Golden Globes: What the Nominees Are Saying

6:24 AM 12/10/2015

by THR staff

The nominees share their thoughts on the Thursday morning announcement.

Golden Globes Reactions Split - H 2015
Photographed by Miller Mobley; Austin Hargrave; Blossom Berkofsky

The 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards nominations were announced Thursday morning, with Carol leading all projects, film or television, with five nominations.

The Revenant, Steve Jobs and The Big Short are all big players in the film race, with four noms apiece, while the TV competition sees a slew of newcomers — Mr. Robot, Mozart in the Jungle, Casual and Outlander among them.

The 2016 film-and-TV fete will take place Jan. 10 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Upon hearing the news on Thursday morning, here's what the nominees are saying.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

    "I was asleep and my assistant woke me up with the good news," said the Revenant star. "It’s a fantastic feeling to be nominated along with the film and Alejandro [Inarritu]. So much thought and work and effort was put into this movie. Everyone worked so incredibly hard. We really feel like we achieved some piece of cinematic art with this one. It was years in the making and a year of shooting and even longer for Alejandro, so it’s a good feeling. So much was spoken about it beforehand and we really knew what we were signing up for — the entire movie was difficult. Every day was a challenge, but that was the kind of adventure we were going on. We knew we were going to immerse ourselves in the wilderness like this and we knew that part of the journey of doing that, trying to emulate this man’s struggle to survive, was to put a lot of that experience and a lot of that feelings we had when we were out there into the storyline. The entire film was a test of endurance, but that’s the great thing — at the end of the day you get to watch that up on the screen. It’s a rewarding feeling."

  • Brie Larson

    Many time zones away from Los Angeles, in Hawaii where she is shooting Skull Island, the Room star woke up at 2:45 a.m. to watch the Golden Globe announcements. She sat with her parents, holding their hands, when the names were announced. "There was a lot of screaming, crying, jumping and freaking out. It felt like an out-of-body experience." The nomination, coming on the heels of yesterday’s SAG nomination, are a dream come true for the actress. “I’ve been [acting] since I was 7 years old. I’ve watched every award show since I was a kid. I used to make ballots and check off the names. The Oscars, the SAG Awards, the Golden Globes, they are like my Super Bowl.”

    She then opened a bottle of pink champagne, snapped a selfie and sent it to "her girls," fellow nominees Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence among them. Kim Caramele, Schumer’s younger sister who was also an associate producer on Trainwreck, responded with a shot of herself holding bottles of hard liquor.

  • Alicia Vikander

    "I’m in Berlin — I’m on the way to the airport. We just had a screening of The Danish Girl, and I was doing press all day," the double nominee said. "I came out of a roundtable interview when I heard the news of my nominations. I just couldn’t believe it. I just jumped! It’s two films that I’ve been so fortunate to make. They were two of the best scripts — they were so brilliant, and so extremely different. Both of these films are independent films. I mean, Ex Machina was a little indie film that came out a while ago. It’s a nomination that honors small independent movies. This is all so surreal."

  • Steve Carell

    "Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press. I'm very honored. Now I guess that I have to find a tux, lose weight, and get botox."

  • Amy Schumer

    "Yay. I did it. I’m so excited. I was in bed, and I woke up at 8:30 and thought I had missed it and realized I hadn’t. I opened my computer and went to the Golden Globes website, and America Ferrara was just beginning to call us, and I love her. And then Dennis Quaid said me, and he’s my friend. I started tearing up,” she said, doing a perfect imitation of Quaid saying Trainwreck in his deep Moviefone voice. "I couldn’t believe we were going to make this movie. I thought Judd was just punking me. And then for people to really respond to it was just beyond my wildest dreams.

    "But then when the shooting happened in Lafayette, and Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson died, I was just completely heartbroken," she continued to The Hollywood Reporter. "I was like, 'I wish I never even made this movie.' I was having these thoughts where I was just so upset. And then I was like, 'No, this is a call for me to get involved and do what I can.' It’s been really frustrating, but I really think we can end gun violence at the level it’s at. I feel like I’m helping, and I want to keep helping. I would rather not have to be involved and have everything be great already. But I’m proud to be saying what I believe in. I’m very grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press, and I can’t wait to share this with everyone in the movie. Getting nominated is very special."

