All the Major 'Final Fantasy' Easter Eggs in 'Final Fantasy XIV'

8:30 AM 8/13/2019

by Patrick Shanley

From familiar heroes to iconic weapons and memorable bosses, the latest massively-multiplayer online entry in the Final Fantasy series features a long list of throwbacks to its predecessors and beyond.

Final Fantasy Split - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of Square Enix

First launched in September 2010, Final Fantasy XIV is the second massively-multiplayer online offering in the franchise's three-decades-plus history. Host to more than 16 million players worldwide, FFXIV introduced its latest expansion, Shadowbringers, in June, the third major content update to the game.

Spanning a massive in-game world and featuring a variety of familiar and iconic aspects from the Final Fantasy series, FFXIV also includes a number of Easter eggs alluding to other games in the franchise. Square Enix shared the following list exclusively with The Hollywood Reporter detailing all the nods and references to the best-selling role-playing series.

  • 'Final Fantasy I'

    In Final Fantasy XIV, players control the "Warrior of Light," at least in the FFXIV's in-game world of Hydaelyn. While it’s not the same Warrior of Light from the first game, players do share some of the same characteristics of the heroes from the original Final Fantasy. For those nostalgic gamers who really want to get into the Warrior of Light’s persona, however, a full set of armor from the Labyrinth of the Ancient alliance raid is available, designed after the original game.

  • 'Final Fantasy II'

    During certain battles throughout Eorzea — the region of FFXIV's world Hydaelyn in which the game is set — players can get a taste of Final Fantasy II in the music. The original song has been remixed to lead warriors to victory against gentleman zombies, elite monsters and more.

  • 'Final Fantasy III'

    The Crystal Tower plays a big role in the recent Shadowbringers expansion's storyline, but the location has actually been present in the game since 2013's A Realm Reborn (which replaced the original 2010 version of Final Fantasy XIV) and is the home to the first alliance raid series. The Crystal Tower is also one of the most prominent locations in 1990's Final Fantasy III, serving as the home of the game's primary protagonist Xande.

    The FFXIV version of the Crystal Tower not only brings a whole new visual recreation to the original, but also features rearranged music tracks from Final Fantasy III and boss fights against that game's primary villains, the Cloud of Darkness and Xande.

  • 'Final Fantasy IV'

    Those who have played 1991's Final Fantasy IV will likely remember Calcabrina, a creepy boss that first appeared as a collection of dolls before turning into, well, a giant doll. In the 2015 Heavensward expansion, FFXIV players can relive the Calcabrina battle in the Antitower dungeon.

  • 'Final Fantasy V'

    Fans of 1992's Final Fantasy V will recall many battles against Gilgamesh, a recurring mini-boss throughout the latter half of the game. The enemy returns in FFXIV as a part of the fan-favorite Hildibrand side quest series (where he has the nickname "Greg"). In typical Gilgamesh fashion, players face off against the eight-armed behemoth multiple times, including alongside his faithful companion Enkidu (who also appears in Final Fantasy V). As a reward for their deeds, players can receive a green chicken minion to serve as constant reminder of their fight against the fearsome duo.

  • 'Final Fantasy VI'

    Final Fantasy VI came to FFXIV in a big way in the 2017 expansion Stormblood. The Omega: Sigmascape raid features some iconic bosses from Final Fantasy VI, including the Phantom Train (sorry, no suplexes) and Kefka, the game's primary antagonist. Fans of FFVI's music will also want to keep an ear out to hear the remixes of the Final Fantasy VI boss music and track "Dancing Mad" from the game's soundtrack.

    Yet another FFVI Easter egg can be found in a version of Magitek Armor created by the Garlean Empire. Players get a chance to ride Magitek Armor during the final A Realm Reborn story dungeon and even receive their own suit of magitek armor later on thanks to the help of Cid (yet another reference).

