The Cast of 'Sex and the City,' Then and Now

8:00 AM 6/6/2018

by Deirdre Durkan

Two decades have passed since Sarah Jessica Parker played a sex columnist, whose enviable footwear could have paid a mortgage.

June 6 marks the 20-year anniversary of Sex and the City’s first episode. The show introduced the world to Manolo-clad Carrie Bradshaw, lawyer Miranda Hobbes, gallerist Charlotte York and public relations exec Samantha Jones. The four unforgettable Manhattanites created an iconic show for six seasons, navigating the dating scene in New York and maintaining their unwavering friendship.

In 2008, the women reunited onscreen for Sex and the City: The Movie, which grossed more than $415 million worldwide. Two years later, the original cast wrapped their second and final film together set in Abu Dhabi. 

Read more to see what the stars have been up to since the show premiered on June 6, 1998.


  • Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker

    Long before she landed what would become her signature role on the hit HBO series, Parker made her Broadway debut at age 11 in the 1976 revival of The Innocents, before going on to star in the title role of the Broadway musical Annie in 1979.

    After six years seasoning her role as sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw, the Golden Globe winner went on to star several romantic comedies. Parker’s film credits include Failure to Launch, I Don't Know How She Does It, Did You Hear About the Morgans? and New Year's Eve.

    Parker, who has received 10 Emmy Award nominations, all for Sex and the City, has since received critical acclaim and recognition for her most recent role, in HBO's Divorce. 

    After Sex and the City, Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, welcomed twin daughters in 2009. They also have a son.


  • Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall

    When Cattrall signed up to co-star in the series, she had already played Kurt Russell's flame in the action film Big Trouble in Little China and the lead role in Mannequin. Her sex-driven publicist Samantha engaged in unconventional relationships and deviated from commitment at all costs, apart from a small handful of relationships. Her scene-stealing character was known for being a fiercely loyal friend.

    After rumors of a third film emerged, Cattrall made it clear she was not interested and said she felt the SATC workplace was extremely toxic. After long speculation that the actress and Sarah Jessica Parker were feuding off camera, Cattrall essentially confirmed the rumors on a Instagram post directed at Parker, telling her: “You are not my family. You are not my friend.”

  • Charolette York, played by Kristin Davis

    Davis played a WASP-y New York City art dealer, yearning for the perfect life and man. Her character finally found love when she met Harry after a few emotional seasons battling a failed marriage and balancing her career at the gallery.

    Before playing Charlotte, she was known for her role as Brooke Armstrong on Melrose Place. After SATC ended, Davis expanded her work, making her Broadway debut in the 2012 revival of The Best Man and in the 2014 stage production of Fatal Attraction.


  • Miranda Hobbes, played by Cynthia Nixon

    Before her portrayal of Miranda Hobbes won her an Emmy and worldwide recognition, Cynthia Nixon made her film debut in 1980's Little Darlings and made Broadway debut that same year in a revival of The Philadelphia Story. Her other Broadway credits before joining SATC included The Real Thing, Hurlyburly and Indiscretions.

    In SATC, Nixon brought to life Miranda Hobbes, a workaholic lawyer and one of Carrie Bradshaw’s best friends. As the pair navigated their complicated love lives, she serves as a consistent voice of reason. Hobbes often struggles with the success of her career and finding a partner who can accept her. After she becomes pregnant with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Steve Brady, she moves to Brooklyn. Although initially after she gives birth she stays single, the couple eventually get married. 

    Since the show, Nixon has remained a highly successful actress, winning two Tony Awards for best actress for Rabbit Hole and for The Little Foxes, an Emmy Award in 2008 for her guest appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and a Grammy Award for best spoken word album

    Nixon entered the race for governor of New York in 2018. 

  • Aidan Shaw, played by John Corbett

    Before joining the Sex and the City cast as one of Carrie’s love interests, John Corbett had won an Emmy and Golden Globe for his role of Chris Stevens in Northern Exposure.

