Everything to Know About 'Frozen 2'

1:22 PM 5/30/2019

by Alexandra Del Rosario

Audiences will get another round of Elsa and Anna's adventures when the Disney sequel hits theaters in November.

Frozen, the award-winning animated feature, is back for round two, this time with a shroud of mystery hovering over the kingdom of Arendelle. 


In 2013, Disney introduced audiences all over the world to the hearty gang of Frozen: the magical Queen Elsa, her pure-hearted sister Anna, a local ice harvester named Kristoff, his trusty reindeer, Sven, and, of course, Olaf, Disney's whimsical spin on Frosty the Snowman. But as the sequel's trailer shows, there will be some unfamiliar facing coming to the kingdom of Arendelle, and with them a cast of voices new to the Frozen roster. 

Idina Menzel: Reprising her role as Queen Elsa, Menzel is one of the original Frozen castmembers coming back to Arendelle for the sequel. She sang the powerful hit "Let It Go" in the first film as her character creates a beautiful show — and ice castle — with her snowy powers. 

Kristen Bell: Anna may not possess superhuman powers like her sister, but her actions in Frozen fall nothing short of heroic. Bell returns to voice the optimistic and caring Arendelle princess.

Jonathan Groff: The Glee star will bust out his singing chops again when he lends his voice to Kristoff for Frozen 2. In the first movie, Kristoff helped Anna and Elsa reclaim their kingdom. 

Josh Gad: One of the more recognizable characters from the film, Olaf will return to the big screen in his adorable and easily excitable glory in November. Though he may be a living snowman, his sweet personality is one that can melt even the coldest of hearts. 

Evan Rachel Wood: Though known for her work on Westworld, Wood's role in the sequel remains unknown. 

Sterling K. Brown: The This Is Us and Black Panther actor is also set to join the Frozen 2 roster, but as who or what still remains undisclosed. 


In the sequel's record-breaking trailer, Queen Elsa and her friends seem to be preparing for a battle against an unknown and ominous force. Though it's unclear whether the force or villain poses a threat to the kingdom of Arendelle, the trailer nods at the importance of leaves and the fall. 

The follow-up will also get the Disney+ treatment. When Disney's streaming service hits homes, so will Into the Unknowna docuseries that chronicles the making of Frozen 2. 


In March 2015, Walt Disney Animation Studios confirmed that a Frozen sequel was in the works after a meeting in San Francisco. 

Last fall, Disney announced that the follow-up to the 2013 film is now set to be released Nov. 22, a week earlier than its initial Nov. 29 launch. 

In February, the studio unveiled its first teaser for the November film.The short trailer shows Queen Elsa using her snow powers to cross daunting ocean waves, Kristoff leading a pack of reindeer and Anna jumping across towering cliffs. The teaser also hints at two new characters as it also displays reoccurring fall-related motifs. 


Frozen introduces audience members to the fictional kingdom of Arendelle, where Queen Elsa, Anna and the film's other characters reside. But the upcoming sequel seems to focus more on the lands beyond the fantastic kingdom. 

In the trailer, Elsa and the rest of the gang traverse misty and spooky forests as they also look over a seemingly endless grove of red- and orange-leafed trees beyond the kingdom.  


The first film in the Frozen franchise touted a cast of musically and theatrically talented names, which helped the title earn more than $1.2 billion in total revenue. 

The 2013 film also took home the 2014 Academy Award for best animated feature, in addition to other honors from the Golden Globes and Kids' Choice Awards. 

The animated flick from Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee also excelled beyond the film realm. The soundtrack, with numbers like "Let It Go" and "Do You Want to Build a Snowman," climbed Billboard charts and remained in the No. 1 spot for more than a week. 

At the 2015 Grammy Awards, Frozen took home awards for best song and best compilation soundtrack for visual media.