'Ford v Ferrari,' 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Sound Mixers Among CAS Nominees

7:00 AM 12/10/2019

by Carolyn Giardina

Disney's photoreal CG retelling of 'The Lion King' was nominated in the CAS' animated feature category, though the studio didn't enter it in the animated feature Oscar race.

Once Upon a Time_Ford v Ferrari_Split - Publicity - H 2019
Andrew Cooper/Sony Pictures; Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

The sound mixing teams from Ford v. Ferrari, Joker, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Rocketman and The Irishman are the feature nominees of the Cinema Audio Society's 56th annual CAS Awards for outstanding achievement in sound mixing, which will be handed out Feb. 25 at the Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown.

In six of the past 10 years, the winner of the feature category went on to claim the Oscar in sound mixing. That was the case a year ago, when the sound mixing team from Bohemian Rhapsody won both awards. In fact, Ford v Ferrari's nominated rerecording mixer Paul Massey was on that Oscar-winning team a year ago.

Disney's photoreal CG retelling of The Lion King was nominated in the CAS' animated feature category, though the studio didn't enter it in the animated feature Oscar race. The sound mixers on The Lion King were nominated alongside the teams from Disney's Frozen 2, Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 4 and DreamWorks Animation's Abominable and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

The CAS nominees for feature documentaries include Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound (which features numerous members of CAS in the film), Apollo 11, Echo in the Canyon, Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool and Woodstock: 3 Days That Changed Everything.

Nominees in the various TV categories include Fleabag, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Deadliest Catch.

As previously announced, Ford v Ferrari director James Mangold is scheduled to receive the CAS Filmmaker Award and rerecording mixer Tom Fleischman (a nominee for The Irishman) will accept the Career Achievement Award during the ceremony.

A complete list of nominees is below.

  • Motion Picture — Live Action

    Ford v Ferrari
    Production Mixer – Steven A. Morrow CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Paul Massey CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – David Giammarco CAS
    Scoring Mixer – Tyson Lozensky
    ADR Mixer – David Betancourt
    Foley Mixer – Richard Duarte

    Production Mixer – Tod Maitland CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Dean A Zupancic
    Rerecording Mixer – Tom Ozanich
    Scoring Mixer – Daniel Kresco
    ADR Mixer – Thomas J. O’Connell
    Foley Mixer – Richard Duarte

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
    Production Mixer – Mark Ulano CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Michael Minkler CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Christian Minkler CAS
    Foley Mixer – Kyle Rochlin

    Production Mixer – John Hayes
    Rerecording Mixer – Mike Prestwood Smith
    Rerecording Mixer – Mathew Collinge
    ADR Mixer – Mark Appleby
    Foley Mixer – Glen Gathard

    The Irishman
    Production Mixer – Tod Maitland CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Tom Fleischman CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Eugene Gearty
    ADR Mixer – Mark DeSimone CAS
    Foley Mixer – George A. Lara CAS

  • Motion Picture — Animated

    Original Dialogue Mixer – Tighe Sheldon
    Rerecording Mixer – Myron Nettinga
    Scoring Mixer – Nick Wollage
    Foley Mixer – David Jobe

    Frozen II
    Original Dialogue Mixer – Paul McGrath CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – David E. Fluhr CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Gabriel Guy CAS
    Song Mixer – David Boucher
    Scoring Mixer – Greg Hayes
    ADR Mixer – Doc Kane CAS
    Foley Mixer – Scott Curtis

    How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
    Original Dialogue Mixer – Tighe Sheldon
    Rerecording Mixer – Gary A. Rizzo CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Scott R. Lewis
    Rerecording Mixer – Shawn Murphy
    Foley Mixer – Blake Collins CAS

    The Lion King
    Original Dialogue Mixer – Ronald Judkins CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Lora Hirschberg
    Rerecording Mixer – Christopher Boyes
    Scoring Mixer – Alan Meyerson CAS
    Foley Mixer – Blake Collins CAS

    Toy Story 4
    Original Dialogue Mixer – Doc Kane CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Michael Semanick CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Nathan Nance
    Scoring Mixer – David Boucher
    ADR Mixer – Vince Caro CAS
    Foley Mixer – Scott Curtis

  • Motion Picture — Documentary

    Apollo 11
    Re recording Mixer – Eric Milano
    Rerecording Mixer – Brian Eimer

    Echo in the Canyon
    Rerecording Mixer – Chris Jenkins
    Rerecording Mixer – Paul Karpinski

    Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound
    Production Mixer – David J. Turner
    Rerecording Mixer – Tom Myers
    Scoring Mixer – Dan Blanck
    Foley Mixer – Frank Rinella

    Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool
    Production Mixer – Gautam Choudhury
    Rerecording Mixer – Benny Mouthon CAS

    Woodstock: 3 Days That Changed Everything
    Rerecording Mixer – Kevin Peters

  • Television Movie or Miniseries

    Apollo: Missions to the Moon
    Rerecording Mixer – John Warrin

    Production Mixer – Vincent Piponnier
    Rerecording Mixer – Stuart Hilliker
    ADR Mixer – Gibran Farrah
    Foley Mixer – Philip Clements

