Election 2016: D.C.'s Top Political Media Stars

5:30 AM 4/6/2016

by Marisa Guthrie

The wildest campaign in recent memory — with 6 months to go — has given these vets a "yuuuge" opportunity to make a mark.

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  • Brett Baier and Chris Wallace

    Fox News


    Along with Megyn Kelly (pictured center), Baier, 45, and Wallace, 68, have subjected the Republican field to rigorous debate questioning, often exposing (with video) their reversals on issues. And when it became clear that the Democratic National Committee was not going to grant a debate to Fox News this season, Baier went out and booked Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton for town halls.

  • Dana Bash, Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer


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    As the net's core political team, Bash, 44, Blitzer, 68, and Tapper, 47, have contributed to a ratings resurgence that gave CNN its most watched quarter in nearly a decade. Tapper's exchange with Donald Trump, when he pressed the candidate to repudiate an endorsement from former KKK chief David Duke, was a standout.

    *Dana Bash not pictured

  • John Dickerson


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    His post-Bob Schieffer Face the Nation still is the most watched Sunday public affairs program, averaging 4 million viewers a week in the first quarter. Dickerson, 47, also has become CBS' go-to debate moderator, where his mild demeanor and cleverly worded questions have a way of knocking candidates off of their talking points.

  • Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff


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    NewsHour hosts Ifill, 60, and Woodruff, 69, in February became the first all-female debate team when they co-moderated the Democratic showdown in Milwaukee. More than 8 million watched the simulcast on PBS and CNN, during which Ifill turned the topic of race on its head by asking the candidates if "white people" also "have a reason to be resentful."

  • Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd


    Courtesy of NBC

    Since Todd, 43, took over the anchor chair in 2014, Meet the Press has once again become appointment viewing for politicos and a must for candidates. The show had its best quarter in four years, beating its Sunday rivals in the 25-to-54 demo with an average of 1.1 million viewers.Todd also anchors a weekday version – MTP Daily – on MSNBC. Mitchell, 69, who has covered every presidential administration since the first term of Ronald Reagan, hosts the daily Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC and can often be seen on MTP, where she has offered blunt commentary on the current race, including the recent observation that Donald Trump is "completely uneducated" about foreign affairs.


  • Martha Raddatz


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    Raddatz, 63, was officially made co-host of This Week With George Stephanopoulos in January. Known for her deep knowledge of national security and foreign affairs, Raddatz also has emerged as among the most effective debate moderators, forcefully challenging Clinton on a proposed no-fly zone over Syria and buttonholing Sanders on the economics of his single-payer health care plan.