Golden Globes: What the Nominees Are Saying

6:29 AM 12/12/2016

by THR staff

The nominees share their thoughts on the Monday morning announcement.

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The nominees were announced Monday morning for the 2017 Golden Globe Awards, which are voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon will emcee the awards show, airing live on both coasts Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017, on NBC.

See the nominees' reactions below.

  • Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan Reynolds received the news while in a precarious position: “I was changing a diaper, as I always predicted. I thought, ‘When that call comes in I am going to be staring down the barrel of something nasty.’” Reynolds is nominated for best actor in a musical or comedy for his turn as the katana-wielding vulgar anti-hero in Deadpool, which was nominated for the best picture in the musical/comedy category. Says Reynolds, “It just makes us feel feel like, ‘Well maybe we weren’t so crazy.’ I share these accolades with Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Tim Miller. We all had this feverish and relentless belief in this character and this world so this is super gratifying to know that we weren’t insane. Doors kept closing in our face, so it’s nice to see that we ended up as a bit of a Cinderella story and, in the end, pulling it out.”

    There’s no rest for Reynolds, who is working on scripting the Deadpool sequel. “I am in the room right now with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and we are just hammering away. But I am sure we are all just gonna behave like complete assholes until we get it together and start working again.”

  • Natalie Portman

    It felt like an ordinary day for Natalie Portman, when she learned the news that she had been nominated for a best actress drama Golden Globe. “I was getting my son ready for school,” says the mother of 5-year-old Aleph on how she celebrated. “I woke up to the text from my publicist. It was so exciting. I really loved making this movie, and it’s a big honor to be recognized by the HFPA. It’s very much a recognition shared with the entire cast and crew, mainly [director] Pablo [Larrain].”

    When Portman, a previous Golden Globe winner for Black Swan and Closer, first read Noah Oppenheim’s script chronicling Jaqueline Kennedy’s three days of mourning following the assassination of husband John F. Kennedy, she was drawn to the first lady’s unheralded feminist side. “It was great to see a man see a woman in such a complex light, especially a woman who is known for fairly superficial things,” Portman adds. “She was famous for her fashion and style. Noah discovered this really strong sense of self. Someone who took control of the narrative when everyone else was vying for it. She was incredibly ahead of her time, and it was a very modern, feminist thing.” Though Kennedy remains one of the all-time fashion icons, Portman says she probably won’t be channeling her when selecting a Golden Globes dress. “I can promise you I will be wearing a maternity dress,” says the pregnant actress. “But she certainly is an inspiration.”

  • Octavia Spencer

    “We’re going to NASA today, so we just flew in from New York last night. I was getting ready for the day when I got the call. It was the most wonderful surprise,” says Spencer, who plays Dorothy Vaughan, a mathematician worked at NASA and helped send a man to space. “It’s a story about unsung heroes. That’s why this nomination is that much sweeter for me because I’m playing a woman who was recognized within NASA but the world at large didn’t really know about her contributions to science, technology, engineering and math and to the space program. I feel like I’ve got my angel on my shoulder, Dorothy Vaughan, up there guiding us. It’s resonating because it’s a story whose time has come to be told.”

    Spencer was the only acting nominee from the film, despite the fact that the movie also stars Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Costner and Janelle Monáe. “I’m a little bummed about that,” says Spencer. “I don’t feel my work would be anything without my co-stars. We have one of the best ensembles — brilliant actors, generous actors. They all signed on to do the project because they were moved by the story.” Spencer tells THR that she’s celebrating on her way to NASA (it’s her first visit): “We’re having a little sip of champagne in the car on the way!”

  • Sarah Paulson

    Sarah Paulson continues to ride the awards season wave, earning a best actress in a limited series nomination for her role as Marcia Clark in FX's People v. O.J. Simpson. The nom comes fresh off her victory in the same category at Sunday's Critics Choice Awards where she was able to celebrate with fellow winner (and Globes nominee) Sterling K. Brown. "It's very exciting, you never know how these things are going to go. I'm not one of those people who doesn't care; it's pretty cool," she tells THR of all the awards season love for the Ryan Murphy anthology. "I hope never to meet the day where it's old hat and never an exciting moment."

    The reigning Emmy winner noted she spent Monday morning texting with Brown and Murphy, the latter of whom she'll reunite with following Oceans for the second season of the FX anthology, this one focusing on Hurricane Katrina. "I haven't seen my scripts yet; I'm desperate to do that and that looks like it's happening," she says of the top-secret O.J. follow-up. "My collaboration with Ryan Murphy has never proved to be anything other than challenging, exciting and thrilling. I'm looking forward to going back to that." To celebrate, Paulson jokes that she'll find "something delicious" to eat at the airport later Monday as she heads back to work on Ocean's Eight.

