Emmys: Comedy Series Nominees Ranked by Social Media

4:09 PM 9/19/2015

by Arlene Washington

It's a race between the comedies for Sunday's Emmy Awards.

Emmys_Comedy_Handbook - H 2015

Emmys_Comedy_Handbook - H 2015

The Emmys may not have been handed out just yet, but the comedies are competing on social media.  

Over the past 28 days, MVPIndex generated data from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to rank shows based on the activity generated. Consideration was given to each show’s number of followers, but mostly how much it’s talked about in every post (engagement), including likes, comments, shares, retweets, mentions etc.

Check the ranking of the Emmy nominated shows for best comedy series nominees below.

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  1. 7


    Transparent may have a whopping 11 Emmy nods, but when it comes to Facebook and Twitter mentions, the show falls to the bottom of the ranks. With Anjelica Huston boarding the series for season two, the show’s fans will have plenty more to talk about in the near future.

  2. 6

    Silicon Valley

    The tech geek HBO show received seven Emmy nods and ranks second-lowest via social media. Silicon Valley will enter its third season in April 2016.

  3. 5


    Comedian Louis C.K. gained a boost in social media mentions after users took to the Internet to voice their opinions on a controversial SNL monologue he performed about child molesters earlier this year.

  4. 4


  5. 3

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    The inaugural season of Tina Fey’s Netflix comedy rose to receive five Emmy nominations. Ellie Kemper plays the titular role as a woman who explores life in New York City after being hidden in a cult for 15 years.

  6. 2

    Modern Family

    The five-time Emmy-winning show for best comedy series ties in Facebook likes with Parks & Recreation but has a smaller amount of Twitter activity compare to it’s predecessor. Family is mentioned on social media an average of 125 times an hour.

  7. 1

    Parks and Recreation

    The comedy starring A-list favorites including Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansari has garnered a large audience over its past seven seasons. Show-themed memes such as "Treat yo’self" and Nick Offerman’s comedic words of wisdom have become viral sensations.