    Schumer hasn’t heard from Apatow or LeBron James on the nomination yet. "The first text I got was from Chris Rock — he’s an up-and-coming comedian, you know. He said: ‘ Golden Globes motherfucker!’ And then [a text from] my brother." But she will celebrate today by "Going to box in 10 minutes, then off to the writers room for my show. It’s a perfect way to celebrate."

  • Idris Elba

    "Wow, thank you to the HFPA, who have always been so amazingly supportive of me throughout my career," said the double nominee. "I’m so excited, in particular, to be recognized for both Luther and Beasts of No Nation. For Luther, what better way to celebrate the end of a great run than with this stellar acknowledgement. As for Beasts, I can only hope this attention will get more people to see the brilliance of all that is Cary Fukunaga and my extraordinary co-star Abraham Attah. I share in this exciting moment with everyone who poured their hearts into these projects and but for whom I could not have done this without."

  • Lily Tomlin

    "I feel elated and on top of the world! Right now, I feel too young for the parts I am playing. Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association."

  • Michael Shannon

    "I just dropped my daughter off at school and I was going to catch a cab to the airport, but I stopped in at a coffeehouse. ... As I was walking out, that's when I got the note," the 99 Homes actor told THR, thanking Broad Green Pictures. "I think they are a young, passionate company. I am impressed with how fearless they are. None of these movies have made a gigantic pile of money, but they still believe in them and want people to know about them. I am looking forward to working with them again." How will Shannon celebrate? "Maybe when I am at the airport, I'll have a Bloody Mary — if the bar is open."

  • Kate Winslet

    "When my phone rang, I was in the middle of clearing away the boxes from the Christmas decorations I’d just put up," said the Steve Jobs actress. "To be honest, I was trying very hard not to think about the nominations coming out today because it was making me feel sick and quite tense. I was planning on giving my phone to my husband, which is what I did yesterday, to take the pressure off. But I hadn’t realized they would come out so early, so it completely caught me off guard."

    "I’m so thrilled. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been through this or how many years I’ve been doing this job, it is still so nerve-racking," she continued to THR. "I’m just very, very excited. It’s a big year, there are some amazing performances, particularly by women. I was by no means confident. I thought it would be really quite unlikely. I’m quite delighted, especially for this particular film. It was one of the highlights of my career, and a real personal challenge for me. The role of Joanna herself, it was a very complex and a difficult part to play. She’s nothing like me, she doesn’t look like me, she doesn’t sound like me. That sense of total immersion and the desire to really disappear fully into the character was something I was constantly nervous about. It was an amazing experience."

  • David O. Russell

    "I was just getting ready to go running. ... Exercise is always my reward," he said. "I think we took new chances and we told a woman's story with her quiet and forgiving power. I think it is a little magical. It is a picture that I know I would like to watch. I hope it inspires anybody that feels like they have lost any kind of magic from their childhood to know that it is never too late."

    The director texted Jennifer Lawrence about her nomination. "She is working on a movie, but we text and talk almost daily so I told her how happy I am for her."

    How will he celebrate? "I am gonna go serve lunch at my son's school. I think he will be very happy when he sees me there because I have been in the editing room so much."

  • Saoirse Ronan

    "I’m in Dublin, so it it’s afternoon here. We were all getting our nails done, and my phone started blowing up," said the Brooklyn breakout. "I didn’t pick up the first few times, and then I did and I told my publicist I couldn’t talk now because I was at the salon with my little pal, Pia. Then she told me about the nomination. I wasn’t expecting it. I’ve been so proud of audience’s reaction to the film, that regular moviegoers love it. So many of my friends and family have gone on a Tuesday night, when the cinemas are usually empty, but they’ve been full. To know that people have really accepted it and given it so much love, not only in Ireland but all over, is really special. I’m having a glass of champers that the girls in the salon just poured me."

