'Celebrity Big Brother' Cast Predict Omarosa's Arrival and Season of Political Tension

9:00 AM 2/2/2018

by Brian Porreca

Castmembers Mark McGrath, Metta World Peace, Brandi Glanville and more offer their thoughts on the upcoming season.

Omarosa Manigault, who left the White House under dramatic circumstances at the end of last year, is currently stirring up an entirely different drama inside the Celebrity Big Brother house. 

On Jan. 28, when it was first announced that president Donald Trump's former aide would be strutting back to a reality TV career in CBS' first-ever celebrity spinoff of their summer flagship, Big Brother, the news was met with an outpouring of shock and dismay. 

While the public was aware of Omarosa's arrival in the Big Brother house, her future roommates — which include Mark McGrath, Metta World Peace, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Brandi Glanville and Marissa Winokur — were not. 

The premise of Celebrity Big Brother will see its cast inside a house and secluded from the outside world. In addition, viewers will be able to watch the stars by using the longtime reality show's 24/7 live feed feature. Ahead of entering the game, each cast member is restricted from knowing who else is joining them. 

When The Hollywood Reporter sat down with each cast member (besides Omarosa, who didn't do any interviews), they were completely unaware that they will be living under the same roof as the controversial former political aide. In fact, up until they moved into the house to film the premiere officially with host Julie Chen this week they remained oblivious to who else was in the cast, including Omarosa.  

To assess how this season may play out, THR spoke candidly with each cast member about who they would want, and not want, to live with for the next three weeks, what real-life topics may spark some arguments throughout their time together and what urged them to play this game. 

  • Keshia Knight Pulliam

    How has sequester been for you?

    The micromanaging is over board.

    What made you want to join the show?

    The opportunity came and I was intrigued by it all. I had taken the last year or two off to have a baby and be a mom and I was like, “Why the hell not?”

    The grand prize is $250,000. Are you playing to win that money?

    Absolutely. Using that money, because I also have a non-profit called Kamp Kizzy Foundation so it's how I can pay it forward to other people. But I also have a daughter, Ella Grace, so it's about her and giving to her as well.

    When you hear the word Chenbot what do you think of?

    I've just learned about these bots. That's the one who says mean things or is that the other one?

    Chenbot is the nickname for host Julie Chen.

    I just learned about the Zingbot so I was in the robot frame of mind.

    Have you met Julie before?

    If I have, it's been a long time ago in passing. But we don't have lunch on Sundays! I'm just going to say, “Hi, thank you for having me, I'm excited.” (Laughs.)

    What do you think Zingbot will zing you with?

    Does it talk about things you've done in the house or does it talk about. . .

    It just criticizes you.

    Just criticizes me?

    It doesn't hold back.

    It could be anything.

    When you hear the phrase power of veto what do you think of?

    Win. You want the power of veto. If you're in the competition that means you may go home. The only way not to is to win the veto and use it on yourself.

    When you hear the word alliance, what do you think of?

    It has to be really strategic. You can be making an alliance with a horrible person or someone who's going to halfway be trustworthy. I don't know if anyone's really completely trustworthy in the Big Brother house.

    When you hear the term live feeder, what do you think of?

    Is that like a live feed from the house?

    It's someone who will watch you non-stop 24/7.

    That's a live feeder? 24/7? Hi guys!

    You know that, right? You're going to be watched 24/7.

    That's so weird. I'm still getting over that.

    Did you have any reservations about that when joining the cast?

    I'm a really private person so the thought of the world just watching me like pick my toes is weird. Not that I pick my toes, but doing the random stuff that you do on a regular day. But also, I feel fine with it because as long as you're just who you are genuinely there’s really nothing you have to worry about. If you're someone who is pretending or pretending to be something you're not, it could be problematic.

    Who do you not want to be in the cast?

    There are people who are going to be conniving and a little deceitful, but let's enjoy the experience. I hope there are people who are coming to play the game, but ultimately also to enjoy this time together because we can't be with anyone else. We're going to be stuck here, let's at least have fun. Can Cardi B come in the house?

    How do you handle confrontation?

