Golden Globes 2018: Nominees React

8:15 AM 12/11/2017

by THR staff

The nominees share their thoughts on the Monday morning announcement.

The new class of nominees were announced Monday morning for the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, which are voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Late-night host Seth Meyers is set to host the 75th annual award show, airing live at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Sunday, Jan. 7, on NBC from the Beverly Hilton.

See the nominees’ reactions below. 

  • Armie Hammer

    The actor had planned to sleep through the nominations announcement, “but my two children had different plans for me,” he told THR from his home in Holmby Hills, his daughter coloring next to him. He suddenly received a “deluge” of congratulatory texts and emails not only from friends and colleagues of the film, but also directors and writers of previous projects: “Those feel almost as wonderful as getting the nomination itself.”

    Hammer is thankful that the drama has resonated so much with viewers. “We got a message from someone on social media who said they watched the movie and then came out to their parents,” he recalled. “Michael Stuhlbarg’s incredible monologue can make you feel so safe and loved and not alone and okay with whatever is going on, and the fact that this person made a major life decision after seeing our film is huge.” The actor next makes his Broadway debut in the spring — “I’m excited to challenge myself in a new way and hopefully grow as an artist because of it” — but is celebrating his nomination with his family: “My daughter wants to go for a bike ride, so that’s the plan.”

  • Gary Oldman

    “It feels as though I have just received a bit of a promotion,” said Gary Oldman of his Golden Globes nomination-- his first ever. “I’m in good company, I must say.” The English actor plays Winston Churchill in the Focus Features drama, the Darkest Hour, saying he is “very proud and privileged” for the opportunity to play the WWII political hero. Oldman first heard about his nom while getting ready for the London premiere of the drama. Upon receiving his first nomination, Oldman is also excited to attend his first Globe ceremony as a nominee saying, “Prada is going to be cooking me up a nice tuxedo.”

  • Claire Foy

    “I feel like the Hollywood Foreign Press were really one of the first people to appreciate the show, so it just feels really lovely that the second season has just come out and they’ve been such strong supporters of us,” Foy said of her nomination. The actress also expressed gratitude over receiving a nomination ahead of the series’ final season. “Obviously, it’s our final series so for me and the cast, it’s really special.”  Foy also revealed the comical way she learned of the news.“I was exercising when I found out, would you believe? Which doesn’t happen very often. And then I got a text saying, ‘Congratulations!”

    Foy shared that she plans of celebrating the nomination in January. “I’m not on set today, but I’m working in Atlanta. I don’t know whether I really will [celebrate] to be honest. I’m going to work tomorrow, so I think I’ll just have a lovely Christmas and then celebrate in January, when we all get to be together in Los Angeles.”

    The actress also explained how while she’s excited for her nomination, she sees it as the perfect “sendoff.” “Because [the second season of the show] only came out on Friday, the only people who I’ve heard have seen it is my family and they all really love it and think it’s great. I’m so proud of it and am so honored to be apart of it. It’s a lovely sendoff to be apart of a series and see it nominated. And [Olivia Coleman, who is taking over the role, and I] had a lovely chat on the phone and she’s amazing. She’s an amazing actress and an amazing person.”

  • Guillermo del Toro

    The filmmaker — whose fantastical fairy tale scored seven nominations, the most of any film — awoke from a deep slumber at his home in Los Angeles as the nominations were being announced. He had asked his manager to message him, but a groggy del Toro had a hard time reading the texts because he couldn’t find his glasses. “I had to hold my iPhone a millimeter away from my face,” del Toro tells THR. He had intended to go back to sleep, but his plan didn’t quite work out. “Finally, about four nominations in, I thought I’d better wake up and find my glasses. They were on the floor, which is better than three days ago when I rolled over them. They were in a terrible state of disrepair,” he says.

    Del Toro says he’s trying to keep his expectations in check, and that it’s wise to “put yourself into an open state of mind and feel grateful.” Shape of Water is up for best picture in the drama category, best director, best screenplay (del Toro and Vanessa Taylor), best actress in a drama (Sally Hawkins), best supporting actor (Richard Jenkins), best supporting actress (Octavia Spencer) and best original score (Alexandre Desplat).