  • Mandy Moore

    When Moore received the news of her nomination from TV husband Milo Ventimiglia, she had to double-check her sources. "My phone lit up around 5:20 or 5:30 and it was actually Milo. Milo was the one who texted me and was like, 'Congratulations!' I was like, 'Wait, the show got nominated?' He was like, 'No, no you did.' I was like, 'What?!' I didn’t believe it. So I went on Twitter," she tells THR with a laugh. "The only thing I was hoping for was that the show would get acknowledged and get nominated so we could all hang out together and be at an awards show together."

    The early morning surprise followed a celebratory Sunday where the cast celebrated the NBC series' honor as one of Fall 2016 most exciting new series. "We were mind-boggled by people coming up to us and not just sort of in passing, saying, 'Congrats on your show, I've seen it.' People wanted to have full-on conversations about what the show means to them and who they relate to the most and the conversations and the dialogue that has started amongst their family and friends. It was really overwhelming and I think that's what's the most special about this experience. That this show means something to people and there's clearly a hunger for it out in the world right now and we're apart of something that's overwhelmingly positive and hopeful, and I think we all kind of need that right now."

    In addition to the show's nomination for best drama series, Moore's co-star Chrissy Metz also earned a nomination for best actress in a supporting role. "I am obsessed with Chrissy Metz and I think she is so deserving of the honor and the acknowledgement,” Moore said. "Her work is gorgeous and she's so brilliant and I couldn't be, honestly, more thrilled to be able to celebrate this with her." Fittingly, Moore said she was most excited to celebrate the nominations with her cast on set. "I think just being altogether, that will be celebration enough."

  • Caitriona Balfe

    Like many of the West Coast-based nominees, the actress woke up to the good news — but from a siesta. "We were actually on our lunch break and I was taking a nap in my trailer. [Laughs] My phone started going off so it was a very nice interruption to get," the second-time nominee told THR from the Scotland set of Outlander. "We were working yesterday as well so I've just been in work mode so I kind of forgot that they were happening today."

    Balfe was on a short break from working on an "emotional scene" with Sam Heughan when she spoke with THR. "I don't even know what time it is," she said with a laugh. With an early call time for Tuesday, Balfe said her celebrations plans included learning her lines for the following day. "I might allow myself a glass of wine," she said. "So no big celebrations — I'll save that for the actual Globes."

  • Isabelle Huppert

    “In my heart it is all sunshine — the film is complex and it could be considered controversial,” says the French actress of the psychological thriller that centers on a woman who was raped in her own home. “But from the beginning, the international press and the American press, I could feel that people really got the story. Now, this has been proven by all of the recognition from the HFPA and all of the critics circles. I am so happy that people could see beyond the controversy and beyond the complexity.”

    Huppert has plans on celebrating (with champagne) in between her busy work schedule, saying, “I was on stage last night in Belgium and I am going to Germany where I will be onstage again in two hours.”

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    The Golden Globe winner learned about his nomination via text. "I've always found that it was better to try to ignore it because it seems like every time I've ever been nominated for anything, it's when I forgot about the nominations," he tells THR with a laugh. As for his celebration plans? Spending the day with his 12-year-old daughter. "She has a cold so I'm going to stay home with her and watch [My Little Pony]: Equestria Girls," he says with a laugh.

    Although awards are old hat for the Oscar winner, this marks the first major award nomination for Goliath. Released in October, the first-year legal drama now ranks as the most-binged first series of an Amazon original. Thornton said "there have been discussions" about a potential season two, but nothing is confirmed yet. "I just sort of sit around and wait until they tell me," he says. Thornton also discussed the possibility of working with Amazon again, even if Goliath does not return.

    "I'd rather wait and see if they're going to do [Goliath] again and then if they're not, then possibly I would look at doing other things. For somebody like me who wrote and directed independent films, not that often but occasionally, it's also a place where I can see myself maybe one of these days writing and directing something for like Amazon or something because the independent film business is kind of gone."

  • Simon Helberg

    "Oh man, it’s so embarrassing,” says Helberg of being in a compromising position when he found out about his nomination. “I was on the toilet. I knew they were announcing it this morning but I didn’t know at what time and I got very nervous so I went over to the ol' toilet and I started gets all of these texts. So, it was humbling.” Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant also received nominations for their roles in feature about a New York socialite turned opera singer.

    Helberg is best known for his role on the long-running CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. “I have been lucky enough to be doing a show for ten years where I play the same character so it’s nice to step outside of that. It’s rewarding for me when people come up and say ‘I didn’t even recognize you in this. I forgot you were that guy on TV.’”

  • Mahershala Ali

    "I’ve been at this a long time; I started acting 23 years ago, and I’ve been working professionally for 17 years, so to have this moment now after doing it for what feels like a really long time, it feels like a new chapter, and an invigorating experience to have at this point in my career," says Ali, who was up at his usual time of 5 a.m. when he got the call that he was nominated. “So I’m just grateful for it.”

