Hollywood Power Lunch Spots 2016: 10 Newcomers to Check Out

6:00 AM 5/19/2016

by Gary Baum

The pack of recently arrived hotspots includes a wine bar from the Wally's wine wizards, Moby's Silver Lake vegan outpost and a Valley-Westside midpoint spot to replace the lamented Ammo.

Courtesy of Hanjip

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  • Dudley Market

    9 Dudley Ave.

    Courtesy of Dudley Market

    The perfect place for a rendezvous with your new digital overlords in Venice. Instagram-pitched decor — exposed brick, bright white paint — and market-driven fare, veggie-friendly.

  • Forma

    1610 Montana Ave., Santa Monica

    Courtesy of Forma

    With copious cheese, wine and handmade pastas, it's going to be a long lunch in Santa Monica. No worries: The retired Brentwood investor/consigliere you're meeting has the time.

  • Hanjip

    3829 Main St.

    Courtesy of Hanjip

    This slick next-gen Korean barbecue is a quick walk from Sony and Culver Studios. Lunch is about the poke bowls, fried chicken katsu, spicy tofu soup and bibimbap.

  • Kali

    5722 Melrose Ave.

    Courtesy of Kali

    Vets of Patina and Providence have gone their own way a kumquat's toss from Paramount with this under-the-radar California cuisine spot. Order the wheat berry "risotto."

  • Le Relais De l'Entrecôte

    8755 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood

    It's the one place you'll still drink a glass of wine at lunch. Make it two.

  • Little Pine

    2870 Rowena Ave.

    Courtesy of Subject

    Moby's Cal-Med vegan operation in a spare art deco building could not be more stylish or politically correct.

  • Paley

    6115 Sunset Blvd.

    Courtesy of Subject

    Adjoins NeueHouse in Hollywood. Ammo replacement for Valley-Westside conclaves: clean-lined dark-wood vibe, unfussy New American menu.

  • Vernetti

    225 N. Larchmont Blvd.

    Courtesy of Subject

    Low-key, elegant mom-and-pop Italian in Larchmont Village: pan-roasted branzino, a porchetta panini. Not a scene. Feels like the weekend.

  • Viviane

    9400 W. Olympic Blvd., Beverly Hills

    Courtesy of Viviane

    The New Yorker cartoon version of a Hollywood lunch, all poolside tables and rainbow beets. Century City-adjacent Beverly Hills fantasia.

  • Wally’s

    447 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills

    Courtesy of Wally's

    Fresh addition to Canon Drive power corridor. Floor-to-ceiling wine bottles. Communal marble tables with stools (not ideal for certain hush-hush meetings). Smartest new salads in the business.

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