking for everybody. Happy stomachs, you know what I'm saying?

    Why might people not like you?

    They hating! (Laughs.) They sipping that haterade, baby! I really wouldn't give anybody a reason not to like me. I'm very optimistic. I just keep the positive vibes going. I'm a flower child, so I keep everything groovy. 

    If you make it far you're going to miss the election. How do you feel about that?

    I don't care about missing the election, really. I actually care about missing Halloween more than the election! (Laughs.) I'm not really into the whole politics thing, man. It's beyond our power. If Trump gets elected, the world is going to come to an end or something. We might get nuked or some shit. I'd rather Hillary. It's like Hillary or die!

    Usually on Big Brother, the grand price is $500,000. This time it's $250,000. What do you think about that?

    That's a far cry from $500,000! I'm just saying. It would definitely be a lot nicer than $250,000. But it is what it is. I'm coming to conquer regardless. 

  • Michael "Cornbread" Ligon

    Are you a super fan of Big Brother?

    I would say I'm a fan, but I haven't watched the other countries or anything like that. And season 16 is the only season I got to watch in full.

    What made you want to do the show? Did you apply? How did it all come to be?

    I have always wanted to do it and I've tried several times and this time I guess my personality just shined in the right direction.

    What types of people in the house will you align with?

    People who are go with the flow and easy to get along with. The ones I won't align with are the arrogant ones that come in there aggressive. They're going to be the first to go.

    You're going to miss the election. Do you care about that?

    I was going to do an absentee ballot, but I never made it. All I'm going to say is I was going to vote for the right person. I would honestly say that if I was pro either, I would be a little bit crazy. I wouldn't vote for Hillary because she's too much of a liar. She can't be trusted. And Donald Trump, you just don't know what he's going to say next. He can't shut his mouth.\

    Why will America root for you?

    They're going to know that I'm a good guy. I'm easy to relate to. I'm going to be someone that they truly love in their life everyday. 

  • Alex Willett

    Are you a fan of Big Brother?

    I'm a huge super fan! I have the live feeds! I watch every season. I stalk everyone on Twitter kind of creepily. I probably shouldn't admit that out loud! I just follow people and keep track of the show. I'm kind of obsessed with it.

    Did you apply to get on the show?

    Yes! This is my first time applying! 

    Who is your favorite Big Brother winner and who is your least favorite?

    My favorite, it's kind of cliche, but I am obsessed with Dan [Gheesling]. Are you a Dan fan?

    Yes! Over everyone else.

    Everyone! People say Derrick [Levasseur] and I'm like, "No! Dan! You are a reality TV God. I love you." My least favorite is Andy [Herren]. I really didn't like season 15. He seemed like a nice guy, he has funny Tweets, but I just didn't think his gameplay was that interesting. But his tweets are pretty funny! I favorite them a lot!

    Who were your three favorite and three least favorite players from season 17 and 18?

    I don't know if I have favorites on 17. Is that bad? My three least favorites? The freaking [Nolan] twins and Austin [Matelson]! They were just whiny. To me, I'm not a big fan of people who have a showmance on the show. If you have a showmance it just takes away from the gameplay for me. Season 17 was a little hit and miss. I respected Vanessa [Rousso's] gameplay, but she cried too much! So I didn't like her. For season 18, my three favorites are Paul [Abrahamian], Victor and Bridgette [Dunning]. 

    Paul, Victor and Bridgette are some of my favorites from last year. 

    I didn't like Bridgette at first. I didn't like any of them. But then when she called out Paulie [Calafiore], I was like "Girl, go!" My three least favorites from last season are Nicole and Corey [Brooks]. Corey went to my school and he is so boring!

    So you won't be in a showmance?

    I have a boyfriend of five years, long distance. I'm here to play the game! There's been too many showmances in the past! This past season was all showmances! I want to bring the game play back!

    Did you see the jury fight between Paulie and Da'Vonne [Rogers]? Are you team Paulie or Da'Vonne?

