Feinberg Forecast: A Breakdown of the Comedy Series Nominees

7:00 AM 8/18/2016

by Scott Feinberg

From 'Black-ish' to 'Veep,' THR's awards guru analyzes the upside and downside of each contender's chances of winning the gold.

Courtesy of HBO; ABC

  • Black-ish


    Courtesy of Ron Tom/ABC

    UPSIDE After its first season received just one nom, this edgy network series scored high-profile love for its second — a series nom plus two lead acting noms.

    DOWNSIDE Those were its only noms, whereas Master of None, which also deals with diversity but gets to do so without broadcast’s boundaries, also landed directing and writing noms.

  • Master of None


    Courtesy of Netflix

    UPSIDE This category’s only first-year nominee, with its indie-film vibe and contemplations of diversity and intergenerational relationships, is a favorite of the intelligentsia (and won best comedy series at the Critics' Choice Awards).

    DOWNSIDE Black-ish is similarly edgy, attracts a much bigger audience and has had one more year to find a following.

  • Modern Family


    Courtesy of Ron Tom/ABC

    UPSIDE Few doubt that this show is this field’s most watched (though streamers don’t release ratings), which could matter with the implementation of a popular ballot this year. A sixth series win would set a record.

    DOWNSIDE It’s rare to lose and then win again. And this once-risque show, which is tied with Black-ish for a category low of three noms (none for directing or writing), is now perhaps the least edgy one nominated.

  • Silicon Valley


    Courtesy of John P. Johnson/HBO

    UPSIDE This laugh-packed satire is, like its HBO sister show Veep, making further Emmy inroads each season. This time, it landed its first acting nom, plus two directing and two writing noms.

    DOWNSIDE It’s only reasonable to assume that Veep, as the defending winner, is HBO’s favored child.

  • Transparent


    Jennifer Clasen/Amazon

    UPSIDE This groundbreaking dramedy received five acting noms — tied with Veep for the most this year — and its opposition includes two HBO, two Netflix and two ABC shows, whereas it has Amazon’s undivided attention.

    DOWNSIDE If it couldn’t win for season one, when it was favored, it’s hard to imagine it winning for season two, especially without a writing nom.

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


    Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

    UPSIDE You couldn’t ask for a more impressive pedigree than that of this show (co-creators Robert Carlock and Tina Fey won this category three times for 30 Rock), which is nominated for a second straight year.

    DOWNSIDE It faces an uphill climb without a directing or writing nom, so Master of None is Netflix’s stronger play.

  • Veep


    Lacey Terrell/HBO

    UPSIDE The defending champ and most nominated comedy series of the season — including five acting noms (originally six), three directing noms and two writing noms — is starting to look unbeatable.

    DOWNSIDE Rookie nominees have a history of doing well in series competitions, so keep an eye on Master of None.

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