  • Rachel Bloom

    "I’m feeling so good. It’s just amazing. It’s fantastic. I was watching the live stream. By the way, anyone who says that they weren’t is either way cooler of a person than I am or is lying. You hear all these people, who are like, 'How did you find out you were nominated for something?' and it’s, 'Oh, I was asleep,' and it’s like, 'No, you weren’t asleep. You were watching the live stream.' I was honestly watching live stream because, like, who am I kidding? It was something very present in my mind and I woke up with a shot at 4:46 a.m," said the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star. "My mother said, 'Oh my god, are paparazzi going to be outside our house?!' ... Six or seven months ago, I thought I had a dead Showtime pilot on my hands, and fast-forward and my show is on the air and I’m nominated for a Golden Globe.”

  • Bryan Cranston

    "I was making a beeline from the stairs to the coffee maker and my wife said congratulations — I thought she had already congratulated me for the SAG Awards," said the Trumbo actor. "I never pay attention to when announcements are made so if something happens then it is a lovely surprise. ... The wonderful thing about Helen is that she and I think alike: What luck we have and what glorious fortunes we have and to not take anything for granted. And we shared that sentiment this morning." Though his phone has been ringing off the hook this morning, "I am gonna go to work — I am filming a small movie here in L.A."

  • Patrick Stewart

    "I’m delighted,” said the Blunt Talk star, reflecting on the "rather curious" way in which he’d learned he was nominated for his first Golden Globe nom in a decade. "We’re on vacation in Jamaica. We’re getting ready to film our second season in a few weeks' time, so this is the last chance to have a chill-out. And I had misunderstood the time that the nominations were announced, so I was sitting at my terrace here, looking at the ocean and reading The Guardian on my iPad when I suddenly heard a howl from the bedroom, where I thought my wife was asleep. I assumed she was being attacked by an army of tarantulas or scorpions because she hates spiders, so I rushed into the house expecting to save her from something just to find her waving her arms and grinning from ear to ear because she’d already been online and seen the nominations."

    "It’s especially satisfying to me in that in taking on this role and this series I was going way outside my comfort zone," he continued. "I had never been in a half-hour comedy before, so this was a new world for me and I enjoyed every single minute of it. I can’t wait to start the second season, and to start it with a pat on the back from the Hollywood Foreign Press is as good as we could have hoped for and I’m delighted for everybody. [I’ve earned] two nominations in the past, but in a way this one is very distinctive because it’s really the first television that I’ve done in the U.S. for many years, ... and I’ve had a stupid grin on my face for hours now. My character Walter would be funny and obnoxious and irritating, and whereas I only had one glass of champagne with my breakfast cereal this morning, he’d probably have drank a whole bottle by now."

  • Craig Erwich

    "There was some very joyous early-morning-before-people-had-their-coffee phone calls,” said Hulu’s content chief Craig Erwich, who was elated to hear his streaming service had broken into the Golden Globe race for the first time. As for the series, Casual, that got the service there, he added, "The show is something that we recognized as special and that our subscribers have recognized as special, so to have this additional confirmation is incredibly rewarding. Ultimately, we want the flag to be the shows themselves — people watching and saying, 'I like Casual' or 'I like Mindy or Difficult People and I want to be a part of that' — but this puts a nice bow on the package. And as you know, we’ve been on a path at Hulu to make some of the best shows on television, so to get a signal that we’re on the right path is also very rewarding — and this is just the start for us.”

    That the service's Jason Reitman rom-com is in a category dominated by streaming options — in fact, four of the six noms are SVOD entries — isn’t some sort of bellwether for the future of television, at least according to Erwich. "It’s just about how competitive it is for all of us. If you broaden out beyond [the comedy] category, there were network actors who got nominated and obviously pay cable had a good run. So, the big picture is that they spread around the recognition because really good work is being done all around."

  • Mike Hopkins

    "It’s been a good morning,” said Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins, who received word that his first-season comedy Casual had been nominated for the service’s first-ever Golden Globe as he was getting ready to take his daughter to an early swim practice. "It was really unexpected, and we’re hopeful that what this can help us do is change the conversation about Hulu, and get in consumers’ minds that we have a great service. This validates that, at least in the eyes of the Hollywood Foreign Press, and we’re hopeful that it will get us more attention because we’ve got a lot more than Casual."

