'Grey's Anatomy': 10 Unseen Family Members Who Should Be Introduced

11:00 AM 6/16/2016

by Lesley Goldberg

The Shondaland drama opened the door for Owen's sister and Jo's husband, but who else is overdue for a trip to Seattle?

Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

Camilla Luddington joined a rare club during the season 12 finale of ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

The secret reason behind Jo's unwillingness to accept boyfriend Alex's (multiple) marriage proposals was revealed: She's already married.

With the reveal, Luddington became the latest Grey's Anatomy star gained admittance into Grey's Anatomy's Long-Lost Relative club a year after Kevin McKidd found out in the season 12 that Owen had a sister.

While little is known about season 13 — including if Owen's sister and Nathan's (Martin Henderson) ex is actually alive — it's fair to expect that Jo's abusive husband will take up a fair amount of the creative storyline, even if he doesn't appear. (Which was the case in season 12 with Owen's sister, Megan.)

Below, THR takes a look at some of the Long-Lost Relative club members who have yet to be introduced on the Shondaland drama.

  • Jo's husband

    In season nine, Jo first referenced that she had an abusive relationship in her past. As it turns out, the plan to introduce her husband had been in the works since January. "Her husband is super charismatic and everyone loved him. At the same time, he was extremely dangerous," Luddington told THRof Jo's ex. In keeping the relationship a secret, Jo is trying to protect Alex from her violent past. 

  • Megan Hunt

    Owen's younger sister was in the Army with him and fell in love with his best friend, Nathan. Ultimately, she learned Nathan was cheating on her and took off in a helicopter. She is presumed dead after the helicopter went missing. Her body has never been found. Owen, now married to Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), extended an olive branch to Nathan in the season 11 finale as the duo seem poised to move beyond tragedy. Given Nathan's romantic pairing with Meredith (and Maggie's crush), Grey's may have set the perfect table for Megan's return.   

  • Jackson's father

    While Jackson's (Jesse Williams) grandfather, Harper Avery, has achieved legend status, next to nothing is known about his father (including his name). All viewers know about Jackson's dear old dad is what Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) has said: that he left his wife and son because he could not handle the pressures associated with being an Avery. With Jackson now a new father and Catherine happily married to Richard, what better time to shake up the status quo?

  • Nathan's parents

    Speaking of Nathan, he's still a relative mystery. There has been no mention of his parents or any siblings as the character's motivations continue to remain unclear. Is he a good guy? Time will tell.

  • Stephanie's parents

    This season, Grey's revealed that Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) was born with Sickle-Cell Disease — and that's about as much of the surgical resident's past that viewers know about her. This past season, Stephanie fell for patient Kyle Diaz, which opened the character up like we've never seen before. With Kyle's death, it'd be interesting to learn more about Stephanie's past and how she grew to become the strong woman we know and love. 

  • Derek's other sister, Kathleen

    Of Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) four sisters, only three have appeared on screen: Caterina Scorsone of course is series regular Amelia Shepherd; Embeth Davitz previously appeared as Nancy; and Neve Campbell had a brief arc as Lizzie. But the late McDreamy's fourth sister, Kathleen, has never appeared. As Meredith appears on the cusp of her first meaningful relationship post-Derek, Kathleen's appearance could be a fun complication.  

  • Maggie's adoptive parents

    Maggie (Kelly McCreary) has been open about her bond with her adoptive parents as she has become close with her biological father Richard and half-sister Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). Recently divorced, she didn't want to open up to her colleagues about her parents' split and beyond that, not much is known about them. As Maggie and Meredith appear poised to be two points of a love triangle with Nathan, Maggie may need her original support system. 

  • Alex's mother and sister

    It's hard to believe that in 12 seasons of the Shondaland medical drama, Alex's (Justin Chambers) mother, Helen, and sister, Amber, have never been introduced while both his father, James (James Remar) and brother Aaron (Jake McLaughlin) have come through Seattle. If Alex and Jo are ever going to walk down the aisle (provided Jo actually gets a divorce from her abusive husband), it would be nice to finally meet his schizophrenic mother and whip smart sister for a Karev family reunion.