Emmys: Hank Azaria, Allison Janney and 8 More Guest Actors on What Their Character's Own Show Would Be Like

2:51 PM 8/26/2016

by THR Staff

Nominated guest stars — also including Ellen Burstyn, Margo Martindale and Bob Newhart — get creative while imagining the title and storyline of their own spinoff series.

Courtesy of Showtime

  • Hank Azaria

    Ray Donovan (Showtime)

    Courtesy of SHOWTIME

    “Well it would either be called The Ed Cochran Show or The Hank Azaria Hour. Why? Who have you talked to? Do you know something I don't? I'm calling my agent."

  • Christine Baranski

    The Big Bang Theory (CBS)


    “I don’t think Beverly should have her own show. She exists beautifully as an interloper who kind of poisons the atmosphere every time she walks in the door. She's a strong dose, you wouldn't to make a full meal out of Beverly. It's too much vinegar.”

  • Ellen Burstyn

    House of Cards (Netflix)

    Courtesy of Netflix

    "Perhaps she could have a daytime show where she is the female Dr. Kevorkian helping women decide whether or not to end their lives on their own terms — and what to wear if they do."

  • Reg E. Cathey

    House of Cards (Netflix)

    Courtesy of Netflix

    "Freddy's Flowers! It would be a dramedy about a small businessman and his grandson and the exquisite flower arrangements he produces. Each episode would feature a different Ikebana-style arrangement, which would relate to whatever the story would be … Or they would solve crime."

  • Allison Janney

    Masters of Sex (Showtime)

    Courtesy of SHOWTIME

    "Margaret would open a sex clinic working on other people's 'dysfunctions.' She would be a healer of sorts."

  • Margo Martindale

    The Americans (FX)

    Courtesy of FX

    "Comrade Claudia's Creatures!"

  • Bob Newhart

    The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

    Courtesy of CBS

    "The Dr. Proton Show, naturally."

  • Carrie Preston

    The Good Wife (CBS)

    Courtesy of CBS

    "I would love to see her as the head of her own firm. The show would be like Columbo-meets-Monk but set in the legal world."

  • Paul Sparks

    House of Cards (Netflix)

    Courtesy of Netflix

    "Probably a more laconic, restrained version of Kung Fu."

  • Bradley Whitford

    Transparent (Amazon)

    Courtesy of Amazon Studios

    “I think Hirschfeld could be at the center of a great show. It’s a fascinating world that not a lot of people know about. And it has a lot of resonance with what is going on today. He was at the forefront of a cultural movement of frankness and exploration and radical inclusion of all sorts of issues surrounding gender and sexuality in Berlin before the rise of the Nazis. This is 70 or 80 years ago. In many ways they were way ahead of where we are now. Then Hitler came along and the queer community was one of his first targets for extermination, because of their otherness. And it’s taken us decades to make progress, let alone approach the kind of curiosity, acceptance and celebration of our deepest selves and desires that Magnus championed.”