    Deadwood: The Movie
    Production Mixer – Geoffrey Patterson CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – John W. Cook II CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Bill Freesh CAS

    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
    Production Mixer – Phillip W. Palmer CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Larry B. Benjamin CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Kevin Valentine
    ADR Mixer – Chris Navarro CAS
    Foley Mixer – Stacey Michaels CAS

    True Detective: The Great War and Modern Memory
    Production Mixer – Geoffrey Patterson CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Greg Orloff CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Tateum Kohut CAS
    Scoring Mixer – Biff Dawes CAS
    ADR Mixer – Chris Navarro CAS
    Foley Mixer – Nerses Gezalyan

  • Television Series — 1 Hour

    Game of Thrones: "The Bells"
    Production Mixer – Ronan Hill CAS
    Production Mixer –Simon Kerr
    Production Mixer – Daniel Crowley
    Rerecording Mixer – Onnalee Blank CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Mathew Waters CAS
    Foley Mixer – Brett Voss CAS

    Peaky Blinders: "Mr. Jones"
    Production Mixer – Stu Wright
    Rerecording Mixer – Nigel Heath
    Rerecording Mixer – Brad Rees
    Scoring Mixer – Jimmy Robertson
    ADR Mixer – Oliver Brierley
    Foley Mixer – Ciaran Smith

    Stranger Things: "Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt"
    Production Mixer – Michael Rayle
    Rerecording Mixer – Mark Paterson
    Rerecording Mixer – William Files
    Scoring Mixer – Hector Carlos Ramirez
    ADR Mixer – Bill Higley CAS
    Foley Mixer – Peter Persuad CAS

    The Handmaid’s Tale: "Heroic"
    Production Mixer – Sylvain Arseneault CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Lou Solakofski
    Rerecording Mixer – Joe Morrow
    Scoring Mixer – Adam Taylor
    ADR Mixer – Andrea Rusch
    Foley Mixer – Kevin Schultz

    Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan: "Persona Non Grata"
    Production Mixer – Michael Barosky
    Rerecording Mixer – Steve Pederson
    Rerecording Mixer – Daniel Leahy
    ADR Mixer – Benjamin Darier
    Foley Mixer – Brett Voss CAS

  • Television Series — 1/2 Hour

    Barry: "ronny/lily"
    Production Mixer – Benjamin A. Patrick CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Elmo Ponsdomenech CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Jason “Frenchie” Gaya
    ADR Mixer – Aaron Hasson
    Foley Mixer – John Sanacore CAS

    Fleabag: "Episode #2.6"
    Production Mixer – Christian Bourne
    Rerecording Mixer – David Drake
    ADR Mixer – James Gregory

    Modern Family: "A Year of Birthdays"
    Production Mixer – Stephen A. Tibbo CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Dean Okrand CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Brian R. Harman CAS
    ADR Mixer – Matt Hovland
    Foley Mixer – David Torres CAS

    Russian Doll: "The Way Out"
    Production Mixer – Phil Rosati
    Rerecording Mixer – Lewis Goldstein
    Rerecording Mixer – Thomas Ryan
    ADR Mixer – Jerrell Suelto
    Foley Mixer – Wen Hsuan-Tseng

    Veep: "Veep Episode 707"
    Production Mixer – William MacPherson CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – John W. Cook II CAS
    Rerecording Mixer – Bill Freesh CAS
    Scoring Mixer – Scott Sheppard
    ADR Mixer – Jesse Dodd CAS
    Foley Mixer – Mike Marino

  • Television Non-Fiction, Variety or Music Series or Specials

    Country Music: "Will the Circle Be Unbroken? (1968-1972)"
    Production Mixer – Mark Roy
    Rerecording Mixer – Dominick Tavella
    Rerecording Mixer – Chris Chae

    David Bowie: "Finding Fame"
    Production Mixer – Sean O’Neil
    Rerecording Mixer – Greg Gettens

    Deadliest Catch: "Sixty Foot Monster Episode 1512"
    Rerecording Mixer – Bob Bronow CAS

    Formula 1: "Drive to Survive: The Next Generation"
    Rerecording Mixer – Nick Fry
    Rerecording Mixer – Steve Speed
    Rerecording Mixer – James Evans

    Hitsville: "The Making of Motown"
    Production Mixer – Pete Orlanski
    Rerecording Mixer – Richard Kondal
    Foley Mixer – Victor Shcheglov

  • Product — Production

    Lectrosonics, Inc.: D Squared Digital Wireless Mic System
    Schoeps Mikrofone: CMC 1 U Miniature Colette Series Amplifier Body
    Shure Incorporated: Shure Axient Digital
    Sound Devices, LLC: Scorpio
    Zaxcom: Nova

  • Product — Post

    FabFilter: Pro Q3 Equalizer
    iZotope, Inc.: Dialogue Match
    Leapwing Audio: DynOne 3
    Sound Radix Ltd.: Auto-Align Post
    Todd-AO: Absentia DX v2.2.3