Dick Wolf's 'Chicago' Franchise: A Look Back at the Biggest Deaths So Far

10:10 AM 6/23/2017

by Kate Stanhope

With the fate of several series regulars left in question, THR looks back at the deaths that have redefined Dick Wolf's Chicago franchise.

Chicago Fire Still Monica Raymund - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of NBC

Chicago Fire left viewers reeling when the NBC drama wrapped its fifth season in May.

In the final moments of the episode, Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Mouch (Christian Stolte) both found themselves trapped inside a building during a dangerous fire. As Herrmann (David Eigenberg) desperately tried to help Mouch out of the building after the latter collapsed, Meanwhile, Casey radioed his wife Dawson (Monica Raymund) to tell how much he loved her. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me," he said. The episode ended leaving much of the team's fates in question.

While it was an emotional episode to be sure, Fire and the rest of Dick Wolf's Chicago franchise are already very well acquainted with the grim reaper. Ever since the pilot episode of the flagship series, which opened with the death of Casey and Severide's longtime friend and colleague Andy Darden, the trio of Windy City-set procedurals have never shied away from showing the sometimes deadly consequences of their dangerous professions.

THR looks back at the nine biggest deaths in franchise history (so far).

  • Hallie Thomas (Teri Reeves)

    Before "Dawsey" became endgame on the flagship series, Casey was juggling two love interests: his paramedic and close friend Dawson, and his on-and-off fiance Hallie. After breaking off their engagement early in season one, Casey and Hallie seemed poised to reunite when she was killed in a fire after she discovered that one of her colleagues was selling medication to drug dealers out of their clinic. The search for Hallie's killer helped Casey mend fences with Voight (Jason Beghe) and paved the way for Casey and Dawson to (eventually) get together for the long-term.

  • Julia Willhite (Melissa Sagemiller)

    Detective Julia Whillhite was first introduced as Antonio's partner in the backdoor pilot for Chicago P.D. during season one of Chicago Fire. However, many of the cast members introduced departed the project before the show's official series premiere, including Sagemiller, whose character was murdered during an investigation in the first episode. The death sent shockwaves through the rest of the Intelligence Unit and showed viewers that, like Chicago Fire, its spinoff wasn't afraid of killing off major character.

  • Rebecca Jones (Daisy Betts)

    In the second season of the firefighter drama, Dawson crossed paths with Rebecca Jones when the two were training to become firefighters. Jones went onto join the team at Firehouse 51 as their candidate but difficulties fitting in with the tight-knit group, as well as constant pressure from her father, the chief of the fire department, took its toll. Midway through season two, Jones took her own life. Her shocking decision, while saddening, also recommitted Dawson to becoming a firefighter.

  • Sheldon Jin (Archie Kao)

    A series regular during the abbreviated first season, Kao's character was the Intelligence Unit's tech and surveillance expert. That is until Voight learned he was leaking information to Internal Affairs -- a job which ultimately cost him his life. Shortly after Voight fired him for leaking intel, Jin was murdered. Intelligence later came to discover it was his Internal Affairs handler that was responsible. On the upside, Jin was replaced by fan-favorite recurring character Mouse (Samuel Hunt), an old war buddy of Halstead's.

  • Leslie Shay (Lauren German)

    The series closed out its second season with a huge cliffhanger teasing the death of one of its own during a dangerous building fire. However, when it was revealed months later that Shay was the victim in the season three premiere, it sent shockwaves through the fandom. Shay was not only one of the show's most beloved characters, but also one of the few LGBTQ characters in the entire Chicago franchise. German memorably reprised her role in the season three premiere, appearing in a flashback alongside TV BFF Taylor Kinney.

  • Nadia Decotis (Stella Maeve)

    While the Intelligence Unit at District 21 have lost many loved ones over the years (see: Olinsky's daughter, Platt's father, Voight's son), Nadia's murder may still rank as the cop drama's most heartbreaking goodbye. She first surfaced on the series in season one as a former escort and drug addict working as a confidential informant for Antonio. However, the recurring character went onto form a close bond with Lindsay, with whom she moved in while she was working as an aide and studying to become a cop. However, she was murdered by serial killer Greg Yates in season two when she was picking up a cake for Lindsay's birthday. Her death sent Lindsay on a downward spiral that resulted in her (temporarily) leaving the CPD at the end of season two.

  • Dr. Downey (Gregg Henry)

    The doctors at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center see death everyday but Dr. Downey's was a tough pill to swallow for the entire staff and Dr. Rhodes in particular. He came to town midway through the first season as rock star surgeon who takes Connor under his wing and the two formed a tough but tight bond. In the final episodes of season one, it was revealed that Dr. Downey was battling cancer, which spread to his brain and killed him in the season finale. Connor paid tribute by spreading mentor in the finale by traveling to his favorite place, Hawaii, to spread his ashes.

  • Justin Voight (Josh Segarra)

    Justin had always caused trouble for his police officer dad. On Chicago Fire, it was Justin's DUI that pitted Voight against Casey. Then in season one of P.D., he was an accomplice to the murder of a man with mob connections before Voight forced him to leave town and enroll in the Army. However, Justin eventually returned to town, at least occasionally, when he became a father. Despite seeming to get his life back on track, Justin was murdered in the season three finale. Voight got revenge by killing his son's murderer and then covering it up. Although ever stoic, Justin's death left Voight even more isolated after the death of his wife years earlier.

  • Anna Turner (Charlotte Sullivan)

    Severide has carved the quite reputation for himself as a ladies' man in the Windy City thanks to his many romances over the years. However, he seemed to have (finally) met his match in season five when he decided to donate bone marrow to a nurse battling cancer and subsequently fell for her. After a temporary break, she moved to Chicago to be with him, only to have her cancer return. It was only a matter of days before she died in the hospital with a tearful Severide by her side.