    But like his content chief Craig Erwich, Hopkins is careful not to make too much of the streaming community’s near sweep in the comedy category: "There are great shows on broadcast, cable, satellite and on streaming services, so we’re grateful to be in the mix." As for the Jason Reitman comedy, the third series launch for Hopkins’ regime, which has ambitious plans to scale the original-series business: "When we read the script and bought into it, we thought it was really special. It’s one of our first shows, so the surprise is only that this is happening so fast — but it's really encouraging and exciting. And look, just having people like Amy Poehler (Difficult People), Jason Reitman (Casual) and J.J. Abrams (12/22/63) working with us is really big, so then to have one of those shows get recognized should really help us send a signal that we mean business."

  • Wagner Moura

    "I’m so happy — the only thing is that I’m alone in Bogota [filming season two]. My family is in Brazil and a lot of my friends are in the States, and most of the cast is not here anymore either because they have finished shooting, so I am kind of celebrating alone," said the Narcos star. "But I’m receiving so many phone calls from people. It’s been a great day. I’m actually still on my back. I haven’t gotten out of bed today and it’s 10:45 a.m. ... I'm Brazilian so I’m new to the award thing in the U.S. What I know is that we finally met some people at the HFPA — some of them even came here — which gave us some hope, but it doesn’t mean that we expected that we were going to be nominated." How will he celebrate? "Now I have to find someone to have a beer with me tonight, otherwise it will be kind of sad."

  • Noah Hawley

    "I'm in the Hollywood time zone, which I don't know has an earthy correspondence," Hawley said, acclimating himself on Thursday morning. "I stay on central time because I live in Austin, so I was already up, saying good morning to my kids at 5 a.m." Thrilled with the recognition for his anthology's latest installment, the first of which earned multiple Globes and Emmys, Hawley admitted that he wasn't terribly nervous about trying to live up to everyone's expectations. "I like to say the first dumb thing I did was make the show in the first place. The second was to throw the whole thing out when it worked. There's a certain exhilaration that comes with the risk of making a different show. That allowed me to focus on the creative process. I guess, when you're in the editing room, you do get a little bit nervous. But when you're having fun, how nervous can you be?"

  • Rami Malek

    "I haven’t slept in the last 48 hours," said the actor, who also received a SAG Award nomination on Wednesday. "It's one thing to celebrate on your own, but to be at that table with everyone who was in the trenches with you and a network, USA, that had our backs throughout, and the gentlemen from Anonymous Content will be there as well — it's going to be one champagne-filled evening for all of us." The night will be particularly momentous for USA Network, which earned its first drama series and first lead actor in a drama series nominations with Mr. Robot. Said Malek, "When you have a network as nurturing as they've been, you feel like anything is possible."

  • Christian Slater

    "I've always tried to temper and curb my enthusiasm about things and sort of just take things a moment at a time, and it's been a wonderful collection of moments as we've gone along," said the veteran actor, who earned his Golden Globe nomination for the USA Network breakout. "You never really know how people are going to respond to anything, really, so you can just show up and do the best job that you can possibly do."

    A big part of that job in the show's first season was keeping the details surrounding his mysterious character under wraps. "When the first season started airing and people started asking me questions, having to hold my cards close all that time was very difficult," he said. "I'm a much better poker player today than I was before this show."

  • Sam Esmail

    "Crazy and surreal seem to be the only two words I can think of right now. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Everyone at Mr. Robot is thrilled and surprised by our nominations. It was definitely a twist none of us saw coming. I have to throw a shout-out to the brave souls at USA for supporting us. But also, I’m very proud of our talented cast, crew, producers and writers who work very hard to make this show as wonderfully deranged as it is."

  • Maura Tierney

    "I feel like I just woke up, even though I’ve been up for two hours. I was texting with the writers last night and we sort of assumed that the show would be snubbed," admitted the Affair actress. "When the producer called me this morning, I think she said the odds were 100 to 1 for me, so I just screeched in under there. The best part is that I had such a wonderful time this season. They really wrote a beautiful arc for this character, completely opened her up and gave me so much fun stuff to do. So I had such a great time as an actress, and then to get recognized for it is just very special. I’m 50, not 25. My phone was ringing like crazy this morning and I sort of knew that today the list came out, so when I saw all the messages on my phone, I thought, ‘Oh OK, maybe something good happened.’"

