Cannes: Hollywood Reporter's Film Critics Pick Palme d'THR and 6 Other Winners

8:00 AM 5/25/2016

by Leslie Felperin, Jon Frosch, Todd McCarthy, Jordan Mintzer, David Rooney, and Boyd van Hoeij

'Elle,' 'Paterson' and 'Personal Shopper' were among the best of the fest.

Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival

  • Elle

    Palme d’THR

    Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival

    Paul Verhoeven's sleek, provocative, thrillingly complex and darkly funny portrait of a rape victim (the peerless Isabelle Huppert) made other films in competition seem safe and complacent in comparison.

  • Paterson

    Grand Prix (2nd place)

    Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival

    Jim Jarmusch's understated comedy about a couple of unrecognized artists unspools into a poignant meditation on city life, romantic love and the power of creativity to sustain us.

  • Sieranevada

    Jury Prize (3rd place)

    Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival

    With an impressive mastery of camera and space, Romanian New Waver Cristi Puiu puts you right in the middle of a tense, funny, sometimes explosive family reunion.

  • Adam Driver, 'Paterson'

    Best Actor

    Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival

    Playing a bus driver with a passion for poetry, the actor makes indelible use of his deep voice and distinctive face to pull us into his character's rich inner world.

  • Kristen Stewart, 'Personal Shopper'

    Best Actress

    Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival

    Triumphantly reteaming with Clouds of Sils Maria director Olivier Assayas, the actress delivers a low-key star turn as an American in Paris haunted by grief (and ghosts).

  • Olivier Assayas, 'Personal Shopper'

    Best Director

    The French director's mindf— of a psychological horror film wasn't for everyone, but its dread-drenched atmosphere, nail-biting suspense and cool sensuality marked it as a work of unique vision.

  • Cristian Mungiu, 'Graduation (Bacalaureat)

    Best Screenplay

    Courtesy of Mobra Films

    The writer-director's dense, intricately plotted tale of a father's efforts to protect his daughter's academic future sends the viewer on a downward-spiraling journey into Romania's corruption-stained soul.