  • 'Final Fantasy VII'

    While Final Fantasy fans might have seen the latest reimagining of the Guard Scorpion boss fight in the Final Fantasy VII Remake footage shown at this year's E3, another reimagined version of the boss challenges players in Final Fantasy XIV. There is even a callback to the famous line from the original fight warning players not to attack while the Scorpion's tail is up.

  • 'Final Fantasy VIII'

    Although the Garlean Empire has used its own versions of Final Fantasy VIII's signature weapon, the gunblade, since A Realm Reborn, the release of Shadowbringers finally gave players a chance to wield their own gun-sword hybrid with the new Gunbreaker job. There's even a replica of FFVIII's main protagonist Squall’s revolver (in the Shadowbringers collector's edition).

    It's not just weaponry in Final Fantasy XIV that gives a nod to FFVIII. Triple Triad, the card-based mini-game from the original, makes an appearance in FFXIV with a faithful recreation. Players can challenge non-player characters around the world to a match, with different rule sets and unique cards to collect. There are also event player tournaments that occur monthly with prizes for the winners.

  • 'Final Fantasy IX'

    Shadowbringers brought with it two very familiar characters for Final Fantasy IX fans. While visiting the town of Eulmore, players can encounter the Red and Blue Jongleurs. While their names may not be the same, fans will notice an undeniable resemblance to the infamous Zorn and Thorn, twin jesters and deadly toadies of villain Queen Brahne from FFIX.

  • 'Final Fantasy X'

    While he’s not a guardian for summoner Yuna, this time around, one of Final Fantasy X's main characters, the version of Yojimbo in FFXIV, still loves gil. In the Stormblood chapter of the Hildibrand questline, Yojimbo joins the story as a bodyguard for some (naturally) wealthy merchants.

  • 'Final Fantasy XI'

    Final Fantasy XI’s The Rise of the Zilart expansion in 2003 brought with it the Four Lords, powerful bosses that took a large number of players to take down. Genbu, Byakko, Suzaku and Seiryu return in FFXIV’s Stormblood expansion during a questline with some equally difficult battles.

  • 'Final Fantasy XII'

    While everyone's favorite Viera, Fran (one of Final Fantasy XII's main protagonists), previously made a cameo in FFXIV's Return to Ivalice alliance raid, the latest Shadowbringers expansion allows players to create their very own Viera to play as.

  • 'Final Fantasy XIII'

    Final Fantasy XIII, released in 2010, the same year as XIV, was one of the earliest full-scale collaborations in the online game. FFXIII hero Lightning made an appearance in Eorzea and players were able to get a number of Final Fantasy XIII weapons in FFXIV. They could even unlock a special hairstyle identical to the heroine herself.

  • 'Final Fantasy XV'

    Lightning is not the only Final Fantasy character to have been brought to Eorzea. Noctis, Final Fantasy XV's primary protagonist, also met a similar fate as he was transported to the world of FFXIV. Players had a chance to team up with the hero and fight against Garuda, a summon from FFXV, and could also obtain their very own Regalia Type-G, the iconic car used in FFXV.

  • 'Final Fantasy Tactics'

    In the Return to Ivalice raid series, many elements from 1997's spinoff title, Final Fantasy Tactics, were brought to FFXIV to create a new, unique story. Crafted in part by the mastermind behind Ivalice, Tactics writer and director Yasumi Matsuno, this raid series and storyline featured the Zodiac Brave Story; familiar characters such as Ramza, Alma, and Delita; and boss fights against some memorable foes such as Argath and Ultima, the High Seraph.

  • Bonus: 'NieR: Automata'

    While it is still upcoming (and not a Final Fantasy title), a 24-player alliance raid inspired by Square Enix's action role-playing series NieR is coming to Shadowbringers in a future update. The raid will bring NieR director Yoko Taro and producer Yosuke Saito onboard to help create content both NieR and Final Fantasy fans can enjoy. More information about the update will be coming soon.