    I'm not interested in fighting with people. You can agree to disagree. Every time you don't agree with someone doesn't have to be done in a manner which is disrespectful to the other person.  

    What kind of topics do you think may fuel some arguments?

    Donald Trump is doing a number.  He's doing a whole lot. A lot of people are very polarized and have a lot of opinions about some of the things that he's doing. Where we are right now, people are very passionate on both sides of the fence so it definitely makes for some fireworks.

    What types of people are you going to align with?

    It needs to be a mix. The guys usually tend to come together from what I've seen and the girls are kind of floating around. The best thing is going to align myself with different people from different groups. That's the best strategy.

    How long will you last in the game?

    At the end of the day it's a win-win at this point for me. I'm here, I'm going to enjoy the time that I spend there, and I'm going to play the game.

    If it gets to be too much for you would you quit?

    I would. If it's just something that's completely against who I am in terms of as a person I'm not going to sacrifice my authenticity and integrity to win the money. Money comes and money goes. This game is just a snapshot in my life and I wouldn’t allow this to completely change and derail everything that I've already accomplished in my life.

    How does your fan base differ do you think from the other star's fan bases?

    Well I don't know who the hell else is out there so I can't tell you, (laughs.) I have a really strong fan base hope that they tune in and watch and support me and that they enjoy the ride with me.

  • Mark McGrath

    When you hear the word eviction, what do you think of?

    I think eviction, I think of me, (laughs.) What do you mean, eviction?


    You're trying to bamboozle me here! Is this part of the game already? Is Julie here?

    We're already playing.

    You're scaring me!

    What do you think of when you hear the term Chenbot?


    Chenbot is actually the nickname of host Julie Chen.

    I didn't know that. See, why am I even here?  

    How will you react if you have to eat slop?

    Slop will ruin my game. I'm super finicky and picky when I eat. I eat off the kid's menu at a restaurant still.

    You’re not allowed to sing in the Big Brother house. Are you going to be singing though?

    My whole life is singing. I sing in my house, I have seven-year-old twins, we make up flatulence songs all day long, that's all we do. It's going to be tough to put that muzzle on me. I like to talk and I like to sing. Both things I don't do very well.

    Who do you think is in the cast?

    I'd love to see Gary Busey come over here and blow up the entire show the first night. He's like a kid. I will hide behind his insanity. There are going to be some real ringers up in here. When I say that, I think young kids that play this game for a living. People that make a living playing competition TV shows are going to be here. I think Johnny Bananas [from The Challenge] will be here. Now if it's a physical competition, it's over.  Come on, dude, look at me. No, look at me. I can't take him. It's over!

    I have faith in you.

    If there is an athlete, like Terrell Owens or Metta World Peace or a guy who was in the NBA last year and you put them in a physical challenge, forget it! There's going to be some young, good looking dudes, shirts off and flexing.

    How do you think your fan base will help you throughout the show?

    I'm sure there's going to be some YouTubers. I was famous before social media and I don't need social media. I was on the cover of Rolling Stone in 1999, that's three million followers right there. 

    Which topics do you think may cause tension and arguments in the house?

    That’s interesting. That's a good question. You’re beyond this line of questioning, you’re amazing, (laughs.) We all ironically are going to know each other. If there is someone involved in politics there, I'm going to go down that road. I got some questions for some folks. If there's a Scaramuch [Anthony Scaramucci] in there or something, I got to feel it out.

    You were on Celebrity Apprentice. How do you think this will differ from that?

    You had your own space and you could communicate with your family. But there was a lot of heavy lifting and a lot of stress going on in Celebrity Apprentice. There's going to be a lot of similarities in game play, you have to work with others and work nicely with others.

    The host of Celebrity Apprentice was Donald Trump. What are your thoughts on him?

    Donald Trump, when I was on the show, really nice guy, just very friendly and down to earth and the rhetoric he ran with and won with was not the Donald Trump I know. It was interesting to see him turn on a dime. He was brand building and that's why he entered the presidency. When I left Celebrity Apprentice he said, “Mark, any time, I promise you, he sat me down for 45 minutes, if you ever need a referral or a letter from me, I've got your back. Just reach out to me. So I think I have a free get out of jail card.