    While Ali’s character, a drug dealer who takes on a fatherly role to the young main character, only appears in the first third of the film, he says he’s bonded with the rest of the cast throughout awards season (The Toronto Film Festival was the first time they were all together in the same place). “What ties us all together is [director] Barry [Jenkins]. He’s the leader, and the pace-setter. Even though we all exist in our own chapters in the movie, outside of Naomie [Harris] who is in all three parts, I felt that there was a real energy that connected us all throughout the entire experience.” As for his plans to celebrate? “At some point, I’m going to get a good nap in. [Laughs] I think I’ll celebrate by allowing my brain to turn off for a bit and really relax, and take it all in. I just want to make sure I appreciate this moment.”

  • Naomie Harris

    Harris found out about her nomination after getting off a plane from Los Angeles to New York. “I really believe that this is such a special movie that has the ability to change the way people see life and see each other," she tells THR. "I think it is a perfect antidote to the decisive politics that we have seen recently. It is a film that reminds us of our shared humanity and we need that now more than ever. I am really delighted this film is getting this type of recognition, because these awards, where they’re so powerful, is that they draw attention to the movie. And I really do believe, passionately, that this is a movie that everyone needs to see.” She plans to celebrate at tonight's Collateral Beauty premiere.

  • Tracee Ellis Ross

    "Talk about Monday motivation," she tells THR. "This is really sweet. I had to be up for work at 6 a.m. and I debated last night, 'Do I set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. so I'm awake when the nominations come out or do I just set it for 6 a.m. for work?' So I set it for 6 a.m. but I woke up at 5:55 a.m. and I looked at my phone to see what time it was, and when I saw there were that many texts, I thought something good might have happened. It's so thrilling. Then I looked at the list of everyone nominated and it's so exciting that the show and Anthony [Anderson] were nominated. That makes it fun to share it with the family. And it was also really exciting to look down the list and see so much diversity of all different kinds.

    "It's my first Golden Globe nomination," she continues. "These are the kinds of things that little young actors dream of, so when it happens at 44 you say, 'This is cool.' I've been doing this a really long time so it's pretty exciting. Anthony and I have just been texting congratulations, but I'm sure as soon as I see him I will wrap my entire body around him like an octopus and we will have a moment — and if anyone tries to rush us today [on set], we'll say, 'Excuse me, Golden Globe nominees don't walk fast.'"

  • Nick Nolte

    To say the nomination took the veteran actor by surprise might be an understatement. "I didn’t even know today was when they were announcing [the nominations] and I didn’t think there was any way I'd be nominated," he tells THR. The nomination, which marks EPIX's first Golden Globe nomination, was particularly sweet because of the time it took to put the project together. "[Executive producer Greg Shapiro] came to about five years ago and said, 'Would you do television?' And I said, 'Sure, 'I'd do television,' and he said, 'How about an ex-president 25 years out of office?'" Nolte isn't taking the show's early awards recognition and season two renewal for granted. "Your second season is really the one that counts," he said about the new episodes, which begin production early next year.

  • Stevie Wonder

    "I thank you, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, for this amazing honor.  It’s been over 30 years since I was nominated for a Golden Globe award. I am so thrilled to be sharing this nomination with my co-writers Ryan Tedder & Francis Farewell Starlite for ‘Faith," which is a song and belief dear to my heart."
  • John Lithgow

    "My publicist told me last night she would call me so I hoped to be awakened at 5:30 a.m. but I slept through and my alarm went off at 6 a.m. and I thought, 'Well, that's that.' Then I showered, got dressed, had breakfast and then I checked my texts and there were about 20 congratulatory ones. So much for telephones — I guess people don't use them anymore!" Lithgow tells THR. He says has no celebration plans at the moment, since he's working on the upcoming NBC comedy Trial & Error while his wife is back in New York. "Yesterday was our 35th wedding anniversary, so it's been a wonderful 24 hours."

    "I think one of the reasons The Crown has been so warmly received is it's a wonderful counterpoint to what's happening politically," he explains of the Netflix series. "I'm a Democrat and I was a big Hillary supporter so I was devastated by the results and not at all happy politically — but I try to be philosophical. There's a beautiful medication on politics in a speech by Claire [Foy] in the seventh episode of the series where she talks about good government being about the efficient and the dignified, that it's very important that you sustain the efficient and the dignified. And at the moment, we're doing neither. That's why I think The Crown is a very important series right now."

  • Christian Slater

    "That's a formidable list!" Slater told THR early Monday. The actor, who was in L.A. following a night at the Critics Choice Awards with the cast and creators of the USA Network drama, is most excited to be in a category with John Lithgow (Netflix's The Crown), whom he credits with inspiring him to become an actor. "I've been a fan of his my whole career. He's one of the reasons why I wanted to become an actor — because an actor like John Lithgow exists," he says.

    But perhaps most exciting is that his former Broken Arrow co-star John Travolta is also nominated in the category for his work on FX's People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. "To be in a category with my old stealth bomber co-pilot is hilarious and wonderful," Slater says with a laugh. To celebrate, the actor is most looking forward to flying home Monday night to New York to reunite with his beloved dogs.

