Our Favorite Videos: Best Emmy Roundtables

7:04 AM 11/18/2015

by THR staff

Our favorite moments from our Emmy Roundtable series are the focus of this segment in our look back at the Top 100 videos of the first five years of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Lena D
  • Comedy Actress: Lena Dunham

    The creator/star of Girls explains in 2015, "I had been thinking so much about sort of representing weirdo girls and chubby girls and strange half-Jews that I had forgotten that there was an entire world of women who were being underserved.”

  • Comedy Actor: Ricky Gervais

    "It's my favorite thing, making the ordinary extraordinary. I think that resonates more, and then the funny is sort of easy" explains Ricky Gervais in June of 2015.

  • Comedy Actor: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

    The actor reveals in 2014, that he came out to his father three times and that the Modern Family writers added that to his character after they found out. "I was initially asked to audition for Cameron, Eric Stonestreet's role, and I read it as myself and they saw that I would be a better Mitchell and they asked me to audition for that, which I was initially drawn to," says Ferguson. "It makes me laugh when people say that these characters are stereotypical because I'm basically playing a version of myself so I find that highly offensive."

  • Comedy Actresses: Most Embarrassing Moment

    From Jane Lynch passing gas on the set of Glee and blaming an extra to Zooey Deschanel's bondage during a New Girl scene, THR's July 2012 roundtable gets into actresses' most regrettable times on set.

  • Drama Actors: Most Frightening Moment

    In 2012, the revelations ranged from Mad Men's Jon Hamm bringing up his early years of living in Los Angeles for a decade as an unemployed actor, to Kiefer Sutherland and Bryan Cranston forgetting their lines during a play, to Parenthood star Peter Krause and Kelsey Grammer both revealing they had gastric issues while doing theater.