    Maybe not.

    Probably not, (laughs.)

    When you first found out you were in the cast, what was your reaction?

    I was watching last year and I saw a girl named Jessica [Graf] in the cast and I thought that girl is the most beautiful thing in the world. Then I found out they were doing a celebrity version and I go, “I'm dumb enough to do this.” I got a call from my agent saying, “This is really crazy, you're probably not going to want to do it, but would you ever want to do Big Brother?” But then when I was going into the sequester yesterday I thought, “Was this the smartest thing I've ever done?”

    You’re going to be watched 24/7 on the live feeds, is there anything you're worried about doing or saying?

    I get comfortable quickly around the cameras. They go away fast and then the true personalities come out. Fights and little pettiness will come out. I’ve got these two little twins that I'm raising that will be my conscious.

    There is a grand prize of  $250,000. Do you really want that money?

    We all want that money. Who doesn't? Donald Trump wants that money. I do charity work all year long with my band so if something goes in the charity of Mark McGrath I’m not worried about it. I found out before we went in people are bummed that we’re not playing for charity. Come on man! How many county fairs do you think Sugar Ray can play here?! (Laughs!)


  • Marissa Winokur

    Why did you want to join the show?

    We were watching season 19 nineteen and Julie Chen was like coming up next, it's Celebrity Big Brother. And my son was [said], “You have to be on Celebrity Big Brother!” I said, “They’re not going to ask me, don’t worry.”

    Did you reach out or did they call you?

    They called me. It was an immediate yes. I got super lightheaded right when my manager was telling me. If my son found out that I was offered to do it and I didn't do it, he would have killed me.

    You used to be a co-host  The Talk. What is your relationship like with Julie Chen?

    I left on great terms. There was really no job for me left there. I feel like I was Julie's choice [for Celebrity Big Brother]. I've decided that in my heart of all hearts  because she knows that I'm such a fan of the show. I've sent her texts and emails about who I think should win. And when there was that saboteur season I said, “Rachel is the saboteur!” I've sent her crazy emails about it that she doesn't reply to.

    Have you talked to her about this yet?

    No, I didn't contact her. Once I found out I was doing it, I said, “Don't be a crazy person and call her.” On social media I didn't want to like too many of her things. I was scared if I liked too much people would be catching on.

    You’ll get to see her soon. Before you enter the house, she greets you.

    But you're not allowed to talk. What if I was like Julie, “I'm so happy!” Everybody in the cast would hate me. They would say, “That girl is crazy.”

    How do you handle confrontation? 

    I'm the first to roll over and be like, “No, I didn’t mean that!” To make people stop arguing, I'll say, “Look at my boobs!”  I'm hoping I don't have to do on this because my son will kill me. Pulling my shirt up to make people stop fighting might make him feel uncomfortable at school.

    Did you have any reservations about the show?

    It's more the competition that I'm terrified of. My friend, the one person that knew that I was going into the house [said], “I’m excited to watch you wearing short shorts and just like your flesh jiggling.” And I was said, “You know what? You're an asshole.”

    When you hear the phrase "floaters grab a life vest" what do you think of?

    It’s like Victoria [Rafaeli] back in season 16, but she went far. That’s going to be my only strategy.

    Do you know who coined that phrase?

    Was it Mike Boogie?

    No, Rachel Reilly.

    She’s one of my favorites. Other than the fact that I can't win a competition like she can we have the same energy. 

    What do you think of when you hear the term Chenbot?

    That's what they gave Julie when she was acting like a robot host.

    What do you think of when you hear the word alliance?

    That's going to be my only hope! I need a strong alliance. I would love nothing more than to be the first female alliance that actually keeps it together. If there is an odd number and there's more girls than boys why doesn't it ever work? It's the year of the woman, right? Times up!

    Do you think you're going to win?

    There's not a chance I'm winning.

    So why are you on the show?

    It’s going to be fun! I'm playing to win, but I am the most unphysical person you're going to meet.

    What do you think of when you hear the name Dan Gheesling?

    I know people think Derrick is the best, but Dan is one of the best. Dan was season two, right?



    Seasons 10 and 14.

