Comic-Con: Where Street Style Takes On A Whole New Meaning

1:18 PM 7/25/2016

by Mia Galuppo

A hand-made Captain American Minion crossover and a spot-on rendition of the new Ghostbusters team are some highlights seen at this year's convention.

ComicCon Cosplay H 2016
Mia Galuppo

Street style takes on a whole new meaning at San Diego Comic-Con.

It's less about who you are wearing, and more about who you are. Running around outside of Hall H, you can find everyone — and everything — from Disney's Little Mermaid to a crew full of Predators — braids, fangs and all.

As with any sort of style, it's all in the details. (Does that Boba Fett armor have the right shade of green? Is that Dothraki ponytail long enough?) And beauty can be pain, especially when you are wearing a full-bodied, felt Minion suit and it is a balmy 80 degrees outside.

Below are some highlights spotted walking around the convention floor.

  • Beaker ('The Muppets')

    Why Beaker?

    Matt Edrich: Muppets has always been one of my favorite shows as a kid and Beaker was my favorites, other than the Sweedish Chef. I'll probably cosplay as him next year.

    What are you most looking forward to at Comic-Con?

    All of the meet-ups, like the Star Wars meet-up. Or Artist's Alley.

  • L-R: 90s Rogue ('X-Men'), Starlord (Guardians of the Galaxy'), Green Arrow ('Arrow')

    What parts of the costume did you make? 

    Nadine Gritten: I made it all, actually. I worked with my mom, she is a seamstress. We got all of the spandex from the fabric store and put it all together. And then I have two wigs. The hair is the character.

    Why did you choose Starlord?

    Justin Gritten: Is 'the movie' a good enough answer?

    How many times have you seen it?

    Nadine: 20...

    Justin: I need more than two hands to count.

    Why did you choose Green Arrow?

    Ben Fortier: It fit my body type. This is actually my first Comic-Con.

    Nadine: We forced him to go with us.

    And you two are married?

    Nadine: Yeah. The couple that cosplays together, stays together.


  • Captain America Minion ('Captain America,' 'Despicable Me')

    Why did you want to be a minion?

    Kaela: I have a really weird obsession with minions.

    How did you make the costume?

    My mom found a minions costumes on Ebay and then she made the Captain America costume for it.

    Why did you want your minion dressed up as Captain America?

    My dad loves Captain America, and he is dressed as Captain America, so we are kind of matching.

  • Maria ('The Book of Life')

    How long did it take you to get the look together?

    Cynthia Lucia: One week. That's it. And the candles were last minute. My husband found them the day before. 

    How much of the costume did you make?

    I bought the dress and sewed on the arms and glue-gunned on the flowers. We had to make a cardboard base for the candles so they wouldn't fall. And then I made the hat from scratch.

  • L-R: Erin Gilbert, Abby Yates, Jillian Holtzmann ('Ghostbusters')

    How did you get your costumes together?

    Tiffany Butler (Gilbert):  A lot of yards sales and home depot.

    Tammy Presley (Yates): My dad's garage, too.

    Why did you decide to dress as the new Ghostbusters?

    Angie Leum (Holtzmann): We figured we looked a lot like them.

    Butler: I think Tammy suggested this in March and I said, 'If we are doing this we have to commit and go all the way.'

    Presley: I thought we were going to get a lot more flack for being the new Ghostbusters but everyone has been really cool.

    Leum: Especially little girls. 

    Butler: Ya their faces go nuts when they see the proton guns.


  • Batgirl/Barbara Gordon ('Batgirl')

    How much of the costume did you make?

    Alissa Vazquez: I bought the jacket online and the shoes are from Amazon, but I made the belt and the pants myself off of somebody's blog. I sewed them myself, but not very well.

    Why did you choose Batgirl?

    Vazquez: I have always loved Batgirl, especially this new rendition-- Batgirl of Burnside. She is relatable to me; I am a college student and my dad is a cop. And she kicks ass. 


  • Boo ('Monsters Inc.')

    How did you make your Boo?

    Anika Ito: Lots of upholstery foam and super strength glue. It took about a week to get it all done.

    Is Monsters, Inc. your favorite Pixar movie?

    Ito: No. I actually love the Incredibles. I did Edna Mode a couple of years ago.


  • Anna ('Frozen')

    Did you make the dress yourself?

    Lindsay: Yes. I hand-painted all of the paterns using a stencil I made. It was really time-consuming.

    When did you decide you were going to cosplay Anna?

    Like a week ago. I knew I wanted to do something Disney and I thought there were going to be a lot of Elsas.

  • Kiki ('Kiki's Delivery Service')

    Why did you want to go as Kiki?

    Jenni Dillon: She is my favorite character from a Studio Ghibili film. 

    How did you get the costume together?

    It's funny because I usually cosplay and I feel like I spend a lot of time on a lot of my costumes but this is from last Halloween. It was last minute and I had this dress so I went out and found a bow and went to Japan town in the bay area and found the cat, Jiji.