The Future of Forever Young: 12 of the Latest Anti-Aging Treatments You Can Now Try

7:45 AM 12/12/2016

by Beth Landman

From tailored breast implants to chemically dissolving cellulite, these technologically and biologically advanced beauty procedures are serving waiting lists from Los Angeles to New York City.

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State-of-the-art beauty procedures evolve so quickly now that one practically needs a degree to keep up with the research. Scientists are working overtime, applying nanotechnology, biologics, ionization and other cutting-edge advances to the pursuit of aesthetics and anti-aging. THR stays on top of the breakthroughs with a look at 12 of the latest advanced treatments and therapies — call now to get on waiting lists for both the New York City and Los Angeles areas.

  • Tailored breast implants

    Traditionally, implants have been made in a round form, which might not be the ideal shape for all women, but now, according to Park Avenue plastic surgeon Robert Jetter, "We can tailor implants to each woman's unique shape." These implants, made by Allergan, previously were available only for breast reconstruction patients but have just become available for cosmetic cases. Dr. Andrew Ordon in Beverly Hills also offers the Allergan implant.

    Dr. Andrew Ordon

    465 N. Roxbury Drive, Suite 1001, Beverly Hills, (310) 248-6250; $10,000 to $12,000 for the operation

    Dr. Robert Jetter

    737 Park Ave., No. 1, NYC; (212) 517-5200

  • Threadlifts for butts and boobs

    Threads to lift the facial skin have emerged as one of the hottest beauty trends, and now they're beginning to be used on the body. "Threads can lift the knees, butt and boobs," says Lauren Abramowitz, who recently opened Park Avenue Skin Solutions in Tribeca and is about to introduce the procedures. "The threads have little cones that grab the tissue. They also encourage the body to produce collagen, so the effect keeps getting better as the weeks wear on."

    Park Avenue Skin Solutions

    116 Chambers St., fourth floor, NYC, (212) 417-0002; starting at $3,000

  • An injectable for the eye area

    One injectable on the horizon is Teosyal, which is said to be better for around the eyes (or any thin-skinned area) than current fillers because it is malleable. "Some products appear lumpy, and you don't want to look like you have bags under your eyes," asserts Brentwood dermatologist Jessica Wu. "Teosyal is soft, flexible and flows smoothly, so it is ideal for thin-skinned areas. It should be available in the next couple of months."

    Dr. Jessica Wu

    11620 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 700, L.A., (310) 473-5878; pricing has not yet been set

  • Chemically dissolve cellulite

    "Ninety-nine point nine percent of women have cellulite, and those that don't think they do," says San Diego dermatologist Mitchel Goldman, who, along with New York cosmetic dermatologist Neil Sadick, performed clinical studies for Ziaflex, a new injectable enzyme solution that gets rid of the dreaded dimpling. "Cellulite is like a honeycomb that traps fat inside its little boxes, and then it bulges out of skin," he explains. "Most treatments cut the boxes surgically, but the beauty of this is that it chemically breaks them down in a way that is simple and painless." Two to three treatments are required, and Goldman predicts that the injections will have staying power. "My opinion is that the results will be extremely long-lasting," he says.

    Dr. Mitchel Goldman

    9339 Genesee Ave., No. 300, San Diego, (858) 943-2113; pricing has not yet been set

    Dr. Neil Sadick

    911 Park Ave., NYC, (212) 772-9134

  • 'Nanotechnology' hair conditioning

    Salon Ishi, which helped pioneer Japanese straightening and tends to the tresses of actresses, models and many New York ballerinas, has come up with a high-tech method of keeping even the most overprocessed hair looking glossy. "This treatment actually works on the cellular level and restores the cell membrane," says Eisaburo Ishikawa, owner of the Madison Avenue salon. Four layers of products are applied, and then an infrared machine resembling a large, rotating metal halo helps them to penetrate. Next comes an oil application, followed by four other layered products that smooth, nourish and repair damage.