  • Alison Brie

    “I’m just over the moon. I’m just in a constant phase of smiling really big and then [thinking,] 'Am I going to burst into tears? No, I’m OK,' Brie told THR. "We’re shooting the second season of GLOW currently and so I was leaving for work. I was running late and I ran downstairs to kiss my husband goodbye, and he was streaming the announcement on his phone. He was like, “The Golden Globe nominations are being announced,” and I was like, “I got to go!” I lean down to kiss him goodbye and right then Sharon Stone was like, “Alison Brie, GLOW,” and then we both just started screaming and kicking our legs. We were just screaming in unison and holding hands and jumping up and down.

    Brie was also ecstatic to learn of The Disaster Artist's nomination, to which her husband Dave Franco stars in. "And then I called him from the car so I was on the phone with him to hear that The Disaster Artist also nominated — and we just kept screaming. That’s just the theme of today. I was the first person at work. It was me and our hair and makeup department screaming and jumping up and down in the trailer. The girls are all sending their love on the text chain. I heard from my Community family, too, which was very sweet. It’s been a really fun morning. I’ll probably work late and go to bed early. In a truly Ruth Wilder, very responsible way, we are still in production so I doubt I will go crazy but I do anticipate a lot of jumping and screaming as the girls roll into work today."

  • James Franco

    “We have got the Tommy responses and they are… bizarre,” says James Franco of hearing from Tommy Wiseau, who he portrays in his A24 comedy. “He says, ‘Woah what a day.’ And he said, ‘Can you imagine. What Next?” Franco also plans on bringing Wiseau to the Golden Globes ceremony. “I think that is what everyone wants and what everyone needs,” Franco said.  When reflecting on what The Disaster Artist means to him personally, Franco says, “This movie is so bizarre, but is really earnest. The fact that I got to do it with my brother and sister-in-law and one of my closest friends ever of more than 20 years-- it feels like the culmination of everything I started 20 years ago with Freaks and Geeks.”

  • Mary J. Blige

    “I’m so grateful — I’m still thanking God,” said Blige some hours after the nominations announcement. Though she didn’t watch live, she woke up to the news of her double nomination from her publicist. “We both screamed and my phone has been blowing up like crazy! It’s a beautiful morning.”

    Blige said she has been overwhelmed by audience’s reaction to her performance in the Netflix ensemble drama as the matriarch Florence. “I’ve heard a lot of, ‘I didn’t even know you were in the movie — I was looking for you!’” she laughed. “At the end of the day, you’re an actor, and you do want to disappear. When Dee Rees was directing, she just kept saying, ‘I need Florence to do this, I need Florence to do that.’ She never said ‘Mary. J. Blige’ when talking about the role. I’m so grateful that she put her foot down and did that.”

  • Sally Hawkins

    “What a beautiful gift. Thank you with all my heart to the Hollywood Foreign Press for honoring this special film and my part in it. I am so very humbled by this acknowledgement. Every piece of this film was and is a gift for me. Working with Guillermo del Toro along with this exceptional cast and crew was one of the most extraordinary heart expanding experiences. He is one of the greatest filmmakers of our time I believe. And I am beyond thrilled that his vision, his ingenuity and artwork has been recognized in this way.... Thank you with all my heart thank you. I believe in magic and this is a magical thing.”

  • Richard Jenkins

    “You hope people will like your movie and you hope they respond to it and connect to it but you just never know. So when it happens it feels fantastic,” says Jenkins, who was celebrating his first Golden Globes nom from Providence, Rhode Island. “It looks like a really fun party,” says the actor, who is looking forward to his first Globes ceremony.


  • Saoirse Ronan

    The actress was at home in her native Ireland when she heard that she was nominated for her performance in Great Gerwig’s directorial debut. “I found out right by a lake. It was so ideal,” she says. Lady Bird picked up three other nominations, including recognitions for writer-director Greta Gerwig, actress Laurie Metcalf and one for best picture, musical or comedy. While she appreciates the awards love, Ronan has especially enjoyed the outpouring of support from audiences, saying, “It is great to hear that women in particular feel represented in the film, especially in a way that modern American teenagers haven’t been represented before.”