  • Kenneth Lonergan

    "Thank you, Hollywood Foreign Press Association. I’m immensely proud of Casey, Michelle, Lucas, Kyle, and all of our cast and crew. I'm in awe of their talents. All artists need champions, and I'm very grateful to have had several, all of whom also gave me broad creative freedom:  Matt Damon, Kimberly Steward and this dedicated producing team, all of whom share in our nominations and have my eternal thanks."

  • Barry Jenkins

    "I’ve been on the road for a bit, so I woke up a bit late. I turned on my phone and everything just exploded,” says Jenkins, whose coming-of-age story earned six nominations, including for best motion picture drama. “The film is consistently finding a way to carry itself past just the people who can literally see themselves on screen. I think other people are seeing themselves in the characters. I love that the HFPA saw themselves in these characters.”

    The film, telling the tale of a young gay black man growing up in Miami, showcases three phases of the young man’s life, and features three different actors playing the main character. Two of the film’s stars, Naomie Harris and Mahershala Ali, also picked up nominations Monday. “I think everyone put the material before themselves,” says Jenkins. “You can see that in the way the three actors are splitting the lead character, and then with someone with Mahershala [Ali] who knows he’s only going to be in a third of the film, yet he didn’t give a third of himself. He was fully present. I think they all were. They really cared about the film — it wasn’t work, it was something more than that.”

    Jenkins will celebrate with what seems to be becoming a tradition for him: “I just got off the road. I have to do laundry. But I enjoy drinking coffee and doing laundry. It keeps me grounded and it’s therapeutic.”

  • John Carney

    "I didn’t know the noms were coming out this morning," Carney tells THR. "So, I was just going about my daily routine in my car, when my phone started vibrating, and being a good citizen I didn’t pick it up while I was driving. I was thinking that something terrible or something great had just happened and it turned out it was something quite good. I was delighted with the cast that we had in this film, more so than any I have ever done. It’s just a small Irish movie, so for all the kids who are in the movie, it’s really a nomination for them and their work in the film. It was such a fun summer when we filmed, so to be recognized a year or so later, it is going to mean a lot to them as much as it does to me."

  • Jill Soloway

    Donald Trump's recent election victory, Soloway tells THR, made Monday's nominations even more exciting "when the new and the transformative and the forward-looking and the future-thinking intersectional voices are being honored. It's so important right now. To me, it's not just about a Hollywood party. It's about naming the cultural creators who are keeping the conversation forward-moving. There's no better time right now to use art as politics."

    "I think three years in doing work about the trans community and doing work about the queer community, for me, I was just really, really excited to see the people that we were nominated with, in particular Issa Rae [for Insecure] and Donald Glover [for Atlanta]," Soloway explains from Marfa, TX, where she's shooting her upcoming Amazon comedy I Love Dick. Although hard at work on her new comedy, which stars Kevin Bacon and Transparent alum Kathryn Hahn, Soloway said she'll still make time for a celebration later in the day: "We're going to have a crazy party here in Marfa because it's all the same crew."

  • Jeffrey Tambor

    This marks his third Golden Globe nomination for the Amazon comedy, for which he's already taken home a Golden Globe award, a Screen Actors Guild award and two Emmy awards. "It never gets old," he told THR before heading to work on a film he's shooting in Los Angeles. Tambor got the good news from one of the show's publicists at Amazon. "Peter Binazeski from Amazon dinged me and I went, 'Well, they don't ding you if you lose.' So that ding sort of told me everything. Its just so wonderful and so thrilling."

  • Dan Fogelman

    Dan Fogelman went to sleep riding high from its recognition as one of the fall's most exciting new series at the Critics Choice Awards and woke up Monday to his phone "lighting up" with news of This Is Us' three Golden Globe nominations. The recognition for the freshman ranks as the first time an NBC drama has broken through in the drama series category in 10 years, and that fact is not lost on Fogelman. "This is the icing on the cake," Fogelman tells THR. "It all feels crazy. Last night I was talking to Chrissy Metz, Mandy Moore [who both scored supporting actress nominations Monday] and Milo Ventimiglia and they were besieged by important and famous people at the Critics Choice Awards. It's been really rewarding."

    Fogelman credited This Is Us' ratings and critical breakthrough to being the right show at the right time. "There's a place for really high-end and populist entertainment," he says. "We have a tendency to critically reward our bleakest and darkest and most withholding art. I'm a big fan of a ton of that stuff — I'm first in line for all of it — but I also think there's this vacuum right now of that kind of stuff. ... It makes it rewarding to be in the conversation with those shows and actors more typically rewarded but I think [This Is Us] is important in its own way."

    Fogelman is currently writing episodes 15 and 16 of the 18-episode freshman run and has ideas for season two as part of a four-year plan for the drama. "We have a four-year plan for the show and know where it's going. With the nature of our storytelling, it's impossible to make it up as you go since we're jumping around in time so much." As for the snubs for Ventimiglia and Brown — the latter of whom was recognized for his work in People v. O.J. SimpsonFogelman didn't seem worried. "It'll all come in due time." As for the fate of his recently wrapped Fox freshman drama Pitch, Fogelman continues to campaign for a second season: “We need to continue making more episodes and getting it out there and giving it a chance."