    Oh my God, who was season two?

    Dr. Will Kirby. You’re not a real super fan.

    (Laughs!) Look at that! No, I just screwed up!

    Coming from a theater background and being a performer, how will you handle not being able to sing?

    I've read the rule book twenty times. No singing. And then I signed something that said if I did sing that they owned whatever I sang. If I made a song up, they own it.

    If you write a book they own it.

    Stop it! Is that true? If I wrote a book about being on Big Brother, they own it? What if I don't call it Big Brother and I just say call it, Living With Emotions? (Laughs!)

    Who do you want to be joining you in the cast?

    I’d love to see Tonya Harding [and] Monica Lewinsky. I'd be like, “Tell me everything!” I'd just eat popcorn and watch Monica talk. Matt Morrison, who is my best friend, is a huge Big Brother fan as well. I thought, “What if it's just lme and Matty? He could win everything. I would love Omarosa to be in the house, that would be amazing, but I wouldn't want to get involved with her. I would be so scared and so intimidated and I wouldn't know even how to deal with it so I would just. . . eat popcorn. That would be intimidating to me. But I would figure it out with her. I'd be like, “Look, no one is going to think we'd ever like each other so let's just be on each other's team.” And then I would be so scared. People would understand you being terrified of her. My goal is I want to get to the final four. If I got to the final three I would lose the physical [competition], but then I could win the what's going on in the game one.

    Who would you not want to live with?

    A really conservative guy who believes in no gun laws and people who are super aggressive, men who don't respect women, that's who I don't want. 

    I'm pulling for you.

    (Laughs!) No you're not! You would totally not team up with me.  

    We'd have a secret alliance.

    Yeah you'd be like, “We're going to be friends but nobody is going to know about it.”

    I'd win all the competitions.

    I feel that. You go in the competitions and I'll sneak around and figure out what's going on. I mean that's what I'm going to have to do. I have to find some guy like you who could win the beast competitions. That’s why I need someone like you to win all the physical and I'll totally clean up the kitchen. I have no problem with that.

    How do you think your fan base will compare to the other cast members' fans?

    My fan base is 40 year-old moms and gay guys. I don't know where my fan base meets Big Brother. I didn't actually do my research on that.

    Big Brother 20, the next season will air in the summer. Would you ever consider going over to the normal version as a twist?

    I would rather play with regular folks. Regular folks are less scary to me. I'm as regular folk as they come. 

  • Brandi Glanville

    When did you find out you were going to be on Celebrity Big Brother? What made you want to do it?

    Just a few days ago. They called me last minute. I’m doing it for the money.

    Are you going to fight to the end to get that $250,000?

    There's such incentive. There is a prize at the end. I did the U.K. version with no prize at the end so it's like, “Why am I here? Just vote me out.” (Laughs.) Why do I want to be here if I'm not going to do anything?

    How do you think this version will differ from the U.K. version?

    It's a lot more physically intense. Since I just found out, I'm not in the shape right now to be doing these things. But I'm one of those people that always gives my best. I try my hardest. But I generally get hurt, (laughs.) [I will go so far, I will hold on forever, and then I'll have a broken bone. That's just me. I broke my foot before and my leg and my hand.

    Are you injury prone?

    I am injury prone, yes. It's usually when I'm sober. You would think that it would be when I'm drinking but no, it's when I'm sober that I get hurt. So maybe I should just drink all the time! That's so annoying that the alcohol is limited in the house I love alcohol.

    When you hear the phrase "floaters grab a life vest" what do you think of?

    In the pool you should get a vest? I'm a poor swimmer so probably just like swimming. They said to bring a bathing suit.

    It was coined by season thirteen winner, Rachel Reilly, it was about floaters who aren't really playing the game.

    So like drifters? They just don't do much, they just sit back and watch things go down?

    Are you going to be a floater?

    Hopefully! No, I'm kidding, (laughs.) I definitely will engage. It would be really boring to be a floater.

    What do you think of when you hear the word slop?

    Gross food that pigs eat.

    In the house you may be eating slop as a punishment.

    Do you have to eat it or do you have a choice not to eat it?