  • Mark Rylance

    "I want to thank the members of the HFPA for nominating my work in both Bridge of Spies and Wolf Hall. My work does not stand alone, and only comes together with the help of all the talented craftspeople I have had the pleasure to work with on Wolf Hall and Bridge of Spies, particularly Peter Kosminsky and Steven Spielberg, who are directly responsible for my performance in both pieces," said the double nominee. "I would especially like to acknowledge my friend Tom Hanks. I don't think you can isolate my playing of Abel from Tom's playing of Donovan. It is the friendship between us as characters that should be awarded. Many blessings."

  • Lee Daniels

    "I am humbled by this recognition from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. To everyone tuning in week after week, embracing our stories and characters, I thank you. And a very special thanks to my partner in crime Danny Strong and the team that made this happen — cast, crew and everyone at Fox," said Daniels. "And Taraji, yes God! Thank you for breathing life into Cookie. Again, so humbled and honored."

  • Ilene Chaiken

    "I was up all night working on a script. I went to sleep at about 4 [a.m.] and got up at 6 [a.m.] and saw an email from my publicist," said the Empire showrunner, who plans to celebrate the nomination the same way — by writing. "But I'm sure that we will share a toast, even if it's a dry toast."

    However, Chaiken said the show's first series nomination serves as great motivation. "It galvanizes us," she said. "It really confirms that the way that we push ourselves has been worthwhile and we should keep pushing ourselves in that way."

  • Brian Grazer

    Grazer first heard about the show's nomination from Fox Television Group chairman and CEO Dana Walden, who sent a congratulatory text filled with "celebratory party emoji's," he said with a laugh. Empire and its nominated star Taraji P. Henson were just two examples of the nomination pool’s increased diversity — something that was not lost on the veteran producer. "Having made movies and television with African-American stars for 20 years, it's really hard to get global recognition," he said. 'This has now crossed that barrier and it’s a great honor for that to happen."

    So how will Grazer celebrate? By going to a Netflix retreat with several Fox executives. Noted Grazer, "[Head of content acquisition] Ted [Sarandos] and [CEO] Reed [Hastings] will be celebrating as well so that will be awesome."

  • Jamie Lee Curtis

    "As I am recovering from foot surgery, you could call this morning the agony and the ecstasy," said the Scream Queens actress. 'Thrilled to represent for the crew, the #SQsquad of talented youngins and our writers Ryan [Murphy], Brad [Falchuk] and Ian [Brennan]. This has been a wonderful creative year and this is a nice way to keep it going!"

  • Jeffrey Tambor

    "My wonderful publicity director said, 'Congrats, Jeffrey!' as I was running out the door taking my kids to school. We were a little late this morning because we started the day with presents because today is their birthday! My 9-year-old and 11-year-old were born on the same day two years apart," said the Transparent actor. "We are going to go out tonight and have Chinese food and, because of this morning's news, I'm going to have an extra scoop of coconut ice cream."

    Tambor, who won last year, sees his nomination as part of a bigger push by the HFPA for streaming series on Amazon, Netflix and Hulu — "Obviously there's a change going on" — and hopes the continued awards attention will draw new viewers to the show. "People ask, 'How do you feel about awards?' I want people to watch the show. We're still the little engine that could. This sentence will age me, but I'm still at the water cooler saying, 'Hey, did you happen to see that show the other day? You should watch it. It's really good,'" he said. "That's what gets people to watch our shows and I'm all for that."

  • Regina King

    "I am so elated and honored to be nominated for my first Golden Globe for a role that resonated with the viewers. I want to thank my fellow castmembers and the whole crew of American Crime as it takes a village, and I couldn't have done it without them."

  • Peter Sohn

    "My daughter got into bed about an hour before with a strange dream, and then I got a tweet early this morning," said the Good Dinosaur director. "I’m so honored and so proud. It was an amazing journey, very much like our main character’s. It was scary and it was tough. Seeing it come to this end, it’s such an honor. This was the first time for me, so when they asked me to make this movie, there were times I wasn’t as confident, but the folks here at Pixar have been so supportive. It’s such a family up here. Now I feel like we’ll need to get some pancakes going with the family and then I’ll try to get some calls in with the crew!"

