Late-Night Lately: Conan in Australia, "Game of Jones," Hosts on the Mueller Report

8:00 AM 4/20/2019

by THR staff

The Hollywood Reporter's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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So pour your coffee, set your DVR for the week and sit back. Below are a few of the week's best, funniest and strangest late-night moments that you can't afford to miss.

This week: Conan O'Brien returned with another travel special, this time in Australia, where he learned "footy," survived the Outback and learned the lingo. On Sunday, John Oliver explained the opioid crisis with Bryan Cranston, Michael Keaton, Michael K. Williams and Richard Kind. SNL's Leslie Jones returned to Late Night With Seth Meyers to enthusiastically watch Game of Thrones with the NBC host. And, of course, the hosts tackled the Mueller Report on Thursday along with the many responses from the Trump administration. 

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman 

  • Conan O'Brien Survives the Outback in Australia Special

    In Conan Without Borders: Australia, Conan O'Brien learned how to speak like a native Aussie, survive the Outback, become a Bondi Beach lifeguard and play Australia Rules football, or "footy." His inspiration for the trip came from Hugh Jackman, who sent him a "threatening" video in which Jackman mentioned that O'Brien has been "everywhere around the world — except Australia. It's almost like you're going out of your way not to go to Australia."

    So O'Brien told his audience: "When Hugh Jackman tells you to do something, you do it." 

    Embarking on his trip, he sat down first with a dialect coach who explained the ins and outs of an Australian accent and introduced the host to key Australian slang terms like "brekkie," "budgie smugglers" and "root rat." In addition to the dialect expert, O'Brien sat down with some locals to try out their speech patterns. They informed him that Aussies frequently add the letter "o" to the end of their names when talking about friends, so the host became "Con-o." The three men then pretended to be friends and used as much local slang as they could — complete with O'Brien's exaggerated Australian accent.

    O'Brien met up with wildlife expert Kevin Newton to learn about the nation's deadly spiders, insects and snakes before (mostly unsuccessfully) venturing out to find some of the creatures themselves. Later, he prepped for a day at Bondi Beach by trying out sun gear, including a giant tub of SPF 50, at a Cancer Council shop. O'Brien then met up with a trio of Bondi lifeguards to "get a good rescue montage" out of them in which O'Brien needed rescuing while attempting to surf.

  • Leslie Jones Returns to 'Late Night' for "Game of Jones"

    Game of Thrones fanatic Leslie Jones returned to Late Night With Seth Meyers once again to break down the latest episode of the show in the recurring segment "Game of Jones." 

    Watching the final season premiere, Jones walked Meyers through the plot and entanglements of the characters. After Meyers pointed out that the opening credits were different, Jones expressed how proud she was of the late-night host for being so attentive for noticing "the new lands." After Jones spent time screaming and cheering at the dragons onscreen, Meyers said he would be fearful if Jones ever owned her own dragon. "There’s no one I’d rather have a dragon than you, but I also would not trust you with one," he said, to which Jones agreed. "You better never trust me with a dragon. They shoot fire and fly? That means I’m doing drive-bys every weekend!"

    While watching the episode, Meyers asked Jones for her thoughts on the buzz that the premiere episode was "boring." "Blasphemy," she screamed. "Anybody said that you start unfollowing me right now because you obviously don’t watch GOT and you don’t know this is a transition episode."

    Before the episode ended, Meyers asked Jones what she would do once the show concludes. "I’m going to make my own Game of Thrones," she said, also explaining that she would play "all" of the characters.

  • Hosts Interpret Redacted Mueller Report, Press Conference

    Late-night hosts tackled Thursday's biggest news story — the redacted Mueller report released by the Justice Department, the result of a two-year investigation and the subject of endless speculation. The report revealed, among other things, that President Trump feared that the appointment of a special counsel to lead an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election meant "the end of [his] presidency" and argued that the president on multiple occasions tried to convince people to influence or stop the investigation.

    Colbert took Attorney General William Barr to task for stating in a press conference about the report that Mueller did not make his decision on obstruction based at least in part on the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel ruling not to indict a sitting president, as the report mentions the OLC ruling as a factor in the conclusions. "So Barr knowingly sat up there and said a bald-faced lie," Colbert said. "The president must be so proud." 

    Colbert also took on Trump responding to Barr's press conference with a Game of Thrones meme. (HBO responded.) "If you needed any more proof that this was just a thinly disguised coordinated campaign event, the instant Barr's press conference ended, Trump tweeted this Game of Thrones-themed image saying, 'No collusion. No obstruction. For the haters and the radical left Democrats — Game Over,"' Colbert read the tweet, which included an image of Trump walking through smoke. "That picture, by the way, is Trump posing next to all the smoke William Barr just blew up his ass."

