Our Favorite Videos: Late Night

7:03 AM 11/18/2015

by THR staff

Late-night hosts are the spotlight of this segment in our look back at the Top 100 videos of the first five years of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Jimmy Kimmel - H 2015
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  • Jimmy Kimmel

    A brief behind-the-scenes look at THR's Jimmy Kimmel 2011 photo shoot.

  • John Oliver

    The host of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver jokes about having to 'not die' in order to receive his green card for citizenship. The funnyman also shares his admiration for comedy acts Monty Python, Peter Cook, Louis C.K. and Comedy Central's South Park during a May 2014 interview.

  • Jon Stewart

    In 2014, the former Daily Show host reveals the biggest challenges of stepping behind the camera.


  • Conan O'Brien

    Conan O'Brien, opens up in the June 1 issue about the 10 crazy days that changed his career forever, his rocky transition to basic cable and his ongoing feud with Jay Leno and NBC.


  • Jay Leno

    "For the last 20 years, we've been the number one talk show all the way through and we're ending the number one talk show," says Leno in February of 2014.