Donald Trump: 10 Actors Who Have Portrayed the President

8:30 AM 8/29/2017

by Victoria Berggren

From Meryl Streep to Johnny Depp to Emmy nominee Alec Baldwin, actors and comedians have sported Trump's signature hairdo and outfit in their presidential impersonations.

Alec Baldwin on 'SNL'
Alec Baldwin on 'SNL'
Courtesy of Will Heath/NBC

Donald Trump has had many impersonators over the years.

From Johnny Depp's impersonation in the 1980s to Alec Baldwin's rendition on the most recent season of Saturday Night Live, many comedians and actors have successfully embodied the real estate mogul turned reality TV star turned commander-in-chief. Baldwin even earned an Emmy nomination for his role this year.

Read below to find a list of 11 of the most memorable portrayals of the president. (And click here to see 18 times in which Trump made cameos in film and television.)

  • Alec Baldwin

    Baldwin replaced SNL veteran Darrell Hammond as the show's resident Trump impersonator in 2016 during the presidential race. Since his first skit, based on the first presidential debate, Baldwin has appeared in several more Trump parodies throughout the latest SNL season and received an Emmy nom for his work.



  • Phil Hartman

    Hartman was the first SNL cast member to impersonate Trump, in 1988. His first performance chronicled the Trump family during Christmas.
  • Darrell Hammond

    Hammond played Trump in two SNL skits in 1999 and did not revisit the role until 2004. Between 2004-09, Hammond impersonated Trump more than any other SNL actor.

  • Jason Sudeikis

    Jason Sudeikis played Trump in one episode on SNL in which he was speaking on Fox News about Hurricane Sandy.

  • Bob DiBuono

    DiBuono impersonated Trump on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, where, in one episode, he satirizes Trump's "backstage ritual." 


  • Jimmy Fallon

    Fallon imitates Trump's rhetoric in a sketch on the Tonight Show. In addition to Tonight Show, Fallon was supposed to appear as Trump in a series of sketches on SNL, but ended up not participating in the show.


  • Meryl Streep

    In the past year, Donald Trump and Meryl Streep's feud has taken center stage, notably when she criticized him in her Golden Globes speech. Most recently, Streep parodied Trump in a stage production.



  • Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp channeled Trump for a "found" video from the 1980s for Funny or Die that co-starred Michaela Watkins as Trump's then-wife Ivana. Ron Howard narrates the movie that he supposedly unearthed in 2016, two decades later, with Trump as its writer, producer, director and star.

  • Anthony Atamanuik

    Atamanuik appears as Trump on his Comedy Central series The President Show. In one bit, Atamanuik as Trump talks incessantly about his birthday at a press conference.

  • Taran Killam

    Killam was cast as Trump for SNL's 2015 season. He appeared in several sketches, including " A Message From Donald & Melania Trump" and a Christmas skit. Killam left SNL later that season. 

    Aug. 29, 8:54 a.m. PT: Corrected details about The President Show.