    It depends. What do you think of when you hear Hamster Watch?

    People watching us in the house because it's just like us spinning. We're just all hamsters.It's a human experiment and everyone’s just watching us like little rats.

    What do you think of when you hear the name Evel Dick?

    (Laughs!) So many things run through my mind, my ex-husband, my ex-boyfriend. I don't know. Sounds like a bad person, a bad boy.

    Who do you think is in the cast?

    I've read online some stuff. I've heard some rumors. I heard there might be another Brandy.


    Norwood, who I don't necessarily get along with. 

    Who else do you think is in the cast? Who would you want to live three weeks with in terms of celebrities?

    Oprah. That would be fun.

    That would fit in this realm.

    You mean like D level list celebrities? (Laughs!) Maybe some singers that had one hit wonders. Someone from the Bangles or Milli Vanilli?

    Who would you not want to live three weeks with?

    American celebrities are assholes in general. Kenya Moore and I don't like each other. I do not want her in the house. I'm friendly with a lot of the other franchises, like Teresa [Giudice] and all of them. I found out last minute, I told very few people. But I'm sure they’re watching, waiting for me to go down.

    If someone tries to pick a fight with you in the house, how do you handle confrontation?

    With confrontation, (laughs.)

    What made you want to do this?

    Just the money. I really had no intention of doing this. It wasn't even on my radar. And they just called.

    What kind of topics do you think will cause arguments?

    Any time you talk about politics or religion there's arguments. It's just it's such a hot button topic. Those are the things you're not supposed to talk about, my mom always said, no politics, no religion. If we're all talking about it and someone is like, “We love Trump!” I’m going to say, “You’re an idiot.”

    What types of people will you align with?

    I'm hoping there's somebody I know besides Brandi. I'm a guy's girl. I'm always with all the dudes and all males around me at all times. A lot of celebrity women are loners. It's a diva thing.

    How long do you think you’ll last in the house?

    I’m going to win.  My kids said I can't come home unless I win so I have to win.

    If you can’t take it are you going to quit?

    I am not a quitter. That's not in my make up.

    How does your fan base differ from your the fans of your other cast members?

    Well, I don't know who the other people are you knucklehead! You don’t want to fuck with the “BBs.”  I'm afraid of them and they’re on my side.

    Do you think Andy Cohen will be watching?

    I texted him when I found out and he said, “Oh my God.” That’s the last time I heard from him. Any time anyone is doing another one of those shows we all just tune in here and there. I don't know if he's going to be sitting watching every day, but he'll definitely know what's going on.

  • James Maslow

    What do you think of when you hear the term Chenbot?

    A robot? I’m guessing that was an alliance.

    Are you going to be in an alliance when you’re in the house?

    You can’t win this game on your own. I’m hoping to have a genuine alliance.

    Will you be the leader of the alliance?

    In real life I’m very much a leader. But in this game I don’t know if it's going to be that beneficial. I just got to go with the flow on that one.

    Are you going to be a floater?

    Maybe for the first week, but you can’t float through till the end. You can’t.

    What do you think of when you hear the name Rachel Reilly?

    I don’t know Rachel Reilly.

    Who do you think is in the cast?

    I’ve seen some of the predictions. Lance Bass, they said might be in the cast. I’ve actually met most of the other guys from *NSYNC, and they’re super cool. Chris [Kirkpatrick], I’ve been to his house in Orlando, and Joey [Fatone] is actually the reason I did Dancing with the Stars. I saw that Julie tweeted out all these emojis, and one of them was a pie, I’m assuming it's going to be a chef and I am psyched! I know you can’t see this, but straight up I hope we’re in an alliance together. Then you can cook for your boy! You’re just making me great food. I love you! I love you already. You know you want me to love you.

    Which emoji do you think was yours?

    I was assuming that it would be some kind of mic, musician.

    What types of people would you not want to see in the cast?

    One of the names that they had out there was Miss New York [Tiffany Pollard.] I’ve seen little bits from her old show. [She’s] very loud, and I’m just not that way. That would be the archetype of somebody who I wouldn’t get along with. if they just like, have it one way. Anybody who’s going to be super obnoxious and wants to get under people’s skin. I’m not looking forward to whoever that person is.

