Wedding Crashers: 13 Hollywood Stars Who Have Surprised Newlyweds

8:00 AM 4/5/2017

by Lexy Perez

Taylor Swift, Tom Hanks, Beyonce and President Trump all made unexpected appearances on couples' big days.

From left: Taylor Swift, Tom Hanks and Beyonce
From left: Taylor Swift, Tom Hanks and Beyonce
Steve Granitz/WireImage; Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; Dan MacMedan/WireImage

Something old, something new, something famous?

Through the years, several Hollywood stars have made surprise appearances at strangers' weddings, posing for photos with the bride and groom.

Now, with wedding season approaching, The Hollywood Reporter takes a look at the famous faces who've crashed couples' nuptials.

  • Beyonce

    While vacationing with her family in Italy, Beyonce visited a local church in Portofino, Italy, only to run into a wedding. The Lemonade singer took a moment to pose with the bride.  

  • Bradley Cooper

    While visiting his alma mater at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., the Wedding Crashers approached a couple posing for photos of their nuptials.

  • Snoop Dogg

    While staying at the Hard Rock hotel in Chicago, the photographer for newlyweds Neesha Ghadiali and Joe Scheller spotted the rapper in the lobby. After the photographer approached him, Snoop happily spoke to the couple and took pictures, even posting one on his Instagram account with the caption: “Jus Got Married.” 


    Jus got Married

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  • Queen Elizabeth

    Frances Canning and her fiance made a monumental move by sending a wedding invitation to the Queen of England herself. While on her Diamond Jubilee tour, the queen took up the offer and surprised the couple at their wedding while in the Manchester, England area. 

  • Tom Hanks

    As he was jogging in New York, the Sully star stopped to take a picture with a couple posing for their wedding photos. After surprising the couple, Hanks also took a selfie with the couple and posted it on his Instagram with the caption: “Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx.” 


    Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx.

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  • Robert Pattinson

    In August 2016, Robert Pattinson was at a hotel bar in Northern Ireland when a bridal party spotted the Twilight star. After asking him to pose for a photo, the actor obliged.  


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  • Brad Pitt

    While filming Fury, Brad Pitt attended a meeting in the Stoke Park Hotel, where the Lingwoods were celebrating their nuptials. After noticing the couple, the actor posed for pictures and congratulated the newlyweds. 

  • Ed Sheeran

    Although not necessarily spontaneous, Sheeran’s wedding crash was orchestrated by Australian radio show “Kyle & Jackie O.” After surprising guests at Kya and Matt Debono’s Sydney wedding, the "Shape of You" singer posed for a picture with the married couple. 

  • Taylor Swift

    In June 2016, Taylor Swift surprised a couple at their New Jersey reception, where she performed an acoustic version of her hit song “Blank Space.” The groom’s little sister had reached out to the singer to share the story of how the couple were married at the groom’s mother’s hospital bedside before she died. The singer, touched by the story, took up the wedding invite offer and made a surprise appearance. The singer also posed with guests, posting pictures from the event on her Instagram. 


    Congratulations Max and Kenya!!

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  • Justin Timberlake

    In New Hampshire, Chelsey Gaudet and Ryan Parks were in the middle of their wedding photography when the bride’s father spotted Timberlake at the venue. After asking the singer to surprise his daughter, Timberlake obliged and took a picture with the married couple.

  • John Travolta

    While in Georgia to renew his pilot’s license, the actor met a couple who planned to get married the next day. After talking with the actor and inviting him to their wedding, the People vs. O.J. Simpson star accepted their invitation and made an appearance. 

  • Donald Trump

    While not really crashing a wedding — he was an invited guest — President Trump still managed to surprise one happy couple on their big day in February at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla. Carl Henry Lindner IV and Vanessa Jane Falk invited the president to their wedding, since the groom’s parents have been members of the Trump-owned estate for years. Acknowledging the invitation, Trump informed the couple that he would try to make an appearance at the ceremony if he was nearby. On the wedding day, Trump surprised guests by attending the wedding alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who joined the president at Mar-a-Lago that weekend. 

  • Serena Williams

    While vacationing in South Beach Miami, Serena Williams was spotted by guests of Ruth and Sam Kormoi’s wedding. After the groom’s friend asked the athlete if she would pose for pictures, the tennis star happily obliged and wanted to take pictures herself with the married couple, posting a photo on her social media account with the caption: “Bikini Wedding Crasher.” 


    Bikini wedding crasher!

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