    They both scare me! Da'Vonne is fierce and she scares me. I hate Paulie with all of my heart. I really don't like Paulie at all. I watch the live feeds so I saw the way he treated people on the show. I just don't respect that. 

    Why will fans root for you?

    I'm here to win! And I think this season needs that. It's been lacking in the past. They might not like me because I have my sister here with me. My sister got cast too and it's terrifying! She's my sister and we just found out a week ago! She is younger, but looks older so it's really trippy. We're very opposite. She's highly emotional.

    Are you going to tell people you're sisters?

    That's a really hard question. We do not want to tell people. But if day one, we get called out, we're just going to own it and just try to have a strong social game. We might have similar mannerisms. I like to think we don't look that much alike especially because she's this blonde little cheerleader from Texas and I'm more of the gamer who just hangs out with the guys. Since we're going to be surrounded by people 24/7 there are probably going to be some similarities people pick up on. 

    You're the twist.

    I know! But I'm like, "That means I'm going to be targeted first!" We both applied. We applied separately and didn't tell each other. We didn't really know. I've been telling her to apply for years because I'm a huge fan of the show...

    She's not a big fan. She said you and your mom are big fans. Liz and Julia Nolan were in the house together and Evel Dick Donato and Daniele Donato were also. How do you think you and your sister will compare to the other family members who have played together?

    The twins weren't seen as two people for a couple of weeks. I think it let them have a strong social game. That was an advantage. For Evel Dick and Daniele, people were scared to go against them. With me and my sister it's going to be interesting. We'll be alright if people don't immediately pick up on it. We'll absolutely be more entertaining than the twin twist. The twin twist involved one twin hooking up with Austin and the other just chilling. Me and my sister will definitely be more entertaining! I'm not even worried about that.

    If you get voted out the first week and your sister wins the game...

    I'll be pissed! I will be so pissed! This is my game! 

    Are you a confrontational person?

    I'm very behind the scenes. I use my words to manipulate, but I like people to do it for me. She's the firecracker! She speaks before she thinks. You just don't know what she's going to say. We're close, but we fight a lot! We disagree on a lot of things. It's just the product of being two very different people. When she gets angry, she'll chuck a phone at me. She reacts really fast and is kind of frantic. 

    Who cries more?

    One hundred percent her! I don't cry! I like to think I'm Vanessa without the tears. My sister cries when she can't vacuum her room! If like the vacuum breaks, she cries! That's how different we are.

    You're a super fan of the show. And every other season there's $500,000 at stake, but this season it's $250,000. Does that bother you?

    I'm not in it for the money! I'm in it to win! The money doesn't phase me.

    Oh, so you have $250,000 laying around?

    Absolutely not! (Laughs.) I'm broke right now. I just want to win the game. I want to say that I won Big Brother.

  • Morgan Willett

    Are you a fan of Big Brother

    I watched seasons. I wouldn't say I'm your typical super fan. 

    You can be honest. How many seasons have you watched?

    Three or four. Definitely not all of them. I've watched them and definitely binge watched them all before I came here. My mom and sister are crazy super fans. My mom was already like, "I'm going to watch the live feeds! I'm going to know when you're sleeping, eating!" That's so creepy on so many levels! My sister watches Big Brother Canada too. I'm definitely not on their level yet.

    What made you apply to be on the show?

    My mom and sister encourage me every year. They tell me, "You are Big Brother gold! You would get on in a heartbeat." Finally I graduated from [University of Texas] in May and I was like, why not? I'll try out! Now here I am.

    Why do you think they say you're Big Brother gold?

    I'm very outspoken! I have a larger than life personality. I'm very bubbly. I could talk to a wall. I do speak my mind and I think they think it will be hysterical for me to be in the house. I'm also very competitive.

    How did you get on the show?

    Adam who was a casting guy tweeted something like, "We're casting for Big Brother! Send in a picture!" So I literally emailed him with my name, my age and like two pictures of myself. And he called me. I wasn't really being that serious! I didn't even think he was going to get it!

    Are you a confrontational person?