  • Jonas Rivera

    "I was lying in bed and — I got to be honest — I got up early and was following along on my iPad. I have three young kids so I am used to getting up at this time," said the Inside Out producer, adding that he was most proud of its crew. "There are over 300 people that worked on this thing, and they put everything they had into this thing that was such a personal story."

    Who congratulated him early? "Mindy Kaling was the first one to email me. She is very sweet and so proud and happy and the most wonderful person in the world. Pete Docter is in Cuba, as was our composer Michael Giacchino, so I imagine they are going to be doing a little dance. ... I suspect we will pull a few people together and have a few high-fives and then we will get back to work."

  • Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson

    "We were told we needed to get up in case of something happened,” said Kaufman, who co-directed the stop-motion love story with Johnson. “I opened my email and I got an email from my agent. And then I confirmed it. I wanted to text Duke, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding."

    "I had set my alarm to watch the live feed but I was a few minutes late, so I guess I missed our category," added Johnson, who says he then got a call from Kaufman. "We’re really thrilled. We worked really under the radar on this for so long with so many crises along the way that we didn’t know we would ever finish it. I’m proud of the fact that we did it and we finished it. It was really arduous. And I’m proud that it’s our own thing. We’re trying to be truthful and not try to fit into some type of mode."

  • Steve Martino

    "This really is an incredible honor for the movie, and I know I speak for everyone at Blue Sky and Fox Animation when I say a heartfelt thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press," said the Peanuts Movie director. "We are all honored to carry on the legacy of Charles Schulz and are thrilled to see audiences around the world embracing the film and that a whole new generation of fans are discovering the characters."

  • Richard Starzak and Mark Burton

    "We've just heard about the nomination, and just like our film, we're speechless."

  • Lenny Abrahamson

    "I want to thank the HFPA for this incredible honor. For an independent film like Room to be nominated for best picture for the Golden Globes is an extraordinary vote of confidence and a tribute to the amazing work done by all the talented people involved in the production. I am particularly delighted for Brie Larson and Emma Donoghue. Their unique artistry is being recognized today."

  • Emma Donoghue

    "I'd like to express my gratitude to the Hollywood Foreign Press for nominating me for best screenplay," said the author turned screenwriter. "To be named in such honorable company — especially since Room is my first feature film — is a startling delight."

  • Alejandro G. Inarritu

    "I can’t believe this time last year we were in Calgary shooting The Revenant, and right now I'm in London and just heard the good news!" said the director. "I’m thrilled for our incredible cast and crew. Any nominations for this film are an acknowledgement of them, their hard work and great passion. I’m especially happy for Leo — his emotional performance and what he does is truly remarkable. This film is very personal for me; so I think I will have a drink with my daughter tonight to toast to everyone who was a part of it. Thank you to the HFPA — this is very nice."

  • Tom McCarthy

    "I was making waffles for my daughter. I knew it was coming up but then I got a call from my co-writer Josh Singer because they had announced screenplay before it was on TV. My daughter, who’s 2½, told me 'con-grab-u-lations,' so she almost got it. (Laughs.) And then we all walked her to school,” said McCarthy. “I think there were a lot of ways we could have missed in approaching this in terms of the tone, pace and emotional build of the film. A lot of people are talking about the restraint of the movie, and I’m glad that that restraint is getting some recognition. It’s a really tricky type of storytelling because we’re not loud and we’re not splashy. It was a high-wire act — we could have fallen off."

    When asked about the lack of nominations for his Spotlight actors, he said, "These actors are pros; they know how good their work is, they know how good the ensemble is, and they know how competitive this field is. There are so many good actors working at a high level right now. I think ultimately, you don’t have a best picture nomination unless you have an amazing ensemble, and these guys know that."

  • Josh Singer

    "I'm thrilled and grateful to the HFPA for recognizing the script for Spotlight," said Singer. "I'm delighted that my friend Tom McCarthy and the movie have been recognized as well. This was an incredible collaboration, with Tom, our tremendous crew and each and every wonderful actor in our terrific cast. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the incredible work done by the real Spotlight Team and the courage of survivors like Phil Saviano, Joe Crowley, Patrick McSorley and Jim Scanlan. Our gratitude to them is endless. We hope this increases awareness of the need for investigative journalism on the local level. We also hope that the church will take note and take stronger action to deal with the ongoing issue of clergy sex abuse."

