CinemaCon Serves Up New Ways to Pig Out At The Movies

6:30 AM 3/31/2017

by Carolyn Giardina

Bavarian pretzels, caramel M&Ms, frozen margaritas — the multiplex menu keeps expanding.

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Who needs popcorn? As theater owners offer an ever-increasing array of dining options to lure moviegoers from their home and boost their own bottom line, CinemaCon, the annual exhibitors convention, provided a whole menu of new items. On the convention floor, alongside the latest in giant digital projectors as well as the current crop of popcorn poppers, concessionaires invited theater owners to sample their wares. Here's a look at some of this year's tastiest bites — as well as comfortable seating to enjoy them in.

  • J&J Snack Foods

    Carolyn Giardina

    These would have gone great with that German comedy Toni Erdmann. J&J Snack Foods aimed to capture the feel of Bavaria with an overflowing pretzel spread on the exhibition floor.

  • Nathan's Famous

    Carolyn Giardina

    So you're in training for the annual July Fourth Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Content, that doesn't mean you can't take in the latest summer blockbuster as part of your training routine. For among the hot dog vendors was — who else? — good old reliable Nathan's.

  • M&M's

    Carolyn Giardina

    Melt's in your mouth, not in your hand: M&M's was handing out samples of its new caramel-flavored M&M's, which will roll out on May 1.

  • The Icee Company

    Carolyn Giardina

    Looking for more of an adult beverage? The frozen margaritas were flowing on the exhibition floor, courtesy of The Icee Company.

  • 4DX Motion Chairs

    Getty Images for 4DX

    Of course, after loading up on all those snacks, you do risk become seat-sick, especially if you opt for one of CJ 4DPlex's new 4D motion chairs with "Twist and Sway" features. (CJ happily reported that it's entering Australia's market via a new partnership with Village Cinemas.)

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