  • Timothee Chalamet

    The young actor woke up at his home in New York City at 9:38 a.m., two minutes after the nominations were announced. He learned of his first-ever Globe nom via his phone. “It’s beyond anything I could dream of,” Chalamet, 21, told THR. “To be included with this list of actors who I have studied and admired for years is incredible. This is a morning full of gratitude.” The first call he took was from his mom, who used one word to describe the moment: “Boom!” Chalamet is having quite a year; he also stars in Lady Bird, which landed a Globe nom for best picture.

  • Jessica Biel

    "I didn't really forget about the nominations — but I'm alone, without my child, for the first time in quite a while. My son stayed with my mom last night. So I turned off my phone. I didn't set my alarm until 8 a.m., which never happens, but then I woke up to my assistant calling the house lime at 5:30 a.m. Who does that? It's cruel, but also amazing, because of what she said. We're still trying to work out what a second season of The Sinner would be, but my producing partner [Michelle Purple] and I are going to stay part of this for its run — whatever it may be. It's our baby. Hopefully we'll know where this goes next soon." 

  • Geoffrey Rush

    “This is good news for Albert Einstein.  I believe in science.  I also believe in the complexity of humankind.  I am honoured to be in the company of fellow nominees who, with their artistry, have strived to define the multiplicity of dimensions in the male experience.”

  • Frankie Shaw

    Frankie Shaw was on live radio when she found out about her two nominations early this morning. Standing barefoot in her driveway because she didn’t want to wake her sleeping family, Shaw’s phone started buzzing while she was chatting about SMILF’s sex scenes with Boston radio show Matty in the Morning. “It’s pretty incredible,” the creator and star told THR of the Showtime comedy being recognized in the best TV comedy or musical category six episodes into its first season, and of her best acting nod. “I joke to my husband — I don’t know if I should say this — I say, ‘I’m not even an actress!’ I love doing physical comedy and as the season went on, we were able to find more of that slapstick comedy for Bridgette and it’s incredible to be recognized in that way.” As for why she thinks SMILF is resonating so strongly right now, Shaw said: “It was always my intention for us to talk about all the things women experience and maybe don’t say out loud, and now we are saying it out loud. Rather than being one voice, we are joining this big, huge chorus of voices. I think people can recognize themselves in this show and now people are more willing to say, ‘Me too.’”

  • Rachel Brosnahan

    "I've been surprised by how quickly people discovered the show. I'm always the last person to the party, and there are people who finished every episode in 24 hours. To get this kind of response is overwhelming. We start production on the second season in the spring, and honestly, one of my favorite parts of each episode is just seeing what our production designer does [with New York] to make it look like the '50s." 

  • Laurie Metcalf

    “This movie is so special because of Greta [Gerwig]. Cast and crew connected with it and we all wanted to be a part of Greta’s vision,” says Metcalf, who was taking Golden Globes reaction phone calls as she dropped off her daughter’s carpool. Metcalf plays the overbearing but loveable mother in Gerwig’s directorial debut. She is looking forward to Golden Globes night to see faces she hasn’t seen in awhile but also to meet some new people. “I really really want to sit down and talk with Octavia Spencer,” Metcalf says.

  • Hong Chau

    Chau, in New York for a day of press and a Seth Meyers taping, was in the middle of washing her hair in her hotel room when a shout from the other room alerted her to her nomination. Her first reaction? “The stinging in the eyes from the shampoo. And then, well it was a weird place to be processing that information. It was surreal.” Later downstairs, she saw co-star Matt Damon, who was not nominated for his work in the movie, who congratulated her and reminisced about his Golden Globe experience 20 years ago with Good Will Hunting. “He told me to take it in and to enjoy it, just be in the moment. It took him years to process it.”

  • Greta Gerwig

    “So many group texts and so many screaming phone calls and so much happiness and joy,” says Gerwig, out of breath, of Lady Bird’s big morning at the Golden Globe noms. Gerwig earned a best screenwriting nom, while Lady Bird picked up a best picture recognition with Laurie Metcalf and Saoirse Ronan grab nomination of their own. “I feel like a proud mama hen. I am like the person showing pictures of my baby in the supermarket in line.”

    Gerwig talked about her roller coaster of a morning, which started last night while she was sleeping. “I had a good dream about [the nominations] and I woke up and was like, ‘It all went so well!’ And then I was like, ‘Wait that was just a dream.’ And then everything happened and it all did go so well!”  