  • Julie Yorn and Carla Hacken

    “It’s always surprising when you have a film you make and you are really proud of and it doesn’t necessarily fit into the tentpole space,” said producer Julie Yorn of the Texas-set heist movie. “When you have a film that people have to find and discover and then embrace, it’s so gratifying.”

    Noted fellow producer Carla Hacken: “Julie and I both come from backgrounds on working on film with much higher budgets and this film was made for such a modest budget so everybody, including the actors, really fell in love with the project and were really willing to work their asses off for a fraction of their fee. We were shooting out in the middle of the desert in Texas in the summer, so it was really a labor of love.”

    The David Mackenzie-directed feature stars Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges, the latter of which received a Globes nom for best supporting actor. “The fact that we came out in August and it has touched this nerve and is still a part of the conversation, we feel like the little movie that could,” said Hacken.

  • Nina Jacobson

    "We've had this incredible journey," Jacobson tells THR. "I've never had an experience like this. We are a very tight knit group of people who all felt very invested in each other's success. It was a very generous group of actors in the way that you don't always see. To see so many of them recognized and see how excited they are for each other is really the opposite of jaded. There's been some texting and some emailing and some 'hooray-ing.'"

    The producer says she'll celebrate by recovering from last night's Critics' Choice Awards. "The way that these events all line up, and then there's a breather and then they suddenly gear up all over again — I've never been on this train before. But it's a really great train, and I feel lucky for all of us that we get ride it together."

  • Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy

    Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy learned of the HBO drama's three Golden Globe nominations early Monday morning after they were woken up by their young daughter. No, the youngster wasn't running in to congratulate them but instead had a nightmare, with Joy and Nolan checking their email after calming her. "It's overwhelming," Nolan tells THR, calling the best drama series nom as well as recognition for stars Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton "very gratifying" given the amount of time the married duo spent on season one. The HBO drama was in the works for years and had a few production setbacks to allow Nolan and Joy time to hone in on the twisty writing. "We've been sitting with these performances in the editing bay for 18 months waiting to share with public. We're excited to see the recognition and excitement over what our entire cast has been doing."

    As for facing off against reigning Emmy champ in HBO's Game of Thrones in the drama series category, both said they were just happy to be in the same sentence as the George R.R. Martin fantasy drama. "It's like when I go out with Jonah and he looks really handsome. Does he look handsomer?" Joy quips of the competition.

    While Westworld won't premiere its second season until 2018, Joy and Nolan have been back at work in the writers' room for months. "We went in with broad ideas of where to go and are working with our incredible team to flesh out those ideas," Joy says. "We have broad strokes for the entire season and are now working on specific episodes." In terms of the power couple's plans to celebrate, Joy and Nolan note that they made a deal with their daughter, who was still angry over their time out Sunday night for the Critics Choice Awards. Instead, they'll have a pizza party and watch A Child's Christmas in Wales as a family. "It'll be cozy; maybe we'll make sugar cookies — and make one in the shape of a robot," Joy says with a laugh. Sounds delightful.

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus

    "Huge thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the Russian hackers that made our nominations possible."

  • Keri Russell

    "While changing puked on baby sheets, I find this out! Thank you HFPA for adding some glamour to the day. Thrilled."

  • Felicity Huffman

    "So thrilled! Thank you HFPA for recognizing American Crime! Thank you ABC for having ovaries of steel. You put your energy and capitol behind a risky show that is stretching the boundaries of network TV. I am so grateful to be part of it."

  • Andrew Garfield

    "I am so incredibly moved by the HFPA and their recognition of this film and my work, especially considering the remarkably strong caliber of performances this year," said Garfield in a statement. "It’s an honor to stand with actors like Denzel Washington who have inspired me since I was old enough to watch movies. I’m very proud of Hacksaw Ridge and I share this with Bill Mechanic, David Permut and Mel who led the charge on this project with great vision, humility, integrity and love. I dedicate this nomination and my work to the incomparable Desmond Doss and all those who sacrifice themselves in the service of the protection and freedom of others. He is a profound symbol of healing and compassion for the times we are in."

  • Casey Affleck

    "Huge thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this prestigious honor," Affleck said in a statement. "It will actually be my first time attending the Golden Globes and I've been working for more than 20 years, so this moment isn't lost on me. I’m so happy for the recognition this morning given to our incredible writer and director Kenneth Lonergan and to Michelle Williams, and for our entire cast and crew. It’s really meaningful for our film. Thank you."

  • Viggo Mortensen

    "It’s a privilege to have participated in a great ensemble story like Captain Fantastic, one that has steadily earned its place among the most admired movies of the year by virtue of the passionate response it has received from audiences everywhere. Matt Ross has made that rare kind of film that prompts people to look at the world with fresh eyes, to laugh and cry and think. I’m very proud to be a part of it."

  • Lily Collins

    "I've never felt so shocked, honored, and proud. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my fearless leader and mentor Warren Beatty, the Hollywood Foreign Press, and to all those involved with Rules Don't Apply. Sharing this moment with my mom sitting on our couch in the dark is something I'll never forget. It's a complete dream come true. I still can't breathe."