  • Adam McKay

    "I was chopping wood in the Rocky Mountains — no, I wasn’t. That would have been so cool though. I’m in New York City. I was sound asleep and my co-producer told me everything," the Big Short director and co-screenwriter joked. "I was most excited about Steve [Carell] and Christian’s [Bale] nominations. They gave us these amazing, committed, well-research and passionate performances, and to see them get some acknowledgement about it was very, very cool.

    When asked about being placed in the comedy-musical category, he said, “It’s a weird movie, a lot of people have had a hard time pinning down what genre it is. Someone was calling it “traumedy” — tragedy and comedy. I wasn’t too hung up with what category we fell into because the movie is unusual. It’s a true story — real life doesn’t adhere to a genre."

  • Ridley Scott

    "We are all very excited and very grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for embracing our film and Matt [Damon]'s brilliant performance so warmly. Making The Martian was one of the highlights of my career and the fact that it is being recognized in such a generous way is fantastic and very much appreciated.”

  • Paul Dano

    "I woke up probably to the sound of a car horn, and then I saw a couple of text messages and just then the phone rang with someone saying congrats. After that I put my head back down on the pillow and just let my whole body collapse," said Love & Mercy actor. "I am so proud to know Brian and be in contact with his spirit. When I talk to people and they ask me if the film is gonna bring Beach Boys to a younger generation, I always think that this music is gonna be around for forever and it ain't going anywhere, but if the movie helps with that in any way then I am very happy." To celebrate, "it is a sunny day here, so maybe I'll go and see my friend, but I think I am just gonna take some time to enjoy the moment and smile."
  • Brian Wilson

    "My life, my love, my Melinda — God only knows what I'd be without her," said the Beach Boys member of his wife. "She was the inspiration for 'One Kind of Love' and just woke me to tell me the song has been nominated for a Golden Globe — my mind is blown! Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press and everyone involved in telling my story. And a huge hug to Paul Dano for his nomination this great morning!  I'm now going back to bed for some sweet, sweet dreams."

  • Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth

    "I was coming off a plane without Wi-Fi and when I landed, I got 100 text messages — I thought something was wrong," said Puth of learning the news. "Honestly I am most proud of how it is affecting people. It is a song written for Paul Walker but people can interpret it in their own way and put their own life stories to it. It is one of the first records that the public knows me by and I am just humbled."

    Puth texted Wiz Khalifa immediately. "He wrote back: 'What the f— are we gonna wear?' And then I texted my mom. If you would have told me five years ago I would be texting Wiz Khalifa and then my mom back-to-back, I wouldn't have believed you."
  • David Lang

    "This is amazing! I am so grateful to Paolo Sorrentino for making a beautiful movie about a classical composer. I have spent my whole life listening closely to the music in movies, but it never occurred to me that I might be a part of it all.  I am honored, excited and very happy. Thank you, members of the Hollywood Foreign Press!"

  • Joanne Froggatt

    "I'm on set right now and just heard this amazing news. I am absolutely blown away! I couldn't be more grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this nomination and their continued support. Downton Abbey and Anna Bates have been a big part of my life for some years now. It has been the most exciting journey alongside the most wonderful people. I feel so lucky to have portrayed this character and to be recognized alongside these incredibly talented actresses, who have given such strong, inspirational performances. I couldn't be happier!!!!"

  • Elizabeth Karlsen

    "We are swept away by the incredible generosity of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association with five golden globe nominations, and especially the double nomination for best actress for Cate [Blanchett] and Rooney [Mara] and the best director nomination for Todd," said the Carol producer. "It's a vindication for all of the hard work that our small production company Number 9 Films and Film4 put into developing, financing and making this wonderful Todd Haynes film."

  • Michael Fassbender

    "I'm very grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for the nomination. This film, and working with Danny Boyle and our amazing cast, has been one of the most creative and amazing experiences of my professional life. It's lovely to be honored."

  • Aaron Sorkin

    "Thank you, HFPA, for this personal honor, and for all four nominations for Steve Jobs. This has been a very special film for all of us involved as well as a brave choice for Universal, and we’re grateful for the support you’ve shown it today."