    If somebody comes up and confronts me I'm going to speak my mind! I'm not going to lie. I'm not going to back down because they come up to me and say something. I'm probably going to give it right back to you. 

    Do you care that the prize money this season is less?

    It is a little less! But I can do a lot with $250,000! There are still a lot of possibilities with that money. It doesn't really change it for me that it's online. If anything I think it opens it up to even more people. People in China could be watching this!

    Do you think you'll have fans in China?

    I hope so! Konnichiwa! I don't know what they do.

    Konnichiwa is. . .

    Japanese! Dang it!I don't know what they say in China! Maybe I'll have Japanese fans. i don't know. We'll see. 

    There aren't too many female winners in the history of Big Brother. Will you change that?

    It's going to change. I don't want to go on the show and play a weak game. I don't want to be the girl who follows the boys because they don't win. If you're just going to let a guy take the lead, you are not going to win. I plan on taking charge. I want to win and I plan on doing it.

    Did you watch last season? Who do you think won on Wednesday night?

    God! I really think Nicole. That's who I'm thinking. 

    She was in two showmances on the show. Are you going to be in a showmance?

    No. It's an automatic target on your back! It'd be easier for me to target girls at first because I get along better with boys. In my case it might be smart to get rid of the girls and once I'm in a place of power, starting kicking boys out.

    If there are returning players would you align with them?

    It depends who they are honestly. It would be smart to align with them because they'd have some good tips. But I don't think I'd take them to the end. I love Frankie [Grande]!

    You were cool until you said that!

    I'm a cheerleader so you got to understand a lot of my friends are very flamboyant. I don't think I'd want to play with him, but I just want to be friends with him outside! I just thought he was hysterical. 

    If you make it far you're going to miss the election. What do you think about that?

    I don't even think I was going to vote in the election! Because I don't like either of the candidates. Hillary is a liar and Trump is going to get us nuked. I don't know if I was going to vote, but I'm very curious to see who wins.

  • Shane Chapman

    How did you get on the show?

    I've watched since season 17. And 18 -- I don't know who won. Don't tell me. I applied online. I did a tape and it's happened so fast. They were like, "Hey, come out here."

    What made you want to apply?

    I love the show. Do you know the show the Real World? It's kind of like that.

    It's not like the Real World!

    It's the same for me! I've always heard about Big Brother and then when I started watching it, I thought I could see myself in it. The physical aspect of the show is what draws me to it. 

    You've only watched season 17 and 18. Are you familiar with other seasons?

    Not really, no.

    From the past two seasons, who were your three favorites from each season?

    Season 17, James [Huling] was my favorite. And Austin, he's just a big teddy bear to me. I liked him a lot. And his strategy was good. He made it to the end with a showmance, which I want to be in. Everybody asks me my strategy. Number one, I am going to be myself. I'm a very friendly person, which attracts people. For season 18, I like Paul, Nicole and Corey.

    So you like showmances.

    I think it's great! 

    You're looking for love.

    Everyone is looking for love, right? It's going to be fun. Of course there are going to probably be amazingly hot girls. Every girl is trouble. That's what I've learned in my life. The first thing I look at is in their eyes. I love their eyes! Their eyes and their nose. But my goal in this game is to just throw out my lure and wait for the girl to come to me. I throw out the bait and wait for the girl to come to me. There's going to be an alpha male that wants the same girl that I do. It depends on the girl. Because it depends on the fish too. How many fish are in the sea? If there's a hotter one and a mediocre one, I might just go for the mediocre one without causing drama. 

    Fame, love or money. What do you pick?

    Love! Love is better than money. Love is better than fame. If I was to die what would I bring to heaven? I would bring love. I love being loved and I love having my heart broken too. Everyone should fall in love a lot of times and have their heart broken a lot.

    Obviously you have long hair. Will you shave your head in the house?

    Will I shave it? Unless it's very important, no. I've been growing it out for two and a half years and I want to donate it for a good cause. If I was on the show and all of a sudden I started shaving my hair, it's not going to be donated to a good cause. It would be a cause for America to see because it's funny...

    Would you not do it for $250,000?