    Salon Ishi

    70 E. 55th St., No. A, NYC, (212) 888-4744; $250

  • 'Lip gloss in a syringe'

    Clownish, overinflated lips are so passe. Volbella is a new injectable made from hyaluronic acid that is meant to fill out furrows and impart a luscious, hydrated pout. "It softens the lines and creates a very natural-looking result, which lasts up to a year," says cosmetic dermatologist Marina Peredo, whose Skinfluence office is in Manhattan. "I think of it as lip gloss in a syringe."


    1047 Park Ave., NYC, (212) 754-6363; $800 to $1,200

  • A new vitamin for thinning hair

    Old standbys biotin and zinc are just too subtle. "I've seen more dramatic results from the new supplements,'' says Glynis Ablon, whose office is on the Manhattan Beach studio lot MBS Media Campus. The one people are excited about: Nutrafol. "It has a lot of promise," she says. "You should start to see results in three months, and the ultimate results come in six months." According to Dr. Sadick, "Nutrafol appears to decrease inflammation in the hair follicle, a newfound cause of hair loss, and it also stimulates performance of the follicle's stem cell."

    Dr. Glynis Ablon

    1600 Rosecrans Ave., No. 4B, Manhattan Beach, Calif., (310) 727-3376; pricing has not yet been set

  • Facial that uses 3D printing technology

    Adopted from 3D printing technology, this treatment at Karina NYC Lash and Skin Care uses a process known as electrospinning, which converts a liquid hyaluronic acid solution into solid sheets that are printed out in strips and then applied to the face. "I literally see the fine lines disappear as I'm working, as if I were taking a flatiron to their faces," says the spa's owner, Karina Freedman.

    Karina NYC Lash and Skin Care

    30 E. 60th St., No. 709, NYC, (212) 355-3919; $400

  • Permanent camouflage for stretch marks and scars

    "It is instant gratification for the longtime problem of stretch marks," says Beverly Hills-based Dominique Bossavy of her skin-colored permanent makeup that also camouflages scars. "Topical products in the past improved texture but didn't address the zebra aspect caused by hypopigmented skin [the lighter-toned skin within the stretch mark]. Now I can perfectly match the skin tone while the micropuncture from the machine ramps up the making of collagen."

    Dominique Bossavy

    9615 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, (888) 274-4435; $1,500 to $5,000

  • Plastic bristles, not microneedles, to push anti-wrinkle product into skin

    A new device that uses what's called ionic puncture has just arrived at spas combining four technologies — micro current, microdermabrasion, micro infusion and microneedling — to press youth serums into skin. Ionic puncture deploys plastic bristles instead of needles, so there is no bleeding and it is gentle enough to use around the eyes. The rationale, says Natalie Aguilar of Afterglow in Beverly Hills, is if something as small as bacteria can't get through the epidermis, neither can serums; the new machine solves that problem. "By mimicking microneedling, the machine really pushes products into the skin,'' she explains. "We are the first in California to have it and we offer different serums with it depending on your skin type" — the most popular serums lift and hydrate. Yasmine Djerradine, who has introduced ionic puncture at her Upper East Side Manhattan spa, says: "The machine plumps and oxygenates, and it's very precise, so you can really get inside wrinkles.''


    435 N. Bedford Drive, No. 402, Beverly Hills, (323) 515-9210; from $275

    Yasmine Djerradine

    30 E. 60th St., NYC, (212) 588-1771; from $210

  • A chin strap that superpowers lifting facials

    Cult favorite "Bio Sculpt" lifting facial just upped its game at Paul Labrecque's luxe Manhattan locations by adding a chin strap that targets the neck, chin and jowl area. It uses a combo of galvanic and medium-frequency currents to stimulate muscle fibers and oxygenate the skin, resulting in a firmer neck and more youthful jawline.

    Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa

    171 East 65th St., and other locations in NYC, (212) 988-7816; $425

  • Magnetic resonance for new kind of beauty rest

    In addition to its signature infrared dry heat pods, the Brentwood retreat SaunaBar, which opened in November, has new contraptions called Magnespheres that deliver magnetic resonance therapy. The clients sit in cushy recliners for 30 minutes and sometimes doze off. "It can relieve pain, stiffness and stress as well as help with insomnia," says owner Joseph Harounian.


    11677 San Vicente Blvd., No. 208, Los Angeles, (310) 652-5522; $59 per session