'Gilmore Girls': 6 Burning Questions for the Netflix Revival

10:23 AM 6/15/2016

by Kate Stanhope

THR looks back at the final episodes of the original series ahead of the highly anticipated revival.

Gilmore Girls Revival - Publicity - H 2016
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Gilmore Girls Revival - Publicity - H 2016

With the exception of a premiere date – hint, hint – lots of information about Netflix's upcoming Gilmore Girls has leaked.  Returning cast for the four-part revival, which is divided into seasons, has all been confirmed. Fans also know that the new installments will pick up in present time, approximately eight years after the series finale aired, and will show the death of beloved Richard Gilmore, following the death of Edward Herrmann in Dec. 2014. There's even a title, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, production stills and key art for the new series.

But for everything die-hard fans do know about the revival itself, there are still plenty of burning questions that remain unanswered. Ahead of the revival's eventual launch, rumored to be sometime later this year, THR takes a closer look at the biggest plot-related questions that loom over the new installments.

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  • Jess or Logan (or Neither?)

    Sorry, Dean but since Jared Padalecki revealed he's only returning for one scene that takes place at Doose's Market, it seems safe to assume that rules out some big romantic reconciliation between him and first love Rory (Alexis Bledel). Which leaves #TeamJess and #TeamLogan to battle it out, since both Milo Ventimiglia and Matt Czuchry are set to return. In the original series, Rory left things on a much better note with Jess. After all, she turned down Logan's marriage proposal at which point he abruptly broke up with her and walked out of her life, seemingly, forever. On the other hand, her final encounter with Jess occurred in season six, when she visited him in Philadelphia and he tried to win her back with a kiss, only to discover she was truly in love with Logan. However, it remains to be seen what a rejected proposal did to a former hardcore commitment phobe like Logan. 

  • How Will Sookie's Lack of Screen Time Be Addressed?

    Thankfully, several months of speculation and a lot of she-said, she-said between creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and Melissa McCarthy, the actress will indeed be reprising her role in the revival. However, when McCarthy announced her return in April, she said she was being "squeezed" into the project which makes it sound like her presence in the four new movies will be limited. In the original series, Sookie played an integral part as not only the co-owner and head chef of the Dragonfly Inn but also as Lorelai's BFF. So will Lorelai have a new shoulder to lead on when she needs to talk about Luke (Scott Patterson) or Rory or both? How is anyone going to top Sookie's amazing food? Those are big shoes to fill on both accounts.


  • What Does Emily's Life Look Like After Richard?

    In the wake of the 2014 passing of Herrmann, who played Richard for all seven seasons, the Gilmore patriarch will also have passed when the revival picks up. The news no doubt brings up memories for many devoted series fans of Richard's season one health scare, and Emily's reaction. "I did not sign onto you're dying," she told him at the time. "In fact, I demand to go first." After being in such denial about Richard's delicate health status years earlier, how will Emily handle his passing? Will she, in true Gilmore fashion, keep her emotions bottled up as best she can? Will Richard's passing and her subsequent independence change her in any particular way?

  • Did Kirk and Lulu Ever Get Married?

    Spoiler alert: Luke and Lorelai will be engaged when the series return, but what about Stars Hollow's other beloved long-running relationship? Kirk (Sean Gunn) and Lulu (Rini Bell) were together when the series ended, but have they since tied the knot? Are there mini Kirks running around the town in the revival? If so, let's at least Kirk's infamous "night terrors" didn't pass onto the next generation.

  • What Happened to Hep Alien?

    Lane's (Keiko Agena) band has reunited more than once in real life. But onscreen, the fate of the band was left in question when her husband and guitar player Zack (Todd Lowe) went on tour with another band, Vapor Rub, shortly after the end of the original series' run. "Hep Alien will live to rock again," Lane assured Rory in the third-to-last episode of the series. Zack, as well as Brian (Brian Fuller) and Gil (Sebastian Bach) will all be back for the revival so there's at least of glimmer of hope Lane wasn't wrong. But will they perform an original or a cover?

  • What's the Deal with Luke and Lorelai?

    The last, but really, truly, very least of the questions headed into the new installments. The on-and-off couple ended things in the original series on a reconciliatory note, and they are said to be engaged in the revival, but questions remain. In the season six finale, Sherman-Palladino's last episode before her and husband and writing partner Dan Palladino's departure from the show, Lorelai vented to a psychologist that she still wanted to have another kid, and she wanted to have that kid with Luke. Did she and Luke get together soon after the events of the finale and have a kid? Lorelai wasn't married when she popped Rory out so who's to say she would need a binding piece of paper for kid No. 2?