    If you're offering me that, yeah of course! But if it was just a joke, I don't think I would.

    Why will fans root for you and might they not?

    I'm a southern charm, a sweet guy. I'm chill. I'm going to put blood on my hands, but because it's online, you want America to like you. I'm sure they will have some sway on this new season. They might not like me for hurting people's feelings, like girls. The only reason someone won't like me it because if I'm portrayed as a sweet guy and all of a sudden they see this sweet guy lying to people and backstabbing them. Let's say I get into a showmance and all of a sudden I break it up and cheat on someone with another girl.

    You would do that?

    Why not? (Laughs.) You know what I mean? I'm here to have fun. At the end of the day, I've heard that if you get in the game you should go for the money. I'm not walking in there with $250,000. If I don't win it, I've had an experience that not a lot of people have had. It doesn't really bother me if I don't walk out with $250,000. I want the fans to have fun. 

    If you last long in the house you will miss the election. Do you care?

    I hate Trump and Hillary. (Laughs.) They're both terrible people and it's sad we only have two candidates that are them. It's just insane to me. I don't want Trump to win. If I was to vote, I would vote Hillary. I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness so I don't vote. I don't practice so me missing that stuff, it's just another day.

    What's something fans wouldn't know about you unless you told them?

    A lot of people don't know I was going to be a professional golfer. I went to school in Carlsbad and was doing the program to be a pro and then I realized it wasn't what I wanted to do. Being with country club members and try to figure out their last names, they're kind of douchey. I was like, "This is not my type of life." I loved it so much and I played everyday and I got to the point where I hated playing golf. 

  • Scott Dennis

    Are you a fan of Big Brother?

    I'm a huge super fan! I've been watching since I was 10 years old. [I've] een a huge fan ever since. This is my fifth time applying!

    Why do you think you got picked this time over the other times that you applied?

    I gained a lot of confidence as a debt collector so that really helped me with my speech and accentuating my voice, I guess. And also this season is going to be entirely online so maybe as far as recruiters they weren't as active in seeking out TV personalities. They were probably looking more for gamers and super fans of the show to be on this season. Also there was a short time frame for them to cast everyone for this season! That probably helped out my odds. Hey, I won't complain!

    You said you've applied five times before this. Which season do you wish you were on?

    With Andy [Herren] from season 15. That was the first season I applied for and he is one of my all-time favorite players. A lot of people don't like Andy. They consider him a floater. It's not his fault that he didn't get a very strong edit the first half of the season! But the entire first half of the season he was manipulating everyone! He literally had everyone in his back pocket! But I'm glad I wasn't cast on that season because I don't think I could have competed with Andy!

  • Neeley Jackson

    Are you a fan of Big Brother?



    Actually! No, for real, for real! When it first started when I was like I baby, I started watching a lot and, you know, like most shows you fall off, and I got back into it a few seasons ago. 

    Did you apply to be on the show?

    I was recruited. [They found me on] social media. 

    If you weren't recruited, would you have applied?

    No. When you're someone form Fort Worth, Tex., or wherever you're from, it's not something you would think would happen to you. I just never thought it was something that could really happen. 

    Who has been your favorite winner over the years?

    I have two. Rachel [Reilly] is probably the person I say i identify the most with because we're both really big personalities. But then I love Derrick [Levasseur's] play. That was some savvy shit! And Dan. The funeral [in] his second season -- that was the most OG shit ever! 

    Who are your three favorite players from seasons 17 and 18?

    Obviously they won't tell us who won. I don't know who won last night.

    I can't tell you.

    I know! So from season 18 I don't really care for Nicole that much. Paul is dope! I like Da'Vonne! Da'Vonne is cool. Who was I feeling season 17? Da'Vonne was on season 17 as well. Who else was I digging? No one is ringing a bell!

    Are you a confrontational person?

    (Laughs.) I don't believe in being passive aggressive. That's counter-productive. If I'm feeling some kind of way, why harbor it in? I'd rather deal with it and be done with it. Nobody got time sitting there worried about, "I'm mad at you!" Child, bye! Let's just talk about it.