  • Amy Adams

    "Thank you so much to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association who have always been so incredibly supportive of me throughout my career," said Adams in a statement. "I'm really honored to be recognized for Arrival, a film I so deeply loved working on. Thank you to Eric for his brilliant script, Jeremy for being an amazing partner and Denis for his incredible guidance and capturing the true heart and soul of this film. I'd also like to congratulate Tom Ford and Aaron Taylor-Johnson for their Nocturnal Animals nominations."

  • Ruth Negga

    "I am profoundly grateful for this recognition," said Negga in a statement. "I can’t thank the HFPA enough for their support, this is such an honor. I am humbled to be in the company of all of these extraordinary, talented, and powerful women. It has been such a gift to share Mildred and Richard Loving’s important story with the world. I share this honor with my partner in the film, Joel Edgerton, our incredible director Jeff Nichols and everyone involved in bringing Loving to life."

  • Liev Schreiber

    "What a great wake up call. ... Thank you to all the writers on Ray Donovan, Ann Biderman, David Hollander, David Nevins, and the extraordinary cast of actors who carry me through every season of this show. Huge thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for continuing to support our show and for giving me another great excuse to play dress up with the boys. We are thrilled!?"

  • Dev Patel

    "I literally just woke up to this news. I am so humbled to be acknowledged in a category alongside these incredible gentleman. I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my real family back home in London and in India and for my Lion family, especially for the leader of our pride, director Garth Davis. The best thing about this though is that my mom is going to be really f—ing happy."

  • Claire Foy

    "“?I am so delighted by the nominations The Crown has received today!" said Foy in a statement. "The whole experience has been wonderful. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to bring Peter Morgan's Princess Elizabeth to life; she is a gift of a role and a challenge I am so grateful for — a young woman trying to navigate a path through an extraordinary situation. I must thank the HFPA for this nomination, it's such an honour. More than anything I am so happy that people have enjoyed the show the way they have and recognised the hard work of the truly brilliant ensemble cast and crew. I would also like to congratulate John and everyone on The Crown for their nominations today."

  • Nicole Kidman

    "This nomination is even more emotional and I’m more grateful than ever before. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press!"

  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson

    "Waking up to this news in an early dawn light made going into the darkness to bring this character alive all the more worthwhile. I'm truly grateful to the HFPA for recognizing the transformation I went through to create this role with Tom Ford. This is all very overwhelming and exciting. It's such a tremendous honor."

  • John Turturro

    "It's nice to be invited to the party, thank you HFPA. I am especially pleased to share it with my acting partner Riz Ahmed. And of course, our indomitable leader Steve Zaillian and Richard Price."

  • Sterling K. Brown

    "HFPA! Y'all crazy for this one… and I couldn't be more grateful! Thank you for such a tremendous honor! What a wonderful way to finish off the!" said the actor in an emailed statement. "In recognition that no one gets to this place in their career by themselves, I have to first thank my wife and two children for giving me such a clear purpose for being. Ryan, Andrew, Amaré… you make this all worthwhile! Jennifer Wiley Stockton… thank you for doing so much, so that I can stay focused on the task at hand. Let us never part. Michael Geiser, you are unsung, sir! (And if you erase this from my statement, we'll have words)! Love you, buddy. To my agents at Innovative Artists, especially my man David Rose, thank you for giving your boy all the support he could ask for. St. Louis, I rep you 'til the day I die! To all my family and friends there, thank you for making your boy feel special. #ChocolateCardinal y'all know I luvs you! To my artistic family from NYC, including (but not limited to) my friends and faculty at the grad acting program at NYU, thank you for keeping your boy nourished and fed. Literally and spiritually. Namaste."

  • Gael Garcia Bernal

    "I'm so thrilled I was nominated for Mozart in the Jungle and that the show was nominated. I'm equally as thrilled Neruda was nominated for Best Foreign Film. I'm so lucky to be a part of both projects. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press."

  • Michelle Williams

    "Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for recognizing not only my work, but our film, the thoughtful direction and beautiful words of Kenny Lonergan, and my fellow actor Casey Affleck. I'm honored to have been a part of telling this story."

  • Tom Ford

    "I am extremely honored to have received today's Golden Globe nominations for Best Director and Best Screenplay. I am incredibly proud of this film and to be in the company of such accomplished directors and screenwriters is humbling. I am also very happy that Aaron Taylor-Johnson's work was recognized with a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. I am very grateful as these nominations are also a testament to the brilliantly talented cast and crew who helped to bring Nocturnal Animals to life."

  • Ryan Murphy

    "What a great morning for everyone who worked so hard on The People v. O.J.! Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press for the recognition, and congratulations to my incredible producing partners and amazing actors. This project is easily one of the most satisfying of my professional life. I am feeling very blessed and appreciative today."

