In Theaters This Weekend: Reviews of 'Glass,' 'An Acceptable Loss' and More

8:30 AM 1/18/2019

by Alexandra Del Rosario and Jasmyne Bell

M. Night Shyamalan's final installment of the 'Unbreakable' series will hit theaters Friday.

Glass-Publicity Still 6-H 2019
Universal Pictures

James McAvoy in Glass.

Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and James McAvoy take center stage in this weekend’s main attraction, Glass, which will be on the big screen starting Friday.
In addition to seeing the latest part of Shyamalan's superhero trilogy, theatergoers can also catch other movies like the quirky Adult Life Skills and the political thriller An Acceptable Loss.
Read on to see what critics for The Hollywood Reporter thought about this week’s lineup. 
  • 'An Acceptable Loss'

    From IFC Studios comes An Acceptable Loss, a political thriller starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Tike Sumpter.  Former U.S. Security adviser Libby Lamm (Sumpter) seeks to expose the truth behind government-approved actions to end a war on terror. Curtis plays Rachel Burke, a ruthless politician who aims to stop Lamm in her tell-all efforts. 
    In his review, THR critic Frank Scheck writes that the film falls short of its true gripping potential: "An Acceptable Loss seems to be aiming for the sort of paranoid conspiracy thriller tension seen in such films as The Parallax View and Three Days of the Condor. But writer-director [Joe] Chappelle, whose credits include extensive work on such television series as Chicago Fire, Fringe and CSI: Miami, lacks the cinematic chops to pull it off. "
  • 'Adult Life Skills'

    Following the death of her twin brother, Anna (Jodie Whittaker) finds solace making movies starring her thumbs in her mother’s garden shed. But when her mother gives her an ultimatum days before her 30th birthday, Anna must put her odd hobbies on pause and find ways to move on. Adult Life Skills also features young Ozzy Myers as Clint, Anna’s unexpected companion. 
    John Defore, a critic at THR, had this to say about the comedy in his review: "It's a shame that here and elsewhere, montages set to folk-songwriter tunes sometimes substitute for storytelling, making the film's therapeutic trajectory even more obvious. Left to their own devices, Anna and Clint might've come up with a stranger and more charming adventure."
  • 'Glass'

    Bruce Willis and James McAvoy star in M. Night Shyamalan's most recent superhero movie, Glass. Reprising their previous roles from Unbreakable and Split, respectively, Willis attempts to pursue McAvoy’s superhuman 24th personality, The Beast. During the suspenseful and escalating encounters between the two, a mysterious man (Samuel L. Jackson) appears to have information that may be vital to the both of them. The film also features Sarah Paulson and Anya Taylor-Joy. 
    THR film critic John DeFore writes, “On one hand, it gave thriller fans a lurid, pop-psychology-based captivity film that pushed all their buttons; on the other, its final scene linked it to 2000's Unbreakable, seen by many of the director's one-time fans as his last strong offering before a slide into increasingly laughable projects.”