    Do you think you will be targeted early on?

    It would definitely behoove me to not be so confrontational. You definitely don't want to be the super sassy, all-up-in-your-face girl up front. But I feel like there's a time and a place for everything. There's always a time to state how you feel. Say you make an alliance with someone and you know for a fact they're backstabbing you. You have to confront that. You can't let that slide.

    Why will fans root for you and why might they not?

    People would be a fan of me because what you see is what you get. You're going to get the for real, for real Neeley, no matter what! Whether the cameras are rolling or aren't rolling. No matter what. You're either going to either really like the fact that I'm really outgoing and crazy or you'll be like, "She doing too much!"

    Will you win competitions?

    For sure! I used to be 80-90 pounds heavier and so I work out all the time. Don't think I won't shmooze up on the guys that are real strong! (Laughs.)

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    I'm very open to it, hell yeah!

    You're going to miss the election if you make it far. Do you care?

    I do care! That's so funny you brought that up because I do care. That's probably the biggest thing. This is the biggest election we've had in a long time. The country is so divided right now. I'm a Democrat. I'm very liberal. 

    What types of people will you not get along with in the house?

    Probably on the flip because I'm from Texas so people who are super conservative. We can have different political opinions, as long as you're open to listening. People can exude a certain thing until you're in this tight bubble in this house. You forget. I'm sure after the first day, you don't even notice the cameras are there and the real comes out. If some sassy black girl is all in your face and you don't like black folks, the real will come out. 

  • Shelby Stockton

    What made you want to do Big Brother?

    I was recruited! I was sitting on the couch blind as f--- at The Bungalow in Santa Monica. I love the Bungalow! I go there like three times a week! So I was just sitting at the Bungalow and some guy came over to me and was like, "Hey, do you see that girl over there? She's a casting director." He introduced me to her and she texted me like four months later. They kept getting mad at me [though]. They were like watch more shows, stop going to the Bungalow! They said I need to stop going on dates and stop going to the Bungalow and stay home and watch Big Brother. I'm like, "I'll never stop going to the Bungalow!" (Laughs)! I'm like, "It's not going to happen!" I did watch a lot of Big Brother, but I can't just watch Big Brother for 12 hours a day.

    What made you say yes?

    Money! I don't have a job because I haven't gotten my bar results yet.

    Did you know what the show was though?

    I didn't know it was still airing! My mom didn't like me watching reality TV. But this isn't the most embarrassing show. It's just like obstacle courses. 

    How are you going to win the game?

    Everyone usually thinks I'm pretty dumb when they meet me. So I'm just going to go with the dumb thing and then start manipulating everybody a few weeks in. We'll see!

    Are you going to be in a showmance?

    You mean, this isn't a dating show? (Laughs.) I want to say I won't because it will throw my game off, but I like boys, a lot! Are you single? 

    What types of people will you align with in the house?

    I always got to have at least one girl friend, but I never have a lot of girl friends. I went to Pepperdine University. It's a really Christian school and I'm not really Christian. There wasn't a big pool of people for me to be friends with. 

    What will fans like the most about you?

    They're going to hate me! I hate the sound of my own voice. It's so deep and annoying. 

    Are you worried about anything you might say or do on camera?

    No nudity! I swear all the time. Did I swear yet?

    Yeah, you have.

    I swear a lot! I know I'm going to have to tone it down. I usually swear in every sentence. Like f--- you! (Laughs)!

    Are you a confrontational person?

    Yeah! I'm not just going to do it for no reason. I don't want to get myself kicked out of the house, but if someone pisses me off, yeah I'm going to f---ing say something to them!

    Are you going to win competitions?

    Not the physical ones. Do you want to see my wrist? I know you can't see it on this. Here look at my wrist! I break really easily. 

    You want to be a lawyer? Will being on Big Brother hurt your career?

    Maybe. I was thinking about that. It helps that this is just the online thing where you have to pay extra to see it. But this isn't the most embarrassing show. 

    Do you want to be famous?

