Go-Go Gadgets For Tech Titans

9:51 AM 8/23/2017

by Jon Alain Guzik

The latest high-tech toys satisfy a need for speed (an electric car that hits 235 mph!) and deliver 360-degree live home video, plus ‘wine and chill.’

  • Budnitz Model E


    Titanium Honey Edition This is the lightest electric bicycle (29 pounds) available, thanks to a gossamer titanium frame and no external battery (it’s built into the 250W rear hub, good for speeds up to 15 mph); $8,690 and up, budnitzbicycles.com

  • Samsung Gear 360


    The latest camera version lets you broadcast in real time to Facebook, YouTube and Samsung VR platforms in 2K and record in 4K, allowing your audience to view your videos in 360-degree high resolution; $229, samsung.com

  • Lucid Motors Lucid Air launch edition


    This electric car from the Menlo Park, California, company (founded in 2007) goes from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. The Tesla rival arrives in 2018-2019; starts at $100,000, order at lucidmotors.com

  • Plum Wine


    Great for French and Italian labels, the automated system detects the winery, vintage, region and varietal to chill and pressurize the bottle to perfection, preserving wine for up to 90 days after opening; from $1,499, preorder at plum.wine 

  • Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon smartwatch


    Vuitton’s first smartwatch keeps track of your travel itineraries and (of course) has customizable watch faces, dials, straps and case color; $2,450 and up, louisvuitton.com

  • Xbox One X


    The new Xbox has a built-in 4K Blu-ray, 4K video streaming, Dolby Atmos and more power than any other console on the market, all the better to play Forza. Expect a waiting list when it goes on sale Nov. 7; $499, preorder at xbox.com