Emmys: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Reese Witherspoon, More Nominees Pick Their Ideal Seatmates

8:15 AM 9/14/2017

by THR Staff

Laverne Cox says she would be glad to settle in next to Alexander Skarsgard ("if he were single and interested") as Sterling K. Brown and Jane Fonda, among others, reveal which stars would make them "geek out."

Illustration By Kyle Hilton

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  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus


    Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus

    If we could bring people back from the dead, I would like to sit next to Julia Child. She seems like a really interesting woman that I never got a chance to meet, and I would love to talk food with her during the commercial break — because I am starving!

  • Reese Witherspoon

    'Big Little Lies'

    Oprah. Every minute I'm with her, I'm like, "Ah!" I just love learning from her. She's a good time. She likes to have fun.

  • William H. Macy


    William H. Macy
    William H. Macy
    Associated Press

    Jason Bateman. He's the bee's knees. He's so funny, and that fucker can act! He can be on one side, with Felicity [Huffman] on the other.

  • Billy Eichner

    'Billy on the Street'

    Getty Images

    I'm not sure but last year Sarah Paulson brought Marcia Clark so I'm praying that this year Michelle Pfeiffer brings Ruth Madoff.

  • Felicity Huffman

    'American Crime'

    Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Women's Image Awards

    I would want to sit next to Bill Macy, because he is my rock and my North Star. And I would want to sit next to Sarah Paulson, because you can't have a bad time when you're sitting next to Sarah Paulson.

  • Allison Janney


    Allison Janney
    Allison Janney
    Gabriel Olsen/gettyimages

    I'd like to sit between Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Pam Adlon.

  • Anna Chlumsky


    Anna Chlumsky
    Anna Chlumsky

    Aziz Ansari, because his show has tricked me — and I imagine the entire 30-something population of NYC — into thinking we are friends.

  • Pamela Adlon

    'Better Things'

    Jane Fonda, and I just want to sit there and say, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to compete with you. You're my hero."

  • Jane Fonda

    'Grace and Frankie'

    Jane Fonda
    Jane Fonda
    Elisabetta A. Villa/WireImage

    Lily [Tomlin]!

  • Lily Tomlin

    'Grace and Frankie'

    Getty Images

    I wish I could watch with my mother, she would be so delighted. And Jane Fonda.

  • Laverne Cox

    'Orange Is the New Black'

    Laverne Cox
    Laverne Cox
    Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

    Alexander Skarsgard if he were single and interested. If not, Jessica Lange. Her performance as Joan Crawford [in Feud] was exquisite. I might get better by osmosis.

  • Sterling K. Brown

    'This Is Us'

    Sterling K. Brown
    Sterling K. Brown
    Art Streiber/NBCUniversal

    Bryan Cranston. What he did with Walter White [on Breaking Bad] is extraordinary. I met him once and geeked out.

  • Elisabeth Moss

    'The Handmaid's Tale'

    Fargo creator Noah Hawley. I could pester him with questions about his brilliant show for hours. I'm sure he'd enjoy that.

  • Jeffrey Tambor


    Jeffrey Tambor
    Jeffrey Tambor

    Give me an aisle. I have these big long legs, and I have to have the aisle.

  • Claire Foy

    'The Crown'

    Getty Images

    I'd sit next to Matt Smith, which he would not say the same. If he were answering this question, he would be sat next to, like, Nicole Kidman. I'd be there going, "Matt, come on, come on. Sit next to me."

  • Carrie Coon


    Jason Merritt/Getty Images

    Kate McKinnon, because I think she's extraordinary. And I read one time in a magazine that she watched The Leftovers and that she liked me. I think she's really brilliant. I want to see her Nora Durst impersonation, if I may be so presumptuous!

  • Jessica Lange

    'Feud: Bette and Joan'

    Getty Images

    I'd like to sit next to Ryan [Murphy], of course, just because he's a great pal and we've done a lot of good work together and I adore him.

  • Susan Sarandon

    'Feud: Bette and Joan'

    Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

    I'd like to be near Ryan [Murphy] and next to Jes [Jessica Lange] for sure.

  • Kathryn Hahn

    'I Love Dick'

    Between Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange. Can you imagine the running commentary? Goddesses.

  • Evan Rachel Wood


    Steve Granitz/WireImage

    I want to sit next to Robin Wright. I love her. I know we're nominated against each other, but she's one of my very good friends. She's always a good time.

  • Keri Russell

    'The Americans'

    Tina Turnbow

    The person who has the most food stuffed in their pockets because we're always starving.

  • Matthew Rhys

    'The Americans'

    Getty Images

    Other than my girlfriend, I hasten to preface — I would like to sit next to Anthony Hopkins. He's been my hero since childhood.