Funny Book Trend: 'Girls' Gone Wild

8:00 AM 5/27/2016

by Andy Lewis

'Gone Girl' went from best-seller (6 million sold) to hit movie ($369 million worldwide), 'The Girl on the Train' hits theaters this fall, and savvy publishers are now fishing for the next femme phenom.

  • The Girls

    by Emma Cline (Random House; June 14)

    Courtesy of Penguin Random House

    A fictional spin on the Manson Family story told from the perspective of one of his female accolytes that is really an exploration of that awkward moment of transition from girlhood to womanhood.

  • Luckiest Girl Alive

    by Jessica Knoll (Simon & Schuster; April 5, paperback)

    Courtesy of Simon & Schuster

    A 28-year-old woman grapples with the revealing the sexual assault she suffered as a teen in a story that ends in a shocking twist.

  • All the Missing Girls

    by Megan Miranda (Simon & Schuster; June 28)

    Courtesy of Simon & Schuster

    The twist here is that the story of the disappearance of two teen girls 10 years apart — linked by the narrator who was friends with one and knew the other — is told backwards.

  • The Girl Before

    by Rena Olsen (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; Aug. 9)

    Courtesy of Penguin Random House

    A home invasion and the kidnapping of a young girl are not all it seems on the surface.

  • The Girls in the Garden

    by Lisa Jewell (Atria; June 7)

    Courtesy of Simon & Schuster

    In this London-set story, the brutal beating of 15-year-old girl in a neighborhood’s community park recalls a similar unsolved murder from years ago and threatens to tear apart the close-knit little community.

  • Girl in the Dark

    by Marion Pauw (William Morrow; Feb. 16)

    Courtesy of Harper Collins

    This Dutch best-seller just coming to the U.S. centers on a young lawyer and single mother who discovers she has an autistic brother in jail for murder that her parents hid from her, and she begins to suspect he may be innocent.

  • The Last Good Girl

    by Allison Leotta (Touchstone; May 3)

    Courtesy of Simon & Schuster

    First-year student Emily Shapiro goes missing from her Michigan college and attention turns to the son of a powerful politician when the prosecutor finds Emily’s secret video diary.

  • Girls on Fire

    by Robin Wasserman (Harper; May 17)

    Courtesy of Harper Collins

    A popular high school basketball star is found murdered in the woods and a small community wonders if it was Satan worshippers as attention turns to three teen girls in this 1990s-set Heathers-esque story.