Critic's Picks: Who Should Win the Razzies

6:00 AM 3/2/2018

by Frank Scheck

THR critic Frank Scheck has the dubious distinction of having seen all the nominated films and performances. Here are his picks.

The Emoji Movie, The Mummy and Transformers- The Last Knight- Photofest-H 2018
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If it were televised, the Golden Raspberry Awards, commonly known as The Razzies, would probably attract a bigger audience than the Oscars. Far more moviegoers, after all, have seen nominees like Fifty Shades Darker, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Transformers: The Last Knight than such prestigious but much lower-grossing Oscar contenders as Call Me by Your Name and Phantom Thread. Not to mention the fact that the ceremony would probably be a lot more fun than those boring old Oscars, the occasional Best Picture announcement mishap notwithstanding.

Since I boast the dubious distinction of having seen all the Razzie-nominated films, here's who I think deserves to win the Razzies, which will be announced in a ceremony on March 3.

  • Worst Picture

    The Emoji Movie
    Fifty Shades Darker
    The Mummy
    Transformers: The Last Knight

    As always, a fiercely competitive category. Yet, it somehow feels incomplete. The Razzies should take a hint from the Oscars and increase the number of nominees to ten. God knows there were enough contenders this year, including Geostorm, The Shack, CHIPS, The Snowman, The Book of Henry…the list goes on and on. But it's no contest. The prize should go to the execrable Emoji Movie. After all, how can you deny a film featuring Poop as a main character?

  • Worst Actress

    Katherine Heigl, Unforgettable
    Dakota Johnson, Fifty Shades Darker
    Jennifer Lawrence, mother!
    Tyler Perry, Boo! 2: A Madea Halloween
    Emma Watson, The Circle

    Jennifer Lawrence, a critic's darling, seems out of place here, even if her film proved wildly polarizing. It could be argued that Perry's placement in the category is a bit of a cheat, although I'm certainly not going to make that case. Some maintain that Watson was robbed by not being dually nominated for her off-key singing in Beauty and the Beast. Johnson is truly terrible in Fifty Shades, but she's also the only reason it's worth watching. By process of elimination, then, the winner should be Heigl, if only for her uncanny channeling of Ivanka Trump in the forgettable Unforgettable.

  • Worst Actor

    Zac Efron, Baywatch
    Tom Cruise, The Mummy
    Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
    Jamie Dornan, Fifty Shades Darker
    Mark Wahlberg, Daddy's Home 2 and Transformers: The Last Knight

    Depp is in the relatively rare position of receiving a Razzie nod for playing a role for which he was previously Oscar nominated. Cruise was indeed awful in The Mummy, but he was very good in American Made, so it's a draw. Jamie Dornan has already won for playing Christian Grey, so we should spread the wealth. While Wahlberg was working with terrible material in both films for which's he's nominated, he wasn't actually that bad in either. Zac Efron, who's proved that he can be a good actor when he keeps his shirt on, takes the prize.

  • Worst Supporting Actor

    Anthony Hopkins, Collide and Transformers: The Last Knight
    Javier Bardem, mother! and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
    Russell Crowe, The Mummy
    Josh Duhamel, Transformers: The Last Knight
    Mel Gibson, Daddy's Home 2

    Bardem was kind of fun in Pirates, while Crowe's work in The Mummy was an inoffensive cash grab. Nominating Duhamel is like shooting fish in a barrel, and Gibson is actually the best thing in Daddy's Home 2, although that's not saying much. Granted, Hopkins has done even worse films than the two for which he's nominated here, but he deserves the award for the most egregious squandering of talent.

  • Worst Supporting Actress

    Susan Sarandon, A Bad Moms Christmas
    Kim Basinger, Fifty Shades Darker
    Sofia Boutella, The Mummy
    Laura Haddock, Transformers: The Last Knight
    Goldie Hawn, Snatched

    A lightweight line-up. Sarandon deserves to win, for the same reason as Hopkins.

  • Worst Screen Combo

    Any Two Obnoxious Emojis, The Emoji Movie
    Any Combination of Two Characters, Two Sex Toys or Two Sexual Positions, Fifty Shades Darker
    Any Combination of Two Humans, Two Robots or Two Explosions, Transformers: The Last Knight
    Johnny Depp & His Worn Out Drunk Routine, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
    Tyler Perry & Either the Ratty Old Dress or Worn Out Wig, Boo! 2: A Madea Halloween

    The Emoji Movie. Because there are so many obnoxious emojis from which to choose.

  • Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel

    Fifty Shades Darker (WINNER)


    BOO 2: A Madea Halloween

    The Mummy

    Transformers: The Last Knight

  • Worst Director

    Anthony Leonidis, The Emoji Movie
    Darren Aronfsky, mother!
    Michael Bay, Transformers, The Last Knight
    James Foley, Fifty Shades Darker
    Alex Kurtzman, The Mummy

    Aronofsky shouldn't even be on this list — he at least tried to do something original. Leonidis should win. After all, Worst Pictures don't direct themselves.

  • Worst Screenplay

    The Emoji Movie
    Fifty Shades Darker
    The Mummy
    Transformers: The Last Knight

    Worst Pictures don't write themselves either. The Emoji Movie should take the prize once again.