Our Favorite Videos: Comedians

7:02 AM 11/18/2015

by THR Staff

Comedians are the spotlight of this segment in our look back at the Top 100 videos of the first five years of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

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  • Amy Schumer

    “It’s like, people are so angry and love to, like, burn somebody at the stake. So I’ll just burn myself,” says Schumer in June 2015.

  • Louis C.K.

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    In a 2015 interview, Louis C.K. talks about the moment he knew he had "made it."

  • Kevin Hart

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    "Those who focus on the fact that there may not be [equal opportunity] are those who are prohibiting themselves of possibly doing more or furthering their careers," says Hart.

  • Jerry Seinfeld

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    Jerry Seinfeld weighs in on the instant gratification of posting his content online and the dysfunctional lives of the 'Seinfeld' characters. "George would probably have a wife and kids, very normal, suburban, and he would be tortured," says Seinfeld in 2013.


  • Chris Rock

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    The writer, director and star of 'Top Five' praised Jonah Hill for his work in the comedy 'This Is the End'. "Jonah might be my favorite comedic actor because it's all fast balls. It's all aggression," says Rock during a 2014 interview. "It's Louie DePalma with a movie career."