  • Taylor Sheridan

    "I am so grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognizing Hell or High Water and the nomination for Best Screenplay. We all worked incredibly hard on this film, and a Best Picture (Drama) nomination is such a celebration of every person involved. I am equally grateful to the cast, David Mackenzie, Carla Hacken, Peter Berg, and all the people who believed in me and fought to tell this story."

  • Matt Damon

    "Congratulations to our incredible crew and a deep thank you to Kenny Lonergan and the entire cast who poured their hearts and souls into this, and thank you as well to the HFPA for championing a little movie like ours."

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda

    "Gracias. Merci. Grazie. Danke sehr. Mahalo. Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this tremendous honor. Congratulations to my fellow nominees," said Miranda in a statement. "Over two years ago, I was lucky enough to have been given my dream job, writing songs for a Disney animated film, alongside the amazing Opetaia Foa'i & Mark Mancina. Today, for Moana to be recognized for what we created is truly beyond comprehension. ‘How Far I’ll Go’ not only embodies the spirit of our heroine but the central lesson from the film — dream big, listen to your gut, don’t give up, never forget where you came from, and one day you might just save the world."

  • Justin Hurwitz

    It’s been a wild 24 hours for Hurwitz, who took home two Critics Choice Awards last night and then got up early this morning to watch the Golden Globe nominations. "I was streaming it on Facebook and they did the score [nominations,] and they they were really cruel in that they made us wait 15 minutes for the song [nominations],” he says with a laugh. That wait is nothing compared to the six years it took for Hurwitz and director Damien Chazelle to make La La Land. “I did a little over 1,900 piano demos for this movie" between the score and the six songs, Hurwitz says. “I’m sending Damien ideas and he’s saying ‘No, no, no,’ until it feels right. We both know [when] it’s the one. It never changes."

    Hurwitz began working on the score before shooting began, in part, because Chazelle wanted to play some of the cues for stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone to help create the mood. Then came eight months of post production during which Hurwitz had a studio right next to the editing room. "As they were cutting, I was giving them score cues. Then based on my music, they would make some changes to the picture. We wanted real symbiosis between the score and picture.” Hurwitz wrote “City of Stars” with lyricists Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. “We’d hand the songs off to them and that’s when they would come to life. The words bring the real story telling and emotion to it.” Now, Hurwitz is ready to enjoy running the awards gauntlet: “I’m very aware that this may not happen again, so I’m savoring every minute.”

  • Ryan Tedder

    "You work with Bono and the U2 guys and you think that’s the highlight of your life — I thought nothing would beat that until this session,” says Ryan Tedder of producing Stevie Wonder, his co-writer on “Faith,” which also features Ariana Grande. “Sorry, Bono!” For the Grammy-winning Tedder, who, in addition to fronting OneRepublic and producing/writing for artists like Adele and Beyonce, getting a Golden Globe nomination provides not only a chance to wear the Tom Ford suit he bought in 2007 that’s been gathering dust, it opens up new doors. “It feels like you’ve been going to one party for your entire life and then all of a sudden you get invited to another party at the other school in the other part of town with the really hot girls that you never got invited to."

    Tedder had the first verse of the effervescent “Faith” ready by the time he connected with Wonder, “Stevie started editing my lyrics and started writing the second verse and the bridge was his idea. He started singing it. I said, ‘That is so catchy, I’m going to throw away my bridge and use yours.” After that deceptively easy start, Tedder says, “I don’t think I’ve gone through more sessions in my life. The only thing that stayed the same in the song was the bass line.” Still, he calls the day in the studio with Wonder and Grande as he produced the song, “one of the single greatest days of my life.” For the moment, Tedder has moved on. He received news of his nomination while in the green room at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon — OneRepublic will play “Let’s Hurt Tonight,”  their song from Collateral Beauty on Fallon’s show tonight.

  • Justin Timberlake

    "Woke up to a Golden Globes nom! And then played hide and seek with my son before breakfast! Double win! Thank you, Hollywood Foreign Press!”

  • Daniel Pemberton

    The British composer learned of his nomination for best original song while sitting in a mini-cab, stuck in London traffic. “A friend of mine texted me saying, ‘I just saw your name on the telly. I think you got a Golden Globe nomination’,” he says. “It was weird. It was also a lesson in saying yes."

    When Gold director Stephen Gaghan told Pemberton he wanted to write a song for the Matthew McConaughey movie, Pemberton, who was under the gun to finish the film’s score, initially said he had no time. On Pemberton’s one day off, Gaghan brought over some lyrics and Pemberton wrote some chords and melodies, but he feared there would be no time to properly finish the song. “Stephen said, ‘How about we give my friend Danger Mouse a call?’ I was a huge fan, so that was really cool,” Pemberton says. Then, producer Danger Mouse suggested bringing in legendary punk icon Iggy Pop. “I was like this would be the most amazing thing that ever happened,” Pemberton says. Between the four talking and emailing, the foreboding “Gold” emerged. “It’s one of those fascinating things where every single person involved, you take any of them out of the mix and the song doesn’t exist.”

