Hollywood Loyalty: Who's Rooting for Whom at the Super Bowl?

9:00 AM 2/4/2016

by Brian Porreca and Farnoush Amiri

Jessica Biel and Don Cheadle are rooting for the Broncos while Rob Moore and Cuba Gooding Jr. are Panthers loyals.

Jessica Biel and Cuba Gooding Jr. Split- H 2016
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images; Rob Kim/Getty Images
Super Bowl 50 won’t see Chris Pratt’s Seattle Seahawks or Chris Evans’ New England Patriots competing for the Lombardi Trophy. Kellan Lutz’s Arizona Cardinals won’t be taking the field either, and since Luis Guzman’s New York Giants didn't make it to the big game, he’ll be rooting for the team that has never won. Two not-so-Hollywood squads, the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, will be facing off on Sunday, Feb. 7, and although they aren’t the teams of Tinseltown, some industry players have skin in the game. 

  • Jessica Biel

    "Yeah Broncos!!!! It's our year!!!!" the actress tweeted about the AFC champs.

  • Tiger Woods

    "I like the Broncos," the pro golfer said two years ago when asked who he was rooting for in Super Bowl XLVIII. "Peyton is one of my good buddies. and let’s be honest, he got scrutinized pretty hard when he left Indy that he would never be the same after his neck surgery. And it's right, he’s not the same, he's better. And that’s cool to see. That's cool to see the hard work that he put in to shut everybody up.”

  • Kate Hudson

    "I'm a big Peyton Manning fan," Hudson recently told NBC's Today, where she appeared in January with a temporary Broncos tattoo. "And I grew up in Colorado. So when Peyton Manning found his way [to] the Broncos, our whole family was like, 'Aaaah!'"

  • Don Cheadle

    "BOOM!!!" the House of Lies actor tweeted after the Broncos won the AFC championship. A few hours later, he added of Carolina's quarterback Cam Newton: "Is it too early for Cam to just start taking a knee?" 

  • Trey Parker and Matt Stone

    The South Park creators, who grew up in Colorado, shot a commercial for the NFL Network a few years ago in which they professed their love for the Broncos.

  • Brooklyn Decker

    The model-actress has said that she and husband Andy Roddick are both football fans and that it sometimes affects their marriage. "I love football, I'm a Panthers fan, and [my husband is] a fantasy football guy. So I would send him 18 roses for missing dates on Sunday nights when I'm watching the Panthers play and he would probably send me 18 roses to apologize for constantly checking his fantasy lineup. We’re both equally accountable, but just for different things." 

  • Cuba Gooding Jr.

    Asked by THR who he'll be rooting for, Gooding declared: "Cam Newton!" He currently stars as O.J. Simpson on FX's The People v. O.J. Simpson.

  • Marg Helgenberger

    "As a family, we follow the Carolina Panthers," the former CSI star has said.

  • Zendaya

    The singer-actress once performed the national anthem before a Carolina Panthers home game (in addition to other NFL games), and says it's one of her favorite teams, but she admits that her loyalty can shift. "Honestly for me, I'm not gonna lie — it's whoever's the nicest to me when I go there," she has said. "And everyone was very, very nice in Charlotte. ... So they are now (a favorite)." Of Newton, she added: "He’s gorgeous. He really is. I met him one time and it was great!”

  • Rob Moore

    The Paramount vice chair will be rooting for quarterback Newton and his Panthers. This year marks Moore’s 13th Super Bowl trip since 2002.

  • Tye White

    White, who plays O.J. Simpson’s son in FX's miniseries The People v. O.J. Simpson, is Team Panthers: "My Pats lost, so I'm going for Killer Cam now!" he told THR.

  • Luis Guzman

    The Code Black star is happy Peyton Manning and the Broncos beat the New England Patriots, but he's still siding with the Panthers. "They've never won a Super Bowl, and I love their [head] coach Ron Rivera. Plus, they've earned it," he told THR.