    Seth Meyers first shared Trump's statement that the Mueller investigation is "the worst thing to ever happen" to him. "Said Eric, 'Yes! Out of last place,'" joked the host.

    Meyers added that the media also speculated about when the investigation would end. "Now the report is finally here, but before he had any idea of what was in the report, Trump spent weeks declaring victory and setting incredibly high expectations for how the full report would totally and completely vindicate him of everything," he continued, adding in a Trump voice: '"The Mueller report is great. It exonerates me. I've never read it. I don't care about it.'"

    He added: "You're like a terrible boyfriend who keeps giving mixed messages."

    Over on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host said he wasn't surprised by Barr's support of Trump during the press conference. A clip followed of Barr pulling off a mask and revealing himself to be Sarah Huckabee Sanders. "There's a reason that Bill Barr is so determined," he said. "Anyway, sometimes the Mission: Impossible movies just write themselves."

    Kimmel said that some people had a difficult time understanding what it means to have the documents redacted. In order to help people understand what the redaction means, the team at Jimmy Kimmel Live! put together "an informative and musical explanation." A Schoolhouse Rock-themed clip followed. A young girl told a floating pen called Redaction Jackson that she was delivering the Mueller report to Congress. "Blanking out words and phrases and clauses," the character sang about the redaction process. "So the POTUS doesn't wind up behind bars."

    Jimmy Fallon sang a Mueller report-inspired rendition of The Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," which he redid as "(Can't Take No) Redactions."

    James Corden summarized some of the points made in the report. "Let's put it this way. Trump got into the White House about as legitimately as Lori Loughlin's daughter got into USC," he said.

    He added that Trump didn't get charged with obstruction for his efforts to interfere with the Russia investigation because his aides wouldn't follow his instructions. "Trump is so ineffective, he somehow managed to make his own campaign follow the law," he said. "Forget colluding with the Russians. Trump couldn't even collude with his own staff."

  • Michael Keaton, Bryan Cranston Help John Oliver Dramatize Opioid Epidemic

    John Oliver took a deep dive into the opioid crisis with the help of some famous actors on Sunday's Last Week Tonight, explaining that Purdue Pharma exec Richard Sackler and his family have been accused of playing a major part in the epidemic. Oliver said that Sackler was pushing addictive pain medications like OxyContin and continued to advocate for the drugs even after the company learned about the danger they posed.

    The host said Sackler rarely makes public comments: "This invisibility feels deliberate." Oliver said that he's "painfully aware" of how difficult it is to tell Sackler's story without any video clips of the businessman, so he instead recruited Michael Keaton and more actors to read off Sackler's rare comments about the epidemic.

    The host addressed the camera and asked the stand-in Sackler how he felt that OxyContin had killed 59 people in one state. Keaton quoted, "That's not too bad. It could've been far worse."

    "You should know Michael Keaton is not the only actor we got to play Richard Sackler," he said before he introduced the actor "responsible for playing one of the greatest drug dealers in the history of television." Bryan Cranston then reenacted scenes as Sackler, before The Wire actor Michael K. Williams and Richard Kind joined in. 

  • Mark Hamill Talks Trolling Fans: "What Are They Gonna Do, Fire Me?"

    Mark Hamill loves to tease Star Wars fans, and he doesn't really care if the Disney powers that be like it or not, or so he told Seth Meyers on Late Night

    The actor joked that he took on his new role in Knightfall for a "challenge," because "eventually Star Wars is going to go away." He added, "[Star Wars: Episode IX] comes out in December, so I only have eight months of trolling left."

    "I love to tease the fans online," he continued. "It drives them crazy. I'm sure Disney is not happy about it, but what are they gonna do, fire me? It's too late."

    "How can you not have fun with it though? People say, 'What was it like doing those movies?' and we just laughed all day long," he recounted of his work on the space saga. Hamill said castmate Harrison Ford "was too cool for school" and joked that Ford would make an excellent director "if he wasn't so lazy." 

    Growing serious, Hamill recounted the awe he remembers feeling at being on the set of the first Star Wars movies. "I'd have this moment of self awareness: To my right is one of the most venerated actors of the 20th century, Sir Alec Guinness [who played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original trilogy], to my left is an 8-foot guy in a dog costume wearing headphones," he said, laughing.

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