  • Dustin O'Halloran and Hauschka

    It was a full circle moment this morning for Lion composers Dustin O’Halloran and Hauschka. They were in O’Halloran’s house, where they wrote the score for the film about an adopted boy raised in Australia and his journey to reunite with his mother in India, when they received the news of their nomination for best original score. “Right before we started the score, I set up my studio here,” O’Halloran says. “Lion was the first music that was written in my new studio and we haven’t really come back.”

    Director Garth Davis approached the two composers separately about working on music for the film — totally unaware that the two were already friends — with the idea of Hauschka taking the first half, which takes part in India, and O’Halloran scoring the second part, set in Australia. That idea quickly evolved to where the pair not only worked together on both halves, they collaborated on the cues. “It was really the only way to make it cohesive,” O’Halloran tells THR. “It needed to feel connected. There are some moments where it’s more Hauscka and other moments where it’s more me, but even then, we were there for feedback and to give our opinions.”

    “In the end, we wrote mostly all of the score together and we mixed our styles for a very happy result,” Hauschka says. 

  • Garth Jennings

    "It is absolutely thrilling to hear Sing is nominated for a Golden Globe, and on behalf of everyone who worked on the movie, I'd like to give a huge thanks to the wonderful folks of the HFPA, a massive high five to our fellow nominees and, to anyone who happens to be reading this quote, I wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas."

  • Travis Knight

    "My heartfelt thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press for honoring Kubo and the Two Strings with this wonderful distinction," said Knight in a statement. "Working with the team of wizards and geniuses at Laika to bring Kubo to the world has been the most rewarding, most moving experience of my professional life. I’m grateful for it. And I’m grateful that the lovingly handcrafted efforts and brilliance of our extraordinary cast and crew have been so meaningfully recognized with this nomination. At Laika, our great hope is that our stories reach, resonate with, and enrich the lives of people around the world, and so it means a great deal to us that the Hollywood Foreign Press, representing so many different countries and cultures, has found our work worthy of recognition. I’m elated."

  • Byron Howard and Rich Moore

    “It’s been an amazing 16 hours between the Critics’ Choice Awards [Zootopia won the animated feature category] and then to wake up — very early — and learn of the Hollywood Foreign Press Golden Globes is terrific,” said Moore. “Everyone is so excited, and for Moana to get nominated as well. We are all best friends, so we are happy Disney is so well represented. ... It’s been an amazing year for animation and it’s great to see it healthy and with challenging movies.”

    Added Howard: “It’s a great family of filmmakers. Last night we saw John Musker and Ron Clements (Moana), Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings), Mike Mitchell (Trolls). I love the friendship and comradery.”

  • Claude Barras and Max Karli

    "My Life as a Zucchini has been supported by international film critics ever since its very first pitching session. Today, we are humbled and extremely honored by this Golden Globe nomination and the opportunity to bring Swiss film into global conversation. We are genuinely touched that the film we dedicated ourselves to for so long has become so universal. Our expectations have been exceeded."

  • Ron Clements, John Musker and Osnat Shurer

    "In our 40-year careers, no film has been such a labor of love or more satisfying than Moana, about a young girl who saves the world. We’re so deeply honored that the hard work of the artists and cast is recognized by the HFPA," said directors Ron Clements and John Musker, and producer Osnat Shurer, in a joint statement. 

  • Nicholas Britell

    For giddy first time nominee Nicholas Britell, like many nominees, he knew something was up when he “started to to get a slew of text messages” alerting him of his nomination. “It’s so early [in California], you’re sort of in this altered state of consciousness. Your brain’s not really functioning. You’re like ‘Oh my god!'"

    His reaction was even more powerful from the moment he read the screenplay and saw the first cut of the Barry Jenkins-directed Moonlight. “There’s a profound feeling of poetry. I was so moved by that feeling of tenderness and intimacy and beauty in the movie, that was my way into to the score. What is the musical analog of that? How do you express that feeling musically? I was trying to express that feeling of poetry.”

  • Asghar Farhadi

    "I am glad to hear this spectacular news. It's an honor to be nominated for the Golden Globe for a third time. I would like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press Association on behalf of both myself and The Salesman crew, who was busy shooting this movie in Tehran last year."

  • Pablo Larrain

    "We are thrilled by Neruda's nomination and the recognition for Natalie in Jackie. Natalie's performance is fearless as a window into one woman who united a grieving nation. Making both films was an incredible and challenging journey, and I am grateful for the deep passion and dedication of the many artists who helped bring these movies to life. Pablo Neruda is a great figure in Chile's history, which makes this recognition for our culture especially meaningful. Neruda tried to change his country through his art, and Jackie's strength helped her nation to heal. I am moved and inspired by the courage of people — like Neruda and Jackie — whose vision and leadership feel more important than ever."

  • The Duffer Brothers, Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen

    "Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this recognition. We are so humbled and honored that our show has struck a chord with audiences around the world. We are constantly inspired by the tireless, phenomenal work of our cast and crew, and we are particularly excited for Winona, who created an indelible performance that viewers won't soon forget."