From 'Family Guy' to 'Detective Pikachu': 5 of Ryan Reynolds' Animated Voice Roles

8:30 AM 5/6/2019

by Jessica Ariel Wendroff

The actor has voiced many roles over the years, with his latest animated film, in which he brings Pikachu to life, set to hit theaters May 10.

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Photofest; Getty Images; Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Ryan Reynolds stays true to his voice in all of the animated roles the star takes on — at least, according to his wife.

In a promotional video for his upcoming movie Detective Pikachu, Blake Lively playfully calls out her spouse, saying that Reynolds does not change his voice for the animated roles on his resume. Whether he steps into the skin of a caveman, the fur of a Pokémon or the shell of a snail, Reynolds’ vocal cords take shape in them all.

Audiences don’t seem to mind though: Deadpool 2 brought in $705 million globally, and The Croods raked in $573 million worldwide. These examples are just a few that illuminate how the Deadpool lead's raw humor and snarky personality are enough to keep audiences coming back for more.

As a bonus to making viewers laugh, Reynolds tends to voice characters who push for out-of-the box thinking, a hard work ethic and a strong moral code — whether that be to not give up, to find the light or what have you, a smidge of learning and value installment takes place between knee slaps. 

Below, take a look at a range of Reynolds' animated voice roles, including some that are surprising and unexpected.

  • 'Detective Pikachu'

    After all of these years, Pokémon fans finally get a glimpse into the coveted Pikachu’s thought process. When first peeking through his red and white Pokéball, many are shocked to find that Ryan Reynolds is the man who holds the Rosetta stone to the little yellow guy’s “Pika, Pika.” In Detective Pikachu, Reynolds’ Pikachu is exactly like Sherlock Holmes — that is, if Sherlock Holmes were a caffeine-addicted mouse the size of an overfed rabbit, fully capable of speaking and frying people with thunderbolts at a moment’s notice.

    Reynolds discussed his latest role in a promotional video he tweeted out. "As many of you know, I vanish into my roles,” he says. “I was on my way to picking up my daughters when I got the role,” he continued. “I didn’t show up. Because Detective Pikachu, he doesn’t know who those two are. Who are they? I immerse myself completely within the world of Pokémon. I read about him. I live in his height" (as an image of him laying on the floor while people walk around him flashes onscreen). “The point is my daughters, they may never see their dad again, but you can be damn sure that they’re looking up at that big screen this summer, and they’re going to see Detective Pikachu ... Pika, Pika.”

    The movie surges onscreen May 10.

  • 'Juggernaut'

    Not many people know that Ryan Reynolds voices Juggernaut in Deadpool 2 — the fact is a shock not only to audiences, but was a surprise for the cast of the Marvel film as well. When The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Stefan Kapicic, who plays Colossus in the franchise, he detailed how Reynolds caught him off guard with his secret CGI performance. 

    "Ryan is always there when I'm working on Colossus, helping me with the lines and giving me ideas," Kapicic said. "Then I saw Ryan getting into the CGI costume, and I'm like, 'What's going on, man? Did I miss something?'" 

    A la Mike Myers in the Austin Powers movies, Eddie Murphy in Norbit and Mel Brooks in Spaceballs, Reynolds puts on the good and evil hats of both hero (Deadpool) and villain (Juggernaut) in Deadpool 2.

  • 'Turbo'

    It only takes four words to sum up Turbo, and those four words are: small shell, big dreams. Despite the compact size of garden snail Theo, he attains the aspiration and competitive nature of a NASCAR driver.

    In this Dreamworks film, Reynolds delivers a positive message when lending his voice to the ambitious mollusc: to never give up on your dreams. With all of Theo's drive, practice, can-do attitude and relentlessness, he becomes the little snail that could.

    At the end of the film, (spoiler alert) Theo reigns supreme in the Indianapolis 500, and when his tiny body makes its way across the finish line, Theo turns his competitors into escargot.

  • 'The Croods'

    Innovative, brave, quirky, charming and survivalist are all adjectives that accurately describe Reynolds’ character, Guy, in The Croods.

    Here, Reynolds brings brains to the big screen. A master builder, in the blink of an eye, Guy can assemble an umbrella from a leaf and a belt from a living pet sloth. The prehistoric young adult has a sharp sense of style to match his razor-sharp mind. Masculine enough to front a seashell necklace, Guy is a few muscles short of being a full-blown cave Hercules.

    A man before his time, Guy dons a pair of jeans and is somehow able to improvise a “selfie” with the resources around him. Additionally, the quick thinker introduces the Croods to fire, and fashions shoes for them when they encounter coral too rough to walk on.

    In an interview with ScreenSlam, Reynolds self-proclaims himself the “pyromaniac shoe designer” of the film.

    Reynolds will be reprising his role as Guy in 2020 for The Croods 2.

  • 'Family Guy'

    Rocking a skin-tight shirt, a cartoon Reynolds appears in the Family Guy series on a few different occasions as Peter Griffin's neighbor.

    In one memorable episode, Reynolds playfully hits on Peter, causing the father of three to feel uncomfortable. Reynolds tickles Peter, coaxes him to touch him, appears shirtless in front of him on multiple occasions and even erotically feeds him during an allegedly platonic dinner date. When Peter confronts Reynolds with his suspicion that Reynolds wants to be his boyfriend, the chiseled cartoon character responds, offended, "I'm attracted to you in the way that a man is attracted to a woman, but I'm not gay."

    In Ryan Reynolds' guest-star appearance, the actor shows his chops for comedy when he makes himself the object of fun. A good sport, Reynolds is all for having his cartoon persona insinuate sexually charged moments with the likes of Peter Griffin, as long as it gets viewers to crack a smile.