Fighter Fashion Face-Off: Hollywood Stylists Judge Mayweather and McGregor's Dueling Looks

8:00 AM 8/24/2017

by Jane Carlson

Jason Rembert, Ilaria Urbinati and Jeff K. Kim applaud Conor McGregor's flamboyance and Floyd Mayweather's "classic" flair ahead of the opponents' Aug. 26 match in Vegas.

Floyd Mayweather (left) and Conor McGregor
Floyd Mayweather (left) and Conor McGregor
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Both high-profile fighters' OTT sense of style has been on display leading up to their hotly anticipated Aug. 26 fight in Las Vegas. The undefeated boxing champ prefers to elevate his more casual looks with accessories dripping in diamonds and high-priced sneakers. On Wednesday it was announced designer Philipp Plein and Mayweather have worked together to create the 40-year-old's trunks and robe for the ring.

While it is still unknown what the Irish MMA star will don on fight night, McGregor typically toggles between sharply tailored suits and ostentatious designer pieces — Versace and Gucci are favorites. “He already had that fashion bug when we met,” says McGregor’s SoCal-based tailor David August, who has been making custom pieces for him for three years (after being introduced to him by UFC’s Dana White).

Three Hollywood fashion heavyweights, Ilaria Urbinati (who works with Bradley Cooper and Donald Glover), Jason Rembert (Rita Ora and Zayn Malik are clients) and Jeff K. Kim (Michael B. Jordan is a client), weigh in on who packs the biggest punch in a sartorial smackdown. 

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  • NYC Press Tour

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    Urbinati I'm very anti-fur, but Conor does look cool, and those pants are amazing. Anytime he wants to not wear a shirt it is fine by me.

    Rembert This is on the classic side for Floyd. For me, this is a win.

    Kim I love the black and white and the stars. Very real. Conor is just trying to be super flamboyant. A lot of fighting is a mental game. I love it.

  • Away From the Ring

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    Urbinati I don't like it when grown men wear their pants tucked into their boots like Floyd does here, it's a very boy band thing to do. Conor needs a better sneaker game — but this is how a guy should wear shorts.

    Rembert Designer Philipp Plein and Floyd is a match made in heaven.

    Kim He's a crazy designer. On Floyd, this looks like badly done Moschino.

  • Check the Plaids

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    Urbinati Floyd looks a little like Christmas here to me; it's the right suit, wrong time. I'm obsessed with Conor's blue plaid.

    Rembert I love the lapel on Floyd; the pinky ring is genius. I think he just looks like a boss. Conor is a shit-talker; he doesn't look like one here.

    Kim The pocket square is a bit much, but Conor wins this, minus his shoes.

  • Las Vegas Press Tour

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    Urbinati Conor's suit is going down in the hall of fame, like with the J.Lo Grammy dress. It’s all anyone was talking about. I love the pink with the navy. I think this is Conor’s best look ever. 

    Rembert I’m not a big fan of Floyd's look. It’s a mess. The idea was cool, I just don’t think he pulls it off.

    Kim Without a doubt Conor is the winner here. It is such an insane but beautiful suit. Kudos to his tailor.