Late-Night Lately: Dr. Evil Returns, John Oliver Takes on Sinclair, Jimmy Kimmel Battles Hannity

8:00 AM 4/7/2018

by THR Staff

THR's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

Courtesy of NBC (Myers) and ABC (Kimmel)

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So fill up your coffee, set your DVR for the week and sit back. Below are a few of the week's best, funniest and strangest late-night moments you can't afford to miss.

This week: Mike Myers' Dr. Evil returned to the screen to talk about the Trump White House, John Oliver kicked off a weeklong conversation about "must-run" videos from Sinclair Broadcasting and Jimmy Kimmel continued his war with Sean Hannity.

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman  

  • Mike Myers' Dr. Evil Returns as Ousted Trump Cabinet Member

    Sixteen years after the last Austin Power movie, Mike Myers returned as Dr. Evil for a spoof of the turnover in President Trump's administration during a Tonight Show monologue.

    Jimmy Fallon said on Wednesday that he had secured an interview with the latest departing cabinet member from the White House, who turned out to be Myers in full grey-suited and white-powdered regalia, to Fallon's surprise. "Dr. Evil?" he asked.

    "No, it's Adam Levine. Of course it's Dr. Evil, numbnuts," Myers responded. The pair then proceeded to talk about Evil's role in the White House before he was ousted: Myers said he was in line for the "Secretary of Evil" position, a position that was ultimately snatched up by Steve Bannon. 

    When Fallon asked what Evil did at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. instead, Myers responded, "Well, I was more of an ideas guy, really. The wall, that was all me. But I wanted it to be a moat filled with spiky blowfish. I didn't want the Mexicans to pay for it, I wanted Alec Baldwin to pay for it," referencing Trump's impersonator on Saturday Night Live. Myers also took credit for "The Space Force," or Trump's desired army in space, and "all the most evil plots."

    "Even deporting the Dreamers?" Fallon asked as a follow-up.

    "I'm evil but I'm not a monster," Myers responded.

  • John Oliver Slams "Cult" Sinclair for Anti-Media Segments


    John Oliver once again aimed fire at Sinclair Broadcast Group for its increasingly unsubtle and extreme conservative bias on Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight

    Oliver took an in-depth look at Sinclair last July, in which he highlighted how the little-noticed broadcast grab was potentially dangerous. On Sunday, he returned to the topic after a Deadspin video showing dozens of Sinclair newsrooms around the country parroting to camera the same Orwellian anti-media message went viral.

    The Deadspin story followed on a report from a CNN that Sinclair was forcing local newsrooms to air "must run" packages that were akin to "pro-Trump propaganda." Oliver replayed the Deadspin video and reiterated how dangerous and pernicious the "must run" segments were especially when people "realize the true effect of Sinclair’s reach and power.”

    He ended the segment by describing Sinclair and those who work there as a "brainwashed cult." Since then, the video has been closely scrutinized and one Sinclair producer quit over the videos, citing "obvious bias."

  • Kimmel Fires Back at Sean Hannity After Criticism of Melania Trump Jokes

    Jimmy Kimmel fired back after Fox News host Sean Hannity attacked his jokes about first lady Melania Trump.

    On Monday, Kimmel joked about the first lady's role in the White House Easter Egg Roll, saying that there was "not a chance she did one thing to help set that up" and impersonating her accent while she read children a picture book. "You know what this means: You could be first lady of the United States," he told his audience.

    Kimmel's remarks were slammed by Fox & Friends and the Hannity host on Thursday, with Hannity calling the segment "brutal" and Kimmel a "despicable disgrace." Hannity added, "Ass clown Kimmel. Now I'm gonna tell you something. What a disgrace. Hey, uh, Mr. Kimmel, she speaks five languages. How many languages do you speak?" 

    In his response on Thursday, Kimmel homed in on Hannity's use of the insult "ass clown." "What is an ass clown? I was thinking about it this morning; is it an ass that's a clown or a clown that lives in an ass, like a little Bozo bird in your butt cheeks? I honestly don't know. And more importantly, why is Sean Hannity fantasizing about clowns in the ass? Is this your thing at night? At 2 a.m., you got your laptop open to Breitbart, you sneak to hump a pillow from the Ivanka Trump collection, quietly, so your wife doesn't wake up and make you go to church?" Kimmel asked.

    "Sean Hannity's problem is, for eight years while Obama was president, he was unable to get an erection. And he tried everything: Viagra, Cialis, he tried looking at pictures of Paul Ryan with his shirt off, didn't work, went to office Christmas parties with Bill O'Reilly — nothing worked. But now that Trump is president, here's the twist: Sean Hannity is unable to have anything but an erection. He's had an erection since November of 2016, and it's driving him mad, he's lost his mind. This is the guy who defended the multiply alleged pedophile Roy Moore, and I'm the despicable disgrace, I'm the ass clown," Kimmel added. "If I'm an ass clown — and I very well might be — you, Sean, are the whole ass circus."

  • Kathy Griffin Debuts Kellyanne Conway Impression

    Courtesy of Comedy Central

    Kathy Griffin unveiled her impression of counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday's special edition of The President Show. During the Comedy Central show's Make America Great-a-Thon: A President Show Special, Anthony Atamanuik's Trump introduced Griffin's Conway as an act on the money-raising telethon spoof that entailed Conway defending "the worst people in history."

    "She's the cockroach of my administration, please welcome the lone survivor of the Bowling Green massacre," Atamanuik said. Griffin then sashayed onto the stage in a costume resembling Conway's infamous Gucci red, white and blue inauguration coat. 

    Griffin's Conway began her act by defending Bernie Madoff: "Did Bernie Madoff's investors go bankrupt? Yeah. But I find it interesting that the media used the words 'pyramid scheme.' Frankly, that's anti-Semitic, when you consider the terrible suffering of the Jewish people in Egypt at the time of the pharaoh." Of Jeffrey Dahmer, Griffin joked, "Everybody needs food to survive, and if your grocery store is closed, why not try the bus stop?" 

    The conceit of the special was to raise money for The President Show's Trump so that he can fund passion projects that Congress won't: the border wall with Mexico, infrastructure, "straight scouts" and "women."

  • Jenna Fischer Wears a Towel for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Interview

    Jenna Fischer strutted across the stage Monday on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, all the while wrapped in a bath towel. 

    Carrying a dress — which she eventually draped over the seat next to her — Fischer eventually explained that she had waited "a little too long" to get ready for Kimmel's show. When she went to put on her dress, the zipper broke. That's when she decided to don a towel and a pair of jeans.

    "I'm a Missouri girl," Fischer said. "And the show must go on." 

    The last-minute decision seemed to work in her favor, too. "I've never been more comfortable!" Fischer told Kimmel, who said he felt like he ran into her at a spa.

  • Late-Night Lineup: April 8-14

    Monday, April 9
    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Cardi B is joining Fallon as his late-night show's first-ever co-host. 

    The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: The CBS host has landed two powerhouses guests on Monday:  Amy Schumer and Madeleine Albright. 

    Wednesday, April 11
    Conan: TBS is airing its latest #ConanWithoutBorders, this time sending the host to Italy with his longtime friend/rival, Jordan Schlansky.