    He played Carrie’s love interest Aidan. While she accepts his proposal in Season 4, the couple breaks up due to her inability to commit and a brief fling with Big. 

    During the duration of SATC, Corbett starred in films including Raising Helen, Raise Your Voice and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Following the end of SATC, Corbett co-starred in the Showtime comedy-drama series United States of Tara, as the title character’s husband, Max Gregson. He also had a recurring role as Seth Holt on the NBC drama series Parenthood from 2011-15.

  • Mr. Big, played by Chris Noth

    The two-time Golden Globe nominee played Carrie Bradshaw’s on-again, off again boyfriend Mr. Big. His character, a rich and charismatic New Yorker, drove Carrie crazy because of his commitment issues and emotional unavailability.

    Noth is also known for his role of Mike Logan on NBC's Law & Order, which he played from for five years from 1990-95, two years before starring as Mr. Big. After the SATC franchise ended, he reprised his role of Mike Logan on spinoff Law & Order: Criminal Intent and starred in CBS' The Good Wife from 2009-16.

  • Aleksandr Petrovsky, played by Mikhail Baryshnikov

    On the final season of Sex and the City, Baryshnikov played Carrie's love interest, Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky, who takes her to Paris. After Carrie uproots her life, she quickly realizes she and the reclusive artist have nothing in common. With Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda’s approval, Mr. Big  woos her back to New York in the finale.

    Baryshnikov is known for his distinction in ballet. He performed as a principal dancer in the New York City Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre, where he later became artistic director.


  • Trey MacDougal, played by Kyle MacLachlan

    The one-time husband of Charlotte York has had prominent roles in television shows including Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, Portlandia, Twin Peaks and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Despite fulfilling everything on York’s bucket list — MacLachlan played a Park Avenue cardiologist — the pair divorce due to their lack of compatibility in the bedroom and his overbearing mother, Bunny.

    Before appearing on the show, he won a Golden Globe for best actor for ABC's Twin Peaks and was nominated again in 2018 in the same category for Showtime's reboot of that show. He also earned two Emmy nominations, in 1990 and 1991, for Twin Peaks.

  • Smith Jerrod, played by Jason Lewis

    Fresh out of college, the actor best known as Samantha Jones’ boyfriend, Smith, started modeling in Paris for brands like Guess, Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss. The former fashion model’s character wins Samantha’s heart with his sincerity, even shaving his hair in in solidarity when she gets cancer.

    After the hit series ended, Lewis reprised his role for the Sex and the City: The Movie, as well as appeared on slew of television shows from Charmed to Brothers & Sisters.


  • Steve Brady, played by David Eigenberg

    David Eigenberg played Miranda Hobbes’ on-again, off-again boyfriend, Steve. While Miranda sees him as a one-night stand, Steve’s persistence convinces her to start a relationship. Their relationship is often affected with issues caused by the pair’s differences in incomes. Despite their breakups and challenges, Miranda and Steve end up having a baby and staying married throughout the series and both movies.

    Eigenberg has since been known for his role as firefighter Christopher Herrmann on Chicago Fire.

  • Stanford Blatch, played by Willie Garson

    Outside of her three best girlfriends, Stanford Blatch plays another of Carrie’s best friends and confidants.

    Charlotte tries to set up him up with her friend, Anthony, who snubs him. The pair have an ongoing rivalry, but eventually get married in the film’s sequel.

    Willie Garson has appeared in more than 50 movies and is also known for his role as Mozzie on White Collar.

  • Harry Goldenblatt, played by Evan Handler

    Evan Handler is best known for his role as Charlotte York’s divorce attorney and husband. Despite her initial repulsion of his character, Harry Goldenblatt, she quickly falls in love with him — even converting to Judaism, so they can get married.

    After Sex and the City, Handler played Charlie Runkle on Californication for seven years.