  • Emma Stone

    “Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this honor and thank you beyond measure to the one and only Billie Jean King. She is a brilliant, brave and game changing human being and I wish to be half the woman she is someday. I share this with the whole cast and crew of Battle of the Sexes, a film I feel very lucky to have been a part of.”

  • Steven Spielberg

    “I am thrilled by today’s recognition by the HFPA and particularly happy for our nominees who made this movie happen —Meryl and Tom, Liz Hannah and Josh Singer, Amy Pascal and Kristie Macosko Krieger, and of course, John Williams.  I only wish Kay Graham were still here to experience how much her story affects all of us.”

  • Bruce Miller

    "I've never been in this position before, getting on a show that gets this kind of accolades in the first season, and I didn't really think about this happening. The kudos and recognition that makes me personally the most proud is the recognition for Elisabeth [Moss], our other cast, our director of photography, everybody behind the scenes. They pour themselves into the show and use every creative instinct they have. It warms your heart." 

  • The Duffer Brothers

    "Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press for recognizing our second season and our Chief’s phenomenal performance! To be nominated again means so much to us, and it’s a real testament to the incredible work by our very special cast and crew, who put so much heart into making this show. We are also thankful for the support of our incredibly loyal fans, who inspire us daily -- and are making great use of the Hopper dancing GIF today!”

  • Meryl Streep

    “I’m thrilled for the movie, for Steven and Tom, and for the incredible ensemble of actors who made this movie need its moment in history. Thanks HFPA.”

  • Helen Mirren

    “I am honoured that our film, The Leisure Seeker has been recognized with this nomination. I would like to recognize the work of the two men in my life of this film: Paolo Virzi and Donald Sutherland."

  • Hans Zimmer

    “My sincere thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognizing our experiment. We tried our hardest to blur the lines between music and vision to make the film a completely immersive experience for the audience. This is Chris’ film. The music is his words, his story-telling and it was an honor to collaborate with him.”

  • Josh Singer and Liz Hannah

    Neither screenwriter of The Post watched the nominations announcement — Liz Hannah instead put on a season-one episode of The West Wing to “to block out some nervous energy,” and Josh Singer went back to sleep after “a dream that the movie had no nominations.” Hannah then texted Singer, “Get out of the fetal position,” before speaking with THR from New York City.

    Singer boarded The Post after reading “the best spec script I’ve ever seen” and has since loved working with Hannah on the final draft as well as the film’s press tour. “One thing we can do a better job of in this business is the mentorship of writers — mostly, it’s just encouragement and letting young writers know how good they are so they write more because we need that voice out there,” he explained. Hannah agreed, and is thankful the two are also harmonious beyond the page: “We both like to drink! So it’s helpful to go through this entire situation with somebody who can walk you through it and also have a glass of whiskey afterward.”

  • Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman

     “It has been an amazing couple of days for us! On Saturday we were honored by the European Film Academy by being voted Best European Animation Film. On Sunday we found out that quarter of a million people in China went to see our film on its opening weekend. And today we’ve been honored with a Golden Globe nomination for Best Animation Film,” said Hugh Welchman, who directed with his wife, Dorothea Kobiela. “It is a dream. Vincent [Van Gogh, the subject of the film] said he dreamed his paintings and painted his dreams. Well, making this film was the dream of our life, and now we are living a dream because of this film. Wow, just wow!”

    Kobiela added that this morning “we were doing an interview for Swiss television, and the interviewer probably thought I was a complete weirdo, because I had so much tension in me that I couldn’t focus at all, then I got a sign from someone off camera [that we received the Golden Globe nomination] and the interviewer then must have been sure that I was crazy because I jumped out of my seat screaming with joy and started running around the studio! All captured on camera. Probably not the best interview for viewers, but absolutely the best interview of my life. I am so honored we were nominated. I’m so happy. For me, for Hugh, for our producers Ivan and Sean, for our amazing cast and crew and of course for our astounding painters, that the work they put into those 65,000 oil-paintings [used to make the movie] is now being recognized.”

  • Andrey Zvyagintsev

    “We are honored by this new recognition from the HFPA, and congratulate the other nominees as well. The international makeup of the HFPA is an invaluable bridge to bringing our voices to worldwide audiences. I hope that Loveless will find a larger American audience because of its Golden Globe nomination, and that viewers will feel both sadness and compassion for these characters, who have been taught to value the empty things in life and neglect what is truly important.”