  • Judith Light

    "I am so thrilled and so grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this nomination and also for the extraordinarily brilliant Jill Solloway, Joe Lewis, Amazon Prime and the magnificent Transparent cast, crew and team, whom I consider my family. I have the great good fortune to be a part of something that is making a difference, and I am so appreciative of this recognition."

  • George Miller

    "Woke up to this unexpected news. Got out of bed. Did a little dance. The HFPA made me dance!  Extremely grateful for this recognition of the hard work and dedication of our superbly talented cast and crew."

  • Eddie Redmayne

    "I am incredibly grateful to the HFPA for having included me in such a brilliant troupe of actors. I'm equally thrilled that Alicia [Vikander] and Alexandre [Desplat] have been recognized as well. Having the opportunity to help tell Lili and Gerda's story has been a great privilege for me, and I am hugely grateful for the guidance, generosity and insight given to me by the transgender community."

  • Alexandre Desplat

    "What fantastic news to be receiving from the HFPA! Tom Hooper is a master at using music in his films, and I am lucky to be part of his Danish Girl. Merci!"

  • Daniel Pemberton

    "I was looking through the fridge for something for lunch and I got this text for a friend going, 'Wow, congratulations!' and I was like, 'For what?' So probably the least Hollywood experience ever," the composer confessed to THR. "I like that we had the concept to do three acts in the film. And we wanted three different styles: Analog, orchestral and then digital. You have these intellectual conversations at the beginning of the [process] and they never come out that way, but I am really proud of the fact that we managed to do that."

    To celebrate (sort of), Pemberton said, "I am going to scope out the competition. I am going to see the premiere of The Hateful Eight with my favorite composer, Ennio Morricone, so that is the other weird thing that I am up against my musical hero. I feel like the little kid playing with the big boys."

  • Carter Burwell

    Burwell celebrated the nomination — his second for the Golden Globes — by taking a victory lap. "I'm out running," he told THR. "It’s 60 degrees in New York in December, so that, along with the Golden Globe nomination, makes for a very good morning." He found out about it from his publicist, quickly followed by a call from his agent, and hopes the nomination — along with Carol’s other Golden Globe nods — will alert folks to the movie. “It’s wonderful to be nominated, of course, and to be recognized for your work,” he said. "But I think especially when you work on films that are outside the multiplex, I think this will hopefully get people in to see the film. I am so thrilled that so many people from the film and the film are being recognized."

  • Deniz Gamze Erguven

    "We are [currently] working with the part of the team of Mustang on a very little film, but I didn't want to tell anyone about the press conference so no one got disappointed. So I put my headphones in to listen to it by myself and then I jumped out of my chair and no on understood what was going on. After I told them, we all fell into each other's arms," said the director. "It is absolute moment of bliss and a little step into heaven. I have a big responsibility toward France who has given us an amazing amount of trust and support, so I had become a little tense. It was almost a little miracle."

  • Laszlo Nemes

    "We are thrilled to find ourselves nominated for a Golden Globe this morning. It is a very happy and gratifying moment for us. Since the film’s premiere at Cannes in May we have been on a whirlwind tour and are stunned by the positive reaction to the film in the U.S. Son of Saul is about such an important topic, one that bears acknowledging for every generation. For our cast and crew we are very happy indeed.“

  • Jaco Van Dormael

    "I learned about the nomination while I was rehearsing at a theater. It is an honor and a joy to be nominated for the Golden Globes," he said of The Brand New Testament. "Making films is like dropping a message in a bottle in the sea: It is always a miracle when it finds a response. Thank you, Golden Globes!"

  • Klaus Haro

    "Having just returned to Finland, recovering from jet lag, producer Kai Nordberg called me from his hotel in New York — I can hardly believe the news that we are actually nominated! Needless to say, I will be happy to improve on my jet lag and return to Beverly Hills in January," said the Fencer helmer. "My first encounter with the Golden Globes comes to mind: I was 11 when I saw Steven Spielberg's E.T. — the film that made me want to make films in the first place. It was at that same time I remember seeing, in the local papers, that that film was nominated for the Golden Globes: there was the E.T. ad and a picture of the award. Those two have been connected in my mind: the movie that made me want to go into movies, and this prestigious prize."