    I wouldn't mind! (Laughs)! But I don't think this is going to make me famous. I think I'm going to be famous for other reasons.

    What's one thing people wouldn't know about you if you didn't tell them?

    I've been playing classical piano for 17 years. That usually surprises people. I play post genres, but I like classical the best.

    If you make it far in the house, you're going to miss the election. Do you care?

    When I get out that's going to be the first thing I want to know. Are we going to have the first woman president or do I need to move to Canada?

  • Danielle Lickey

    Are you a fan of Big Brother?

    I am a fan of Big Brother! I am! I wouldn't consider myself a super fan because I don't remember all of those little details that make a super fan a super fan, but I have been watching the show since season five. I love the show.

    Did you audition for the show?

    I auditioned! I've auditioned for three years in a row.

    Congrats on finally making it!

    I've been pretty determined to be on the show! 

    Over the years who would you say is your favorite winner?

    I don't have one favorite winner. I love Dr. Will [Kirby], Derrick and Rachel, all for different reasons! I don't really have a least favorite winner. If you make it that far than obviously you had a really good game and I respect it! As a fan of the game itself, I think if you win, you're where I want to be and you did something right!

    Who are your favorites from season 17 and 18?

    I loved James and Natalie [Negrotti]! And I liked Victor. My least favorite would probably be Zakiyah [Everette], Paulie and Bronte [D'Acquisto]. I probably would have had a really big headache in the house with them! (Laughs.) In season 17, my least favorite was the wrestler with the beard. I liked the twins in a sense that I thought it was cool that they were able to get far. I liked Johnny Mac a lot. I didn't like Da'Vonne on that season. I was sad she got sent home so soon.

    Are you team Paulie or Da'Vonne?

    I'm definitely team Da'Vonne! Being a mother, you just never bring up someone's child! I can understand where she is coming from and why she got so upset. Especially if you're away from your child for that long. Any mention of them is going to set you off. And I don't really like the way Paulie played. Zakiyah really made herself look stupid on TV! And I feel bad because I'm like, "Come on girl! He's not even that cute!" (Laughs.)

    Do you have a daughter or a son?

    I have a three-year-old son who is my whole world. I'm a single mom. If I were to win $250,000, I would buy us a tiny house! I really, really want a tiny house! I'd probably take a year off of work and drive it across the country. He has family in Georgia so we would drive across the country in our little tiny house!

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    Yeah. It helps the time pass when you have someone to connect with in the house, but to an extent. I want a Jeff [Schroeder] and Jordan [Lloyd] showmance. Or like one of Nicole's showmances where it's very PG and it's not super dramatic. If it came down to it though, I would rather play the person than have them play me.

    Are you going to align with the girls or the guys?

    I want to say girls because I want to see the girls go far, but at the same time I know how I am! I'm a guy's girl. My whole life I've had more guy friends than girl friends. I'll go in hoping that I find some girls I get along with, but I'll probably get along more with the guys than anything.

  • Whitney Hogg

    Did you apply to be on the show?

    Yeah, I actually tried out! I'm just 21 so I've never been old enough to try out for anything before. This was my first audition and I got a call back!

    Are you a fan of Big Brother?

    Oh yeah! I've watched like every single season since I was like 10 or 12.

    What do you like about the show?

    I just love the diversity of it. It's not like any other game show. It's kind of not even a game show. People have to have a totally different life in there.

    Who's your favorite winner of all time?

    Well, actually, my favorite person ever -- she didn't win. It was Janelle [Pierzina]. I just love how she played the game. She was hated by everyone in the whole house and still managed to make it to top three. She's a winner in my eyes!

    Why might fans not like you?

    They might think my voice is annoying! But I'm very easy to get along with. 

    Are you looking for a showmance?

    No way! I have a boyfriend. We've been together for a couple years now. I tell people that I'm married, just without a ring!

    Why should people root for you?

    I'm one of a kind! I have southern charm. Not everyone is going to walk into the house with this accent. I'm super different from everyone that's going to be in there. You should always root for the small town!