'The Flash': 8 Burning Questions for Season 3

8:00 AM 7/5/2016

by Sydney Bucksbaum

When The CW's superhero drama returns in the fall, these are the questions we need answered.

Katie Yu/The CW

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has not learned his lesson when it comes to changing the past on The Flash.

Despite losing loved ones due to his actions while time traveling in the past, he decided that, after losing his father Henry (John Wesley Shipp) to Zoom (Teddy Sears), he had lost enough. So after defeating Zoom, Barry ran back in time to the night his mother was murdered, and he saved her life, effectively altering the timeline moving forward from that night. 

Nothing will be the same when The Flash returns for season three, so The Hollywood Reporter rounded up eight burning questions that The CW's DC Comics series needs to answer when it comes back this fall. 

  • 8. How Will Flashpoint Affect the Other 'Arrow'-verse Shows?

    Because of Barry's choice to save his mother's life which resulted in him altering the timeline, The Flash will be telling the DC Comics storyline Flashpoint in season three. In the comic books, Flashpoint follows Barry as he wakes up in an alternate timeline where he has no powers, meaning the Flash does not exist in the new timeline, and his mother is alive. Other differences to the timeline include: the Justice League does not exist; Aquaman is at war with Wonder Woman, causing massive death and destruction across the globe; Captain Cold is actually Central City's biggest hero; Superman has been held captive by the government for most of his life — and thus is not a worldwide hero — Cyborg is the world's greatest hero instead; and Batman is Thomas Wayne instead of his son Bruce. Since Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow (and now the former CBS series Supergirl) all take place in the same universe, did Barry's actions affect those shows as well? Or is the alternate timeline only playing out on The Flash?

  • 7. Which Justice League Members Will Be Introduced?

    Because Justice League heavy hitters play such a huge role in Flashpoint, it's only logical to assume that some if not all will be introduced on The Flash this season. Because the DC films already have their own version of the Justice League, there are currently two Barry Allens in the DC universe right now, with Gustin on The CW and Ezra Miller playing the Scarlet Speedster in the forthcoming Justice League movies. So there's no reason why The Flash can't introduce different versions of other characters too, like Cyborg, Aquaman, Batman or Superman, especially if this is an alternate timeline. Other characters from Flashpoint that may be include Booster Gold, Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern, Captain Thunder (a different version of Captain Marvel), Lois Lane, Enchantress, Zatanna, The Amazons, Kid Flash, Brainiac, Joker, Element Woman and many more.

  • 6. What Does Flashpoint Mean for Barry and Iris?

    WestAllen fans finally got the kiss they'd been waiting for at the end of the season two finale when Iris (Candice Patton) told Barry that she loved him. It seemed like a real WestAllen relationship was actually on the horizon for season three. But then Barry turned back time and changed everything. So does this put another pause on an Iris/Barry relationship?

  • 5. Will Reverse-Flash Return?

    In Flashpoint, Barry believes that his nemesis, Reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher), is responsible for altering the timeline before learning that he was actually the one to blame. Thawne himself actually appears to reveal the truth about what happened to Barry. He helps Barry to remember his past actions by resetting Barry's internal vibrations, and then tries to kill him. But — spoiler alert — he doesn't get far, since Batman steps in and kills Thawne instead. Will this part of Flashpoint be included in season three, meaning that Letscher will return to reprise his season one role?

  • 4. Will Tom Felton Play a Friend or Foe?

    The Harry Potter alum just joined The Flash as a series regular for season three, meaning he's going to play a huge role in the story all season long. The only information released about his character is that his name is Julian Dorn and that he is a fellow CSI at Central City Police Department who suspects there’s more to Barry Allen than just his good guy reputation. Will he try to expose Barry as the Flash, or will he end up trying to help him and the STAR Labs team?

  • 3. What Will the Real Jay Garrick Be Like?

    The season two finale revealed that the man in the iron mask was the real Jay Garrick from Earth-3 ... and that he was Barry's father's doppelganger. But that doesn't mean that Jay and Barry have any connection … at least, not yet. Although Barry sees his father when he looks at Jay, Jay has no idea who Barry is. The two speedsters will have to build up a new relationship, and it will be a different dynamic than what Barry had with his father. Will the two be allies, or mentor/mentee, or will they butt heads?

  • 2. Will John Wesley Shipp Cross Over to 'Legends of Tomorrow?'

    Jay Garrick is the founder of the Justice Society of America, and his introduction on The Flash is pretty coincidental timing seeing as how Legends of Tomorrow just introduced JSA member Rex Tyler aka Hourman (Patrick J. Adams). So will Jay cross over to Legends now that he's been freed from Zoom's captivity?

  • 1. How Will 'Supergirl' Be Incorporated Into the Story?

    Now that Supergirl has found a new home on The CW, will the other shows find a way to incorporate that world into their own in a more permanent way? During the cross network crossover last season between The Flash and Supergirl, it was explained that Supergirl took place in another world in the multi-verse. Will the shows continue to follow that logic, or will something happen to bring the two closer together now that crossovers are more feasible to pull off?

    The Flash season three premieres on Tuesday, October 4 at 8 p.m. on The CW.