Happy Post-Election Holidays?! 4 Gifts of Change to Help Counter the Trump Effect

8:00 AM 11/25/2016

by Jane Carlson

Under the president-elect's reign, donations to Planned Parenthood, ACLU and other foundations that service core issues — from women's rights to immigration — may make more suitable year-end gifts.

Katy Perry and Amy Schumer Split - Getty-H 2016
Allen Berezovsky/WireImage; Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage
  • Immigration

    As Ivy League campuses and others strive to create sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants, the ACLU girds up. "We are in for the fight of our lives," says exec director Anthony D. Romero, while Joseph-Gordon Levitt tweets, "After the recent election, all the more proud to call them partners." aclu.org

  • Human Rights

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations defends against threats like the president-elect's proposed registry of Muslims. "I am not in favor of any registry, for Muslims, we are in a democracy" says the Museum of Tolerance's Rabbi Marvin Hier. "I am in favor, however, of a jihadist registry as I feel those people are trying to destroy the Western world." Donate at cair.com.

  • Women's Right to Choose

    Amy Schumer and Katy Perry (who donated $100,000) are encouraging fans to give to Planned Parenthood in pro-life vice president-elect Mike Pence's name. For each donation, a thank-you certificate is issued; Pence has received 46,000 to date. plannedparenthood.org

  • The Environment

    Two million members of the NRDC — Disney's Alan Horn, Robert Redford and Laurie David are on the board of trustees — are gearing up to fight against Trump's pro-drilling, climate-change-denying agenda. Make a onetime donation or become a monthly donor at nrdc.org.