5 Fashion Takeaways From Coachella 2017

12:05 PM 4/24/2017

by Sam Reed

Coachella kicked off festival season with a bang, and introduced 5 new trends you'll likely spot at fests throughout the summer.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

At the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, which wrapped its run of Molly-fueled partying April 23, fashion ran the gamut from the good (Gucci), to the bad (designer-label underwear-as-outerwear), to the downright offensive (Native American headdresses).

  • Gucci Takes the Stage

    Oliver Sim of The xx in Gucci
    Oliver Sim of The xx in Gucci
    Sam Reed

    Members of The xx, Lemon Twigs and Tennis were officially dressed by the brand, while Rihanna rolled up in a fresh-off-the-runway bedazzled bodysuit and face mask, tattered Gucci tank top and cutoffs.

  • Designer Skivvies

    Samantha Reed

    The newest way to show off designer love? 
On exposed elastic bra straps 
and waistbands, which touted “Christian Dior,” “Moschino” and “Opening Ceremony” in the style of Marky Mark’s classic Calvin Klein briefs (also a popular pick). 

  • Native No-No

    Yes, in 2017, festivalgoers still are wearing Native American headdresses despite outcries of cultural appropriation. Curiously, the look only seemed 
to be popular in the VIP section of the fest, where tickets went 
for $899.

  • Space Buns Took Off

    Delilah Belle Hamlin, daughter of Harry Hamlin, sported the double-bun tribute to Princess Leia.

  • Lebowski's Bathrobe

    Sam Reed

    Is Jeff Bridges’ stoner hero the next fashion icon for bros? Bathrobes and kimonos were spotted all over the Polo fields — even Sean Combs tried the trend on for 
size with long silk robes in black and red.