'Our Cartoon President': Meet the Voices Behind Trump and Co.

8:30 PM 2/11/2018

by Jennifer Konerman

Showtime's new animated series features an orange-tinted POTUS (voiced by the man behind Bugs Bunny) along with a surprising cast of cartoon politicos.

According to Showtime's animated look at the White House, a few of Cartoon President Trump's first orders of business this year are "winning" the State of the Union, teaching NFL star Colin Kaepernick a lesson ... and naming Melania the new national bird. 

Our Cartoon President, which debuted Sunday on Showtime, features President Trump, his First Lady and several members of his administration as animated, over-the-top versions of themselves, including a timid Karen Pence, turtle-like Mitch McConnell, and "three white people on a couch," Fox & Friends

"Each and every one of you voted for me, and the ones who didn't, you kind of wanted to see what would happen," Trump says to the camera, opening the show. "And it's happening more than you could have imagined!"

The series, from The Late Show's Stephen Colbert and Chris Licht, "examines the quintessentially Trumpian details of the presidency and his most important relationships, and no one is safe — from his close family and confidants to key political figures from both parties and members of the media," according to the network. 

The first episode follows Trump as he attempts to "win the State of the frickin' Union" while also avoiding his wedding anniversary and winning back the approval of Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade.

Trump's voice counterpart on the show also happens to be the voice of Bugs Bunny, and several David Letterman writers have also made it to the series. The list of the rest of the surprising voice cast is below.

  • Donald Trump / Jeff Bergman

    The voice behind Showtime's orange-tinted commander-in-chief also happens to be the voice of Bugs Bunny. Bergman replaced Mel Blanc himself in the iconic role after Blanc's death in 1989. Bergman has also appeared as a voice actor in The Flintstones, Family Guy and Rick and Morty

  • Melania Trump / Cody Lindquist

    Actress/comedian Cody Lindquist, who voices the First Lady, also appears on Comedy Central's The President Show and hosts a regular show/podcast at New York's UCB Theatre. She even played Hillary Clinton on UCB Comedy Originals, a sketch series from the improv theater. 

  • Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Karen Pence / Emily Lynne

    Standup comedian Emily Lynne, who most recently appeared on Netflix's Friends From College, also created and starred in the web series Notary Publix with her sister, SNL star Kate McKinnon

  • Donald Trump Jr., Stephen Miller, Brian Kilmeade / Gabe Gundacker

    Gabe Gundacker, who provides several voices on Our Cartoon President, is an actor and writer who hit viral fame with a series of musical videos dedicated to meeting Richard Dreyfuss. (They finally met in 2016.)

  • General Kelly, Mitch McConnell, Jeff Sessions / William Sadler

    An unsurprising choice for the staid role of General Kelly (perhaps more surprising for this version of Jeff Sessions) is prolific actor William Sadler, who is known for his roles in everything from Shawshank Redemption to Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey to playing the president in Iron Man 3

  • Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity / James Adomian

    A mainstay on comedy podcasts, James Adomian is an impressionist with a long list of characters, including Bernie Sanders, Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Paul Giamatti. A decade ago, he also appeared several times as George W. Bush on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. 

  • Mike Pence / John Viener

    John Viener, writer for Family Guy, also voiced several "TV announcers" over the years for the Fox show before fine-tuning his talents for the VP himself. Viener has also written for The Cleveland Show and many Comedy Central Roasts, including those for David Hasselhoff and Donald Trump. 

  • Colin Kaepernick, Ben Carson / Zach Cherry

    The voice behind Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson and NFL star Colin Kaepernick is Zach Cherry, who has appeared in standup comedy-adjacent projects like HBO's Crashing, The Jim Gaffigan Show, Horace and Pete and The Big Sick, and might be recognized as the street vendor who yelled at a superhero in Spider-Man: Homecoming

  • Steve Doocy / R.J. Fried

    R.J. Fried, who appears on Our Cartoon President as one of the Fox & Friends, also happens to be the showrunner of the Showtime series. He's also written for The Late Show With David Letterman, Maya & Marty and HBO's Night of Too Many Stars

  • Ainsley Earhardt / Anna Eilinsfeld

    Theater and film actress Anna Eilinsfeld, who voices the latest female host on Fox & Friends, has appeared alongside Denis Leary on the show Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll and played the bachelorette opposite Alison Brie in How to Be Single

  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders / Molly Gordon

    Molly Gordon, the daughter of two Hollywood director/producers (Bryan Gordon and Jessie Nelson), is about to appear on the big screen as Melissa McCarthy's daughter in Life of the Party. Before that, she appeared on TNT's Animal Kingdom and started her career as a child actor in I Am Sam.

  • Jared Kushner / Griffin Newman

    Showtime's uncanny animated version of Jared Kushner is Griffin Newman, who also plays Arthur Everest on Amazon's The Tick, and has 50 IMDb credits also including roles on Hulu's Difficult People, HBO's Vinyl and TBS' Search Party

  • Paul Ryan / Mike Leech

    Mike Leech comes from The Late Show with David Letterman, leading up until the show's final episode in 2015, and now hosts a literature-themed podcast "A little literature? Sure."

  • Chuck Schumer / Thomas Whittington

    Comedian Thomas Whittington appears on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert bits and hosts the "Characters Welcome" show at UCB Theatre in New York.