  • Carlos Saldanha

    Carlos Saldanha, the director of the animated film Ferdinand was excited and humbled after receiving two nominations. “I’m so honored and excited about these nominations!  Congrats to the Blue Sky and Fox teams for being a part of this journey with me,” Saldanha told THR in a statement. Also congratulating singer Nick Jonas for receiving a best original song nomination for his penned track, “HOME.” “Congrats to Nick Jonas for creating such a beautiful and powerful song for Ferdinand! Go team!”

  • Ruben Ostlund

    The director of the Swedish-language movie was having lunch with his daughters when the nominations were announced in Los Angeles. The satire tackles Swedish art, commerce, politics and national identity, as well as the concept of modern-day masculinity. “It’s a very interesting time to be a man — we don’t talk about it today in the same way that we used to,” he explained from his home in Sweden. And while he’s heard a range of reactions from men about the movie and the topics discussed, he’s also happy to hear that women still find Claes Bang’s problematic character, Christian, attractive. “He managed to still make him into a human being, dealing with the problems of his status and his powerful position. My focus is always to highlight the behavior — good or bad — without judging the character, but it makes me happy when women still like him!”


  • Martin McDonagh

    During Monday morning’s announcement, McDonagh was thrilled to see the film’s nominations for actors Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell, and composer Carter Burwell, as well as in the screenplay and best drama film categories. “I’m glad people are seeing a lot of the hope that’s in there, and also going along with such a strong female lead of a film,” he told THR from England. “Frances’ work has been so extraordinary, and Sam is finally getting the recognition he deserves — he did all the work, I just sat back laughing.” Yet McDonagh was quietly hoping for a mention in the directing category and was surprised to hear his own name called: “I’ve never been nominated for directing in anything before — not even a chocolate medal!”

  • Nora Twomey

    “We are delighted, and for a film like this [meaning low budget and of its subject matter] it really meant a lot for the Hollywood Foreign Press to put focus on the film,” said director Nora Twomey, of GKIDS’ $9.3 million The Breadwinner. “It’s unusual to have an animated film about a young girl living in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime. ... It’s a voice you don’t always hear in a feature film. I hope it shines a light on the experiences of young girls and woman. I feel privileged to be a part of it.”

    The Ireland-Canada-Luxembourg co-production was exec produced Angelina Jolie, who earned a Golden Globe nomination for her First Then Killed My Father in the foreign language category. “I’m delighted to see First They Killed My Father nominated as well,” said Twomey.

  • Aaron Sorkin

    “Jessica (Chastain) and I are thrilled to be representing Molly’s Game at the Golden Globes. By recognizing our work the HFPA has recognized the work of roughly two-hundred technicians, carpenters, painters, designers, editors, engineers, musicians and actors—particularly Idris Elba and Kevin Costner-- to say nothing of our producers and STX. I’d like to send a personal congratulations to Jessica, who straps the movie to her back in the first scene and doesn’t put it down until the end credits roll and who brings this unique movie heroine to spectacular life. Thank you to the HFPA and congratulations to all the nominees."

  • Carter Burwell

    “I never have any idea when I am working on a film-- particularly film’s that have such a strong voice as this—how it will be received by the public. So, any recognition it gets or encourages people to see the film always make me very happy,” says the composer, who was previously nominated for Carol and Where the Wild Things Are.”

  • Fatih Atkin

    At his home in Hamburg, Germany, the director of In the Fade was ready to watch the nominations announcement live — except that he got the timing all wrong. “I thought it was two hours later! I just came from Los Angeles yesterday and I’m a bit jet lagged,” he laughed. Then the flood of congratulatory calls starting coming in, including a slew of family members: “Cousins of mine who haven’t spoken to me in twenty years are calling me!”

    Atkin has been impressed by people’s reception of the German-language movie, which stars Diane Kruger as a woman seeking revenge after her husband and son are killed in a bombing. “Even though the audience isn’t experiencing the events Diane’s character does, they say, ‘This is exactly how it feels like, that is exactly what I would do,’” he said. “I don’t want to spoil the ending, but they totally agree. And that surprises me, because it comes from such reasonable people!”