Our Favorite Videos: Hair and Makeup

7:02 AM 11/18/2015

by THR staff

Top makeup artists and hairstylists are the focus in this segment of our look back at the Top 100 videos of the first five years of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Cameron Diaz - H 2015
  • Cameron Diaz

    In 2014, the actress explains she has been working with makeup artist Lona Vigi and hairsylist Robin Fredriksz for over 12 years.

  • Olivia Wilde

    During a 2013 interview, Olivia Wilde along with her makeup artist and hairstylist share their favorite red-carpet looks. "Trust is one important element of this relationship," says Wilde. "I like the fact that I can just sit down and we don't have to have a lengthy discussion of, 'What do you want to do?' It's like I'm so safe with these artists. It's like, 'Do whatever you feel like doing.' I know I'm going to feel great and look my best."

  • Emily Blunt

    As Emily Blunt proves in 2014, you tend to find your makeup artist in the most random of ways.

  • Lizzy Caplan

    Lizzy Caplan and longtime makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani rediscover the Showtime's star best face to date in late November 2014.

  • Gwen Stefani

    Gwen Stefani explains in 2014 that she wants to be reincarnated as her hair stylist.