    Are you going to fight with people in the house?

    I don’t react well to someone attacking me. Hopefully I retain some semblance of class.

    What made you want to do the show?

    They reached out to me. I’ve got a movie that's going in a thousand theaters in the next couple of months. I’ve got a single coming out. I’ve been working towards all of these things, so I didn’t need to do something else. But a good friend of mine who I met in Dancing with the Stars, is a part of this project. The way she explained it resonated with me. She[ said], “This is a platform for you to promote all of the other things you’re doing. I totally get that you’re not trying to be a reality star.”

    Do you think there’s a stigma attached to being a reality star?

    If it was that tainted of a term I don’t think I would be on the show right now. Before Dancing with the Stars my initial answer was, “Thank, but no thanks.” I don’t think anybody looks down on reality these days. You have people like Jamie Foxx hosting, you have Mark Wahlberg doing a reality show. You have some of the biggest stars in the world and in no way has it been a detriment to what they really want to do.

    Is the grand prize of $250,000 in your mind? Is that what you’re competing for?

    No. I’ve put myself in a position after doing this for 10 years professionally, that if I don’t win it, if I’m the worst one, it’s not going to change my life.

    How do you think your fan base will differ from the other cast members?

    I imagine I’d be on the younger side of the spectrum. I’d say I have one of the bigger social media followings, and I definitely have the best and most diehard fans in the world. I have toured the world. I have gotten to meet people who believe that me and my old show and music changed their lives. 

  • Ariadna Gutierrez

    Why did you want to do Celebrity Big Brother?

    I actually found out two weeks ago, (laughs.) I didn't want to come because I'm going through a difficult health situation. My father is very sick right now so I didn't want to come because you never know what can happen. I was like, “No. I’m not going.” But then my family, [said], “Ari, you have to go, you have to do this for Daddy, you have to do this for yourself, for the reward for your family. We want you there.” That's going to be the most difficult part will be my family and not knowing what's happening with my father.

    You're not quitting yet, right?

    No! I'm trying to be super positive, crossing my fingers and praying for them.

    When you hear the term Chenbot, what do you think of?



    I don't even know. Like a bot?

    It's the nickname for host Julie Chen.

    Oh my God, I'm so sorry, Julie! I'm so sorry, I didn't know.

    When you hear the word slop, what do you think of?



    The gross thing. It comes in a popsicle. I've seen it before. They put it in a popsicle.

    If it tastes like oatmeal I'll be fine but if not, I don't know.

    What do you think of when you hear the phrase "floaters grab a life vest?"

    That's not me. I'm very shy.

    What do you think of when you hear the word alliance?

    Backstabbing!  I don't want to make an alliance right away but if I'm going to be in an alliance I’m going to be super loyal to my people.

    Who do you want to see in the cast?

    Maybe Khloe Kardashian, I love her (laughs.) But she is pregnant so she is not coming on.

    Who do you not want to see in the cast?  Who would you not get along with in the house?

    I don't like liars.

    What topics do you think you the cast will be talk about in the house that may ignite some arguments? 

    There's crazy things happening all around the world. If we're able to do something for the people that are suffering so much these days all around the world that would be amazing for them.

    Are you playing to win $250,000?,

    I obviously will keep something for myself or for my family, but definitely if I can help people that  really needs the money that will be fantastic for me.

    If someone fights with you in the house, how do you handle confrontation?

    I’m not a fighter. I’m going to try to stay calm and confront that person but you know in a civilized way.

    How will you make it entertaining for fans?

    Just be myself. I cannot fake anything. If you try to fake something people are not stupid.. They are gonna see that you're trying to be something that you are not.

    Will you call out those types of people?

    It's a problem. I mean if you're going to be another person, I mean, go ahead.

    How will your fan base differ from other fan bases of the other stars in the house?

    They are very loyal. I mean they are crazy, but they are so loyal.

    What do you want to say to fans?

    You are my family. This was a complete surprise with me, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you. 

  • Shannon Elizabeth

    When did you find out you were joining the cast?

    A couple months ago. I've been trying to rewatch episodes and train and get ready for it.

