Hollywood Power Lunch Spots 2016: 5 That Just Missed the List

6:00 AM 5/19/2016

by THR Staff

From Tom Colicchio's Craft to Robertson Boulevard mainstay (and paparazzi magnet) The Ivy, these restaurants that didn't make the cut still have many industry players making pilgrimages.

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  • Craft

    Courtesy of Subject

    Tom Colicchio's sleek Century City temple suffered when he departed neighbor CAA for WME. It dropped from No. 15 in 2013 to No. 20 in 2014 before falling off the list in 2015.

  • The Ivy

    Courtesy of The Ivy

    Yes, it might be a tourist-trap cliche. But the cottagelike 33-year-old Robertson Boulevard mainstay (No. 15 on 2015's list) still has that undeniably atmospheric patio.

  • Il Pastaio

    Turning out a wide array of house-made pasta for more than two decades, the Canon Drive institution pulls devoted regulars from nearby agencies and management firms.

  • Jon & Vinny's

    Courtesy of Jon & Vinny's

    The year-old Fairfax District spot offers Italian pizzas, pastas and salads from the Animal dudes, who pulled the same trick with French bistro standards at Petit Trois.

  • Katsu-Ya

    The subdued forerunner of the flashier Katsuyas elsewhere in town, Katsuya Uechi's classic spot (ranking No. 25 in 2015) is a jewel in the Valley sushi-scene crown.