Bob Iger to Oprah Winfrey: The Moguls' Signatures Deciphered

6:30 AM 6/24/2016

by THR staff

Andrea McNichol, an L.A.-based FBI consultant, best-selling author and graphologist for O.J. Simpson's and Ted Bundy's murder trials analyzes the handwriting of six Hollywood notables.

Robert Iger to Oprah Winfrey -Split-H 2016
Todd Williamson/Getty Images; Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage
Los Angeles graphologist Andrea McNichol, who has also examined questioned documents relating to the legal challenge of Howard Hughes’ will, weighs in for The Hollywood Reporter on what the John Hancocks of top entertainment and media moguls say about them.
"Ideally, we need several samples of a person’s handwriting and signatures over about a week’s period of time to do the best job analyzing him or her,” as opposed to pulling single signatures from company annual reports as was done below, says McNichol, author of Handwriting Analysis: Putting It to Work for You. "But we have only one signature of each mogul featured here for now, so I will say a few words about each of them anyway.” 
McNichol, whose clients include the FBI, other law enforcement agencies and Fortune 500 companies, says that she was surprised by the legibility (for the most part) of the signatures. "This is highly unusual in today’s world where I see mainly a preponderance of indecipherable scribbles resembling someone trying to get the ink to start flowing from their pen.”
The graphologist adds that all six signatures were written by men and women who are highly intelligent and analytical: "There are not many pen lifts in the signatures, denoting people who are step-by-step in their thinking and who want to proceed in a pre-planned manner.” Finally, she notes: "All but Lachlan Murdoch and Sumner Redstone make their capital letters dramatically larger than the other letters in their names indicating that they want to stand out in public, be noticed, be prominent in social groups."

    This signature stands out because the capital letters are much more angular, indicative of feeling aggressive, competitive and driven. His “P” and “D” appear as two large and very pointed arrows aiming to the right, which is associated with the future. Thus, Dauman is feeling extremely motivated and determined to “get right to it.” It would be difficult to stand in his way.


    The most legible of the signatures, every single letter can be read: Iger is very proud of who he is and wants to make it clear he’s leaving his mark. The long ending stroke of his last name indicates that he can be generous with his time and is capable of making the first gesture. The line length indicates tenacity, that he can hang in there far longer than the average person.


    Compare the huge “L” in “Leslie” to the “M” half the size. He wants to be known by his first name — from which he derives more stature — not his last name. The letters after the capitals are unintelligible lines, indicating he’s good at wiggling out of difficult situations and foisting them on others if need be. He wants to stand out but doesn’t want others to know who he really is.


    This signature appears much smaller than the others; the last name is a tiny squiggled line. He wants to stand out by his first name, on his own, apart from his last name, which he does not like. If he did, it would be as large and formed as his first name. He appears the most introverted of the moguls here. His far rightward slant indicates he is highly emotionally expressive and very sensitive.


    The January 2014 signature has poorly formed, shaky letters. Tremors mean something is wrong physically, mentally or emotionally, or all three. The October signature resembles an X with a long trailing line crashing downward. But whether Redstone was unable to manipulate the pen yet still able to think for himself is something only his doctors can say.


    The “O” encircles the other letters, enveloping her first name in a protective way — and has extra lines inside indicating something to hide. In the last name, the “y” is backward, denoting reversed feelings in the basic drives: the id, libido, home life. There is a high degree of innate intelligence and a fantastic imagination as revealed in the dominance of the upper zone in her first name.