    Did you have reservations about joining the cast or was it you were asked and sold right away?

    I had a lot of reservations. It has always been my favorite show, but I’ve always said I would never do it.

    What are you looking forward to the most as a Big Brother super fan?

    The competitions. I'm super competitive and I love to play games and it's so much fun. I just wish I was doing it twenty years ago because it's gonna be a lot harder now. (Laughs.) But I’m going to still rock it.

    Do you have a strategy going in?

    I have lots of strategies and my strategy will keep changing depending on what's thrown at me and who all is in there and who wins first Head of Household. I'm definitely going to have a few alliances.

    Who are your favorite former winners and players?

    My favorite, I'd say it's a good mixture between Dr. Will, Evel Dick and Dan Gheesling. If you can pull the best from all of them, you can learn something. Then you just create your own character that hopefully people will pull from one day.

    What did you think of season 19?

    Paul [Abrahamian] was robbed. Paul should have won. It was sad that it was a bitter jury. I was hoping like with Dr. Will's season that they would give it to him and see what a great job he did.

    What kind of topics do you think will cause arguments this year?

    If people start talking politics and religion, that always causes wars. It's not a good idea to talk about that.

    What types of people do you see yourself aligning with?

    I'm going to align with somebody very secretly. Somebody that's the complete opposite of me [and] that nobody would guess. Then you want to pull in a couple of people that all have different strengths, a good mixture, some that are physical, some are mental, some have a good social game. Then you just pick people off one by one.

    When you hear the phrase "floaters grab a life vest" what do you think of?

    Rachel! (Laughs.)

    Will you be using that phrase at all?

    No, my character is not like that. I think she's awesome but I'm not going to say that.

    Do you have a phrase in line ready to use?

    I want to be a nice player. I don't want to be a harsh player. I don't think that's going to win you the game.

    The grand prize is $250,000. Are you playing to win for yourself?

    I have a non-profit called Animal Avengers and I'm not saying I'm giving it to the charity, but what I am going to do is let it fund the things that I need to do for the charity. If I need to travel, if I need to go somewhere to do work for the charity, I never pull that from donor funds. always pay for that myself. This money will just help me facilitate the work that I'm doing with Animal Avengers.

    How has sequester been for you?

    I've just been sleeping. I have enough studying to do that it's fine. If I could have a few more days of sequester I'd take it so I could study some more.

    What do you think of when you hear Hamster Watch?

    It's watching the live feeds and there's a website, Hamster Watch! I set it up for my boyfriend before I left. I sent it to him. I said this is one of the sites you should be watching and seeing all the highlights on.

    Are you controversial?

    No. But you just have to be very  careful of anything and everything because things get taken the wrong way and things get taken out of context sometimes. You don't want something to be taken the wrong way and it could really hurt you when it's completely not what you meant.

    As a fan of the show, you know that a lot of the fans will criticize you. Are you worried about that at all?

    Nobody likes to be criticized and hated I try not to read things that are negative. It's hurtful for anyone. It doesn't matter who you are.


  • Chuck Liddell

    What was your reaction when you first found out you were going to be in the cast? How much did you want to join the cast?

    I didn’t know what it was. But I saw the challenges and I saw that it’s a competition. I love competition. That’s what I do. It’s social chess and I’m a pretty good chess player. And it’s going to be a primetime show. T

    Now you’re a professional fighter. Are you going to fight with people in the house?

    If that’s what it comes down to.

    Who do you want to see in the cast?

    I don’t know too many celebrities who I would want to live with for 3 weeks.

    When you hear the term superfan what do you think of?

    Some who really likes you a lot?

    When you hear the term Chenbot, what do you think of?

    No idea.

    When you hear the phrase “power of veto,” what do you think of?

    I know that one! That’s saving yourself off the block.

    When you hear the word “eviction” what do you think of?

    Getting kicked out of the house.

    What types of personalities would make up your ideal alliance?

    I’ll get along more with athletes, who are good at challenges probably.

    Do you have any reservations about being watched 24/7?

    I’m actually more comfortable with it being shot 24/7 then I would be with them editing what I’m doing. I’ve been on a couple different shows and there’s ways for them where they shoot something on week one and then use in on week eight. Or they cut it and make that guy look like an asshole. People think I’m a cocky asshole. I’m not.

    What are you going to miss most while being locked away?

    Family. I’m with my kids 24/7.

    They get to watch you 24/7.

    That’s the thing that makes it a little easier for me. But they’ll be fine, my wife is going to be holding down the fort. I’m going out to win this for them. 

  • Ross Mathews

    When did you find out you were joining the cast?

    I thought to myself, “They better ask me!” And then eventually the phone call came. I didn’t reach out. I just knew they were going to ask me. I know it's going to be stressful and I’m going to be vulnerable in there. I know the risks involved. It is scary, but I’m not scared of it.

    There is a Hollywood community of super fans. Do you know any other stars who are super fans of the show?

    I hope there are people in the cast who I’m a crazy fan of. But I have to be very careful not to be a fanboy in the house.

    How do you think your fan base will compare to the fans of other stars in the house?

    My fan base are people also obsessed with all things pop culture.

    How have you been handling sequester?

    I get movies. I brought some movies too, like some of the awards screeners. Which I’ve already seen, but I’m going to watch them again! I also brought Fire and Fury, that book about Trump.

    What are you going to miss the most about the outside world?

    I’m going to miss, of course my family. My biggest fear is that I’ll get out of the house and I’ll be at a dinner party six months from now, and someone will make a pop culture reference, and I won’t get it! I’m not the guy who doesn’t get it!

    Did you have any reservations about being on camera 24/7?

    I had reservations about being away from my family. There are certain members of my family going through a really tough time right now. I’m usually the guy that's normally there for the people I love and the idea of not being there for potentially a month scares me. And is anybody seeing me naked? And I’ve been assured that America is going to be spared seeing me naked and going to the restroom.

    $250,000 is the grand prize. Are you competing for yourself?

    I’m not even thinking about the money. I’m competitive with myself, nobody else. The money, if I were lucky enough to get, of course I would do good things with the money. There are charities that are near and dear to my heart. There’s also a kitchen I’d like to redo.

    Are you going to fight with people?

    People should not mistake my kindness for weakness. If somebody comes at me I will educate them.

  • Metta World Peace

    What was your reaction to finding out you made the cast of Celebrity Big Brother?

    I’d heard of the name Big Brother before. I didn’t realize that it was on TV for 20 years. My manager, told me, “Big Brother want’s you.” I said, “I don’t feel like watching it, and I don’t know what I’m getting into.” But now I heard that backstabbing is something that you have to be aware of, so I guess that’s something that I’m going to have to do to the people that try to beat me.

    Coming from the NBA are you going to play the game as a team or for yourself?

    It’s really about teamwork because you’re trying to win. The teamwork is a disguise, and it brings some coolness to the TV, but obviously we know we’re trying to win. I don’t want people to think that we’re on the same team when we’re not, so I’ll let them know straight up.

    When you hear Chenbot what do you think of?

    A robot that can shave your chins.

    What do you think of when you hear floaters grab a life vest?

    People that’s in water without a vest.

    What do you think of when you hear the term live feeder?

    A live feeder is somebody who is trying to eat everybody in the room.

    Who would you not want to see in the house?

    I really don’t care who’s in the house.

    Are you worried at all about being watched 24/7?

    I’d rather not be watched that definitely doesn’t excite me. But that’s the name of the game.  

    The grand prize is $250,000.  What are you playing  for?

    I'm definitely not playing to win $250,000. I’m playing for the enthusiasm.

    The experience?

    Yeah absolutely. I definitely don't want to make a fool out of myself for $250,000.

    If someone tries to fight with you, how do you deal with confrontation?

    I'm not dealing with that, (laughs.) I'm not coming on CBS to look like a fool. Absolutely not.

    What types of people are you going to align with and who are you going stay away from?

    I don't care who I align with. Things happen naturally.

    There are going to be a lot of physical competitions. Do you think you'll have a leg up on that?

    Maybe. I'm not in great shape though. Do people lose from not completing the physical activity?

    It can hurt you in the long run.

    Like points and stuff?